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    Located in the middle of nowhere, Duskvale is a strange and eerie little town. With very few neighbouring towns for miles, the residents of Duskvale are relatively isolated. As if that isn't enough, Duskvale has something of a strange and violent history. Duskvale had high levels of activity during the witch hunts long ago, with public lynchings, hangings, and burnings on a daily basis. About a hundred years ago, almost the entire town was wiped out by a terrible plague, save for a few families. Since then, however, the town has grown in size and population, and today it is an almost entirely self-sufficient little town, isolated and happy. Duskvale is considered an excellent retreat for those looking for life in a community-centred town, as well as those interested in a more reclusive lifestyle.

    Duskvale does, however, have some dark little secrets. What very few people know about Duskvale is that shortly before the terrible plague, the town was cursed. The curse stated that anyone who died within the town limits would never be able to leave. Due to the town's recent growth, however, the curse now only applies to the old part of town. Though very few people could possibly be aware of it, Duskvale has a massive population of ghosts, as well as a secretive population of witches.

    Welcome to the town of Duskvale. What will you be? A blissfully unaware townsperson? An innocent newcomer plagued by hauntings? Perhaps something darker, like a member of Duskvale's exclusive and secretive witch population, or even one of Duskvale's invisible citizens, trapped forever within the town limits?

    The town of Duskvale is split in two. On the East side of town is the old part of town, with its creaky homes and possible hauntings. On the West is the newer part of town, the houses much more up to code and lacking the ghosts that inhabit the old ones. In the middle is the commercial part of town, a few streets of shops and stores. Some of the shops fall within the old city limits, others do not.


    The rules of Duskvale are very simple. Firstly, all rules of Iwaku obviously apply. Secondly, you must post a character bio to join, but you don't have to wait for approval before you can begin RPing.
    This thread is not for OOC chat, that is to be done through private messaging. Thus, if your character needs some tweaks for any reason, you will receive a PM about it.
    You may have as many characters as you want. However, for every supernatural character you have - ghost or witch - you must have at least two regular human characters.
    I ask that people take note of where in town they are and what time of day it is in their posts. We want time to flow at a decent rate, but we also don't want people time travelling when one of them says something in the morning and the other doesn't reply until others have progressed the time to late evening. Please take note of where others are before making time progress.
    I also ask that people try to keep their characters diverse in terms of age. It's unrealistic to have an entire town of young adults - we need children, teens, and seniors to make this work. Try to set up family units with friends if you want!
    The character sheet asks for your character's address - you can make up a street name, or you can look at existing addresses and be neighbours with someone!

    To join, you just have to fill out the following character sheet! No need to wait for approval, just fill it out and get started!

    Character Name
    Character Age
    Character DOB
    Character Gender
    Character Orientation
    (if above the age of 13)
    Character Address (include street name, number, and whether it's in the old or new part of town)
    Character Species (human, witch, or ghost)
    Character Occupation (if above the age of 14; for teens, don't list "student", only include if they have a part-time job)
    Character Appearance (a brief description, in addition to any pictures you choose to include)
    Character Personality
    Character Bio/History
    (no need for something long and detailed; brief is alright)
    Character Family Members (list any other characters who are related to yours)
    Character Household (list any other characters who live with yours)


    New Town
    Eileen Abigail Paul - real estate agent - 72 Trinity Lane - disappointedfish
    Jeffrey Seth Paul - writer/author - 72 Trinity Lane - PrincessLala95
    Michelle Leanne Tucker - cashier - 22 Sunshine Boulevard - disappointedfish

    Old Town
    Johnathan Arkhall - police officer - 44 Valleyroad - conman2163
    Kenneth Carey - radio host - 43 Valleyroad - IntrusivePenDesperateSword
    Kona Omari - student - 44 Valleyroad - conman2163
    Veronica Kingsley - teacher - 55 Newcastle Avenue - PrincessLala95

    Nothing to report


    Chance's Garden Market - 124 Redwood Road (old town)
    Business Hours: 8am - 8pm, Monday through Saturday

    Dale Norman Elementary School - 112 Orchard Lane (old town)
    School Hours: 8am - 3pm, Monday through Friday. Grades K-8

    Richard Lawrence Secondary School - 114 Orchard Lane (old town)
    School Hours: 8am - 3pm, Monday through Friday. Grades 9-12

    Hopeview Community Hospital - 99 Sunshine Boulevard (new town)
    General Hours: 7am - 9pm, all week.
    Emergency Room Hours: 24/7

    Caldwell Family Dentistry - 77 Redwood Road (old town)
    Business Hours: 9am - 6pm, Monday through Saturday

    Genesis Financial Bank - 104 Sunshine Boulevard (new town)
    Business Hours: 10am - 5pm, Monday through Friday

    Lem's Hardware Store - 93 Redwood Road (old town)
    Business Hours: 11am - 6pm, Monday through Thursday

    Gas & Convenience - 3 First Ave (old town)
    Business Hours: 24/7, all week.

