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    Why hello there~ My name is.... Well let's call me.... Narrator yes? Ah that sounds splendid~ *clears throat* I welcome you to Toulouse Academy for Gifted Young Adults. Our story shall continue on after a several year time lapse with the original Toulouse Academy students and their adventures.

    Some of the staff and even maybe one of the students might be connected to these amazing people... But that is not what you came here to listen to did you~? Haha no not at all~ You came to find out about the school now and the students that are there now well let me tell you something my friend~

    You shall find this story very interesting~ The way that your mind is pulled from one side to another and the relationships you will see transform shall be amazing~

    But but I am getting ahead of myself here~ We must return back to our story~

    *clears throat*

    The story begins in the year 2015, 27 of January when the school commences.

    The students have been gathered into the assembly hall, all of them waiting for the Principal to come out and make her appearance into the school hall. Many of them eager to be here some not as eager. But all of them are here nonetheless, all of them brought together for one reason. They are the most special and the most gifted young adults. They are to learn about their powers and find out what they are mean't do with their powers.

    But let us go and see what the students are up to~ All of them are sitting down already in the hall, they will notice that there aren't that many children around them, maybe 50? Not that many for a school as huge as it is at the moment.

    *gestures downwards to look at the hall and the occupants*

    Come come my audience~ I the narrator shall give you an entertaining tale that will excite you~​
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  2. Name: Akame Ketsumoko
    Power: Haemokinesis: The ability to manipulate blood
    Interaction/s: Satomi Ketsumoko, Eric Felix Rhett, Julian Smith and Sanduni Lakshashimaya (@EternalMusic)
    Location: Gym/ Assembly Hall

    Sighing softly Akame looked up at the ceiling staring at the fan that moved around and around. What am I doing here again....? Ah.... Yeah.... That's right...... Satomi dragged me.......... She dragged Eric as well..... Looking to her left beside her sat her twin sister and behind the two of them was Eric and Felix, Eric directly behind her.
    "Hey what do you think we will be doing~?"
    "We will be learning about our powers Jule......."
    "Oh! Yeah that's right~ That's why we are here isn't it~?"
    Rolling her eyes at the way that Julian was being so oblivious to everything she knew that he was faking it. Beside her she looked at her twin who was mending one of her dolls.

    "Satomi thinks that Eric and Julian should be more "normal". But of course Satomi couldn't be considered "normal" ..... none of the students here can be said to be normal what does Satomi's dear sister think?"
    Looking at her twin Akame ran her fingers through her own pink hair and tilted her head to the side, many people would be able to argue what Satomi was saying but to be honest who was normal?
    "Who defines what is normal Satomi?"
    "......................... Satomi does not know the answer to that............"
    "Exactly, so nobody is normal."

    She watched as her twin nodded her head in agreement and then noticed that Eric was looking at her intently, it was easy to see him out of the corner of her eyes because he was sitting directly behind her instead of sitting where Julian was.
    "..................... Akame......................."
    "........ Yes Eric?"
    "................................... you are really smart."
    Rolling her eyes she had no time for his petty amusement jokes and she sat back properly in her seat.

    "Pffft what was that Eric!? Come on you need to make your joke dictionary bigger!"
    "That was a joke? Satomi did not even catch that it was a joke that Eric had thrown to Satomi's sister Akame Chan......."
    The boy was blushing a little now and he ran his fingers through his perfectly combed hair and then turned his gaze at Julian.
    "You got something better?"
    Looking at the three she felt safe, Akame felt a hand take hold hers and she looked at her twin a goofy smile placed on her face like always and Akame returned it with a smile in her eyes.

    "Neh.... Oneechan?" (Hey.... Big Sis....)
    "Hai Satomi Chan?" (Yes Satomi?)
    It was rare for Satomi to start talking to her in japanese especially with Eric and Felix with them, when she spoke japanese it was the only time she spoke in first person.
    "Nevermind Satomi does not need to know just yet the information she seeks, she will ask Akame Chan later."
    Her eyebrows knitted into a frown and she looked at her twin a little worried about what she was wanting to ask and how she didn't ask her in the end. ...If it was really important she wouldn't wait.... Sighing she looked back at the stage wondering when the principal would come out.

    "Hey Satomi~"
    "What is that Julian wants to ask Satomi?"
    "What is this new dolls name~?"
    Akame took a peak at the doll in Satomi's hand again and noticed that it looked like a dragon and it had amazing detail to the scales and it looked exceptional good.
    "..... Satomi has not been able to decide a name yet..."
    "You still have that policy where you need to name the doll?"

    Noting Julian's questions Akame remembered how one time their mother had named one of Satomi's dolls and Satomi ended up taking away the dolls life because "The bond is not the same between Satomi and Satomi's doll if Satomi does not name Satomi's doll." Looking at her twin she didn't need to hear her say anything to know her answer.
    "Of course Satomi will always name the doll. The bond is not the same between Satomi and Satomi's doll if Satomi does not name Satomi's doll."
    I knew she was going to say that.... Looking back at Julian he nodded understanding what Satomi mean't and he dropped the topic but went back to teasing Eric and his failed attempt to make a joke.

