Towagami no Shiki (Originally based upon ''Noragami'')

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  1. Towagami No Shiki

    Long ago before the world appears, when there was nothing but Heaven and Hell, God and Goddesses were the only being that existed due to their superiority. Over times God and Goddesses began to felt bored with the unending peaceful times, so they stirred it up a bit by having an agreement that every Gods and Goddesses would participate on creating a new world where they will be appointed into different places and sector. The World was start with only 2 lower being that can freely interact with God and Goddesses, they were called Nomads back then. The Nomads have been given privilege to be a lot more intellectual and have unlimited potential of evolution since it Nomads were based on God and Goddesses Image.

    Through Generation finally the Nomads can do things a lot more than before, they learn letters, words, speak, and cook but majority of Nomads had forgotten the existence of God. Those were the mark of a new tragedy; a God or Goddess that was forgotten by the Nomads will be crumble into dust. It was at first a divine law so that every God works diligently within their sector but later then it was just another flawed law that God can’t change because it already had been marked permanent.

    Since then the Gods emerge to the world so that they could understand the nomads and hope that they wouldn’t be forgotten. In the process some God and Goddesses had fallen for nomads and bear the child of a new breed we call them “Nokami”. The Nokami have superior ability such as their God parent but they themselves are indeed a Nomad which means that they have a fragile body and grow old unlike their God and Goddess parent who have immortal body and doesn’t grow old at all.

    With that being said Nomads that past away would be still on Earth though they can’t be seen by normal Nomads since they’ve become the “Soul Bystander,” Souls that can’t do anything but to accept that their death. Soul Bystander can be seperated into two categories, one being the Normal Bystander or the second one which being Hostile Bystander. The Hostile Bystander can be said as the vengeful spirit since it was a Soul that died by forced (this does not include suicide). Hostile could attack Nomads or possessed them according to the Nomad’s suppress level.

    Nomad’s Suppress Level are the Depress/stress that the Nomad have, the more negative aura the Nomad gives, the easier the Hostile Soul attack them. Once the Nomad got possessed the only way to get rid of a demon is to purify it or kill the Nomad. (all in all they are Towagami)Only a Human with God blessing, Nokami, or a Kami would be able to purify the possessed ones, they can also brought Hostile soul as a family member and they become a Seishin-ki, a soul who have gained a master and create a connection. Each of them who purify souls have their own Family and their own unique name, it was made to mark, which Seishin-ki belongs to which of the Towagami.

    Seishin-ki have 4 types, Weapon type, Anima type, Accessories type, and Armor Type, The Seishin-ki could only be equipped to their master. Glory Equip are Seishin-ki who possessed an unyielding loyalty to their master, the other name of Glory equip are Shin Seishin-ki. Seishin-ki could be banished or let free if the Master said so, by writing their Hiragana or Katakana that was marked within their body, they could be a “stray soul” if they were banished and be a “free soul” if they were freed.

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