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  1. "Like I said, it... it's fine, you know?" babbled Talin, the centaur currently cooped over the red, circular table with a smile. A smile, quite obviously, that was fake, and the one thing that gave him away? The tears that easily dripped from his eyes, though that was more than understandable.

    He had just been given the fact he was going to be forced to leave his home, his family, when the new child was born, and that birth would ultimately become bittersweet. When the boy or girl arrived, it would mark a new chapter in his life, where he could have another child to bring up through the years... though it would also mean not being able to be around it because of the looming pressure of having to leave and live alone, god-knows-where, in the city full of technology and modernism he was not accustomed to.

    Hell, he had had to have help simply working a coffee machine, so working how a TV worked, or having to learn how to get a job somewhere in the vibrant, loud, overcrowded city, the antithesis of his quiet forest home? It was all daunting and far too hard to stomach at the moment. The only thing that could distract him, really, were his kids, and quietly managed a smile to both teens in his usual tendency to reassure them and make them feel better, rather than recognise how crappy he himself felt.

    "Go get me a coffee, I don't want to have to fuss around with that-- fetch yourself some tea and cake too," he sighed heavily, smiling at Alex once he reached to guide his wheelchair and manoeuvre himself towards the coffee machine obediently, and once he had, the centaur shot his younger son a quiet smile. "So, are you and him okay now? Not arguing anymore?"
  2. Alex always knew his family wasn't... Conventional.

    Staring at the teary eyed man who he had grown to know as his mother, the younger of the two had to hold back the urge to wipe the tears away. He wanted his caretaker to be happy, smiling and babbling on about the flowers growing by their home and whatnot. He never knew he would be in a sterile hospital, his hands gripping the handles of his brother's wheelchair again, faced with the reality that the man who gave them both the most attention and care in life would be soon gone. It took him a moment to finally respond to his words, a mix of pure anger and distraught bubbling within him- though, over the years, he had grown to keep those emotions away. It was scarily similar to that of the man right in front of him, who he knew was most likely on the verge of bawling. He wasn't even biologically related to him, but their shared personalities made it harder to see him like this.

    "We're fine, mom. We're both just a little stressed, y'know? Just.... I want you to know that you're not going to leave. That baby is yours, just as much as it is Trae's. You helped make it and you're going to take care of it along side him, like a normal family. I-I'll... Talk to Trae, tell him to reconsider. I know he loves you, and I want you to be happy just like them." Taking his mother's hand for emphasis, he offered a smile. "So please don't cry? I don't want to see you like this, you NEVER cry! Just... Once we get out of here, we'll settle everything at home."

    His attention, though, was brought back to Riley when he heard the squeaking of wheels make an entrance to his line of hearing. Turning to peer at him, he easily lifted two of the three drinks from his lap in fear of spilling and handed one over to their parent. "I'm sure Riley agrees with me on this, you know. We both love you, a lot, and we both plan on doing what's right for you. That's what kids do, hm?"
  3. Although he was slightly embarrassed to have shown the teary side he always held back behind smiles and laughs -mostly why he was cast as the happy one in the three-way relationship-, the fact Alex was so mature and so caring came as a surprise, and one he accepted selfishly with a tearful smile.

    Of course, he knew his son was always a caring person. He had his moments of being painfully introverted, granted, but as his parent, Talin had always had that innate belief in him... and seeing him blossom into this more happy person, capable of supporting others was a proud moment. Of course, Talin realised he would probably always internally struggle when it came to feeding, and that would always be a source of difficulty, but Riley would obviously struggle alongside him, and for Talin, that would make them a good couple: able to share and support one another. And it was that that made himself relax. When the boys left to do their own thing, he would worry... but not as much if he knew they would help one another just be happy.

    "I... I'll be alright, don't fret," he sniffled, still evidently upset but at least not tittering on the edge of breaking down now. "I don't want to have to cause drama for Trae, and Indigo. I'll be happy to talk about it, see if we can work something out, but... if it doesn't work out, I'll survive somehow in the city somewhere, aha. I'm a tough cookie, hm?"
  4. "Yeah," He sighed, deciding to leave the conversation as is as he sipped his tea thankfully. "I can't see you living in the city, though, mom. You're too nice to survive out there!... You said you came from Hell, right? Would you ever return there? Or maybe take Riley and me?"

    Anything to avoid making his mother cry was key.