    Little Orchids Nursery School - 19 Valleyroad (old town)
    Business Hours: 6am - 7pm, Monday through Saturday

    Duskvale Library - 144 Newcastle Avenue (old town)
    Business Hours: 9am - 6pm, Monday through Thursday. 10am - 4pm, Friday and Saturday.

    Lion and Lute Bar & Tavern - 17 First Ave (old town)
    Business Hours: 3pm - 3am, all week.

    Liberty Hotel - 12 Redwood Road (old town)
    Business Hours: 24/7

    Duskvale Radio - 36 Valleyroad (old town)
    Business Hours: 24/7

    Duskvale Fire & Police - 50 Juniper Lane (new town)
    Business Hours: 24/7

    Duskvale City Hall - 14 Juniper Lane (new town)
    Business Hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday
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    Character Name: Eileen Abigail Paul (née Noble)
    Character Age: 25
    Character DOB: August 15th
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Orientation: Straight
    Character Address: 72 Trinity Lane (new part of town)
    Character Species: Human
    Character Occupation: Realtor, currently on maternity leave
    Character Appearance: Eileen is extremely tall and slender, with long skinny legs. She has dark skin and keeps her black hair cut short. She has almond-shaped brown eyes, full lips, and excellent fashion sense.
    Character Personality: Eileen is courteous, polite, and friendly. She has great social skill and is highly diplomatic. She tends to be something of a hot-head, always quick to anger when it comes to important matters. She hasn't yet had her first child, but when she is a mother, she (though it'll be unintentional) will be strict and somewhat overprotective.
    Character Bio/History: Eileen moved to Duskvale as a teenager when her parents divorced. Her mother has since left, but she fell so deeply in love with the town that she decided to stay, leaving just long enough to attend post-secondary school before returning to Duskvale. During university, she met Jeffrey Paul, and the two started dating. For her last year of school, she moved in with him in his apartment near campus, and they lived together happily. Before she returned to Duskvale, Jeffrey asked her to marry him, and they decided to marry once he finished that year of school, which would be his last. She spent the year in Duskvale, focusing on getting her career started, and when Jeffrey finished school, he came to Duskvale and moved in with Eileen. They got married, as they had agreed, and after several months as newlyweds, they decided to start their family. Eileen is now seven months pregnant, and looking forward to the new addition to her family.
    Character Family Members: Jeffrey Paul (PrincessLala95's character) - husband
    Character Household: Jeffrey Paul (PrincessLala95's character) - husband
    Other: None
  3. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Michelle Leanne Tucker
    Character Age:
    Character DOB:
    July 21st
    Character Gender:
    Character Orientation:
    Character Address: 22 Sunshine Boulevard (new part of town)
    Character Species: Human
    Character Occupation: Grocery Store Cashier
    Character Appearance: Michelle is short and petite. She has dark skin, wide brown eyes, and messy, straight black hair.
    Character Personality: Michelle is perky and cheerful, always smiling and ready to socialize. She tends to be somewhat naive and overly trusting.
    Character Bio/History:
    Michelle grew up in Duskvale. Her father used to be a town councillor and her mother is a teacher. She is now 19, trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life and toying with the idea of leaving town for what would be the first time in her entire life.
    Character Family Members: Trella Carmelita Rosalez Tucker (NPC mother), Jamaal Barrell Tucker (NPC father), Elias Logan Tucker (NPC brother)
    Character Household: Trella Carmelita Rosalez Tucker (NPC mother), Jamaal Barrell Tucker (NPC father), Elias Logan Tucker (NPC brother)
    Other: None

  4. Character Name: Jeffrey Seth Paul
    Character Age: 26
    Character DOB: October 29th
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Orientation: Straight
    Character Address: 72 Trinity Lane (new part of town)
    Character Species: Human
    Character Occupation: Freelance writer/author
    Character Appearance: Jeffrey is tall, but not quite as tall as his wife. He is light-skinned, with messy dark hair and brown eyes. His body is of a lean, slightly muscular build. He has thick stubble, though sometimes if he goes any length of time working on a commission at home, he'll forget to shave and it grows into a full-on beard.
    Character Personality: Jeffrey tends to be a joker, always laughing and smiling. He's friendly and outgoing, always willing to chat with people anywhere, whether it's in the line at the grocery store, waiting at the dentist's office, or walking through the neighbourhood. His wife, Eileen, often comments that his personality is well-suited for someone who's going to be a dad. Beneath his joking and friendly side, Jeffrey has an insecure side that's always fearful of not being good enough. It manifests in his writing, and sometimes it affects his love life, leading him to question whether or not Eileen really loves him and whether he's truly going to be with her forever.

