Toy Story 3

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Warmaster Death

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I cried tears of joy at the end.

the film was fucking glorious.

that is all.
OH MAN. I was freaking choking back a sob through that whole damned movie! x___x That was both awesome and depressing!

....I now feel like a murderer for getting rid of old toys. c__c
I'm glad everyone is saying it's so good! We're about to go see it now! >:D I shall return with my verdict!
I effin' LOVED this movie. LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I cried like a big ole baby at the end, but I wasn't the only one in the audience who was doing so. ^_^.
Morale of the story, critics were wrong on this one~
Ken was more amusing than I thought he'd be. lol.
shit yeah. he had some of the funniest moments in the whole film
They somehow gave Toy Story a noticeable chunk of grimdark. Wow.

Gotta agree with Rory about Ken.

Now, WMD, since you started the thread, I am now attempting to imagine a Toy Story with tabletop war game miniatures.
I wish I still had the small figures they made when the first movie came out...I have all the plastic army men but it would be awesome to do a Toy Story wargame!