    "... drop it Julian....."
    "Sorry sorry Eric but seriously!!! How does anyone even do that!?!?!? You were trying so hard!!!"
    "Satomi must say that she is disappointed in Eric as well."
    "Not you as well Satomi!"
    "..... It was pretty pathetic Eric...."
    "............... ah shut up."

    A smile appeared in her eyes, it was the five of them. They will always be together, nothing will be able to separate them. No one. And Nothing. She won't allow anyone or anything to do it.

    "I am sorry everyone.... I am so sorry...."

    The four of them laughed and chuckled Julian pulled down the girl who had come over to sit beside him. About time she came already.... She is late....
    "Don't worry about it Sanduni~ Come on sit down. You missed Eric's pathetic joke."
    "Aw come on shut up about it man!"
    "Sorry sorry~ But I can't help it~ It was too damn funny."
    Akame looked at the girl who had arrived a small smile appeared in her eyes again. The confusion in the girls eyes were way too normal in the Sri Lankan girls eyes and she looked straight into Akame's black eyes.

    "W-w-what is going on Akame?"
    "Don't worry Sanduni."
    Satomi then reached over and patted Sanduni's shoulder with a goofy grin, the shy girl relaxed but then turned to Julian tapping him lightly on the shoulder.
    "Julian you shouldn't be mean to Eric though."
    "Okay okay okay~"
    It is hard to argue with Sanduni isn't....? Sighing she turned her attention back to the stage wondering when assembly was going to start.​

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  3. Name: Doi Machi Shimei
    Power: Atmokinesis: The ability to manipulate weather
    Interactions: Kestrel Rae Vivian, Makoto Rei Kyo, Aleksander Lars Klaus, Yasui Nitta Umi
    Location: Gym/Assembly Hall

    "Neh, Sasha-kun, where do you think the others are?" Maji questioned her 'bodyguard' that sat beside her in the Assemble Hall. It had been a nice summer for the group of five friends. Their days were spent going on trips and even visiting Japan with the help of Aleksander's family. Now, a new school year had started, and the five teen were to live in their dorms until the year was over once again.

    "I am not so sure.. Knowing them, either Kyo is hiding as someone else, Kestrel is in the shadows, and Umi got lost playing his video games again.." Sasha commented playfully, earning a light smack on the arm from Maji. He was the only 'giant' Maji got along with, aside from her brothers. Only a few minutes passed before Kestrel suddenly popped up in front of the duo, wearing the females uniform at the moment. "Eh!?" Maji squeaked and jumped before pouting up at the taller teen.

    Kestrel merely offered a soft smile before plopping herself besides Maji. There were other seats open that Klaus kept open with his naturally stocky build. "Ke-cchi! Don't scare me like that!" Maji huffed and calmed down quickly after hearing a boom of thunder outside from her surprise. "Sorry, Maji. Hey, Sasha.." "Good morning Kestrel. Are you ready for this year?" Klaus only laughed when Kestrel shook her head and leaned back in her chair, a bag of chips in hand.

    Klaus smiled and sneaked a few chips, much to Kestrel's annoyance. Kestrel was a Darkness Manipulator with the ability to attack using any shadow available to her. The towering Russian himself could manipulate the Earth, mostly the element itself, not the planet. That would be fun, though. "Orenmanida (Long time no see)..." came from behind the group, and Kyo stood there with a small smile. The taller male had changed his eyes to a dark shade of grey with his abilities, and took his rightful seat next to Kestrel, who merely pat him on the back. "Dobroye utro (Good morning)/guten Morgen (Good morning), Kyo," Klaus and Kestrel replied at the same time with smiles on their faces.

    Hallucikinesis was Kyo's ability. Manipulation peoples minds to create illusions that could send them in to another world. "Ohayou, Kyo-cchi~!" Maji smiled at him, and earned a slight bow in return while Kyo started sipping on a Pocari Sweat in his hand. "I'm surprised that you showed up before me, Kes..." "Heh, I was actually using Maji and Sasha's shadows to move around, since I was feeling a bit lazy.." "Ah, so that's how you did not get lost," Klaus commented, his husky voice echoing around them.

    "Yuu-chan's here! Yuu-chan!" "I wear a dress one time and the nickname sticks!?" Umi called out while he went up the steps to sit down besides Klaus. A small bet in the summer had led to Umi now being called Yuu-chan by Maji. He sighed playfully and leaned on Klaus dramatically, earning a series of chuckles from the group. They were an odd bunch, yes, but the closest friends anyone could hope for. All five of them carried book bags, and the males wore the same uniform while Maji and kestrel wore the same females uniform. Luckily they could switch it up every now and then.

