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    Name: Mvbroviach Trypiot (Manny)
    Age: 25

    Manny Awoke from his slumber, by his henchmen telling him that someone had entered the Mansion. He stood up from his seat which he had dozed off in, sipping on some of the finest brandy. He Picked the cup up and swirled the drink inside and downed the rest of it before he set it on a counter, moving through the large house. He pulled a pack of cigs from inside his jacket and placed one to his mouth and light it with a silver encrusted lighter. " Muy Tovarich " he patted a man on the back and the man chuckled and nodded " Someone has entered the house Mr. Trypiot " Manny looked at him and said " Dont worry who ever it is wont be around long " He walked down the steps by himself and looked around the dark hallways. Hearing the quick movement of feet, but seemed to be only one. Probably another assassin in the job to kill him. He placed his hand inside his jacket and continued to walk along in the dark.
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    Name: Emma aka Elanza Jones

    Emma was being held by one of the guys who had gotten her. She didn't know what to expect. " Will you let me go." She sighed softly. She crossed her arms softly. She tried to push away, The guy just glared and waited in the room where they were told that the boss will come. Which would be when he would show the girl to him. Emma was forced to sit, he kept on saying, " Sit. " in a stern voice. Emma shook her head, Supposively, she was wanted by the mafia, they killed her father, and now she is given to them, that's what the guy explained. She just had to meet her new boss of her. She rolled her eyes. One of her legs was on the other. She bit her lower lip softly.
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  3. Opening the door a cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth he looked at the girl who they had captured, he smirked and chuckled " This? This is what you bring me boys? Get out " he said pointing his thumb out the door were the men flew out of the door and he kicked the door closed behind him. And walked over to a chair across from her and sat down looking at her and took a drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke in her face " So you must be the new girl eh? " he nodded his head and took another drag blowing smoke back into her face. " Whats your name dear? "
  4. Emma put her feet up on near her chest, Staying quiet. She sighed and frowned, she was a this? She looked over at him she jumped when she heard the door slam. She then watched him, unsure what to do, She raised an eyebrow. She nodded and said, " E-E-Emma." She said sweetly. She looked over at him, " Who are you?" She asked, her voice was innocent, everything about her was innocent. She choked waving a hand in front of her face trying to get the smoke away, she looked away and choked. She scooted so he couldn't do that, she was tired of that, with two times of that happening.
  5. He smirked when she tried to scoot away, as he scooted towards her making the same distance as before. " Emma? that wont about Elanza...yeah Elanza sounds nice " he blew smoke in her direction again, " Alright have been selected to become my pupil " he nods and claps for himself " You are very lucky you know...not many get to be taught by me " he stood up and looked at her inspecting her body features " and i dont get to train many who have body features such as you " he smirked blowing smoke into the air " STAND UP! " he shouted at her demanding her basically.
  6. Emma kept trying to scoot away but he scooted closer to her. She frowned giving up.She closed her eyes and opened her eyes soon. She heard him," Elanza ?" She choked on the smoke. She waved her hand and frowned. She didn't know what to think to this." Really not many? How many is not many?" She crossed her leg an watched him She slowly got up " please be a little nicer" she blinked her eyes.
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  7. He nodded his head " Your right i should be nicer " he smirked and dropped the cig towards the ground, but before it hit the ground his body seemed to shift and the cigarette was cut in half and dropped to the floor in pieces. " I am Mvbroviach but most call me manny the man slayer " being a popular murderer had its ups and down and one of them was that he was easily recognized. " You have been selected to be trained as an assassain and work for your guess...was stupid? but anyways " he smirked walking up to her " be happy...."
  8. Emma, or Elanza looked at him and sighed. She watched him drop the cigarette. She put her hands on her hips and sighed. Looking down, she was a perfectionist so that kind of bugged her. She sighed softly and feeling him walk towards her, she blinked lightly and said, " Why did you pick me? I mean look so innocent compared to who I have passed in here." She sighed and looked down and said, " I will be if you prove me why I should be happy."
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  9. He nodded his head " Why did i pick an innocent looking person to murder people? man this is a tough question....oh wait...maybe because you wouldn't be suspected...holy shit what a break through " he said chuckling crossing his arms " You hate someone....someone so much in the world that you wish they would burn in hell for eternity? "
  10. Emma looked over at him wondering.She sighed softly. She tilted her head and blinked, oh yeah, she is so dumb. She face palmed herself. She then looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. " Um my old boss, what he has done to me." She whispered. She looked down, " And my father... and. this one back stabbing....person."
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  11. " Know imagine them begging for your mercy as you are able to end there miserable lives and not get caught in the act " he smirked " the pleasure of closure is why you should be happy " he put a hand on her shoulder and then raised her chin so her eyes met his cool silvery grey eyes. " That is why you are here "
  12. Elanza sighed softly, hearing his, she tried imagining it. She then heard him, she smiled sweetly. She looked down at her feet and she sighed softly. He felt her chin raised, her green eyes met his. She smiled lightly, " When do we start?" She asked. She was now starting to get excited.
  13. " Right now " he said as his hand placed on her stomach and then a strong force pushed her stomach backwards, and she would of slid back " Fight me...the best you can " the hit he put on her wouldn't damage her to bad but would definitely hurt.
  14. Elanza blinked softly, she was confused at what he was saying, but then when she was pushed back, It hurt her stomach and sighed, she stood up and ran and went to go and try to fight him, she went to push him with the same amount of force on the stomach.
  15. the caused him to skid back and chuckled as he grabbed her wrists as she tried to force him back, he pulled her down and led his knee into her stomach. letting her go knocking her back " you are going to have to try better than that love " he smirked and crossed his arms.
  16. Elanza sighed softly looking over at him, she gasped as she felt this. She frowned in pain. She stood up and looked up at him, she knew how to trip people. She looked over at him and said, " Aww but why..." She said softly. She smiled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, " why can't we just talk and wait." she said with convincing eyes. She slid her leg between his, kissing his neck. Soon, she tripped him after he felt aroused, she then sat on him, " hhaha, if I had a knife you'd be dead." She giggled.
  17. " Dont be so full of yourself " he said smirking " but good job anyways....but if you were facing someone like me " his speed was amazing but his hand stopped just before hitting her throat, he chuckled " but there is no one out there like me...except one " he said grapping her and lifting her off him and placing her on his shoulder. he opened the door and walked out entering the main part of the dark mansion. " Time for the grand tour "
  18. Elanza smiled and said, " Aww why it's fun." She grinned, looking at him and nodded. She gasped as his hands almost reached her neck. She tried to stop it, she looked at him and shrugged. She got off of him, but soon she gasped as he put her on his shoulder. " hey now.. " She said softly. She was scared of heights, She gripped his shirt tightly. She blinked and looked down at him as she heard him. She sighed lightly, tilting her head but looking at what was going on.
  19. This is the main hallway, he peered to the side and could almost see up her skirt so he set her down on the ground " We are headed to the training room " he said pointing down the hallway and walking with his hands in his pockets whistling a toon.
  20. Elanza looked over at him and sighed, She looked at him as he looked at her moving her skirt to make it hard to see up her skirt. She sighed and it lifted as he put her down on the ground she fixed it instantly. She looked over at him and went to follow him, she nodded.