Tourette's Syndrome

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When a Turtle Loses it's Shell is it..

  1. A) Homeless

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  2. B) Naked

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  1. I was diagnosed today, and I'm really sressed out about it.

    Anyone willing to chat over PM.
    I need some comforting. )8

    And yes the poll is random, but it's something that puzzles me.
  2. Have you been comforted yet?
    'cause I have a big box o' hugs stashed under my bed in case of emergencies.
    Just so you know.
  3. Aw. :( Unfortunately I have little to no experience with this condition, so I doubt I could be much help.
    However -- just remember that you have a big community here that loves you, and I'm sure a lot of family and friends, as well. The first while after diagnosis is always hard, because you have to come to terms with it. Look at this way though, now you know what your condition is, and now you can get onto a road of recovery, self love, and recognition. Even if it's nothing something even treatable, you still can learn to accept and love yourself. :) That is the most important thing of all!