    In his hands, Umi carried both an energy drink and his favorite handheld video game. Pokemon were fighting on his screen, and Umi quickly set to finish his game while the group waited for the assembly to start. Kestrel had forgotten her contacts, and her unique eyes were shown, much to her discomfort. "They are gorgeous, Kestrel, don't fret so much," Klaus commented with a smile, while the others nodded their heads in agreement.

    Kes yawned and leaned back, snacking on her chips as he others took some occasionally. She always brought large bags of snacks to eat, though where she hid them was unknown. Probably in her shadows. "How are our horoscopes today, Sasha..?" Kyo asked softly, his voice somehow reaching all of them in the noisy Gym. "Everything seems to be good for the day," was his reply while he stared at his phone to confirm the statement. "Ah, Kes-cchi, it seems like your love luck is high today~!" Umi commented while looking at Klaus's screen.

    "Who the hell would want to date me?" Kestrel grumbled while chewing on her chips, apologizing when Klaus gave her that look he always gave someone when they cursed in front of him. Maji fiddled with a pair of buttons that she had in her in her bag, and made sure to listen for any weather changes. It may have been a bit scary for others when they heard thunder despite the cloud-free weather, and she intended to keep it that way without altering it.
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  4. Akyra Bridget MacAleese
    Comakinesis - the ability to manipulate hair
    Gym/Assembly Hall

    Akyra wandered into the gym with a yawn. She'd actually just woken up from a short nap and she wasn't really sure what was going on, but she knew this was where she was supposed to be, or at least she assumed as much from the other people being here. Humming to herself, Akyra took a moment to change her hair color, sweeping a hand through her hair and changing it from its natural brown to a light purple color. She was definitely feeling the purple today. Hesitating, Akyra watched the others gather into groups and wondered who to talk to. She wasn't really sure what to say to anyone--she didn't know too many of the people who were here right now, or at least didn't know them that well, mostly because she hadn't gotten to know many people. But that was going to change this year, she decided, and approached the nearest group of people, which consisted of Sage, Umi, Kestrel, and a few other people. "Hi," she said to them, waving her hand slightly. "Um, I'm Akyra, in case you didn't know. Nice to meet you guys. Wow, your eyes are really pretty!" She couldn't help making this comment towards Kestrel.

    sorry the post is shorter, but I only have the one character.))
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  5. Name: Aviana Rayne Herrin
    Power: Flyrokinesis: The manipulation of forcefields
    Interaction/s: Aiden Dean Reigns
    Location: Gym/ Assembly Hall

    "Do we have to be here?????" Aviana groaned as she tilted her head back and frowned, making sure to hold onto her brother's neck a bit tighter to keep from falling off his back. "I'm sorry but yes, we do have to be here. Now stop complaining," Aiden said as he rolled his eyes and situated his sister on his back. Okay, they were really biologically related, but they acted like it enough that they might as well be.

    "At least you don't have to walk while I'm here carrying around the weight of two people instead of one because you're too lazy and I'm too nice," he added just as he walked in, finally having to set Aviana down after the piggyback ride he had given her the entire way to the gym.
    Looking around, Aviana couldn't help but pout at the sight.
    "There's too many damn people here. Make them go away so I don't have to deal with them. With this many people here, it pretty much guarantees I'll have to talk to some of them~"

    Trailing off all of a sudden, Aviana shuddered at the thought of interacting with anyone aside from Aiden, hating even the mere thought.
    "Oh God don't leave me..." She practically begged as she looped her right arm in with his left one and ran her free hand through her green-streaked hair.

    Aiden laughed lightly before looking at the girl, instantly being able to tell she was completely serious.
    "You'll be fine, Avi. Just relax," he reassured her as they walked through the gym, finding a couple of empty seats and sitting down. Aviana, out of habit, curled her converse-clad feet up underneath her and rested her head against Aiden's shoulder. She glanced around briefly before closing her eyes and deciding to try and take a quick nap until they started.
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  6. .:Shintarou Momotarou:.
    .:Interaction:Every girl he met:.
    .:Gym / Assembly Hall:.​

