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    Why hello there~ My name is.... Well let's call me.... Narrator yes? Ah that sounds splendid~ *clears throat* I welcome you to Toulouse Academy for Gifted Young Adults. Our story shall continue on after a several year time lapse with the original Toulouse Academy students and their adventures.

    Some of the staff and even maybe one of the students might be connected to these amazing people... But that is not what you came here to listen to did you~? Haha no not at all~ You came to find out about the school now and the students that are there now well let me tell you something my friend~

    You shall find this story very interesting~ The way that your mind is pulled from one side to another and the relationships you will see transform shall be amazing~

    But but I am getting ahead of myself here~ We must return back to our story~

    *clears throat*

    The story begins in the year 2015, 27 of January when the school commences.

    The students have been gathered into the assembly hall, all of them waiting for the Principal to come out and make her appearance into the school hall. Many of them eager to be here some not as eager. But all of them are here nonetheless, all of them brought together for one reason. They are the most special and the most gifted young adults. They are to learn about their powers and find out what they are mean't do with their powers.

    But let us go and see what the students are up to~ All of them are sitting down already in the hall, they will notice that there aren't that many children around them, maybe 50? Not that many for a school as huge as it is at the moment.

    *gestures downwards to look at the hall and the occupants*

    Come come my audience~ I the narrator shall give you an entertaining tale that will excite you~

    But my dears I have to say that this is a lie~ We are not going to be talking about the dear little students here~ We shall be discussing the Rumoured knights of Toulouse this is who we shall be looking at my dears~ Come come let us have a look~

    The students are starting to gather into their clubs and it seems as though the Toulouse Knights are planning something~​