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  1. Rene has just met a new guy. He is everything she has ever wanted in a guy... However after a month of dating he begins to act different... and not in a good way.
    Name: Rene May Wolfe
    Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 110
    Looks: (Looks exactly like the girl in the photo. Even has the same clothing.)
    Personality: Bubbly, Sweet, Smart, Creative, Funny. You hardly ever see her with a frown on her face. She is beautiful both inside and out. She will do almost anything to get someone to laugh.
    -Story Begins-
    "Shit, shit, shit." Rene muttered as she ran into the school. She was already late for school. He idiot brother decided to play a prank on her and unplugged her alarm clock. Some brother. She managed to make it into he classroom, 10 seconds before the bell rang. She was breathless. She walked to the back of the room where her friends were at and sat down in her seat. As soon as she sat down the bell rang and the teacher, Mrs. Smith cleared her throat and lifted up her glasses.
    "Class we have a new student today and I want you to treat him nice." she paused and looked at the door, "You can come in now." She said and Rene looked out the door.

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  2. Victor spent the morning preparing for his first day of class, his mother coming into the room at the sound of his alarm, knowing her son would be awake. He looked over from his desk, flashing her a smile. 'Good morning mother, how are you this morning?' She smiled and shook her head in disbelief. How on earth she'd managed to get such an unconventional teen for a son was beyond her. He was the only boy she knew that was actually up before his alarm. His uniform lay on the bed neatly, waiting for him to put it on as he finished writing in his journal, the flick of his pen signing off whatever it was he'd written that morning. 'I'm alright. I'll have breakfast ready soon.' Victor smiled at his mother again, standing up. 'Thank you, I'll just go have a shower.'


    The school itself was as interesting as one could expect. It had buildings, a cafeteria, an office, infirmary, quadrangles. it was nothing spectacular, and that in itself appealed to Victor. A slow smile crept across his face. He could definitely see this being his place to stay for a while. After filling in some paperwork at the office, Victor was shown to his homeroom. The bell rang while he walked, following the secretary as she led the way. She had a few quick words with the teacher and he was ushered into the room, smiling to his new classmates. His gaze fell on a girl at the back of the class, her dark bangs hiding large brown eyes. His gaze locked with hers and he flashed her a charming smile, watching her friends react to the eye contact with surprise, before he sat down in the seat in front of her, breaking the connection as he slid a notebook out of his bag and began to write.
  3. ((Oh damn it XD. Sorry I posted this RP a while ago and I could have sworn I said office XD. Oh well lol). I might have been thinking of a different RP lol) Rene looked at the new kid and smiled slightly at him. She didnt melt like all the other girls but she did think that was pretty cute. She moved her bangs out of her eyes.
  4. Homeroom went by slowly and Victor still wrote in his notebook, the ink never ceasing to flow from his pen as he described the room. For you see, Victor was one of those people that wrote down every new situation and place, no matter where it was. The amount of different schools he had been in filled three thick books of their own, and each one was different in some way. The atmosphere, the vibe, the people. So while everything may look like a typical school, Victor always found the beauty of the differences, and always wrote them down. As the bell rang, he began to pack up his belongings and the teacher walked past, to talk to the girl. 'Rene, I wonder if you wouldn't mind showing Victor around the school this morning?' Victor turned around to see that she was talking to the dark haired girl he'd noticed before. Finishing packing his book away, he waited to see if the girl would respond.
  5. Rene stopped putting her stuff away for a split second when the teacher asked her if she could show the new kid Victor around the school. She looked up at the teacher, then looked back at Victor giving her usual sweet and warm smile. Then he looked back at the teacher. The teacher new she wouldnt mind, Rene was a sweet girl who loved helping people. She didnt care who the person it was, she was always happy to help. And besides.... she found Victor pretty cute, in a nerdish sort of way. She wasnt usually into nerds but this one definatly seemed to catch her attention. "I would be more than happy to help him out Mrs. Smith." she said in a cheerful voice. Mrs. Smith smiled and nodded slightly then walked away. Rene finished packing her stuff then walked up to Victor smiing that same smile, "Hi I am Rene. Nice to meet you."
  6. Victor shouldered his bag as the girl agreed, introducing herself as Rene. 'The pleasure is all mine. As you know, I'm Victor.' He fell into stride with her as they exited the classroom, smiling at her again. there was something about her that made him take an interest in her, more than he usually would. She was quite attractive, but he didn't generally go fishing for females this early in the game. It paid to be the quiet, mysterious guy first. Pushing his blonde hair out of his eyes and the glasses back up his nose he began to speak again. 'So, Rene, what's the school like? I've heard they have an amazing program for academics, but it's always more accurate to ask a student. Do you like it here?'
  7. ((Just a little fact: Rene is actually my middle name XP)) Rene smiled and started walking with him. She really wanted to get to know this guy... well, she usually wants to get to know everyone but there was something about him... she just didnt know what that 'something' was yet. But she wanted to find out. And she certainly planned on finding out. As she walked with him she said, "This is a great school," she started, "This school is definatly unique, everybody who managed to get in here has a special talent," she paused for a moment, "What is your talent?"
  8. Victor listened to her speak, thinking carefully. Had he got in because of a talent? He wasn't even sure. So instead he smiled, his hair falling in his eyes a moment. 'If I told you, i'd have to kill you.' He joked, brushing the lock of hair out from under his glasses and tucking it behind his ear, pushing the pencil he'd tucked there into his pocket instead. 'What was yours?' He was intrigued to know what kind of challenge she offered. Besides, she wasn't just a pretty face, he knew that just from looking at her. 'Let me guess, singing? Or perhaps you sketch? Photography?' He fired off options, watching her face to see which she reacted to.
  9. She giggled then smiled sweetly, "Well... I love to draw and sing."
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