Town of the Freaks

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  1. A town where SuperHumans and Monsters live in!
    OOC Here!
    ~My Character Info!~
    Name: Maximum Wild (Max for short)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6''
    Species: Half Superhuman/ Half Vampire
    Max woke up almost late for her bus. With her super speed she managed to put her blue t-shit, black skinny jeans and blue converses on just in time. She grabbed her backpack and rushed outside to her bus stop just in time.

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  2. (I'm not stalking you -3-)
    Character Info
    Name: Josephine Stalker
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'7"
    Species: Elf Magician (Her powers are based on painting
    Appearance: Here
    Josephine is working on her latest painting, an orc. Most of her paintings are made to create objects or creatures, but why would she want to create an orc? Elves should be pacific creatures, although orcs are known to eat humanoids. "Almost done, I am.". She takes a deep breath and stretches her legs by standing in front of her unfinished painting. Her goblets are floating in her terrace and she passes through them, wanting to reach the inside of her home, leading to the kitchen to make something to eat.
  3. There's always got to be one human, and I can't think of anything cool I'd want to be.
    Name: Rain Quartz
    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 4'11"
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Look Here
    Rain hummed quietly to herself as she stood in front of her mirror, getting ready for the day. She already had her hair up in it's usual pigtail design, and now she was adding the large, childish yellow bows to said pigtails. Once they were perfected, she smiled to herself and then quickly trotted to the door of her currently bare-minimum apartment, slipping on her black flats and grabbing her bag before slipping out of her home. She walked down the steps of the three story complex and down the road, practically skipping as she headed towards the nearest subway, the one that got her closest to her work.
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  5. Max was happy she was almost done with high school, senior year really seemed to drag on. But today was the last day and she debated on going to school. Eventually she decided not to and with her super speed is at Josephine door steps in half a second. She knocks on the door.
  6. Josephine's attention was caught by a knock on her apartment door. She doubtfully goes over to check out who it might be. "Hm?", she said with almost no expression, just a little drop of doubt.
  7. Rain had almost been to work when something suddenly appeared in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and blinked a bit, seeing a girl at the door of a nearby house even though she hadn't been there seconds before. She tilted her head a bit before quickly shaking it, putting a hand on her head as she continued walking. "Mind must be playing with me..."
  8. -holly crap!- Ryuk grabs his checkered sweater and jump out the 5th story window. -so late! so fricking late! why the hell did that darn alarm not ring!- he land on a tree in the gardens of his apartment building and runs to the street wer he sees Rain and remembers its actually saterday. -f**** -

    OOC: hope you guys dont mind my language :l and yeah so many femals someone had to be male :P
  9. Rain pause for a moment when she saw something falling from a high window and she turned her head, blinking a bit when she saw Ryuk. She looked up and then back to him, wondering if it had been a bird or something. She waved to Ryuk with a small smile.
  10. Looks around the lots of people around her door. With a doubtful face, she asks, "Is there a convention going on? Because I don't think it's here...". She wasn't being sarcastic, her face was full with truth.
  11. Ryuk cought a glimps of Rain and nodded her way in a greating. "What you up to Rain? Did you think it was Friday to?" He walked toward her with his hands in is jeans, he had othing under his sweater and you could see his bare chest. "Why don´t you invite me inside?.. You know for a coffee or something..." He winked at Rain.
  12. Rain raised an eyebrow and then shrugged lightly, holding her purse loosely at her side. "Actually, I knew it was Saturday. You..." She looked over him and then back up at his eyes. "Obviously didn't, I see. But a coffee is still on the menu. My house is a block away, but I prefer getting to work on time. But they do have coffee at the cafe, if you wanna stop by."
  13. **********************************

    Name: Fane Jumal

    Sex: Male

    Age: 30

    Height: 5'10''

    Species: Dragonoid- Half Human, Half Dragon


    (I know Koene said we shouldn't have a character sheet or post it here. If you want I can move it to the OOC thread)

    A 100ftx100ft room filled with 10 "people" fighting each other. They don't seem to be trying to kill each other but keep on fighting with everything they have. Different powers were being shot and fighting styles were being shown.

    Fane looked at his students as they sparred with each other. He saw the usual talent and the usual failure that clashed day after day. #I should probably switch it up but everyone has gotten so used to each other.....oh well.# Once all the sparring matches were over he stood at attention, "ALRIGHT! Good job everyone! Stretch and then be on your way!" He relaxed, walked to the back door, into his office and sat down in his chair. He opened his laptop and saw it was already morning, "Man these night classes last for a long time. Guess I should take a nap...."

    He lay back and closed his eyes but then there was a knock on the door. Fane opened his eyes, "Come in." A female feline humanoid walked in and looked at Fane, "Mister have a nice day." She turned and left and Fane put a hand to his face, #Oh boy, please not another. And why don't they just come in? I guess they are shy or something. Oh well.# He closed his eyes and finally drifted into a light sleep.
  14. "Oh my, oh my. Don´t be in such a hurry little lady. I´ll walk you to the cafe. Then maybe you can serve me some of that coffee." He smiled and a fanged showed from the corner of his lips. "Please do alow me to acompany you..." He stares at the humanoid cat girl and then threw the door she had left opened. "It´s the fourth one this week... they must be really cheap.." He shrugged and turned back to Rain. "So Rain, what do you say? Wanna walk with Ryuk?"
  15. She blinked in surprise at his words and she put her bag over her shoulder, holding her hands in front of herself now. "Oh, well then, I guess you can accompany me..." She didn't know what to do when she saw the fang, and she simply couldn't dismiss something like that into the corner of her mind, so she turned and continued walking as she spoke. "You know, it's a little early for Halloween... are they even selling those face vampire teeth things?"
  16. Josephine noticed she was ignored and just closed the door behind her. "I was in the middle of my breakfast.". She would then sigh, "Advertisements..."
  17. Ryuk laughed. "Fake vimpire teeth things? Now now, don`t tell me a pair a sharp teeth scare you?" He grinned so all his teeth showed and she noticed that all his teeth where like that. "It runs in the family" He winked at her and just walked by her side. "It can`t be the wierdest thing you have seen..."
  18. Rain blinked in surprise when he grinned and showed her a mouthful of sharp teeth and she quickly but casually looked away, brushing some of her hair behind her ears. "Oh... well, I can't say it doesn't disturb me a little..." She glanced back up at him. "Sharp teeth tend to mean danger..."
  19. Ryuk shruged. "Well actually... sharp teeth just define the diet. In my case... I eat.. well yeah that doesn`t matter...." He scratched his ear ina K9 maner and a sudden shufle in his hair revealed a pair of thick black ears that disapeard as fast as they apeared. He huffed a bit then turned back to see her like if he hadn`t done a thing.
  20. Fane didn't sleep long till another knock on his open door was heard. "You've gotta be kidding me...." He opened his eyes and saw a cloaked figure standing their. Fane created a sensory shield around this figure but was unable to get a read, "Who are you?!" The cloaked figure quickly went up to Fane's desk, dropped something off and then disappeared in a cloud of darkness. Fane looked at the desk and saw a silver chained necklace with a small, star like jewel on it. He put a sensory shield around it and didn't feel anything out of the ordinary from it at all. "Seriously who was that?"

    He picked up the necklace and put it on. The star jewel glowed dark blue and then went back to normal, but changed to the dark blue color. "Huh weird. Well since I'm not going to get any sleep I might as well get some coffee." Fane walked out of his office, closed the door, went out of his "dojo," locked the door and started towards a cafe.