Touhou PCB 1cc/Tutorial Thing

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  1. [video=youtube;y9L2rFJP9to][/video]
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  2. You keep posting this Touhou stuff and I'm gonna have to brush up on Hisoutensoku...
  3. There are other shmups I'd rather play. Like Mars Matrix, Dodonpachi, Rayforce, and R-Type.

    Good to see another soul who has entered Bullet Hell, though.
  4. Hisouten you say?

    Nothing like fighting Paorou in bullet time~ (Slow internets~)
  5. Oh, I've been playing for a while. XD

    It's just now that I've decided to upload videos. I'll be helping out with the Touhou 101 series soon, as well.

    Also, Patchy is so much more fun in Hisouten than in IaMP. ;n;
  6. I'm more of a Sakuya player when I do play.
  7. I've always gone Persuasion Needle Reimu. =P
  8. Sorry, I use Suwako, Yukari, Suika and Reisen.
  9. I like Suwako, Yukari, and Suika. I only like Reisen for playing mind games, but I suck with her. XD
  10. Marisa reporting in.
  11. I respect Marisa players, if you're referring to Marisa in the danmaku games. It takes a lot of skill to deal with that extra movement speed. (Except in MoF, because lol Marisa B[roken] )
  12. And according to the community tier list Sakuya is at the very top as the only S Tier in the game. o_o

    ...How do I always end up picking top tier characters in fighting games...?
  13. Sakuya is only S-tier if you can grasp her comboes and fully implement her techniques. The same can be said for any character in Hisou. I prefer Patchy and Yuyuko as my top picks, personally.

    I corner pressure like a dick with Yuyuko.
  14. Totally need to get back to playing these.. now that week ends happen and Winter is getting closer!