    Shintarou hurriedly went to the gym, he was late and dressed like a beat up person. He went to the gym with his worn out hammer, trying to blend in with the ones who come earlier than him. He slowly went to a group who were just introducing themselves to the group, come out with a thick juice of confident, "Yo guys what's up, my name is Shintaou Momotarou but you can me Shin!" Shintarou's introduction aren't done as he saw a lot of girls, he brings out pile of necklace and gave them each, "here you go, necklace for each of you and as for the guys... sorry that's all I bring today."
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  7. Name: Crasius Daji Azikiwe
    Power: Pyrokinesis: manipulate and generate fire
    Interactions: No one at the moment
    Location: Gym/ Assembly hall
    Crasius had finally made it to the gym after wandering around the school for a bit since he was still rather interested in this unique campus. He was dressed in the proper school uniform but had a few of the buttons undone and had his shirt a untucked to provide him with a comfortable appearance at least to him anyway. He watched as many of the students gathered and began to spark conversations with wither people they knew or wanted to introduce themselves, but he prefered to stay on his own for the time being or at least until someone walked up to him. His thoughts were mainly focused upon his tribe back home as he looked at the tooth he wore his neck from so long ago, "I swear to return as soon as possible Maitũ (Mother) after mastering this strange power," he spoke to himself gripping the tooth even tighter after making his pledge. Daji then just waited for the opening ceremony to begin and hoped that mastering this power wouldn't take too long, but even he knew how dangerous it was to try and tame fire
  8. -|Arabell|- and -:David:-
    Location- Gym/Assembly Hall
    Interactions: None
    Arabell and her darling little cousin David walked into the room side by side, both looking incredibly scary. However, David himself was more nervous than anything. What if homosexuality wasn't accepted? What if a guy turned him down? What if someone told everyone he was a homosexual? The man couldn't help but chew on his lip as he walked into the room, staring around with intent. There where a lot of different nationalities here, but not one Czech person that he had seen so far. As David chewed on his lip, his cousin couldn't help but smile at his adorable nature. Rubbing his head, Arabell smiled at him. "Fear not cousin. I am sure everyone here is nice." She said, giggling at his childish nature, which was typical of her cousin. Arabell was the only one of the family that actually knew he was a homosexual, and a total softie. That is why David and her trusted each other so much. She ruffled his tamed chocolate brown hair as if to show her playfulness as she addressed him.

    Growling as his cousin messed up his hair, he quickly fixed his hair with his hand, and swatted her arm off his shoulder. "Stop it! You know I hate it when you mess with my hair." He grumbled, slicking up a cowlick that had come on the side of his spiked up flamboyant hair. Chuckling, Arabell pulled her arm off his and raised her hands in defense. "Don't shoot the messenger." She chided, smiling as she took a seat near a group of people who looked like most of them where siblings, and pulling her brother into the chair next to her. "Come on, let's just wait for opening ceremony to begin." She said, as her cousin reluctantly sat down.

    Location- Gym/Assembly Hall
    Interactions- Satomi Ketsumoko, Eric Felix Rhett, Julian Smith and Sanduni Lakshashimaya { @EternalMusic }
    Amber smiled as she walked into the room, running a hand though her hair as she walked into the room. She walked in with all the swag she had, which was a lot, but she still kept her carefree attitude. She had on a sleeveless light blue shirt, and a black snap back with grey pants and high top convers. She had in three piercings as usual, and she looked like a regular Amber always did. Smiling, the girl walked confidently toward a chair near a group of kids, and from listening she knew they where siblings. Smiling, she sat down in a chair near the group and smiled at them. "Good morning total strangers, how are you?" She said, giving her own genuine smile.
  9. Jerrod Traylor
    Location: gym/assembly hall

    Jerrod was already seated as the other students started to file in. He was sitting in the back and already hating this entire thing. Being as antisocial as he was, he was surprised he even decided to come, but he didn't know what would be talked about so he didn't want to miss it. He was trying to think of what would be covered, but he got distracted by the fact that he realized that none of the teachers were even there yet.

    wait, you're telling me that the staff expected us to all file in here, without having anyone in here to keep us in check? what if someone decided to start something?

    Jerrod thought to himself as he looked around and realized that nobody was sitting near him. good. didn't want to sit by anyone anyway. who needs people to make friends with.
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  10. Jung Jin Young & Lee Yeong Nim
    Location: Korea, but on their way to the gym/assembly hall

    Jinyoung made sure to pack everything he was sure that he was going to need as he was going over to start his new life at the school to learn and master his powers, and he luckily didn't need to get a bunch of thick clothing. Having the power of ice had its perk, and never getting frostbite or even feeling the feeling of being cold at all was a really big perk. His parents were hoping he would come back with a better and more understanding of his powers, but he wasn't as sure as they were. Hopefully he'd be just as good as they thought he'd be once he was done, but... someone had to be confident, because he certainly couldn't. "Bye umma! Bye appa!" He said as he waved them off after packing his bag and began walking down the street with his suitcase for the very last time for a while. He was going to miss them, but he was told he could send them letters as many times as he wanted. Maybe that was why they sent him an entire bag filled with stamps. Now he just needed to find Yeongnim

