Touhou Interest Check

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Have you heard of Touhou before?

  1. Yes! I love the games!

  2. Yeah.

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  3. I think once..

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  4. Never.

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  1. I am not sure many are familiar with the amazing work of ZUN anymore. With 14 games in the series and almost all overpowered female characters, I do not see how it is so underly recognized. Touhou is definitely my favorite bullet hell game.

    I was just thinking about how fun a Touhou roleplay could be, but how there may not be many people interested in it. There would be no point in setting up anything in Genesokyo if there were not enough people to play.

    The idea I had in mind was just normal everyday life for all the many girls (and one male) of touhou. People could throw in their ships if the other person was okay with those two characters together. People could throwing in the combat they wanted and even have plot like the game for people to go on. Also, I would have no problem with a few ocs once we have a good many canon characters. You could play an oc and a canon, or two canon that would be fine. I would prefer you not play two characters you are shipping though.

    It would require a good deal of people to get it going though. I am really not sure there are enough people on iwaku who even know of touhou.
  2. I know of it. But seeing as it does have a full female cast and I
    only roleplay as males I can't do it.
  3. THere is one male in Touhou actually. Rinnosuke Morichika
  4. Oh right. I completely forgot about him. And his purpose. Wow.
  5. Haha, and reimu's turtles also a male Cx
  6. Huh...Never done a turtle rp xD
  7. Lol, I really do not think this will even turn into a roleplay since you are the only that has shown in interest and it has been up for a good month or so.
  8. Aw, what a shame. It'd be interesting to see how it'd play out.
  9. It would be. I am not taking this down, but unless there is a sudden spike in interest then no roleplay sadly.
  10. Ah, well I'll be looking out for it.
  11. You've got my interest.
  12. Oh wow! cool! cx what characters are you interested in?
  13. Hurray for Touhou lovers!
  14. I've used practically half the cast on and off in various places, so I could handle a few. Mostly, I'm interested in Satori, Marisa, and possibly Sakuya.
  15. Cannonically, Youmu's grandfather is a male, too. And Byakuren's brother. And Marisa's dad. And male youkais. And male humans. As ZUN stated, "the focus of the story are the girls, I'm not going to draw male anytime soon."
  16. Whoa man. This RP could come to fruition.
  17. This sounds epic :D
    I'm a Touhou fan myself, favoring our little ice fairy Cirno.
    I like Suika Ibuki also tbh, gotta love Youkai Mountain drunkies~
  18. thumbnail_a505eaf64584b3f2be6a7977ab5a34c7.jpg YES CIRNO LOVERS UNITE