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    Long ago before the world appears, when there was nothing but Heaven and Hell, God and Goddesses were the only being that existed due to their superiority. Over times God and Goddesses began to felt bored with the unending peaceful times, so they stirred it up a bit by having an agreement that every Gods and Goddesses would participate on creating a new world where they will be appointed into different places and sector. The World was start with only 2 lower being that can freely interact with God and Goddesses, they were called Nomads back then. The Nomads have been given privilege to be a lot more intellectual and have unlimited potential of evolution since it Nomads were based on God and Goddesses Image.

    Through Generation finally the Nomads can do things a lot more than before, they learn letters, words, speak, and cook but majority of Nomads had forgotten the existence of God. Those were the mark of a new tragedy; a God or Goddess that was forgotten by the Nomads will be crumble into dust. It was at first a divine law so that every God works diligently within their sector but later then it was just another flawed law that God can’t change because it already had been marked permanent.

    Since then the Gods emerge to the world so that they could understand the nomads and hope that they wouldn’t be forgotten. In the process some God and Goddesses had fallen for nomads and bear the child of a new breed we call them “Nokami”. The Nokami have superior ability such as their God parent but they themselves are indeed a Nomad which means that they have a fragile body and grow old unlike their God and Goddess parent who have immortal body and doesn’t grow old at all.

    With that being said Nomads that past away would be still on Earth though they can’t be seen by normal Nomads since they’ve become the “Soul Bystander,” Souls that can’t do anything but to accept that their death. Soul Bystander can be seperated into two categories, one being the Normal Bystander or the second one which being Hostile Bystander. The Hostile Bystander can be said as the vengeful spirit since it was a Soul that died by forced (this does not include suicide). Hostile could attack Nomads or possessed them according to the Nomad’s suppress level.

    Nomad’s Suppress Level are the Depress/stress that the Nomad have, the more negative aura the Nomad gives, the easier the Hostile Soul attack them. Once the Nomad got possessed the only way to get rid of a demon is to purify it or kill the Nomad. (all in all they are Towagami)Only a Human with God blessing, Nokami, or a Kami would be able to purify the possessed ones, they can also brought Hostile soul as a family member and they become a Seishin-ki, a soul who have gained a master and create a connection. Each of them who purify souls have their own Family and their own unique name, it was made to mark, which Seishin-ki belongs to which of the Towagami.

    Seishin-ki have 4 types, Weapon type, Anima type, Accessories type, and Armor Type, The Seishin-ki could only be equipped to their master. Glory Equip are Seishin-ki who possessed an unyielding loyalty to their master, the other name of Glory equip are Shin Seishin-ki. Seishin-ki could be banished or let free if the Master said so, by writing their Hiragana or Katakana that was marked within their body, they could be a “stray soul” if they were banished and be a “free soul” if they were freed.

    Earth, home of nomads, the only place where nomads treat as place of refuge suddenly came in contact with the alternate world making lost soul appear and seek for vengeance without any explanation on how they appear. The 7 Gods of Divinity ask for Towagami to seek out any evidence related towards the appearance of the lost soul, which could bring the balance of the world off. They were given task not to find evidence only but to purify or vanquish all desperate souls but is it really that simple?

    Tokyo Present Day,
    The rumors of Nomads disappearance are getting higher despite being the head quarter of Divinity of Light, Amaterasu, in which suppose to contain a lot of Towagami. With that being said Amaterasu specifically called a variety talent of Towagami to save Japan. Will they succeed to purify the desperate soul ? or will they find new discovery?

    Home of Nomads as well as Soul despite being entity with Alternate Earth, Earth itself is the material world, which means that which present in Earth, (such as building, and the interior) are present in Alternate Earth.

    Alternate Earth
    Another Realm of Earth, which only Soul can live despite Soul being able to warp to the other realm by certain restriction.

    Home of Gods and Goddesses, it’s also the place where The 7 divinity have conference about the fate of the world.

    Home of the 7 ordeals, there haven’t been enough information to reveal whether there’s person living in it or not.

    Character Race:

    Human with no supernatural abilities.

    Human with supernatural abilities of “owl eyes” , which mean they can see and interact with souls around them.

    God’s Blessing:
    They were blessed by a God or Goddess and gained a portion of their power, which later can be growth into a new hybrid of supernatural element.

    Demi God:
    They were the hybrid of Human and Goddess/God. They have a great amount of power but their bodies are fragile like Nomads.

    They are the sign of divine and a lot of them were praised by the nomads depend on what their sector are. They're powerful and have a high durability body but they can easily disappear if no nomads that remember them nor praise them.