    "Do demons really swim in lava and whatnot, or is that a myth? I knew this girl that was really into the occult and had this whole journal on stuff like that. It was creepily specific, too. Like, how demons with wings can't fly above a specific height and whatnot. Is that true or is it total BS?"
  5. "Wait, so I'm too nice for the city, but Hell's perfect for me?" He laughed, that at least a reassuring sound, more so than sniffles and tearful hiccups. Quietly moving to fiddle with his napkin, tearing the corners off absently and as an unconscious method to keep himself composed and not let his emotions get the better of him. In his life, it was best to keep all that behind and let it out when in private, where nobody could get worried over you and your state. Worry was hardly a helpful emotion for anyone.

    "Oh, it's been YEARS since I last was down there, dear. And the demons and my kind never really interacted. We were... second class to them. Not worthy of their time," he admitted, eyes glazed over a tad in this moment of rare recollection back to his time in Hell, where he had often been victim to sneering remarks, spat at and taunted to the point of feeling crappy about his very species. In fact, only when meeting and falling for Trae did he regain a little pride in being a centaur. "Oh, sometimes the demons used to go in the lava. Never got burnt by it, I was always so jealous. They were like spas, all hot and relaxing... As far as the wings, I never got to see one fly. I lived in the forest, not in the main kingdoms."
  6. "Wait, there's a forest?" He snorted, shaking his head in disbelief. "But isn't it, like, really hot? How do trees work? Does it even rain?" The questions came out rapid fire, though his curiosity was genuine unlike the initial content. He was, after all, just as fascinated with otherworldly things as that girl, even if that fascination was often hidden. "Mom, we need to go! Us three! Riley can stand up for us, if they want to fight. He's practically full demon, after all!" At this point, the boy was jumping up and down in his seat. His eyes, that of which weren't working just a day ago, were sparkling in excitement. "It'll be a good family outing."
  7. "Shh, calm down, dear," he scolded, albeit lightly and with a graceful smile crossing his now softened features, managing a small smile to a nearby woman taken aback by the loudness of Alex's excitement. Frankly, Talin care if Alex was loud. He just didn't want him yelling about Hell around humans in a human hospital. Patting his hand to get him to take a breath and calm down a little, he did let out a laugh, akin to his usual self, and eased against the plastic back of his chair. "Now, I don't think that's such a good idea, darling. Hell's a hostile place. My family and my people aren't treated fantastically, and... even though it'd be nice to see everyone and show them you two, I need to put you both and your safety first. You could easily get hurt-- and as tough as Riley is, I doubt he can defend us in face of a gang of experienced demons," he chuckled, eyes glittering playfully to show his teasing. He did defend his sons to the extremes, but he wasn't familiar with Riley's actual form. All he was truly aware of was how Riley was normally - a skinny, short, insanely pale and freckled boy who disliked sports and slept most the day. "But it's a lovely offer all the same, boys."
  8. When he heard the stern "no", the usually quiet Alex simply pursed his lips and knitted his brows in disappointment. This would have been fun! The three of them, to discover the world that their parents- well, at least two out of three- were born and roam. This only cemented the fact that Alex didn't feel quite... Right in the human world. It would have been better being born either a demon, or a centaur, but a mix wasn't his forte. A mix, as it happens, that wasn't powerful or strong like his brother's- or, at least he didn't think so. Even when he murdered his friends, he didn't change his form. No, he stayed as he was, slitting their throats with a knife he borrowed from the kitchen. Of course, it made it worse when he realized what he did, and had to drag their bodies himself to burn. At least, in Riley's case, he had a massively tough form to turn to. He just grew a pair of obnoxious antlers and ears, and the craving to suck people dry of their lifeforce. After a moment of silence, he simply replied with a quiet "alright" before sipping his cooling tea.
  9. "Mom, maybe... you can reconsider?" Riley suddenly piped up, having remained silent and observant for the majority of the conversation, only really perking up when he'd seen just how happy his brother had been, something increasingly rare in recent days. Seeing Alex all happy and excited about something, something that would bond them to see where their mother had come from, would have made it worth it entirely, and often feeling fiercely protective of his brother (no doubt after having heard of the extremities he'd gone to to feed), he wasn't settled with the 'no'. "It'll be nice, y'know? I can protect you guys, you don't realise that I'm pretty tough. And I wanna see Hell. I want to go."

