Traceurs : A Dystopian Parkour Adventure (OC)

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    They didn't always have a name but they have been running among us throughout history. The indigenous people of America, the Bushmen of Namibia; wherever there was a need to use only the body to survive, there were also traceurs. In year 2045, parkour has become more than just a sport or means to get from one place to another.
    It is a way of life.

    Holed up in a city just starting to regain its former glory, the people of Belle have formed two gangs that provide security and resources. These gangs are very different in what they value but use the same art of freerunning. They are the militia of Belle City and when not fighting each other, they provide a defense against outsiders and other threats. The Archangels are more of an organized athletic team whereas the Hellhounds are a familial group of assorted talents. Territorial battles are constant along with planned competitions. Regular citizens are almost never involved however, as their safety is the priority for both gangs.

    The foremost threat are a group of rogues that live in the outskirts of the city. They call themselves the Fae Bandits and take it upon themselves to wreak havoc on the Archangels and Hellhounds alike. Fae Bandits steal from transporters, assault citizens, heckle any who leave the city, and play dangerous tricks on all those who pass by.

    H E L L H O U N D S

    [ LOYAL ] / [ DUTIFUL ] / [ TOLERANT ]

    Extremely close knit, they refer to other members as packmates and function more like a family. Each packmate has a responsibility that they must complete. The hardworking and dedicated members rise to higher ranks and are allowed more freedoms.

    C H A R A C T E R ⋅ R O S T E R

    Alpha - ( N/A ) - Ice Queen

    Beta - ( Bandi Ingesson ) - Amai Kyuti

    Leviathon - ( N/A ) - TK (shlav)

    Leviathon - ( N/A ) - TK (shlav)

    Leviathon- ( Vicky "Vicky Six" Ash ) - The Smoking Peanut

    Leviathon- ( Francesca Holdiron ) - Daws Combine

    Ascaroth - (N/A) - Verbal Abuse

    Ascaroth - (N/A) - Razilin

    Ascaroth - ( Keys ) - Polystical

    Ascaroth - (N/A) - kimsim12

    Ascaroth - (N/A) - username

    Fate - ( Lycaon Schilling ) - Amai Kyuti

    Fate - (
    N/A ) - username

    Hounds - ( N/A ) - username

    A R C H A N G E L S


    Largely made up of independents, the Archangels are competitive and individualist. They refer to each other as their flock. Duties are handed out based on skill and strength. The more a member proves themselves, the higher they rise in rank.

    C H A R A C T E R ⋅ R O S T E R

    Seraphim - ( "Uriel" Jayce Greer ) - Elfie
    Cherubim - ( N/A ) - Whoop Dau
    Virtue - ( N/A ) - Tock
    Virtue - ( Ingvar "Bladerunner" Thorisson) - Amai Kyuti
    Virtue - ( N/A ) - username
    Wheel - ( N/A ) - Verbal Abuse
    Wheel - ( N/A ) - StarCaster
    Wheel - ( N/A ) - username
    Ophanims - ( N/A ) - username
    Angels - ( N/A ) - username

    F A E ⋅ B A N D I T S



    There is no rhyme nor reason to how the members are chosen and ranked. They've merely fallen together as the years passed and their villainous ways kept them from becoming Hellhounds or Archangels. They refer to each other as Folk.

    C H A R A C T E R ⋅ R O S T E R

    Seelie - ( N/A ) - kimsim12

    Unseelie - ( N/A ) - username
    Druids - ( N/A ) - username
    Elves - ( N/A ) - username
    Nymphs - ( N/A ) - username
    Fairies - ( N/A ) - username


    - All Iwaku Rules Apply
    - No magic/supernatural abilities/etc.
    - Intermediate and up rp skills please.
    - At least one decent paragraph per post.
    - Be creative with your bios - no Mary Sues!
    - If you've read the rules, add an emoji somewhere in your sheet.
    - Do not in any way be rude to other members in the OC.

    You can use any formatting you wish as long as it's legible.