    A medium with high spiritual spirit which mean they have the power to purify/vanquish soul though it’s not great enough as God’s blessing.


    Normal Bystander
    Or we could say normal Soul, a soul that can’t move on due to certain circumstance or a soul that pass away. They usually don’t harm nomads but they sometimes they could disturb them out of fun or give a sign to Nomads.

    Hostile Bystander
    Or “desperate soul” in terms of Ayakashi, it’s a dangerous Soul with killing intend planted on them. It was said due to enormous will of revenge that they went on rampage and couldn’t distinguish reality with imagination. It was said that some dangerous soul with sense are a lot more dangerous than the one without sense (which mean there are souls that are aware of what they are and continue to be desperate soul)

    Desperate soul can possessed nomad and making them theirs, though under certain restriction which is, they need to have a large amount of negative energy before allowing to be possessed. After the possession, the possessed nomads go and have revenge with given skills by the desperate soul. Lastly, after the nomad get their revenge; their soul will be eaten by the desperate soul and a complete body takeover.

    How To bond/break a connection with soul to form Shiki

    Well first of all you can bond with purified desperate soul or normal soul, in order to do that Towagami must give name to them and they must agreed upon their soul, After the both of them agreed then Shiki can be form. Towagami automatically gets their Shiki’s memory as well as keep their real name, as soul would forget their memory as human when they’re dead. If a Shiki found out their true name then, their existence are in verge of extinct, which mean Shiki are hardly forbid to learn their name or else they would disappear.

    To break connection, the Towagami would write their katakana and said, “…. , with this your master, ……. ,would break the connection with you and hereby I will announced that you’re free” after saying that speech, the bond would break.

    Family Back Name

    Family Back Name are one of essential things of Towagami, without back name they can't bond with souls. The sole purpose is that family back name show proof of the shiki's master, each Towagami has it's own back name such as example/ A Towagami is in "ko" family which mean everytime he give a soul a name, their name must end with ko. In depth example, if a soul were given name by that towagami Yuki then, the soul long name would be "Yukiko."

    1. First of all Character limit are around 5 that include NPC, Towagami, Shiki, Support Character.

    2.Romance are allowed but as usual if things get to intense find a room for yourself.

    3.Please no Metagaming or OP chara

    4.I despise one liner like hell, I mean it's okay to one line at times but if you ruined the progress by keep using one line then sorry to said that I hate that kind of RP-ers (and beside it's really hard to one line in here since you'll have tons of chara to move ^o^)

    5.Okay now I don't use pass because I believe you in you guys, which mean there's a pass muahaha! the pass is Towagami <--so put it somewhere on your cs

    6.I don't expect much, 3 days a week isn't that much right?

    7.Also I know you guys would said, okay so here is it, can we be other Shiki and the answer is YES you can with approval of the master~

    Also there are times where I will make an npc character which I'll be moving it personally or I give it to certain rp-ers priviledge to edit them or move them.~

    8. I know it's annoying but we need to INTERACT outside the rp, trust me it'll live up the mood.

    9. DON'T fight outside the RP though I love see people debating

    10. HAVE FUN!!!!!


    • Name:
      Limit Shiki: [If your chara God then it's 10, demi god range from 4-5, Ayakashi 1, God's blessing 1-10 that's the range, you can twitch it all you want]
      Family Back Name (if towagami):
      Real history [copy from wiki if using real Japanese God]:

    • Name:[leave it blank if no one claims or not yet have master]
      Real name: [Hidden] (okay you can use black font color so and please anyone don't peek on it)
      Shiki Type:
      Master Name:[leave it blank if no one claims or not yet have master]
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  2. Kato Matsumoto


    Race: God's Blessing - Raijin 雷神

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'6"

    weight: 124

    Element: Thunder

    Limit Shiki: 3

    Family Back Name: "Rin" Family

    Kato was known for his old fashioned speech, he tentatively used Gozaru or dono in each of his sentence but with that being said he's really perverted. Kato likes to make friends and even he love talking with souls, treating them just like human beings.

    Kato born in an average family and lived an average life until the day that he saw his parent's spirit coming out of the coffin. A lot of people pity him and many of the bullies called him, desperate child as they thought that Kato was desperately making contact with his parent.