    "...I don't think it's wise." Talin whispered, though there was slight hesitation in his tone, and conflict splashed onto his face at hearing his second son now interject. "I want you to meet your family, and all that, but... I'm not sure, aha... maybe I'll go f you promise to do as I say. No wandering off."
  10. "No... No, it's fine." Reassured Alex, his fingers gripping the paper cup tight. "It's okay. I just... I thought it would be fun for us three, get together. We could meet our family and stuff... So, y'know, they know we exist... But it's okay. We don't have to go, it was a stupid suggestion."

    At the end of his babbling, Alex simply returned to his quiet silence and once again to a sip, though literally ANYONE could tell that the other was bubbling with upset inside. This was emphasized by the small details- the way he nervously scraped the wax from the outside of the cup, the quick blinking, the buckling of the knees....
  11. And it figuratively broke Talin's heart to see his son react so strongly to the disappointment. He really had no idea that he felt this passionately about seeing Hell, and piecing together heritage of both him and Indigo.

    And despite his hesitations and motherly instincts, he did reach to grab his hand with a sudden sigh, it taking everything in him to force back his worries and fears in order to do something his son craved.

    "No, you're right. It'll be a nice family outing for us three, and I want you to meet my father and my mother too. It's been years since I was there, and my parents... they're lovely. I have no qualms with them. They're lovely, sweet people who you boys ought to meet by now. You have no other grandparents, I suppose."
  12. "Really?" Managed Alex, his voice a squeak as he held his mother's hand tight. "Y-You really mean it!? Please tell me your serious, I'd probably cry if you weren't, aha... This'll be fun! I PROMISE, okay? I know a few things, at least I think so, so we can use them to be safer! And like I said, R-Riley can kick major ass, even if you don't believe me you'll find out eventually. Mom, how can I thank you? Like... Anything, say the word and I'll help."

    With his bright eyes locked on the other two, he couldn't help but let a goofy grin slowly spread over his cheeks. "Thank you so much, mom."
  13. "...Honestly, I'm just happy that you're happy," he admitted, his own eyes shining in delight at the happy display. If he could make Alex this happy and excited, then quite frankly, that was good enough for him. And the more he thought about it, the happier he himself, as surprising as it was to him, became. The thought of mostly meeting his family again, after the decade and a bit that had passed, was the biggest benefit, aside of some needed family bonding.
  14. "You say that as if I'm not happy often," He snorted, though even he knew what his mother meant. Chugging down the rest of the still steaming tea, he offered a smile and tossed the cup. "We should see Dad, now. I'm sure he's woken up and all that, and I want him to know about it! I'd feel awful if they weren't aware where their CHILDREN were."
  15. "Indigo wants us to wait. It's been five minutes," he responded swiftly - as much as he was desperate to see his boyfriend, he realised Indigo would be pretty serious in them staying away until he himself was certain that Trae was up to it again. "Let's just... have some tea and coffee and whatnot. I'm... hoping that nice human will come back, actually. He's awfully funny~"
  16. Reluctantly sitting back down, he huffed in defeat and stared out at the window wearily. "I guess you're right... But, I do want to tell Dad. He deserves to know that we're doing something possibly life threatening. I'd feel awful if something happened and he never got to see us again, you know? I mean, I have high hopes but it's always good to think like that right?" He then offered a soft smile to his brother, before getting up once again to grab some more tea- decaf.
  17. "Nothing will happen." Riley sighed, wheeling himself after his brother to give Talin a little minute or two to himself, knowing the emotional centaur probably needed that more than anyone. "I'm tough, sorta, and I'll protect you guys-- plus, we'll be with Mom's people, and that'll be cool. I mean, c'mon! A group of centaurs, tough and fighting off demons for all these centuries... it's epic, y'know?"
  18. "That's true," He nodded, moving to instead take the handles of his brother's wheelchair and pushed him to save him the energy. "You're REALLY tough, Riley. Like, you're form is HUGE. And those muscles?! Incredible! I'm honestly envious, you know? Imagine all the bullies I could have beaten up over the years. One quick punch to the face would show 'em, hm? I wonder what sort of creatures are there that aren't here?... Sorry, aha..."
  19. "Oh shush, you're embarrassing me... it's not that impressive. It's simply aesthetics, to attract lovers. Not that I need it, obviously. I have you," he purred quietly, only really doing so once away from Talin - flirting with Alex in front of their mother wasn't the best of ideas.
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