    Character Bio/History: Jeffrey isn't from Duskvale. He grew up in a normal town far from Duskvale, and had never even heard of Duskvale until he met Eileen in university. They dated through university, and lived together for Eileen's last year. During Jeffrey's last year of school, Eileen returned to Duskvale to focus on her career, but not before Jeffrey asked her to marry him. He was afraid of the idea that a woman so beautiful was returning home, where she might meet someone else - someone with whom she had history, perhaps - and lose interest in him. When he finished school, Jeffrey moved to Duskvale, moving into the house Eileen had bought and promptly marrying her. Now, the two are expecting a baby, and though Jeffrey is excited about the new addition, he's also scared...scared that he won't be a good dad, among other things.
    Character Family Members: Eileen Paul (fishy's character)
    Character Household: Eileen Paul (fishy's character)
    Other: None
  5. [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Credits to Tumblr user lifewhatisthat[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Name[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Kenneth Carey[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Age[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 36[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character DOB[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 31. April[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Gender[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Orientation[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Homosexual[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Address[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 43 Valleyroad (Old town)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Species[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Human[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Occupation[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Radio host, “Greetings from Duskvale”[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Appearance[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Average is the best word used to describe Kenneth. An average build, an average height, an average, oval face, and a plain, black hairstyle. He rarely ever wears something else than a white shirt, black tie and gray suit pants.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Personality[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Kenneth Carey’s personality is an enigma. He appears cheerful, though rarely enthusiastic. He takes on serious themes with unphazed mood, and may even take some issues in a joking manner. If something really catches his attention, his personality becomes greatly enthusiastic.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Bio/History[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Kenneth was born in Duskvale, like many other people there. Growing up he had a phobia of books, leaving his education greatly prohibited. Instead, when on a school tour to the local radio station, his interest what captured by it. His lawyer father helped assigning him to a small job at it. There he worked with small jobs like delivering small messages, cleaning, or other minor assistance. As he grew, so did his knowledge of the radio program, and he one day took over the job as radio host. As of being a time requiring job, he spends little time at his home, rather are most of his daytime hours in Duskvale Radio’s offices, in 36 Valleyroad.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Family Members[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Charlie Carey (NPC Father), Carola Carey (NPC Mother)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Household[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] None.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Other [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Has a complicated relationship with bread.[/BCOLOR]
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  6. Kona Omari and Johnathan Arkhall

    Character Name:
    Johnathan Arkhall

    Character Age: 27

    Character DOB: Febuary 19

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Orientation (if above the age of 13)

    Character Address: 44 Valleyroad (Old Town)

    Character Species: Human

    Character Occupation: Police Detective

    Character Appearance: Johnathan is rather athletic, and pretty much is constantly dressed out in his police uniform. Not much to be said about him in this department.

    Character Personality: Johnathan is nice, friendly, and almost always willing to help out. His job as a police officer just demonstrates this fact.

    Character Bio/History: Johnathan has had a pretty average life, well, pretty average at least. His life was pretty much limited to his home town until highschool, when he left his hometown to go live with his grandparents for a bit. Once he was finished with highschool, he went to college at the age of eighteen, working hard to get a degree in criminal justice. While in college, he had a short stint with a girl, but of course it didn't last, and he moved away shortly afterwards to return to his home town. There he got a job at the local police department, and worked his way up to the rank of detective, where he currently is today. Recently, the relationship he had back in college came back to haunt him. A little girl at the age of seven was dropped off at his home, along with her belongings. The girl he had dated apparently had neglected to tell him she was pregnant, and had raised the girl herself for the past six years, until she contracted a horrible illness that lead to her death in less then two months, and left the child without a home. Naturally she had ended up at his doorstep, as he was the father. Now Johnathan is beginning to learn what it means to be a father.

    Character Family Members: Kona Omari

    Character Household Kona Omari


    Character Name: Kona Omari

    Character Age: 7

    Character DOB: January 8th

    Character Gender: Female

    Character Address: 44 Valleyroad (Old Town)

    Character Species: Human

    Character Occupation: None

    Character Appearance: Short, small, and frail, Brown hair, brown eyes, and overall small and quiet.

    Character Personality: Kona is shy, has a notoriously short attention span, and prefers to be alone rather then to cling to others. She doesn't really have too many friends, and doesn't really care to make them.

    Character Bio/History: Kona hasn't exactly had the best, or by far the worst childhood ever. Kona's mother made enough money to support the pair of them, and never really said much about her father, other then that he was a good man. Kona's mother moved into a small apartment after she got out of college, and got a great job, working short hours for plenty of money. Every spare hour she had she spent doting on her daughter, and when her daughter was asleep, reading. After Kona's mother died, Kona was devastated, the whole ordeal having a large effect on her psyche, and turning what was a hyper active, outgoing little girl into a shy, and otherwise quiet person. She now lives with her father, but doesn't really say much, if anything, at all.