    - Appearance (if art - at least somewhat realistic)
    - Full Name
    - Age (vary them please)
    - Gender (keep 'em even)
    - Sexuality
    - Gang (or Citizen)
    - Position
    - Strengths (2+)
    - Weaknesses (2+)
    - Personality
    - Bio



    Leader: Seraphim / Alpha / Seelie
    Deputy: Cherubim / Beta / Unseelie
    Enforcers (4): Virtues / Leviathons / Druids
    Scouts (7): Wheels / Ascaroths / Elves
    Transporters (7): Ophanims / Fates / Nymphs
    Grunts (∞): Angels / Hounds / Fairies

    Leaders - Keep the order, make decisions, etc.
    Deputies - Delegate orders, assist leaders, etc.
    Enforcers - Enforce the leaders and deputies orders.
    Scouts - Spy on enemies, scout for danger ahead of transporters and traveling parties.
    Transporters - Carry supplies, messages, and even people.
    Grunts - They do a little bit of everything and the dirty work. They make up most of the gangs.

    You are basically working your way up from the Iron Age. There is no electricity and weapons are limited to blades/bow & arrows, no firearms. The people are living in the skeleton of what used to be a modern city. Create your characters around this fact.
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  2. Lycaon "Lyc" Schilling

    25 / Male / Homosexual

    H E L L H O U N D S

    Strengths ↴↴

    ↳ Agility : In another life, Lycaon may have been an acrobat. With almost catlike flexibility he is capable of many feats.
    ↳ Dedication : He never quits on a job or friend. Lyc will use all of his abilities to complete a task.
    ↳ Attractive : In both appearance and personality, he is charming to onlookers.

    Weaknesses ↴↴

    ↳ Diffidence : Lycaon has no ambition to move up in rank or gain power. He is complacent.
    ↳ Non Combative : He is the flight before fight type. His combat skills are merely defensive and has poor offense.
    ↳ Empathetic : Lycaon makes attachments easily and finds them hard to break. He feels sympathy even for the Fae Bandits.


    Steadfast | Hardworking | Easygoing | Kind

    Good natured to the bone. Lycaon is gracious towards strangers and friends alike, making a point of never judging a book by their cover. He doesn't let his altruism affect his job though. He is almost OCD in how well he needs to complete a job to feel satisfied. His values are much like his job and he will stand by them no matter what. A liberal in every sense, he is open minded to an extreme extent. Nothing phases him. Lycaon is benevolent and will help anyone who needs it, even if it means giving up his own comfort.


    A worn ragged story of hardship and loss, Lycaon has suffered as many residents of Belle City have. The lack of advanced medical care and proper shelter has made surviving past the age of forty no easy task. It is because of this that Lycaon has already lost both his mother and father. His mother died from an infected wound after a battle against Fae Bandits and his father passed away after fighting an unidentified illness. He was tasked with taking care of his little brother Minkah who is his pride and joy. Lycaon was an angel for four years before his talents were accepted and he rose to transporter. He adores his job and does not wish to become anything else.


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  3. Are leviathans crossed out for a reason? If not, I would like to reserve one.
  4. You already have the position reserved! That's why it's crossed out, everyone in the interest check already filled it up. :veryhappy:
  5. Oh! I didn't see it next to my name. Sorry.
  6. I'd love to join this with an Ascaroth and the Seelie, if that's alright. :)
  7. Appearance

    Full Name
    Francesca Holdiron






    Extremely loyal

    Expert at hand-to-hand combat

    Literally fearless

    Can't shoot to save her life

    Hotheaded and confrontational

    Goes berserk when anyone insults her or the Hellhounds

    A ticking time bomb that seems to be able to explode forever. Harsh and confrontational, she is a real piece of work to be sure. She prefers to beat someone rather than talk to them, though both have an equal success rate.

    Francesca was a street kid from birth. Abandoned as a child, she was raised by the owner of an illegal fight club. He taught her everything he knew about fighting. The rest, she learned the hard way. She was the champion of that ring for five years until she was stabbed in the back on her way home, one night. She picked up Parkour as a form of Physical therapy, using it to recover her strength for her eventual comeback match.