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  3. ❉Toketsu Nagamine❉, #5899C9

    God's Blessing - Mizuchi 蛟


    5'10'' (177 cm)

    117 lbs (53 kg)


    Limit Shiki:

    Family Back Name:
    "Chi" Familiy

    Toketsu is a cold individual who prefers to not get involved in anything, and the more time he has to spend alone the better. He knows that with great powers comes great responsibilities, and therefore he acts thereafter. He's careful with the use of his magic, but he's more than capable of controlling them. Toketsu is really hard to get friendly and he never feels for doing anything unless it has something to do with him, and most of the time he speaks in a cold and rather insulting manner. Of course, if you know him well enough, then you know he does not mean half of the insults he says. It's protecting himself, since the closer people get the bigger chance it is for him to harm them, something he does not wish for.

    Toketsu rarely speaks about his past to anyone, and most of the time he avoids the question or ignores it. His most usual answer is "the past is gone" and with that he ends the conversation. What is known is that he lives on his own, and has Mizuchi as his main God.

    Real history:
    Mizuhi is just as mysterious. No one really know anything about him, but they do know he is the water dragon of all the seas, and has the ability to make everything made out of water bend to his will. Mizchu was also known to be neutral, but once threatened he was one of the most ruthless dragons, since he held a heart made out of ice.

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  4. Somewhat interested. Really enjoyed watching Noragami. Will take a better look when I'm not so sleepy.
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  5. thanks ^^
  6. [BCOLOR=#993300]Tetsu-Sho[/BCOLOR]
    Name: Tetsu-Sho |aka ''Reaper'' |

    Race: God's blessing - Kurai 暗い

    Age: 18

    height: 5'8

    weight: 122

    Element: Dark/shadows

    Limit Shiki: 2

    Family Back Name: Sho

    Personality: Secretly mentally unstable, however he acts rather calm and intelligent

    History: WIP

    Real history: WIP
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  7. Yata Hisamashi

    Age: 19

    Height: 6'4"

    Race: Demi God

    Weight: 147 lb

    Limit Skiki: 2

    Family Back Name: Oki

    Personality: Is your typical energetic loud mouth guy. Is very loyal and determined, friendly and can be rude and aggressive at times.

    Real History:WIP

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  8. I'm interested in making a Shiki! I think I'll be able to get one done somewhere tomorrow though (or today if I have an inspiration explosion).
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  9. Wee yay for that! :D Take your time ^^!
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  10. Claim Me, #DEECEC

    What shall you call me?

    ~*Real name*~
    [BCOLOR=#333333]Haruka Kiroshi[/BCOLOR]

    ~*Shiki Type*~
    Weapon Type
    I will cut through all your foes



    110 lbs.

    Aurora Resurgence
    Energy flows all around us

    I will forever remain by your side until the day you no longer need me, Master

    This particular soul is a charismatic and composed individual who is always determined to accomplish his goals. He values points such as heroism and companionship, and those who value others over themselves. He is a fast thinker and is able to make tough, strategic decisions in matter of seconds. He has an over abundance of patience, understanding, and kindness to all those he meets. A hard and proficient worker for any task that he is conducting. Incredibly over protective of his master (or companions) to the point where he would sacrifice himself for their safety. Though he is well received by those he interacts with, he often prefers just the quiet company of a friend or a calming meditation.

    Another thing he holds in high regard is trust. He is an extremely forgiving person but betrayal is something that he will not stand for. His perceptive skills are outstanding as well to the point where he can predict an attack before it is even made or nearly imperceptible coming change in the weather.
    He is most considered to be the dependable type as he would always be willing and glad to share your burden or responsibilities.

    There are the rare exceptions of when he may disobey his master, though never out right, if he is absolutely sure that it will keep them out of harms way.

    I was born during the early age of the Edo period as the leader of a peaceful village on the outskirts of a great kingdom. We were on the brink of war with their people as they wanted to conquer our free lands. I had arranged a meeting with their priestess and proposed that we allow the kingdoms people to merge with ours if we remain free from their rein. She had agreed to the peaceful union and I began my travels home to bring the good news. But before I reached the village I was attacked by one of the governing officers and sustained an arrow shot. I had managed to escape but not without heavy wounds. My survival however was for naught as they had burned the village to the ground and held the people captive before I had returned. Weak and badly injured I was killed by the officer before who had attempted to assassinate me. I will avenge my people. I'll cut down anyone who stands in my way.

    He now resides in an old historical temple and attempts to hurt, injure, or possess anyone who crosses his path.

    Claim Me, #AFC7C7

    ...pleased to meet you...

    ~*Real name*~
    [BCOLOR=#333333]Charlotte Evergreen[/BCOLOR]

    Shiki Type:
    Accessories Type
    A pendant of sterling silver...its somehow familiar...



    94 lbs.