    Character Family Members: Johnathan Arkhall

    Character Household: Johnathan Arkhall

  7. Veronica Kingsley

    Character Age: 28 years old
    Character DOB: December 27th
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Orientation: Straight
    Character Address: 55 Newcastle Avenue (old part of town)
    Character Species: Human
    Character Occupation: Teacher (elementary school)

    Character Appearance: Veronica is of average height, slender and curvy. She has tanned white skin. Her hair is dark, straight, and thick, coming down just below her shoulders. She has large, almond-shaped hazel eyes and thick lips. She typically wears jeans with a simple button-up blouse and ballet flats to work, and she likes to keep her hair down.
    Character Personality: Veronica is great with children. She's nurturing, kind, and understanding, which leads most of her students to trust her deeply. Even older students, and teenagers she's never taught before, find her comforting and safe to talk to. She's extremely motherly, and always happy to lend a helping hand. Although she's interested in one day having a family of her own, she has a bad habit of being socially uncomfortable when it comes to dating and romance. The moment she sees a man as a potential love interest, or she realizes that he sees her in that light, she becomes awkward and bumbly, never quite sure what to say and tripping over her words.

    Character Bio/History: Veronica was born and raised in Duskvale. When she was only seventeen years old, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and less than two years later, she passed away. From that day, Veronica never saw her father sober again - he was devastated, constantly using and abusing alcohol to numb and forget the pain. On the fifth anniversary of Veronica's mother's death, when Veronica was twenty-four years old, while she was away at university, her father wrapped his car around a telephone pole with a framed wedding photo sitting on the passenger's seat. Veronica was an only child, so she has no living relatives. She has been an elementary school teacher in Duskvale for the last three years.
    Character Family Members: Deceased father, deceased mother
    Character Household: None
    Other: None

  8. Morning, around 7am at the Kingsley house

    For an hour or so now, Veronica had been awake. The early morning sunlight was peering in between the blinds on her kitchen window as she packed a few random pieces of food from her fridge into a brown paper bag - a sandwich she'd just finished preparing, a shiny red apple, a yoghurt cup with a plastic spoon... She was already dressed, clad in a pair of faded blue jeans and a simple blue button-up top. Her hair fell in loose, neat waves over her shoulders and she already had a pair of simple black flats with little bows on them on her feet. Her purse was hanging up by the door, and her coffee maker was almost finished brewing her a mug of liquid energy. It beeped as she finished packing her lunch, and she twisted the lid onto the top of the mug in one swift motion.

    The mug in one hand and her lunch in the other, she headed towards the door of her beautiful old home. She'd been lucky to get this place - it was only because of Eileen Paul's fantastic skills that she'd been able to secure it, using the money she'd inherited from her father in addition to the income from selling her childhood home. Stuffing the brown paper bag into her oversized green purse, Veronica opened the door and headed out making her way down the steps to her driveway. Her car wasn't quite as beautiful as her home, but she didn't need anything special for getting to and from work. The school was only a few blocks from her house, and sometimes, when the weather was nice, she walked. There was a certain gloom in the skies this morning, though, that had Veronica deciding it best to hop in the car.
  9. Morning, around 7 a.m., at the Arkhall home

    Johnathan woke up at the sound of the alarm, fumbling for the clock, then hitting the off button before swinging his legs up and out of bed, then lazily getting dressed. A year ago he wouldn't have cared, and would have gone right back to sleep, he didn't start his shift until around 9 a.m. so he had time, well he would have, if it wasn't for the small seven year old girl he was now taking care of. He had to get the girl to school soon, so he didn't have time to sleep in. After he finished getting dressed, he shuffled down the hall of his small house to the little girl's room, only to find her awake and dressed, and quietly staring out the window.

    "When did you get up Kona?"

    The girl's attention shifted briefly to the man she now knew as her father. His bedraggled hair and the sharp way he had dressed clashed, and gave him an almost comedic appearance. The man had clearly taken time to get dressed properly, but hadn't spared enough time to comb his hair.

    "A little bit ago."

    It was all the girl responded. It was the only way she ever responded to a question like that, very vaguely. Johnathan had a very vague idea of how much the girl slept, but not as much as he would have liked, and the rough outline he already had only lead him to suspect the seven year old wasn't getting the eight hours she really needed.

    "Well.... time for school, best get out to the car. You want to get some breakfast on the way or you just want to eat at school?"

