Tough girl sits alone in the bar (FxM)

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  1. Imagine this: It is valentines day, all the couples have their little lovely moments, and the best thing you can do on that day is to get yourself a drink. And JUST for yourself. That is what happens to Raika. What will you do? Make fun of her? Share some moments with her? Or maybe even aim for a lucky punch and ask her out?

    Genre: Modern Fantasy
    Smut/plot balance: 50-50 (though it can be changed)
    Special powers: Allowed and welcome
    Info about Raika: Raika is 20 years old, is 175cm/~5.75feet big, weights 63Kg and is according to some people "A tough Bitch". She doesn't hesitate to tell people in their faces what she thinks of them, can be mean and bossy, and is a little punch happy when she meets people that go on her nerves. Despite this, she does have a nice side. When she trust someone enough, she will become somewhat gentler, but will deny everything if asked straight out. (Or for those with some knowledge: She is a Tsundere).
    Special power: Vector Calculation
    Her special power allows her to change the force, velocity, momentum, and direction of anything her skin makes contact with. This power is permanently active as seen by her hair and somewhat pale skin. She reflected the ultraviolet rays of the sun since her powers became active, which made her body stop producing melanin (the stuff that makes your skin brown and gives your hair its color). It is a defensive ability, but she can use it to make huge boulders fly through the air.
    The only bad thing about it is that it is a close range ability, meaning that she is little to no threat if her enemy is far away.
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