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  1. Hey! So, I'm interested in a one x one. I have an idea in particular that I have used before in a 1x1, but have developed it slightly. However, I have a few other ideas that I'd be happy enough to use.

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    Jacksonville is a city torn by gang warfare. It is led by two main gangs- the Shadows and the Hawks. However, numerous other small gangs join in the war, choosing their side. The feud has been going on for years, and the cause of it has long been forgotten. But still it rages on, killing innocent people and gang members. It does not distinguish.

    But the gang members are people too. They have families and stories to be told. Indeed, even the leaders of the gangs are not excerpt from life. In fact, the leaders both have children. And while they expect them to follow in their footsteps, fate has a much different path.

    For as long as he can remember, the son of the Hawk leader has been dreaming about a girl. She grew at the same rate as he did. She was always about his age. In every single dream he has, she is always there. She is always by his side. He never thought anything of it- after all, dreams are just dreams, right?

    Until one day, he saw her. Not in his dreams. In reality. He followed her as far as he could, before finding himself on the border of Shadow territory. Confused, he went home. She was still in his dreams, but darker, somehow.

    But from that moment on, they couldn't avoid each other. He fell for her almost immediately, but she was more reluctant. They tried dating, but it never seemed to work out. She always walked away from him. But they always ended up back where they started. He tried to stay away from her. He tried to ignore how he felt. He knew how dangerous it was.

    She never felt anything for him. But somehow, she was drawn to him. He always kept coming back, and she always let him. But somehow, he was harder to manipulate. All she had on him was the fact that he was hopelessly in love with her. And that wasn't enough. She tried to break his heart, to make him stay away. She knew that nothing good would ever happen if the two of them were together. And he was one of the few people who she genuinely had nothing on. Without something to use against him, he was useless to her.

    Or so she thought. Until she crossed the wrong person and had to get out of town- fast. She couldn't get away alone, so she turned to the only person she knew she could turn to in this situation. She appeared under his window at 3 AM with her bags packed and a tank full of gas. He shoved his most treasured belongings into a bag and left the house without even leaving a note.

    They made it to Vegas. But once they made it there, they were out of money and low on gas. So they turned to the only thing they knew. They managed to trick a different gang out of thousands of dollars. And along the way, she found herself falling for him.

    After they kill four members of the gang they stole the money from, they find themselves in deeper trouble than ever. Their hands are covered in blood, and their families are searching for them. And they mightn't know it, but no matter what way they turn, they're headed for a gunfight.. and possibly death.
    Idea that I have used previously. Gangs, violence, romance. I'd prefer to play the guy in this circumstance.

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    Nobody could have seen it coming. People just started getting strange abilities. It was fine at first. Agencies were set up to monitor and train them to control their power. But it grew into a pandemic, and before long things got out of hand. People couldn't control their powers and were destroying the infrastructure and each other. Nobody knew the cause. Environmental factors were tested. While a few strange results came back, they differed all over the world. So it wasn't anything like that. Certain vaccines were blamed- but in developing countries where the vaccines weren't present, the same thing was happening. Nothing could be blamed and the progress on a cure was non existence.

    You could almost say that a world of super-humans needed a superhero to save them.

    And sure enough, they got their heroes.

    But the strange thing was, they were supposed to be dead.

    The circumstances in which they'd died varied from dying in combat to terminal illness. A day or two after they'd "died", they just woke up in their bed like nothing had ever happened. They all had remnants of the powers that they'd started to develop before their death. The only thing they had in common was the fact that they all had apartments by themselves, and that they didn't have any family living anywhere near where they usually resided. Nobody would have freaked out if they saw them, because nobody had really missed them.

    Two of these such heroes wake up in their respective apartments, in the same town. They died in drastically different ways, but somehow end up finding each other. A mysterious phone call tells them what happened. And things just went from there.
    Again, I used this idea previously. Superhuman, violence, romance. Again, I'd prefer to play the guy.

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    The people who formed the upper class weren't always the upper class. But after a few years, they were. The upper class are those who had pristine manners, who are always well behaved, who enjoy the finer things in life. They are typically blonde or their hair is lighter in colour. If they aren't naturally, they usually dye their hair. But if someone wants to keep their dark hair, then that's fine. They don't have arranged marriages, but their parents may choose a suitable partner for their son/daughter. Any intolerance against sexuality was eliminated years ago. If the son or daughter doesn't like the selected lover, than they can choose their own. They often own businesses. Some do physical labour as well. They have no need for a Peacekeeping Force, as no crime is usually committed in this sector. Criminals usually don't want to be a part of this side of society. For fun, they hold balls and dances, go to the theatre and the opera, and read or play an instrument.

    And then you have the "rebels". They don't actually rebel against anything, but, that was a nickname given to them years ago, and it just stuck. This is where the people who dare to look a little different belong. Of course, you have the normal-looking people as well, but the majority of rebels have piercings or tattoos or brightly coloured hair. They consider themselves much more free than the upper class. They can love who they want. No choices are made for them. They aren't restrained by manners or any such rules to the same extent as the upper class. Obviously, using your hands to eat food that shouldn't be eaten with your hands is frowned upon, but if you want to eat that pizza with your hands, then go ahead. Slurping? That's considered rude?! They have their peace-keeping force, which employs a decent amount of young adults in the street force and a decent amount of the rest in higher positions. The criminals are usually found in this part of society. The rest work in supplying each other. For fun, they have night-clubs and 24 hour cinemas. They also have laser-tag arenas, which is possibly the most popular pastime. Carrying weapons is the norm for them.

    Saying that the two sides get along is a massive over-statement, but they don't mess with each other. Most of the time, they don't interact.

    Then, a number of things set in action a disaster that could rip the city apart.

    Minor scuffles started to break out between the two sides. Relations plummeted. Then, a superior from both sides was found dead. They immediately blamed each other. The scuffles broke into riots.

    The city has started to fall into chaos.

    Two young people, barely out of their teens, barely out of school, somehow meet each other and fall instantly in love. But they are from opposite sides, and both were told to attack the other side on sight. Can they make it work? Or will the infamous story of the star-crossed lovers be repeated once again?
    An idea that never came to fruition. Romance, futuristic, rebellions. I would be happy to play either gender or either side in this one.
  2. I'm interested in the idea in the second spoiler tag.
  3. Awesome! I'll PM you to discuss characters in a bit.
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