    The meals Johnathan could cook certainly weren't something he could prepare in the mornings, and he never really had time to cook them in the evenings either. All too often the girl ended up eating the food Johnathan prepared in advance, and more often then not it ended up being something from a can, or he just took Kona out to get something to eat when he got home. It was a precarious way to feed the girl, but at the current moment it was the best he could do, at least until he switched his hours so that he only got late evening ones. Better to be gone when Kona was asleep then gone when she was awake.

    Kona stood and moved past Johnathan with a simple reply, one that brought a frown to Johnathan's face.

    "Not hungry."

    Kona grabbed her backpack from the floor next to the door and then opened it, heading for Johnathan's car and getting in the back, with Johnathan following close behind, after grabbing the little girl's lunch. It was one of the few things he actually had time to prepare for Kona after he got off work, and even though it was simply an apple, a sandwich, chips and water, it was the best he could do for now. After getting in, he handed it back to her, then started up the car.
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  10. [BCOLOR=transparent]Morning, around 7 AM in the Duskvale Radio offices[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Even though how early in the morning it was, and plenty of people had just gotten up, Kenneth had been so for rather long, preparing today’s show script and finishing things with the technicians. He straightened his back, managed his black tie, and pulled his office chair closer to the desk in his studio. In front of him hung a microphone, a standard good quality one. A microphone which, once he had gotten his clearance signal from the sound technicians, would broadcast his words and messages to every operative radio in all of Duskvale.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Kenneth’s show wasn’t the only show on the city’s radio, of course, his only covered the mornings. There were numerous other shows going throughout the day to pass the time of their similarly quite numerous amount of listeners in all over the town. He turned around, his flat, black hairstyle lying perfectly still. Behind the large panel of soundproof glass sat two people; a man and a woman, of which the man was holding up a thumb. As quiet as he might, he exhaled, then turned back around to draw himself closer to the microphone.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“The sun is up, the moon is down. We are up, they are down. Greetings… from Duskvale.” Having mentioned the name of the show, which he started every one with, he leaned back and sighed as the technicians played their intro tune. It was oddly calm and sinister for a radio show intro, one might think. Kenneth didn’t mind. He had a show, and he was going to run it like he pleased.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Good morning to you all. Let’s start the day with a news announcements, shall we?” He pulled up a couple small paper notes. “The Duskvale city Sheriff has announced in a press conference last night, that the old part of town is to become more frequently victim to police raids, in an effort to prove wrong rumors of hauntings. The sheriff commented on this, explaining “he had a bad day last night, and just wishes to do something about something.” More information on times of raids are to be published in the police’s offices by Thursday.”[/BCOLOR]
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  11. ((OOC: Update! A list of local businesses has been added to the first post. If you have any suggestions for businesses that should be added, PM me. People to fill these businesses are appreciated!))

    Morning, around 7am at the Paul household

    Eileen had been lying awake for at least an hour now, staring at the ceiling and listening to her husband's half-snores beside her. She'd been trying to go back to sleep, but she was finally beginning to see that sleep wasn't coming for her any time soon. As carefully as she could, so as not to wake Jeff, she pushed aside the covers and rose to her feet. She stepped into a pair of fuzzy yellow slippers and began to walk to the bedroom door. A smile came to her face and she placed one hand gently on the curve of her large, round belly. She paused only briefly to grab a soft turquoise robe that hung from a hook on the back of the door. She left the bedroom, carefully pulling the robe on over her shoulders as she went.

    She headed down the stairs into the main part of the house, which was brightly illuminated by the early morning sunlight. She opened the front door and bent down carefully to grab the morning newspaper from where it lay on the porch. The mailbox, which hung by the door, appeared to have something in it, so she opened it and gathered up its contents. She let the door fall shut behind her as she walked into the kitchen, setting the stack of mail down on the table to sort through while she drank her coffee. From the cabinet she grabbed a mug - it was new, a gift from her mother, and it had the words "New Mom" on it in bubbly purple writing, with the phrase "needs more coffee!" written underneath it in simple black writing. Even though Eileen wasn't quite a mom yet, she deeply appreciated the gift and used it every morning.

    Morning, around 7am at the Tucker household

    Michelle stepped out of the shower and grabbed a white towel from the rack, wrapping it carefully around herself and pausing to glance in the foggy mirror. She opened the door, peeking out to make sure nobody else was in the hallway before darting out of the bathroom to her bedroom. Her mother, she knew, had probably already left for work, and she suspected that her dad was sleeping in. Her brother had headed downstairs already, she'd heard him, and was probably having breakfast - and Michelle? Michelle was an early riser, always had been, and she was happiest in the morning. She'd slept in today because she didn't have to work until the afternoon, but when she worked morning shifts, she was always up as early as 4 or 5 in the morning so she could fit in a short workout, some yoga, and some downtime.