    Light & Time Heal
    Let me heal your wounds

    I...I wouldn't terribly mind being in your company...

    A quiet and observant soul with distinctly refined mannerisms. Her speech and overall appearance might seem timid but if she feels as if she or master had been disrespected in anyway there will be hell to pay. Though having an outwardly mature and polite persona there are rare times where she may show her childish side. It may seem at times that nothing is able to faze her silent, stoic demeanor but that is only a facade painfully built throughout the years. She may not appear to be affected but every hurtful word or demeaning look pains her more then she lets on. Especially if they come from someone she considers important.

    There are times where she may seem distant but her loyalty is something not to be questioned. No matter what path and choices, terrible or not, she will remain by your side.

    I had been a nobleman's daughter. I was traveling with my father to the eastern continents for new possible trade routes. Mother had been so worried but she still gave me her consent. Father and I found so many new things. I was especially fond of a smooth stone called Jade. Our journey was cut short however when a band of rogue natives took us hostage. They had killed Father first. My only regret is that I hadn't the chance to write to my mother. I had promised her too. She must have waited so long for a letter that wouldn't come...

    She aimlessly wanders through an old mountain path, stuck between a crossroads boundaries.

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  11. After forever and painstakingly learning how to use BB codes I'm finished. I still have no idea how I did in the long run -_-
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  12. sorry guys my charger busted up and so.... I'll be making the intro soon and edit my cs XS (you guys better fill the WIP as well (for those who put WIP on their cs)
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  13. I will be joining ^^
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  14. Yukarin, plum Real name:[BCOLOR=#000000] Chrystaline Dulcine \[/BCOLOR]
    "S-sorry..... only my master is.... is able to.... know this...."
    Shiki Type: Anima Type (Eagle)
    "H-have... you ever.... ever felt the wind.... on your face....?"

    Age: 17
    height: 5'2"
    weight: 110 lbs

    Element: Air
    "I guess flying around naturally helps with it...."

    Master Name: Kato Matsumoto
    "My master is very kind to me...."

    "M-my master gave me my n-name"

    A shy clumsy girl Yukarin can be found tripping her own two feet and stumbling and mumbling her words. Having no ability to hide her emotions Yukarin has a tendency to blubber things out without thinking at times though most of the times she prefers to stay quite and listening to what is happening. Yukarin loves to look at her surroundings with unique interest and acts like a child most of the time and has a very childlike attitude. With complete and utter innocence to match with it. But despite her clumsiness and stuttering Yukarin is a very smart girl and has a sharp eye at noticing things that others might not notice and is able to hear underlying messages under things more than others.

    Waking up and finding it hard to breath wasn't irregular for young Yukarin. Beside her a young child coughed loudly and groaned. Opening her eyes slightly, Yukarin looked around her for her younger brother and found him laying on the floor coughing up blood. Her eyes widened and then only heard the creak of a footstep before she was no longer part of the living. Her main regret being not being able to know what happened to her.

    Hiromichi, purple
    Real name: [BCOLOR=#000000]Evangeline Kalypso[/BCOLOR]
    "Tsk tsk~ I can't share that with you I am afraid~"
    Shiki Type: Anima Type (Panther)
    "Do you like cats? I certainly do~"

    Age: 18
    height: 5'7"
    weight: 120 lbs

    Element: Darkness
    "Would you like to take a moonlit strol just the two of us~?"

    Master Name: Toketsu Nagamine
    "You haven't met anyone like my master trust me on this~"

    "Do you like my name? Or is there something else you like?"

    A very outgoing person Hiromichi doesn't like to shy away from anything. Always chatting away, well flirting away, Hiromichi has even been given the nickname ouiji by those who know him. When chatting away, she has a way of getting information out of those around him. Despite her chatty exterior Hiromichi never attaches himself to anyone, have a trust issue from certain parts of her past Hiromichi is very careful who he actually opens up to. Never getting close to anyone but always with people, Hiromichi has her problems but he doesn't mind. Her type of anima doesn't hang around others that much anyway.

    Hiromichi remember not much, actually nothing in fact of her history. All he can remember is the smell, a rotten smell. In the darkness there was nothing and her hands had been tied behind her back. A foul gag over her mouth Hiromichi could taste the sweat. All she remembers apart from that is raspy breathing behind him and then a strange sensation came over her.