    Who knew how long he had been packing his bags for? It wasn't easy to find out what he would need and not need, the only thing he knew he would need was himself and a couple of t-shirt to change, but there was no hurry in it at all. Well, of course it was no hurry for him, but for Jinyoung there was a hurry. It was always such a hassle with him! "Yeongnim! Hurry up please!" His mother called from downstairs as he knew that Jinyoung would be right around the corner. They were neighbors and they had always been. Honestly it had taken him such a long time to actually convince his parents to let him go to the school in the first place. How in the world was the shy and defenseless Jinyoung survive in a school without him? He'd get picked on or just stay for himself the entire time and then he'd be lonely. Jinyoung wouldn't be the only one being lonely, he would be lonely too. They had always been together, so why not right now? Yeongnim held supernatural powers as well, and a school to master them wasn't wrong right? Sure it was a bit wrong since he already knew and had completely wrecked their living room, on purpose, just to pretend he didn't have as much control as he claimed. He put on the 'it's just a show' thing for his parents and it worked. That or they let him go since he was getting there one way or the other anyway, and they probably knew that all too well too. There were plenty of perks living together, but some where just a little bit too much. "Okay! I'm ready now!" Yeongnim said as he dried some sweat off his forehead and closed his closet with the single flick of a hand and let the air carry the bags for him. Why carry around on heavy bags when he could make the air do it for him? The air didn't complain and that was always a plus. "Bye umma! Bye appa! Saranhae!" Yeongnim cheered as he hugged them both quickly and then ran out to the streets to not make the overly worried worrywart, Jinyoung, worry himself to death.

    The blond walked down the streets and managed to find the auburn haired one waiting down the street, impatiently looking over at his watch while stomping his foot. He was always stressing! How didn't Jinyoung die from a heart attack or just worrying too much? "There you are! Pabo! You're almost an hour late!" It didn't take long for him to start scolding him now did it? Wasn't it going a bit too far calling him an idiot after he was dropping out of his normal school to go with him? What a meanie! "What? I had to take my time bringing things with me. What should I do without my stuff when we're so far away?" Yeongnim pouted as Jinyoung stretched out to reach for his wrist and began tugging on it. "Never mind that! We need to go! We're going to miss the plane and then we're going to be late!" Jinyoung insisted as Yeongnim just smirked and grabbed his waist before pulling him close, making the air take his suitcase away from him. "We can't be late now can we?" He asked before chuckling and taking a step up to step on the air until they were moderately high up with Jinyoung safely in his arms. "Don't. You. Da-" "And off we go~!" Yeongnim cheered as the air carried them at a high speed towards the academy. It was just as Jinyoung had said. They didn't want to be late now did they?

    In the end they managed to the building and Yeongnim swiftly landed on the ground and purposely let Jinyoung hang in the air above him. "We're here! With plenty of time to spare!" He laughed as Jinyoung was throwing a fit above him. "LET ME DOWN! I'M SERIOUSLY GOING TO-" there his sentence stopped as Yeongnim heeded his order and let him down, quite literally as he caught him in his arms and laughed. It was too fun teasing and bullying Jinyoung like this. He had always done it, and they were still friends. "I SERIOUSLY HATE YOU!" The blushing Jinyoung said as he jumped out of Yeongnim's arms and then grabbed his suitcase, turning around to head on inside the assembly hall. He was not going to spend a second longer with that pabo! At the very least they didn't need to pay for a plane ticket, but that was still going way too far! He could at the very least have mentioned it to him first or just given him a fair warning, but he didn't think that far now did he? He never thought at all! "Oh come on!" Yeongnim pouted as he grabbed his own bags with the air and took a hold of Jinyoung's once more, before wrapping his arms around the other's neck and whining into it.

    "I didn't mean to make you angry~! I just didn't want us to be late... It's important for you after all!" He defended himself with as the other just sighed and then muttered something like: "I forgive you, but do it again and I'll freeze you on the spot," as the two of them entered side by side in the assembly hall. There was a lot of people there! Who knew there were going to be that many other gifted people in the world? There were none of their neighborhood, but they didn't live anywhere close to the city so maybe there were more of them downtown. Or they were keeping it a secret. How boring! If they had something to brag about they should! Everyone had to love every single part of themselves, so why were they not going to do the same? Sure... the powers could be dangerous, but if they were under control they were just another part of them. Yeongnim knew that by heart, he had already mastered his own powers. They were fun to play with, but even that had its limit as he knew what the consequences were. Dangerous, and deadly. But what fun would a game be if there was no risk huh? The two of them found a couple of seats relatively close to the rest, but Yeongnim knew Jinyoung's shyness and would rather have people come to them than the other way around.
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  11. ~.:Lakyta DeCosta:.~
    Location: Assembly Hall
    Power: Ferrorkinesis - Abiity to Manipulate Metal, currently attached to Platinum
    Interactions: Crasius Daji Azikiwe