    She'd just finished her workout and shower, and as she closed her bedroom door behind her, it was time to get dressed for the day. Obviously she would have to come back home and change before work that afternoon, but until then, she had to wear something else. She pulled a pair of jeans from her drawer and tossed them on the bed before beginning to rifle through drawers for something to wear with them. She settled for a black tank top and an orange zip-up hoodie, getting dressed quickly and pausing in front of her full-body mirror to admire herself with a grin. The only question was what to do that day? There wasn't much to do in town, which was just another reason Michelle wanted to desperately to get out.
  12. [BCOLOR=transparent]Around 7 AM in the Duskvale Radio studios[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]With one elbow in the table he was sitting by, Kenneth felt better than he had in long. Sure, holding a radio show by yourself sure is tiring, but even so it felt surprisingly energizing at times. “The newer part of Duskvale will be largely unaffected by this, as there have been close to no reports of ghosts, but be safe, citizens! Always expect a raid, because who can know for sure? This has been a news report.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Raidings in the old part of town. Why the Sheriff would announce that, he was not to tell. But then again, it wasn’t his job either, rather was saying the Sheriff did. “The sun once again arrives on the horizon, now stronger and more ferocious than ever! And you all know what that means. It is summer. The warm season once again comes upon us, spreading its heat to all, whether you like it or not. So prepare, everyone. Get the sunscreen while it’s hot, make sure all flammable material has at least partial shade, and beware large quantities of vegetation.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“And now, the sports.” At his signal, the flick of a wrist, the technician crew started playing a popular song, but edited with information about the current local sports news encrypted in the lyrics. Hah, “Party ‘til sunrise”? Clearly that song tells of the victory of the Dust Badger football club yesterday.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The sports sequence signaled the ending of his show. Kenneth found himself content with today’s episode. While not his longest, it told what was to be known. At least in his eyes. Using his short break the length of a song he took a short stroll around the studio. Being sitting around for too long would easily make him sore, which probably wasn’t the best trait for a person in his job. He when doing these stroll constantly kept an eye on the two behind the glass pane, as when the song was coming to an end they would signal for him to get to finishing the show. Ah, signals. What was a job where he wasn’t allowed to speak to his only co-workers without them?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He sat back down in his chair, adjusting the microphone to stand just right in front of his mouth. “Listeners! Being together I would like to exclamate to you today. Being together is important in all aspects of life. Together we will prove hauntings lies. Together we will endure summer. Together we will rise from where we’re taken. Good morning, Duskvale, good morning.” Ding, said the ‘On air’-sign over the door to the studio as the light inside went out. Giving a smile and a nod to his faithful technicians, he stepped up and made his way outside.[/BCOLOR]
  13. [​IMG]
    Lucas Jason Pearce

    Character Name: Lucas Jason Pearce
    Character Age: 24
    Character DOB: August 7th
    Character Gender: Male
    Character Orientation: Straight
    Character Address: 66 Willowtrail Road (old town)
    Character Species: Human
    Character Occupation: Coffee shop owner
    Character Appearance: Lucas is tall and muscular, with lightly tanned skin and strong facial features. He has messy blond hair and blue eyes, and he always has a little bit of stubble on his face. He tends to dress simply, wearing jeans with either a fitted t-shirt or a simple button-up, and he always wears an old pair of brown hiking shoes.
    Character Personality: Lucas is the strong and silent type. He's not much of a talker, and instead just focuses on his work. Despite his lack of speech, he has excellent communication skills, to the point where he can sometimes tell what a person needs without them even telling him, a skill that serves him well when he's working. When he does talk, his words are always kind and respectful, but he tends to try to avoid relationships and closeness with others due to his fear of commitment. His natural respectfulness, however, bars him from engaging in meaningless affairs, and he misses out constantly on the kind of intimacy that he does want.
    Character Bio/History: Lucas wasn't born in Duskvale, but his mother was. She moved out of the town the day she turned eighteen, became pregnant with him a few months later, and wound up a single mother on her own. She struggled to get by, refusing to let her wealthy parents help her out and insisting upon doing it all by herself. She and Lucas visited his grandparents in Duskvale on occasion, and they adored Lucas deeply, wanting desperately to help out but unable to do so with his mother barring them from supporting her financially.
    When Lucas was twelve, his grandfather died, and then his grandmother died a year later, to the day. All of their wealth and assets were left in holding for Lucas to gain when he turned eighteen, with legal restrictions set in place so his mother couldn't do anything to keep the money from him. Sure enough, when he turned eighteen, the lawyers showed up to grant him all the information he needed to access his newfound wealth. He discovered that their assets included their beautiful home in Duskvale - the home in which his mother grew up, the home that he'd visited them in - and he decided that rather than sell the home, he wanted to move in. The house was fully paid off already and was transferred into his name by the will his grandparents left behind, leaving him with only the essentials in terms of bills and a hefty inheritance to support him.
    Not wanting to be completely idle, of course, Lucas decided to use some of that money to buy a local business. The owner had recently passed on, and nobody but him seemed interested in taking it over, so Lucas bought the little coffee shop. In the years since, he has made some changes and done some renovations, and now it's one of the most popular places in town.
    Character Family Members: Deceased grandfather; deceased grandmother; mother; unknown father
    Character Household: None? maybe ghostly grandparents?
    Other: Decided that this town was severely lacking a cute little coffee shop/café!