    Sakura Tsubasa, Peach Race: Ayakashi
    Age: 16
    height: 5'2"
    weight: 100 lbs
    Element: Solar Manipulation (Power over the sun)

    Limit Shiki: 4
    Family Back Name (if towagami): "Ro" Family

    Sakura is very outgoing and loves to mingle with others. Also she has a tendency to talk to quickly for others and likes to ask a lot of questions. Despite this she will sit down and listen to people's concerns and is very attentive to others emotions and feelings. Unfortunately the fact that she is very attentive only works on others and can be completely oblivious to what is being directed at her. Having a bottomless stomach, a sweet tooth and a fast metabolism it is hard to find her without any sweets or cakes near by. Furthermore she is completely loyal to her friends and is very choosy when it comes to finding true friends. She also will not stand for disloyalty and lies and she walks the talk by not lying or being disloyal to anyone who has gained her trust. The way she tells someone that she trusts them and believes in them is when she gives them some of her lollies to eat which no one else is allowed to touch.

    Also she loves to sing and can always be humming a tune as she walks about. Furthermore when talking to others, Sakura does not look at which blood line they are from but rather their personality and their traits. Everyone has their bad sides and Sakura tends to sometimes say more than she should and can get in trouble for it at times. Despite this she has good intentions and believes that people should be straight forward with each other.

    Her mother passed away just before her 6th birthday whilst traveling on a plane to come see her baby girl. Her father distraught from his wife's passing blamed the whole thing on Sakura and shunned her locking her away in the household. The staff and family members all told her she had nothing to do with it and they would help her in anyway they could. Believing in those words she sealed comfort one night but overheard a conversation between her mother's brother and her mother's old personal maid. All she heard in the whole conversation was "Sakura killed her mother". Torn from the comment Sakura began to be more rebellious and became even more out spoken than she already was.

    Several years past and the incident with Sakura's mothers passing became something that no one spoke about. Her father never spoke to her and completely ignored her existence. Not letting that bother her Sakura went out to town and bought her cat Koji, she confined to her cat about everything. Soon Koji's presence became irreplaceable to Sakura and Koji became Sakura's best friend. The two of them did everything together and Sakura was content with the way things were keeping up her cheerful expression.

    One day her father brought home a young boy claiming that he was his youngest son. Even though Sakura didn't find any interest in the boy at first. One day she heard him singing by himself drawn to his voice Sakura quickly became friends with the young boy. After hearing his name was Jiro and that he was her step-brother Sakura felt bad for the boy who had been dragged into this insane house-hold. The three of them (Sakura, Koji and Jiro) became the three musketeers doing everything they could together.

    Several years passed and Jiro had been sent off to a boarding school and Sakura rarely saw him. Deciding that it was time for her to leave this prison she packed her things and slipped out of the mansion in the middle of the night leaving behind her cold family and set out to find other things.
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  15. Take Me, #F0E68C
    Take Me, #F0E68C
    "I cannot complain. I almost like the name, and to think it came from a human who has no brain in his head. It is quite impressive to see the dumbest creatures do something good is it not?"

    Real name:
    [BCOLOR=#ffff99]Natsuki Shinobu[/BCOLOR]

    Shiki Type:
    "This world cannot survive without me. Humans falter if they lose me. Once I'm gone... they are gone too."

    "Age? It is just a number, a number that increases each time the clock ticks. Every second you get older, and there's nothing... you can do about it. You are a prisoner of time, a prisoner of me,"

    160 cm

    42 KG

    Time and space continuum
    "I am not a prisoner of time. Instead I let myself be guided by it, and therefore I guide it too. You're fragile, too fragile to understand. With time, you may"

    Master Name:
    Kato Matsumoto
    "How in the world did I get stuck with such an idiot? May time save me from this man..."

    "Quietly I go through the time and watches as all around me comes to an end, their clocks no longer ticking. I observe, and prefer to not let myself be involved with anything. My heart is too a clock, a mere machine. It shall tick as long as I take a breath, and I will not let myself be guided or enslaved by another. I am willing to work with the humans, but I am not under them. I suppose I am stubborn, but I know what I want. My will is strong, and my powers stronger. I too speak in a formal manner and my mannerism is on top, but what I find the most annoying is noisy things. Even a clock needs to be quiet, otherwise I'll malfunction the clock and watch it slowly tick down its last seconds"

    "That is not for you to know. I was a prisoner of time, and time caught up with me. I now live on top of the clock tower, listening to its beautiful ticking every single day. I am free from time now... It obeys my will. I overcame time. Can you? If you think so I would advise you to hurry up.


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    are you guys still in it~?
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  17. I'm in it to win it ;D
  18. lol it's like "you've got a minute to win it!" and also I hereby naming you Puririn! PFTT!!! okay this is no joke
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  19. Puririn? xD And good time pun ;D
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