Toxic's Art and Written Works.

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  1. Short Poems

    The waves wash in
    Only to be swept back out
    By the heartbreak emotions,
    Slipping through the air.

    Sour expressions,
    Placed on our faces
    How could this happen?
    How could this happen?

    Sadness shown without much effort
    The things they've seen,
    so disgusting
    So Disgusting.

    Shadows scaling, climbing walls
    Broken pictures never found.
    Sweetened words to clever smiles
    Tricking children with their wiles?

    The Glass has Shattered,
    And it hurts.
    Sharp pieces Scattered,
    The cuts don't matter.

    I've been screaming at the top of my lungs For a while now,
    But nobody hears a sound.
    I've been cursing so loud,
    to the four winds.
    Ain't a sound heard.
    Ain't a sound heard, in my desperation.


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  2. I love the roughness of it all- and the angular take on the subjects of your art!

    Also, your poems are good, keep at it, alright?
  3. Thank you. :]
  4. That horse is beautiful. O.O And I love horses.
  5. : Dthanks.
  6. Your art, it's awesome even if rough. GIVE US MORE! (And you should do the art challenges too! >:D)