  14. Johnathan Arkhall and Kona Omari {} Still Around 7 a.m. vague time

    Johnathan drove in silence, Kona being equally silent in the back seat. The trips had been this way ever since around a four months ago, when Johnathan stopped trying to get talk to Kona on the car rides. She just simply never responded, just looked out the window and said nothing. Johnathan could literally say anything and the girl wouldn't respond. It was in many ways very odd. He needed to get her in to see a psychologist, but he hadn't had the time yet, which was another reason why he was trying so hard to get his hours changed. If he got them changed he could finally get the little girl to see a psychologist, and maybe spend some quality time with her, be the parent she needed. A seven year old doesn't just lose her mother and not suffer for it, it just wasn't how the human psyche worked.

    Johnathan stopped in front of the school, and watched as Kona silently opened the car door and padded down the concrete walkway to the front entrance of the school, then disappeared inside after passing through the school's entrance. Johnathan sighed and put his car into gear. Maybe he would go ahead and go into work early, he kept his gear there anyways, so he didn't need to go back to the house for anything, plus with the bloody raids the chief was executing, it wouldn't hurt to get in early, maybe get some range time. With that after though he drove away from the school and towards the station.

    Kona passed through the doors and walked in towards the cafeteria of the school, ignoring the rumbling in her stomach. She found it oddly comforting, the rumbling and the feeling that came with the hunger, and she didn't feel like giving it up just yet, as odd as it was.

    She figured she might sleep, maybe she'd get sent to the nurse for it, but at least it would be dreamless, sleep at school was always dreamless. Better to sleep here then at home, where the nightmares plagued her.... She briefly cast a thought to Johnathan, maybe she could talk to him about it, but then she trashed the thought, he probably didn't want her around in the first place anyways, so far he hadn't spent any time with her, hadn't even made an effort to spend time her.
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  15. [BCOLOR=transparent]Around a quarter past 7 in Duskvale Radio Offices and Streets[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Just because Kenneth’s show was over, didn’t mean his workday was. There was the show for tomorrow to write and rehearse, there were things he had said yes to helping others at the radio station with, and there were soundchecks to be done, albeit in the mornings, before he went on air. Stepping out of the studios with a cheery posture, he faced to see what truly was what the Duskvale Radio Offices meant: Offices. Crossing a long, U-turning hallway, he turned his head to greet the people in all the offices along it. Giving them everything from a simple “Morning” all the way to a “Really like your shirt today, is it new?”. The carpeted floor gently contracted under his shoes with every step he walked, as he after a considerable amount of time came to his place to sort of relax, but still also work. His office.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gently placing himself in his leather coated chair, he gave a look to a framed photo of him and his parents on the desk in front of him. It was from their trip to the radio station from when he had just gotten the position as radio show host. They were planning to take him to the library, in another foolish effort to try to get him over his irrational fear. He sighed. They were good parents, they just tried a bit too hard at times. He turned to scan over the rest of his desk. His organizer, his computer monitor and keyboard, countless papers failing to fit a place in said organizer. Although, one thing, one beloved and common thing on his table, was missing. Coffee.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After having put the task on himself to get coffee for both himself and the person with an office right next to his, he walked out of the office building entirely in the search of a coffee shop. Strolling across Valleyroad of the old part of town, his gaze was caught staring off at the houses. They were old, sure, but he considered them to be in very good shape for their age. With the exception of his own. He had surprisingly little time to care for his home, despite being there for some hours every day. And like every day, he probably wasn’t going to get something done about its facade today either.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Crossing a street, he arrived in Willowtrail road, his eyes fixed on a sign that reminded him too much of a coffee shop to possibly be something else. His mind wandered onto coffee. The dark, warm, sharpening drink that he loved so much. He looked forward to getting a cup or two. Well, he was getting one for a friend too, so he was going for two cups either way. Approaching the shop, he opened the door, giving the sign a last glance before venturing inside.[/BCOLOR]
  16. Morning, around quarter past seven at the elementary school.

