Tower of Human teeth

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  1. [video=youtube_share;SNp13PEOghA][/video]

    I wish I had a tower of human teeth.

  2. Tower of Teeth sounds like some sort of Fantasy Dungeon...
  3. Interesting. ^.^
  4. Wow...I wish the tooth fairy was here..I'd take that and put it under my pillow, woot, shiny quarters.
  5. [video=youtube;i2rpYYUEExU][/video]

    This is what Octo really wants to do with all those teeth.
  6. Wow...the Scarface of all toothfairies
  7. Wow I'm both amazed and disgusted by that xD
  8. Dental health is something very important to me. Honestly though, I someday want to get all my teeth pulled out and get metal replacements. Unbreakable metal teeth, how cool would that be?

    Then, equipped with metal teeth, I would make this face all day.

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  9. You can save up and get an entire metal jaw, become an industrial band singer and stop bullets with your teeth for fun.
  10. Or you could be Baron Underbheit.
  11. I am now disturbed for the morning. :D
  12. Why is morning any different than say, evening?
  13. Annnnnd the sad and disturbing thing is, someone out in the world somewhere probably finds this thread sexually exciting =D

    With that said, I shall now run away =D