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  1. So, as it is well known, I am huge fitness nut. While training, I like to pretend I'm in the middle of a training montage. It makes the time fly like crazy and makes me want to push a little bit further.

    So, post up those training montages!

    Whether its Rocky, a fan-made vid, or your actual workout routine -- put it here.

    Here's a fan-made Game of Thrones training montage, done in the spirit of all 80s training montages:

    And here's my favorite Rocky training montage; say what you will about Rocky IV and the stupid robot, this song kicked ass:

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  3. Turkish Star Wars training montage
  4. Even Rocky had a montage.
  5. Dark Knight Saga training montage:

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  7. I don't give two fucks if I'm officially "That" guy.

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