    Lakyta had arrived in the assembly room with most of the first early comers, she was eager and excited to start up here at the Academy and it just all made sense to her now. Her reasons for liking piercings; which she had a plethora of; and why she had always been so interested in metals of all kinds, maybe she was a little strange but well she was prideful of her odd nature. Swiftly Lakyta tosses her purple dread locks back and with a small laugh sticks her tongue out at some of the other students in the room, showing off the piercing in her tongue that has a heart shaped bead on the top in the color of a cerulean blue, all her piercings matched this style, bright blue with an industrial through her ear along with her other seven ear piercings and the lip piercing was a silver-white color, a platinum piercing, it was because of her powers that she even had such a rare thing in the first place, she could help find or locate the metal after all. This was her rarest set of piercings actually, she had lots of other types of piercings and usually wore them based on the element she was bound to, so all of her metal piercings were that same silver-white color. She wore the uniform but...well barely honestly, it was unbuttoned; at least the top; and showed off her lotus flower tattoos clearly, leaning back a bit she smiled brilliantly at anyone who glanced her way, though she had spotted someone interesting off to the side and giggled at the dark skinned man waving with her slightly tanned hand, "Hey! I'm Lakyta DeCosta, this is pretty amazing isn't it? I never thought so many people had such odd skills like I do. Mind if I ask your name fella?" She spoke casually and grinned at him twirling one of those purple dread locks around her finger while she kept her chocolate eyes focused on the person she was attempting to talk to; this was her outgoing nature coming out and she seemed to speak very informally.

    ~.:Hazuki Ai Kotome:.~
    Location: Assembly Hall
    Power: Bibliokinesis - control over books
    Interactions: No one; or you know her books

    Hazuki came into the assembly room in her girl's uniform perfectly done together, making her look like a preppy student almost and sat off in a corner by herself, the odd thing to notice was the fact her books floated around her and were open and she seemed to be reading them all at once, though occasionally the books would flutter annoyingly and she would growl to herself though it is in the back of her throat and not very loud so her expression never changed, the best way to describe her expression would be a resting angry face, she was frowning, bright cerulean blue eyes scanning the pages of her books while adjusting the clip in her hair constantly, one of her odd nervous habits that she couldn't break. Hopefully all the people around her would take the hint and stay away from her. Silently she reads and waits keeping her books floating close by and one ear turned to wait for the principle to arrive and start the opening ceremony.​
  12. Name: Eric Felix Rhett
    Power: Hypnokinesis: The ability to control and manipulate the sleep functions of oneself and in others

    Interaction/s: Satomi Ketsumoko, Akame Ketsumoko, Julian Smith and Sanduni Lakshashimaya (@EternalMusic) and Amber Chi Liu (@IceQueen)
    Location: Gym/ Assembly Hall

    Looking at the female who came over to sit down with them Eric gave a small nod at her and then turned his attention away, she was sitting beside Sanduni who was smiling kindly at the girl. Geez... She is to trusting of others.... Sighing softly, Eric looked at the girl in curiosity again, she didn't seem Japanese but Korean or maybe half similar to Akame and Satomi. Hmmm..... So this school is going to be filled with asians? Looking around the room he noticed that a fair share of the students were asian but there were also several american or white looking people. I should use a different term... What's that word again...?

    But his thoughts were disturbed as Julian perked up and began to talk, to the female. Of course he was the first one to talk. He is such a people person. Sighing he rolled his eyes a little and then looked at the boy with the bright eyes. Watching as Julian pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose Eric wondered if it was time to re adjust those glasses again.
    "Nice to meet ya stranger~ The name is Julian Smith~"
    He rolled his eyes as Julian winked at the girl and then turned his attention over to the others.
    "Come on guys~! You should introduce your selves as well~!"

    It was no surprise to Eric that Satomi was the next to talk and as he looked at the girl she smiled kindly at the girl and used the dragon that she had made to ave at the girl, not suing her powers though mind you. She just used her hand to move the puppets arm up and down in a wave like motion.
    "Oh! Satomi is Satomi, Satomi has no other name other than Satomi. Satomi and Satomi's dragon says hello to this new person~"
    The girl grinned happily and Eric looked at her wig that she was wearing today, it was her regular wig that she normally wore, it was only on special occasions that she wore her other wigs.

    Eric wondered for a bit what had started Satomi with her talking about herself in third person but he dismissed the thought as Akame opened her mouth to speak. Strange normally I am the one to talk before she does.... Guess she feels at home at the moment... Looking at her Eric stared at her soft pink hair.
    "Akame Ketsumoko."
    Wasn't really expecting her to say anything more... He watched as she turned around right after she spoke to look at the stage. She must be waiting for the assembly to start. Sighing he looked at the stage as well but only for a minute to look over at Sanduni as she spoke next.

    The shy girl was rather overwhelmed by the energy of this strange new person it seemed and the girl quickly stuttered a hello and then blushed a little before Julian gave her a little nudge and she quickly opened her mouth to speak again.
    "M-m-m-my name is S-S-S-Sanduni Lakshashimaya, u-u-uhm I hope the two of us can get along......"
    As she spoke more the more she began to mumble and soon the girl was looking at the floor fidgeting unsure of what to do or what to say. Maybe she will become more outgoing during her time here... Looking over at her Eric could only sigh before Julian nudged him.

    "You need to introduce yourself~!"
    Looking at the Asian girl, Eric nodded his head and then looked at Julian and the others who all waited to hear what he was going to say. they want me to say another lame joke so that they can laugh at me... Sighing Eric looked at the girl and gave her a stoic stare not that he smiled at all.
    "Eric. Nice to meet you."
    Not saying anything else, he culd feel the disappoint of the others (not including Sanduni) that he didn't say a lame joke as he folded his arms and focused on the stage. Ah it looks like someone is finally coming out.

