Training Simulation

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  1. Picture a large room about the size of a CostCo or gigantic Wal*Mart supercenter. It contains no features, and is completely black save for a grid of blue lines that form blockwork through the entire holgraphic training hall. This sets the stage for a young extraterrestrial boy to teach fighting to one person.
  2. One person, stepped into sight, her body in full view, skin tight leathers hugging her body. She smiled as she padded to a spot a few feet away from the boy. She bowed slightly and stood with her feet appart nonchalauntly. "Thank you for doing this for me. I really do need help, and everyone who's tried to teach me so far hasn't done a very good job. Let's hope that your ways of teaching are better."

    She bows respectfully again and then pulled her hair back into a rediculously long ponytail. The black locks almost touching the floor, her green eye's and pale skin viberant against all the black. She smiled again. "So where are we starting?"
  3. "Fighting begins with hands and feet, but more importantly" He began a thick accent to his english voice, like those of Eastern Europe but also a bit of Japanese sound in his voice. "It begins with blocking." He finished. He was a short child, not even reaching 5 feet in height, he had no shirt and his skin was gold, his muscles cut and stained with ragged scars that appeared like brownish black tattoos painted across his torso as if someone gave a psychotic knife killer a paintbrush and Kai's torso was the canvas. His hair was shaggy and nearly shoulder length, with blue bangs jutted in front of the black shag that fell behind. Through the shaggy mess of black and blue that was his hair, white cat ears jutted up and underneath his bangs were neon green lights, these lights covered his eyes from his cheek bone to his brow. apish fangs protruded from under his lips, and a black monkey's tail waved around from his back.

    "Blocking is one of the most important things about fighting, defending against an attack can determine whether you walk away or drop dead."
  4. Yume noded, understanding what he's saying, trying to absorb every word. She was attentive, knowing this basic thing, but still, basics are key, and she didn't mind them being repeated. She stood there, not sure what she was to do with this information. She still didn't really know how this was going to work, since her previous teachers had taught her in different ways. She stayed silent not wanting to speak out of turn unless she had a real question for this boy who was to teach her how to survive.
  5. "I want you to throw a punch, the hardest punch you can throw and aim it directly at my face." He stated calmly, the light covering his eyes prevented much reading of facial expression and he had taken no combative stance. He did this on purpose, most fights happened with out warning, like a mugging on the street, one would most likely be walking and get ambushed, his body language said his role clearly, someone who was just walking, her role the attacker, his goal to show her a demonstration of a blocking technique before showing the steps and practice, before having her block a mock attack.
  6. Yume raised her eyebrow at him, she was kind of scared of the way this was going, but, she'd asked for his help and this is what he wanted. Without a noise, no warning what so ever, and with increadible speed, that anyone normal probably would BARELY be able to track, she charged at him, fist clenched and her arm swinging right in the direction of his face. Just a straight punch, as she'd been asked for, all her strength and speed behind it she felt it hit something.
  7. (That last bit there where she felt it hit? Be careful about doing that sticklers might call Auto-hitting on you, for future reference, only begin your attack and state what it should if it lands)

    Kai smiled watching the girl fly towards him, an inhuman after all, he thought, I guess I can hold back a bit less. His left hand shot up from its position at his side and grabbed her wrist, from there he parried her fist to his other hand and spun her arm around so that her palm would be facing up had it not been clenched into a fist. This would cause discomfort in her shoulder as her body would follow the twisting motion which given her momentum would cause her to hit the floor on her back, her arm still held by his hand, a simple redirecting parry into a submission. He then took her wrist in both hands and with his thumbs gave opposing pressure to the rest of his fingers which were pushing up, an act that would cause slight pain the wrist, this was done so that she would tap on the ground with the other hand signifying she knew her opponent had her in submission.
  8. (ahahaha i thought being less specific would be better.. i guess my thinking was off.. i wasn't really saying that the hit landed i was saying that she felt something lol.. guess that's a bad thing to do... XD)

    She felt each twist, fall, and press of pressure, pain coarsing through her. She wasn't surprised at all by what had happened, and none showed on her face. She bit back tears as she noticed he wasn't letting go of the hold. What was she supposed to do now? Was she supposed to try to get out of the hold? She didn't think so, she knew that the way he was holding her, could easily turn into something more harmful. She searched for the answer clenching her other fist and looking around, but finally ending up looking at her mentor, cluelessness writen over her face. Sweat rolling down her forehead.
  9. (It's cool I'm just saying others might not be so lenient about it)

    He let go seeing that she had no clue what she do. "In a submission during training when you feel pain, you tap." At that he helped her back up. "I apologize I should've said that earlier but seeing as you said you've had previous teachers I thought they may have taught you that." Kai walked over to a section of wall which converted into a massive screen showing a slow motion capture of Yume's attack and subsequent fall. "I want you to watch what my hands do when your fist comes close."
  10. Yume just smiled and looked at the video intently. But while she was watching, she found her self imediatly trying to mimic the move. Her hand's were moving on their own almost, when the clip was over she sighed, she had a lot to learn if she was going to get anywhere with this. She tried the motion she saw again, on an invisible target when she realized that she probably should have responded to her mentor. "Ah.. I.. appoligize. My masters before hand, always kind of just threw me into a spar. Never really teaching me anything, just making me fend for myself, to figure it out on my own. Never stopping to teach me a move. I thought I'd told you something along the lines of this before." she was grunting with effort every few words as she continued to try the move on her invisible opponent.
  11. "You know, an invisible opponent offers no true experience, would you like me to replace the imaginary opponent?" He asked, a smile on his face. "Your old teachers sound like the teachers I had as a child back on my world. There is method to such ways, it forces you to create your own style, your own way of fighting, but so few survive to achieve that result. I feel it is better to teach a basic form of self defense to allow one to survive long enough to formulate their combative style."
  12. She blushed a bit truely realizing what she had been doing. "Ahahaha yes I guess you are right on all accounts. Though I can say this, it wasn't killing me as much as... it wasn't getting me anywhere.. not really." Her hands were at her sides not really sure what to do with them. She chuckled,"though I guess old habbit's die hard....maybe you can break me of some?" she inquired.
  13. "Step one, practice what you've learned, however before that, I must inform you that this defensive movement will not succeed against an opponent much larger than yourself, keep relative size differences in mind. If you get into a fight with someone built like a tree that's 7 foot tall, you'll need a better strategy than parrying submissions because the weight will cause you to fly with the opponent if the opponent is affected at all." He said, walking back over to the more open area, "Come over here, and practice what you've just learned when I throw the punch."
  14. Yume followed him, gulping a bit, not really sure of herself. She knew that this was important, that she needed to learn, but what if she slipped up? Should she improvise if she missed her chance. She stood about the same distance away as she had when she was the attacker. Once in place her eyes didn't leave her mentor's body. Any certain twitch, and sudden flick of the wrist could be his cue for her to ready up. She kept her stance the same as he'd had it, which really wasn't a stance at all, and waited calmly.