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Do you have any traditions that you practice during Turkey Day?

I don't have any family that lives close to me, so I usually go over to a friends house and we drink beer, eat and watch football > < Nothing to exciting, but it has become tradition so it is special to me.

What are your holiday/ Thanksgiving traditions?
I make food and eat with family. We watch football and I think Oogling the child of my cousin is one of the activities.... freakin adorable little runt.
We just get together with families, really. I end up having to celebrate it like 3 times total, but I won't complain. I like the food and the quality time. n_n

I look forward to the day when Karl and I have a nice house where we can have family come visit us! No more gathering in Olympia or Portland, dangit. Come see us. XD
But it's our first year away from home, so it will be nice... We're still nostalgic about the old homes.
a; the fuck is thanksgiving?

b; beer, barbecue and big arse family lunches.

fucking love the family lunches, so much food, so much family. shit is awesome.

Not just a turkey and a couple sides. It is THE FEAST. Enough food to feed 10 people PLUS a week's worth of leftovers.

And I must have aaaaalll of the traditional FEAST dishes. Down to the tiniest detail. >>; This tradition has been carried on since my grandmother!
Diana's Tradition wins.
Sooo, anyone else>??
I consume like a tidal wave made of starved army ants. Then lots of video games at a friend's place.