    ((Guys I will get the teachers post up right now~ If you wanna react that you see a red haired female in her late 20s come out then you can do that~ But I will get the post up soon so you can wait if you want~))
  13. Name: Penelope Dulcine (Principal)
    Power: UNKNOWN
    Interactions: With the students (@Psycho_Proxy @Solar✹Blitzfang43 @❖Cats❖ @CrystalTears @GreenSea @KayLove @Arius LaVari @IceQueen @Aleczandrya @Vladimir @alexianFireflies) and the teachers (@Solar✹Blitzfang43, @Psycho_Proxy, @GreenSea, @Greenrust)
    Location: Gym/Assembly Hall

    Looking out to the students that were in front of her, Penelope smiled softly and cleared her throat into the mike that was attached to the podium which she stood at.
    "Hello everyone~ My name is Penelope Dulcine~! I am your principal for this academy and I welcome you officially to our school."
    Lookign at all the students she took in their expressions, many of them were interested in what she was saying but there were several who just wanted to get out of this area as fast as they could. A smirk was placed on her face and she looked at all the students.
    "Today you will be choosing what club you will be joining for the year~ I am sure you all have already looked through the different clubs but if you have not done so I shall give you the list~"

    Some of the students seem confused on this information and Penelope could only laugh inside thinking how common it was for the students not to have read the information that had been given to them.
    "You have J. Michael Tatum who is the club teacher of Braintheletes."
    She ushered the teachers who were waiting on the wings on to the stage as she spoke their names
    "Then you have your Home Ec. Club manager, Dal Finkle. Furthermore you have James Watson who is your Fencing Club teacher."

    A light applause was given as the teachers began to came on to the stage.
    "Bryan Finkle is your acting club manager~ and Elina Potter is your choir teacher~ and Felix Potter your Tea Club instructor~ And no students they are not married they are siblings~ Same goes with Mr Watson and Bryan~"
    A soft laughter arose as the last two teachers came upon the stage and Penelope cleared her throat for the voices to calm down again.
    "But there is one person I have yet to introduce you all to~ Your Vice Principal~"

    "Akio Soma is your vice principal as well as your gym instructor. Learn well from him students for he has gone through what you are going through right at this moment and graduated four years ago."
    Looking at Akio as he came onto the stage she gave a soft smile and a nod as he came upon the stage and then looked back at all the students smiling as she looked at them.
    "Even though I won't be teaching you or anything like that~ I will still come and see you all often don't you worry~"

    Grinning she tried tomake herself sound approachable to the students and someone that they can come and talk to. She didn't want them to all only talk amongst one another. She wanted to be part of their life at this school as well.
    "Well~ Choir club will be in the music classroms, it is very easy to find it is in the building right next door. But Ms. Potter shall be waiting just over here to the left of the stage so meet her there if you are interested~ Tea Club will be at the school's greenhouse which is next to the garden. It isn't too far from here and Mr. Potter shall be waiting for you on to the right side of the stage."

    Looking at them all she cleared her throat again her green eyes glancing over every single student wondering who would be going where.
    "Braintheletes will be in the general building,Mr Tatum will help you all with that and he will be waiting near the stage for all of those who want to join the Braintheletes. Fencing is right in this building so those who want to do fencing just wait for Mr. Watson in the centre of the room."
    Running her fingers through her red curly hair Penelope then thought about what she had said already and ticked off Choir, Tea Club, Braintheletes and Fencing in her head.
    "Then for Acting~ It will be in the same building as the Choir so if you want to join Acting just go to your left and meet up with the Mr. Watson here~ Then last but not least Home Ec is in the same building as the Braintheletes building so you will meet the other Mr. Watson on the right hand side of the stage."

    Clapping her hands together she looked at all of the students smiling happily as she spoke to them all and then looked at them all grinning.
    "Okay now off you go~! Go on~"
    Grinning she looked at the other teachers smiling at them and beckoning them to go ahead and wait for their students as the students got up slowly discussing with those around them where they were going.

    ((And done gosh that was wow... Sorry for the long post guys but you needed all of that info~ ^^;;))
  14. Name: Aiden Dean Reigns
    Power: Logikinesis
    Interactions: Eric Felix Rhett; Satomi Ketsumoko; Akame Ketsumoko; Julian Smith; Sanduni Lakshashumaya (@EternalMusic) and Amber Chi Liu (@IceQueen)
    Location: Gym/Assembly Hall


    Tapping Aviana's shoulder gently, Aiden smiled softly as he nudged her off his own shoulder. "Come on. You have to wake up. I think they might be getting ready to start the orientation. I think I might go introduce myself to someone," he told her quietly as he kissed her head as any brother would.

