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  1. May has just met a new guy. He is everything she has ever wanted in a guy... However after a month of dating he begins to act different... and not in a good way.
    Name: May Rene Wolfe
    Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 110
    Looks: (Looks exactly like the girl in the photo. Even has the same clothing.)
    Personality: Bubbly, Sweet, Smart, Creative, Funny. You hardly ever see her with a frown on her face. She is beautiful both inside and out. She will do almost anything to get someone to laugh.
    -Story Begins-
    "Shit, shit, shit." May muttered as she ran into the school. She was already late for school. He idiot brother decided to play a prank on her and unplugged her alarm clock. Some brother. She managed to make it into he classroom, 10 seconds before the bell rang. She was breathless. She walked to the back of the room where her friends were at and sat down in her seat. As soon as she sat down the bell rang and the teacher, Mrs. Smith cleared her throat and lifted up her glasses.
    "Class we have a new student today and I want you to treat him nice." she paused and looked at the door, "You can come in now." She said and May looked out the door.

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  2. Name: Keichii Seriago

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'"8

    Weight: 120lbs.


    Personality: Keichii is a very quite guy, barely speaking a word. He also is shy, and gets embarrassed standing in front of people-- even if it's a group of four or 5 people. But hey, just because he's quiet doesn't mean he's not nice. He's a gentle person-- sometimes. He can get angry for no reason sometimes.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Hearing the teacher, he didn't come in right away-- it took him a couple of seconds to just calm himself down. He slowly opened the door to the classroom, shyly peeking inside. Brave enough to, he slowly stepped inside, with those little feathery steps that some people would tend to do, when they are nervous sometimes-- like him. He stood besides the teacher, looking at the board and trying so so so hard to pretend nobody was there. He hates it when people stared at him-- that was his biggest pet peeve.
  3. May's jaw practically dropped when she saw him. He is so handsome! she thought.
    Mrs. Smith fixed her glasses again, "This is Keichii. He just transfored here. Now Mr.Seriago, I am going to assign you a seat next too..." she glanced around the room then pointed at the seat next to May, "May."
    May smiled softly at him.
    Mrs.Smith looked at May, "And May would you be a dear, that I know you are and show him around the school after class and help him get caught up in his work?" May smiled and nodded. She thought it was a little weird thathe has transfered in the middle of the semester but then dropped the thought as if it was yesterdays news. She kept smiling, "I would love to Mrs.Smith!" She really enjoyed tutoring other students.
  4. Keichii looked at May, and silently walked over to her, sitting in the seat next to her. He didn't say anything like always. Keichii then layed his head down on the desk. It was obvious that he hadn't got enough sleep last night, because of his insomnia, and stress. He still wasn't used to this school quite yet, so he just kept quiet, and waited for further instructions.
  5. She glanced at him still smiling then paid attention for the rest of the hour, when the bell rang she gathered up her stuff and walked up to Keichii with a smile on her face, "Hello I am May. Nice to meet you."
  6. Keichii suddenly got startled, quickly looking up at her. "Oh..hello there.." He whispered.
  7. She giggled, "You look tired. Come on let me show you around."
  8. He nodded without speaking. He then gathered all of his stuff into his hands, because his bookbag already felt like a semi-truck was stuffed into the bookbag itself. He started to stumble around some, because of the weight of his book bag, but quickly regained his balance.
  9. She looked at him but the started walking with him, "You dont talk much do you?"
  10. Name: Sammy Robin Kenther
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'1
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Looks: You can tell she loves ice skating
    Personality: considerate, animal lover (to the point that she always keeps dog and cat treats in her backpack), sweet, but not afraid to speak her mind. She's also hyper and easily excitable.
    Status: May's best friend.
    Sammy smiled at May. She hadn't said a word the whole class period and she had noticed that her jaw dropped when Keichii walked in. Sammy agreed that he was handsome, but she liked guys with a bit more confidence and spunk. She could tell just by glancing at this guy that he wasn't very outgoing. But she was glad that May was finally showing some real interest in a guy. Sammy was a bit of a flirt, but May never bothered to play the games Sammy loved to play with boys She would've winked at May since she obviously has a crush already, but Sammy was sure she wouldn't notice because May was too focused on Keichii.
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  11. Keichii nodded. "That's true."
  12. She nudged his side lightly and smiled, "Relax. You are going to love it here I promise!" she paused for a moment, "Do you have your schedule with you?"
  13. Sammy was going to follow the pair, but unfortunately, second period was the only class she didn't have with May, so she headed the opposite way, giggling to herself.
  14. He stopped walking for a moment, and stuffed his hands in both of his pockets. He felt the schedule that was folded up, and took it out, handing it to her. "I got worried for a second...I'm not so organized with my stuff.." He sighed, unfolding the schedule.
  15. Name:Dean Ryan Adams
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'9''
    Looks: (he is also muscular)
    Personality: Loyal, Loves his friends, funny, goofy. Loves making perverted jokes.
    Best Friends: May and Sammy
    Dean saw Sammy from around the corner. He grinned and jogged up to her, "Sammy! Hey!"

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  16. She smiled up at him, "Dont worry I can help you with that." she looked at his schedule. "Oh! Your next class is in the second floor!"
  17. "Hey Deeeean." Sammy smiled up at him. She has to look up at everybody, since she's so short. "Ready for physics? It's like the second month of school now and I still despise Ms. Nelson!"
  18. He looked away, as an uneasy feeling started to settle in his stomach. "This school is absolutely huge..and it makes me nervous sometimes.." He whispered, looking around some. Chills were sent down his spine, as he started to walk again.
  19. Dean laughed, "Why does that not surprise me? Yeah I am ready." he paused for a moment, there was somebody missing in there little group, "Where is May?"
  20. "Oo! I forgot to tell you! May got an insta-crush on this guy...Keichii! was his name. He has some seriously messy hair, but in a sexy way. Gray eyes, super far as I know, they're getting along pretty well." Sammy giggled.
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