Tough Times Roll In Like Thunder (Frontier/Settler RP)



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I'm hoping for this to be a small-group RP, with several NPCs. I'm looking for really no more than 5 main characters.

I get pretty long-winded as far as describing a place, so I'll post the opening here, and then add any details after:

It was the usual quiet morning in the small town of Gordon's See, a settled place in the Colorado Territory, in the shadow of the mountains and the edge of vast open plains. Big changes had come through the territory in recent years; the Transcontinental Railroad had been completed in grand style the year prior, and hadn't Denver Pacific completed a line earlier that year? Yes, big changes had come, but they seemed quite far and removed from this place. In Gordon's See, they still were required to use stagecoaches and ponies as a lifeline to the rest of the world, which began at the nearest railroad town, a difficult three-day journey up the mountains by stagecoach. There was plenty of time for bad things to happen: bandits, indians, accidents, weather and the trail itself. It was a harrowing journey, and there were few men who would attempt it more than twice, much less to make their living off of it. But it had to be done.

This is what was on the mind of Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper, the widow who owned See's Mercantile after her husband died just a year ago on the very trail she was now looking out over. Having just opened the store, she was leaning on the boardwalk's railing as she sipped her morning coffee, her four year old son sitting at his tiny table enjoying some breakfast.

It's only been two days, she reminded herself, trying to calm her fears. Ever since her husband had died on the trail, she was on edge every time the stagecoaches were away. She'd hired a young man, Teddy, who'd just come of age to work the stagecoach trail, to be her buyer. It was only his second trip out there, but the young man showed promise. He was strong, brave and smart. He'd practically grown up on the wagon trail, his family having gradually moved further and further West looking for space and good farming land. They'd finally found it in Gordon's See and had settled down when the town was first getting on its feet.

Sighing, Liz Hannah, as she preferred to be called, finished her coffee and straightened up from the railing, collecting her son's dishes and taking them with her cup to the back room to wash them in a bit. She put them in the sink and picked up the broom to sweep out the shop before more dust was tracked in by the rest of the town. Most stopped by every day, either to chat, pick up a few things, or just to poke in and see if the poor widow was losing her nerve yet. Most of them were polite at the least, but there were others she'd really just prefer to never see. Well, one couldn't really choose their customers when you were the only general store in town.

"Noah, once I've done sweeping, it'll be time for your lessons, understood?"

"Yes, mama," the little boy answered dutifully as he sat on the edge of the boardwalk, playing with some carved wooden horses and a wagon. A wooden pull top sat next to him as well. They were his favourite toys, and he was rarely without them.

Liz Hannah hummed an old folk song to herself as she set down to the job of sweeping, her first task after opening the store every morning.

My main characters will be Elizabeth Hannah Cooper (widow) and her two children, Noah and Sarah. Noah is four and Sarah is eight months. In this story, trouble comes to their little town, mostly to Liz Hannah, and she has to fight to keep her little store and her way of life going. This is pretty open, but unless someone else has an idea, it will start with Teddy's death on the trail.

In Gordon's See, folks mostly barter for what they need, and that includes things in the store, and Liz Hannah usually accepts raw goods or finished craft that she can sell in the town to buy more stock.

I'm in need of the following roles:

-a villain, someone either trying to close Liz Hannah down and drive her out, or force her to marry him (or the first as consequence of the second failing)

-an ally, maybe a potential love interest?

-an outsider

-an authority figure, could be official or not

-a friend, mostly a supporting character for either Liz Hannah or the villain, or a misguided friend of both.

These don't have to be exclusive! You could be a villainous authority figure, an outsider-turn ally, etc. Or make up your own role if you feel something's missing!

Please set up your character as follows:

Nickname: OPTIONAL
Interesting Information: This could be any family they have, history, quirks, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Staking my claim for a spot! Going to make some kind of half-Indian trailblazer/pathfinder/translator/trapper... woodsman.
Wondering if anyone's still interested in this, or should I let it go to the graveyard for now?
Sorry, I had forgotten about this roleplay. ^^;; Sorry about that. I will still be interested and if you want I can try to wrangle in sone more players.
Yes please! I would still very much try to get this one going!
Sure no problem. :) Though would you mind if I bring in new comers?
No, I don't mind at all! I'm still a bit of a newcomer too! As long as they appreciate the historical and can write legibly, that's pretty much all the requirements I have. :)
Okie dokie :) I'll just crank up my Propaganda Machine here and see who I can recruit. *starts typing on a very old typewriter* Do you have any ink ribbons by chance?
Name: Samuel Thompson
Nickname: Sam
Age: 27
Occupation: School teacher
Personality: Kind and gentle. Often gets stressed but never shows his anger directly.
Interesting Information: His mother was white and his father an indian. When he turned 4 his mother took him away from the tribe and raised him in town. Became a school teacher and learned about Liz Hannah through his students and wants to help anyway he can.
Seems like you got yourself a cast, Cammy. ^^
Hm...You've gotten my interest on this. If you would allow me, I'd love to join in.
Awesome! Thanks all! As soon as we have character sheets up, we can start hammering out roles. Remember, I still need a villain!
(not finnished, writting the rest tomorrow)

Name: xerxes (last name coming soon)
Age: 46
Interesting Information: He once fell in love with Liz Hannah but never told her, then a dear friend of his married her. Xerxes got heart broken and dissapeard for years. When he came back he had heard that his ex-friend was dead and decided to take Liz Hannah as his wife whatever he have to do to get her.

(sorry that I haven't finnished this but it's almost 11 PM here and I have had a long day so I honestly don't have any energy right now xD but as fast as I wake up tomorrow I will go in here and finnish it off :) If you have any ideas for my character just PM me okay? :D hahah Goodnight)
(btw sorry if my english got wrong, I don't write so good when I'm tired)
Ooh! ooh! Can I be the Sheriff! *eyes widen and gleam*
Name: Marcus King
Nickname: Mark
Age: 21
Occupation: Bodyguard (?)
Personality: Calm, doesn't let much faze him. He won't hesitate to kill someone or something if needed.
Interesting Information: Has a soft spot for cats.