    Aviana nodded ever so slightly after forcing herself to sit up and stretch, yawning softly.
    "Okay I might end up doing the same. Have fun and I'll see you after the orientation at the front door," she told him as she smiled a bit. Looking around a bit, she found another loner such as herself and decided to try. Getting up, she smoothed out her hair before making her way up the stairs to a brunette stranger and sat down next to him. "You seemed comfortable alone but I'm not so I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Aviana," the Australian said, her accent ever so present as expected.

    As Aviana had left, Aiden got up and looked around for someone -anyone- to socialize with. He found a rather large group and decided go big or stay quiet for the rest of his time there. He walked over quietly to the group and sat down, remaining silent for fear of sounding like an idiot.

    The moment a silence came, he took a deep breath and spoke up.
    "I don't know if I'm welcome but I'm Aiden," he said softly as he gave a shy smile and a slight chuckle just as a teacher spoke up. Listening softly he waited until she was done before sitting back and frowning, unsure of what he wanted to do.

    Aviana listened just as quietly, giving each of the adults a once over before rolling her eyes slightly. What if they didn't want a club? She was sure did but she just didn't know exactly what.
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  15. Jerrod looked up, shocked that someone actually bothered to talk to him. "Hey, mine's Jerrod. and it's not so much that im more comfortable beig alone, it's just what im used to." he replied, noticing her accent. "And what club were you thinking of joining? I'm not quite sure yet.... Is that an australian accent?" he asked, honestly not meaning to be rude, if he even came off that way.
  16. Aviana listened to him speak quietly before thinking about her words carefully. She finally opened her mouth, knowing exactly what to say. "That's understandable. I prefer not to be around people. Since they don't have anything involving playing an instrument, I might join chorus and fencing. And as for my accent, it is in fact Australian," she said with a proud smile as she looked over at him.
  17. Name: Akio Soma
    Power: Unkown
    Interactions: All but to lazy to list
    Location: Auditorium

    Akio had been waiting in the back with all the other teachers finding himself getting more and more antsy as the cermony went on though he didnt show it. Outside he seemed to be the picture of calm, his blind eyes gazing at the floor with his face blank as he seemed wait patiently as the other teachers filed from the room.

    It had been years since he had been in such a crowded place that wasnt hostile and for the first time since je left school he wasnt even armed and he felt naked without his near legendary blade. "Why did i come here?" He wondered to himself as he starred at the floor lost in thought. He had no reason to be here so why had he accpted? "Maybe its because my best memories were here." He thought with a faint smile. The days he spent here were the best of his life. With his classmates and Winnie. He suddenly shook his head so fast it could be considered violent, it would do him not good to think about Winnie, who now lived with Mika in Europe, where she always wanted to go. Even now years later he couldnt think of her without pain coming so fast and raw it nearly left his gasping. He heard his name called and banishing further thought he stepped out onto the stage, his blind eyes starring forward as he scanned the room with his power.

    Akio was a striking picture, with his sightlines eyes starring at the crowd with no attempt at hiding them and his body while mostly covered by cloths still showed several scars. His handsome looks plus the scars made him look almost like a hero of old, though his face was serene and blank. He inclined his head slightly to the crowd and spoke. "Well met." He said in a quiet tone that seemed to carry threw out the room. There was something strangely compelling in his voice. Not musical by it carried its own special tone with a undercurrent of strength and command.

    The cermony went on as he stood on stage till Penelope motioned the teachers to their stations. He looked at her, he didnt want to stay so he decided he would wander to the difference clubs. "I'll be going ahead." He said respectfully as he hoped off the stage and with a sure walk towards the fencing club, he would go with them first.
  18. Jerrod Traylor
    interactions: Aviana @Aleczandrya

    Jerrod smiled at how proud of the fact that she was australian. "well, i though about fencing, but its not traditional sword fighting, which is what i prefer. and band would be ok, but i dont exactly play a worthy instrument for it, well, its not widely accepted for band." Jerrod said, looking back forward to see if the teachers were going to do anything else while he tipped back in his chair.
  19. -|Arabell|-
    Location- Gym/Assembly Hall
    Interactions: People Currently with the Fencing Club Teacher
    Ara was highly attentive to the president of the school, who seemed to keep her speech short, unlike some people. But she gave the bad news first, they would HAVE to join a club. And on top of that there was no fight club, well, she supposed they would already be doing that some in class. As soon as the speech was finished, Ara practically dragged herself out of her chair, only to look at her equally upset cousin.

    "Come on bro. We have to part ways, get up." She said, taking his arm and physically dragging the weaker one out of his chair. When her sibling gave a groan, Ara heaved a sigh and hooked her arms underneath his armpits, and yanked upwards, lifting him to his feet. "There, much better. Now, I will see you later." She said, letting him stand on his own as she marched over to the fencing club. She may not have known how to fence yet, but it was the closes thing to fighting, and she wasn't going to let anyone else have the privilege of listening to her sing, that was something she kept to herself.
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