    She never entered that ring again. She fell head over heels in love with Parkour, practicing every day until she was just as good at running and jumping as she was punching and kicking. It's uncertain when she got in with the Hellhounds, but everyone knows that when you have a problem that only the toughest, meanest, scariest woman alive can fix, you call Francesca.

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  8. No problem. :)

    It is definitely alright! Glad to have you. C:
  9. I'm assuming you'll be putting an appearance up once you're on a computer? If so that's okay. As for your bio, I should probably include this in the info so more people don't get confused but there are no firearms in the city. Except bow & arrows. They are basically working their way up from the Iron Age again. So if you just substitute "shot in the back" with "knifed in the back" or something you'll be accepted (you should also reread the rules *cough, cough*)! She's an awesome character and I look forward to rping with her!!
  10. Yes, okay, and thanks.
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  11. Accepted except *cough, cough* read the rules again. :cheeky:
  12. .... I would swear at you if you weren't in charge.
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  13. Accepted for good! :judge: Just get an image in there sometime soon~ C:
  14. Jayce "Uriel" Proudmoore


    Full Name: "Uriel" Jayce Proudmoore

    Appearance: Jet black hair covers his head above his brow, occasionally dropping down over his fair skin. Always, he wears a black hoodie, and only when he hunts and moves locations does he have it up with a frayed blue shirt underneath. He wears blue jeans and ragged converse. Most of the time, he holds a salvaged compound bow that he fixed himself with a black quiver on his waist.

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Height: 5'6

    Gang: Archangels

    Position: Seraphim

    Weapon of choice: While skilled with a bow and arrow, he prefers to fight with his own fists-- in a style all his own, designed to turn the enemy's strength against them.




    Vertically challenged
    Lack of raw strength

    Personality: Hot and cold-- Jayce is the kind of person that no one can read easily. At a glance, he's gentle and kind. He's what you'd expect from a leader of the Archangels, but that's what he let's everyone see. Just below the surface, a monster lurks behind his youthful complexion. A brutality that rivals even the most terrifying of brutes, and the ruthless nature of an old warlord. Over time, the name "Jayce" had turned into something else. his playful nature combined with his brutal personality had earned him the name, "Uriel". When in a fight, opponents often make the mistake of thinking that he's shorter and therefore "weaker". When in reality, it makes him that much more deadly and quick.


    Background: Despite the apocalyptic world around him, Jayce was always a cheery boy. His parents were good to him, and his outlook on life was decent. As long as they had each other, they'd be alright. Until, of course, they weren't. In the middle of the night, a group of bandits murdered his mother and father in front of his eyes by their own campfire with guns and arrows. They barely missed him, due to his diminutive stature and his ability to blend in to the shadows. With her dying breath, his mother gave him a smile and left him with only one word, "Survive." On that day, Jayce felt his soul almost crack in two, he almost felt Uriel surface beneath his consciousness. After a week of mourning, he set out on his journey to survive. He taught himself how to fend off attackers using only his hands-- and eventually a blade. He became a very good shot with a bow-- and of course, free running. There was no way to survive in such a large run down city alone without learning how to climb and run. Years passed, and the Archangels were founded, with Jayce spearheading the gang to greatness. His new found composure and playful air have merged with an acquired taste for brutality have molded him into an ideal leader, fighter, and even smooth talker. His small stature often makes his enemies underestimate him-- a mistake they will be certain to never make again once they've crossed him.
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  15. Vicky "Vicky Six" Ash


    22 / Female




    [​IMG] Strengths [​IMG]

    - One hell of a voice: Vicky's voice is as loud and strong as a lion's roar, and uses it to invigorate her pack, and intimidate the competition.

    - Athletic: A trait any high-ranking Traceur should have. She's physically strong, and fast on her feet.

    - Light-Hearted: Vicky is truly carefree, and doesn't let the past weigh her down. No matter what happens, she'll always come out of it with a shrug and a smile.

