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  1. Gensokyo, a world which exist quietly besides ours, separated by a mystic border.
    It is a utopia where humans and other beings such as fairies, youkai, and gods live peacefully together.
    Summer is approaching Gensokyo once again.

    Now in the year 128 Gensokyo is once again at peace thanks to the combined efforts of Reimu and Marisa. The Citizens of Gensokyo have settled in to simplicity. Yet that peace and simplicity is soon to end. Take place as Gensokyo faces yet another Incident. A darkness is rising in the heart of Gensokyo a darkness that threatens to rip everything apart.

    1. At least a paragraph per post​
    2. Please post at least once a week​
    3. If you don't post for three weeks your character will be killed off​
    4. Have fun​
    As far as characters go please use the Touhou Project characters you can base their personality off of anything you would like (such as the games or a fanfiction). I will put down taken characters with a slash through their name. Please fill out a small bio for the character.​

    Personality- Stubborn and a bit lazy. Does not like to work but will do so if necessary

    Gender-Female (as are most of them)

    race- human (mortal)


    Sorry about how loose this all is this is my first time making one of these.

    Taken Characters:

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