Totally Wrong Misconceptions!

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  1. Sometimes people get ideas in their head about who you are, why you behave a certain way, or why you do stuff. They take one comment or action then totally get the wrong idea! Or maybe you met a person and YOU got the wrong idea about them, because they dressed a certain way or only listened to a certain kind of music.

    Let's talk about MISCONCEPTIONS! >:D

    What is an annoying misconception that people often get about YOU? What is a big one that you got wrong about someone else? Have you ever had major misconception get you in trouble? Or have you been offended by someone else's?
  2. For some reason people mistake my Hyperactivity for a lack of intelligence, and also assume I do not stab people who tread on me.
  3. Someone ran me down in a car cos they thought I was a paedophile.

    I also go to gay bars occasionally and pretend to be gay then suddenly go "Hah, I'm straight!" and run off.

    Oh, and everything I say on Iwaku.
  4. I have a "angry" looking face, so people tend to think I'm mad for some reason a lot.

    Even my mom will sometimes ask if something is the matter, even when I'm in an otherwise decent mood. O_o;;;
  5. Belle

    She grimaced "It is. Oh goodness..." she laughed lightly "I've only seen him angry once. Still scary in my head. Blair might be more scary with powers."


    "Impressive." She smiled and let him go before motioning her head "Come on." She asked of him as she walked
  6. Belle

    "Morty usually took it though." She smiled sadly "I'm just glad I didn't have to see it more than once."


    She scoffed and stifled a chuckle "What a wonderful sight to behold." She grumbled as she made her way to the enterance
  7. apparently i am a nazi. short hair is a bitch
  8. My "Deep in thought" look is often mistaken for depressed as I don't smile and tend to stare off into the distance keeping just a little bit of brain power and thought on what I'm doing.
  9. Gwen

    "Still..." she frowened "Well as long as it doesn't interfere to much with whatever you two have planned."
  10. Jason

    "The four of us are included in that, ya know."
  11. Jason

    "Let's change the subject, shall we? Let's head to the training area." He started walking past them.


    "We should wait for the others, Jay."


    "We should, but I want to see you two put your powers into action first. I know John's powers, but it's been a while."
  12. To many self proclaimed geniuses and "wonders" to mankind, I first appear to be a dumb old pretty boy but once I successfully debate them, they realize I'm not just a pretty boy.

    My family has a tendency to assume I'm gay because I don't go out of my to talk about girls I've dated. I don't because they go out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable or feel useless. I'm sorry, I have too much personal respect for the person I'm dating to allow them to be ridiculed by a bunch of 1st generation factory workers. :cow:
  13. Whoa, the yellow burns my eyes.

    Ok, biggest misconception:

    People think I'm always happy. This is more or less supported due to the fact that I cover up most negative emotions. But they get scared because in my worst moments, I seem calm and relaxed, and I get a deadpan stare in my eyes and usually mutter a very violent threat.
  14. Astaroth took a spoon and scooped some up for her.
  15. Melody smile and took a bite eagerly.
  16. Unfortunately a lot of people hear my voice and cannot usually match it with my actual appearance because they hear the high pitch and assume I like pink and bows and crap like that. My usual wardrobe is a black shirt and jeans. I've had some ask for my little sister, the one they talked to on the phone, when they see me.

    The biggest misconception I've ever had.... well, I know this guy who graduated about a year ago, whose parents are pretty much some of the whitest people you'll ever meet. But somehow, impossibly, the guy looks Asian. Especially with his hair short - he looks like the type you would see in a J-Pop boy band. I thought he was Asian the entire first year I knew him and it explained so much about our confused conversations at times when I figured this out. Like when I asked him if his parents were from a different country or born here. He must have thought I was really random.
  17. "So... mommy's teaching you o walk?" He offered more yogurt.
  18. People think I'm emo and violent. Actually, I'm just intellectually different. (*audience laughs their asses out in the back*) It's true.

    My classmates think that just because I like to spend time alone that I'm over-emotional. Don't they know those are two separate traits in The Sims 3? Just because I'm a loner doesn't mean I'm going into a depression everytime. I just... don't like to 'hang' with people who don't relate with me. I'm different, if you would put it that way.

    And I'm egoistical and sensitive, not violent. I get butthurt lots, but I don't kill people. Yet. ;)