    [​IMG] Weaknesses [​IMG]

    Headstrong: It isn't always an easy task keeping this free spirit in line, as she can often disregard the Alpha's orders whenever things heat up. Explains why she hasn't ascended to the rank of Beta.

    Light-Minded: The flipside of her light-heartedness. She often takes things too lightly, and it can be very harmful to her pack; especially when it comes to dealing with the Fae.

    Reserved: She isn't one to release personal information about herself willy-nilly, and prefers to keep her deeper thoughts and emotions to herself. Whether or not that's because she chooses to, or doesn't know how to interpret them into speech, no-one really knows.

    [​IMG] Personality [​IMG]

    Always the life of the party, and never a downer, Vicky Six is an energetic and upbeat addition to the Hellhounds. As all Hellhounds do, she feels a bond with each and every one of her packmates, even the ones she commands. So close, in fact, that she'd practically catch a grenade for any one of them if their life was on the line. Vicky loves to live life to its fullest, and as a consequence, can get very impatient and bored if left with nothing to do for long periods of time.

    [​IMG] Bio [​IMG]

    Not much of her past is known to the Hellhounds, but what they do know is the name she had made for herself before joining the likes of them. In her teenage years Vicky had been with, and even ran a few smaller gangs from out of town, only to leave them leaderless for a quick laugh before moving on to run with the Fae for awhile. But as she began to mature, hitting her late teens, she began to distrust their shady ways, and fled from them into Belle, quickly settling in with the Hellhounds after keeping a close eye on them during her time as a Fairy. After rolling with them for nearly five years, she had slowly but surely risen to the rank of Leviathan, albeit the lowliest of the four, making her the sixth in command. To celebrate her accomplishment, she brandished herself with the roman numeral for six, painting it onto her left cheek, clearly proud of her place amongst the hounds. Since hooking up with them, shes made no mention of a mother or father, only mentioning someone by the name of "Kate", whom she loves as fondly as her pack.

    Now then, it's getting late over here. I'm headin' to sleep. Hope my CS is viable! :bored:
  16. K E Y S C R O S S
    "I was alone for along time, so I forgot my name. At some point people started calling me Keys for some damn reason and it just stuck."
    13 Female Bisexual
    "Woof woof motherfucker"

    Photographic Memory
    Kick ass Archer
    Grade A stalker

    Close Combat is a no no
    Curious to the point of self endangerment
    A foul mouth that pisses people off
    She doesn't like to see blood or kill

    Keys is a bright and optimistic child, who likes to test her limits. And by limits, I mean see how far she can go without getting punched in the face. She's basically a little imp that likes to rile people up, but only to other gang members. She doesn't quite care for regular citizens because of her childhood, but she wants to make her packmates proud so she works hard at her job. Keys is also a little chatterbox, who likes to pepper and pester people with questions to satisfy her curiosity, however, she rarely knows when to shut her mouth. When joking around with the other hellhounds, Keys can be funny and dramatic just to make people smile and she hates to see her people sad.
    Keys was born to a sickly mother and a world weary father. They actually hadn't planned to have her, but a moment of weakness brought them together one night and so Keys was conceived. Her parents did the best to take care of her, but her mother's body was quickly deteriorating and her father was descending into an incurable depression. When Keys was seven, her mother died and her father killed himself, unable to live in a word without her. Keys was devastated and she felt horribly betrayed that instead of trying to survive with her, her father chose the cowards way out. After that Key had to fend for herself. Her neighbors weren't willing to take on another child, especially one who couldn't do much, so they ignored her situation. Keys began stealing food and eventually that turned into pickpocketting. She lived a pretty nice life, on the objects that she lifted off of her victims, but one day she tried to pickpocket the wrong person. That person turned out to be a Hellhound gang member, who instead of reprimanding her, brought her home with them to become a member.


    Do you mind if I make her last name the alpha's last name?​
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  17. @Polystical not at all~ she will probably be like an adoptive daughter to her. I will get my girl up soon, I hope
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  18. I kinda wanna have Francesca train some of the weaker Hellhounds out of sheer frustration at the apparent lack of good sparing partners.
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