    Veronica pulled her car into the school parking lot and shut it off, grabbing her lunchbag and coffee cup as she slipped out. There were a few other cars already parked, and she locked hers quickly behind her and began in the direction of the doors. It took her only a minute or so to reach her classroom, and she tucked her lunchbag into the little fridge she kept behind her desk. The fridge contained a number of snacks she stashed for the kids - apples, juice boxes, a block of cheese that she paired with a box of crackers that she kept on top of the fridge - in case they were hungry. A lot of kids, she noticed, didn't tend to have proper lunches, which was a shame. Parents needed better education on how to feed their children, but the parents she'd encountered all too often dismissed their childrens' hunger complaints as babbling, insisting they knew better and that the children ought to have three square meals a day. It was silly, really.

    She headed over to her big white desk and pulled open a drawer, gathering together some papers from one of the the organized files that sat inside. She always planned her work a week at a time over the course of the weekend, so her entire plan for today was in the file and she only had to spend the morning photocopying enough sheets for each kid in the class to have all that they needed. Her papers in hand, she left the classroom and headed over to the prep room down the hall so she could use the photocopier.

    At the coffee shop on Newcastle Ave.

    It had been a busy morning already. Lucas was always up before the crack of dawn, knowing that the town was full of people who were rushing and needed their morning coffees before work, and the fact that he made his own pastries was just another reason to be up early. He wasn't very good at the pastry-making, usually just mixing up some premade muffin mix and throwing some rolled cookie dough in the oven, but nobody seemed to mind. Being the only decent coffee shop in town helped a great deal.

    Lucas poured some freshly brewed coffee from one of the pots into a paper cup, fitting on a lid and handing it to the customer who waited at the counter before turning his attention to the next customer in line. It was always the same old thing every day, but Lucas didn't mind. He actually enjoyed his job at the coffee shop, something he never thought he'd say.
  17. [BCOLOR=transparent]Morning, around quarter past seven, in the coffee shop in Newcastle Ave.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The coffee shop was nice enough. Kenneth wasn’t particularly picky about the shop, what took his attention was the coffee. While he wasn’t a real connoisseur for the drink, he did appreciate quality, and this shop looked like the place to get it. He had longed for a cute little coffee shop like this one, especially after the last one was sold and rebuilt to a bowling hall just days ago. Placing himself in the line, his view mostly blocked by the person in front of him, Kenneth prepared his order. Though no preparation could make him ready for the sight that welcomed him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Kenneth couldn’t help but standing as if paralyzed, his eyes fixed on the man behind the counter. He could not speak, move or explain in any way what coffee he wanted. The man sure was decently handsome, but that was not all. Something in his stature, expression, his very movement, had Kenneth standing still. Frozen in a pose somewhere between ‘flinching in horror’ and ‘leaning forward in fascination’, he attempted getting out a few words. Anything. You look wonderful. Is this your shop? Two latte macchiatos, please. But his mouth was and stayed closed.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I- Uhm…” Finally some words. While not much more than meaningless muttering, it was a sound, and that’s a step in the right direction. His mouth now sort of half open, he caught his breath, while attempting to say some more. “I- You- Has coffee?” Something in the back of his head kept telling him to get to know the man further, though he would have to speak properly first. He attempted calming down, which included regaining his average pose. Back straightened and throat cleared, he attempted talking again, now with far better results. “S-sorry, sir. M-may I order two…” He hesitated for a moment, forgetting what he was going to order. “Latte! Latte macchiato. Thank you.”[/BCOLOR]
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  18. Around 7:15 A.M., near the coffee shop on newcastle Avenue

    Johnathan sighed as he tried to think of ways to get Kona to open up to him on his drive. His mind was fuzzy with the morning haze, so he decided it might be best to stop in by a coffee shop to pick up some of the black liquid, preferably scalding hot and brewed cowboy style.

    As Johnathan turned onto Newcastle Avenue he spotted just the place, so he pulled over at the curb and into a parking spot nearby and got out of his car, stopping to lock it behind him, then walked inside the coffee shop.

    Around 7:15 A.M., in the school

    Kona walked down the hallway towards the cafeteria, passing by several teachers and a single janitor going on about their day getting things done so that they could start class smoothly, or in the Janitor's case, make sure nothing got too dirty throughout the day.

    Kona sighed and hummed quietly to herself as she walked down the hallway, suddenly interested in how curious her shoes looked when she walked. The flowery patterns seemed to move as she walked towards the cafeteria, and she found it kind of funny to watch.

    Stepping inside the door to the cafeteria, Kona found her way to a table no one usually sat at, then sat down there, not bothering to go get breakfast of any kind, simply because as she told her father, she wasn't hungry. No use in getting something that was just going to waste.

    Kona reached into her school bag after taking it off and grabbed a small pocket coloring book and a set of crayons. Of all the the things Kona enjoyed doing the most, it was definitely coloring that took the first place prize.
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