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  1. This is a Totally Spies based RP between @Korra, @Raven, @Zarko Straadi and myself, Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty!


    A private school for the richest, most elite kids of the world is being plagued by a mystery kidnapper. The students of the school are in constant fear that they will be the next one to be held for ransom or worse- murdered. However that hasn't stopped the daily life of these partiers and travelers. Weekends are still spent on yachts and jets getting drunk and high. In order to stop this unknown kidnapper from taking more of the world's most important political, entertainment and government official's heirs, our three spies must go undercover as cousins to this school and find out what the previous victims' habits were as the families have closed ranks and aren't letting any investigators in to help them.

    • (ALEXANDRA) The sweet, curious one with a lot of questions and movie references. Interested in dating but only those who have extremely similar interests (hard rock music, underground bands, etc...) Bit of a klutz, fiercely loyal and slightly introverted. Taken by Raven​

    • (CLOVER) The fashionable, passionate one with a bit of a temper sometimes and an interest in all things creative arts (theatre, dance etc...) Seriously interested in dating- to the point it's like a hobby chasing crushes. Honest and flirtatious. Taken by Korra​

    • (SAMANTHA) The smart, innovative one with a knack for English and Science. Not really interested in dating as much as experiencing life. Task oriented and protective. Taken by OP (aka Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty)​

    The private school our plot takes place at is a boarding school by the name of Hollowcreste in the middle of no where forests of Montana. It caters exclusively to the rich and powerful. The students are all the children of politicians, actors, producers, bureaucrats, diplomats, CEOs etc...
    The boys are housed on the second floor of the East wing and the girls are housed on the third floor of the East wing. Each room has three students who are allowed to decorate as they wish.
    The school offers your regular clubs like poetry, chess, etc... and some not so regular ones like equestrian, yacht, etc...
    Your electives to chose from are as follow: Drama, Art, P.E., Swim, Wrestling, Aerobics, Yearbook, Newspaper, Home Economics, Band, Choir, Zoology, Anatomy, Child and Family Studies, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Religious Studies.
    Each student takes 6 classes per day, each class lasting 50 minutes with 10 minute breaks in between classes. Lunch is at noon and the campus is closed. No one may take the hour long drive to town for lunch as they are only given an hour to eat. Classes start at 8am and end at 3pm.​

    Yes we are spies- no that doesn't make you perfect. I gave you a basis for your character but its not that hard to turn them Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu so if the case I'll warn you twice and then I'm finding someone to replace you.
    I know this RP is based off a children's cartoon but I would rather you have adept writing. It's still an RP between writers and not children.
    If you've read all of this please write 'hahaha like totally' at the end of your personality section on your character sheet.
    Assuming there are more than two people who are going to want to be a part of this I'll pick the two best sheets- criteria being most thoroughly filled out, most correctly filled out, most likely to make a great trio, most well written and most interested.
    You don't have to make them look like the original three or have their names- these characters are supposed to be OC after all.
    I'll be making sheets for the victims and teachers. If you have one you'd like to submit just because you like making character sheets, message it to me and I'll approve or deny it there. I really want to keep this thread for character sheets.
    Message any questions to me please so I can edit your questions into this post and answer them for everyone to see without having to skim every post.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Willow Devlin Wilson





    Poetry Club, Student Council, and Equestrian Club

    Devlin is a smart girl with a knack for science and English courses. She's a natural born leader with a charismatic side. Though usually she'd prefer to stay in her small group of friends. She's all about adventure, traveling and learning about new cultures. Oh and shopping of course! She's protective of her friends and loyal to the death. Hahaha like totally!

    Devlin was born to a computer designer and a librarian. She's got twin younger brothers- Roman and Xavier who are 7 years old. She met her two best friends when they were in the second grade. She was accused of tipping over the milk cart when one of her friends came to her aid and pointed out who the real cart-tipper was. When the accuser was being bullied later at recess, Devlin stood up for them and was then joined by the third and final member of their group. They've been best friends since then. It was no surprise when they were offered positions as part of WHOOP freshman year that they agreed on it in a heartbeat. They spent so much time getting into trouble and trying to solve mysteries like little detectives that it was a no brainer!

    Favorite Character from the Show: Sam
    Favorite Gadget from the Show: Compowder
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    Full Name: Korra Evelyn Clarke

    Age: 17

    Straight & Single at the Moment.


    Clubs: Dance Club, Drama club, fashion police club run solely by Korra. Sewing club (on side)

    Bio: Korra was an only child until recently. She is artistic, clever and cunning. Korra will speak her mind no matter what and will always have her friends back. She is very flirtatious and loves to make friends when she can. Though she can also be a little quick to anger finding herself sometimes jumping to conclusions which can cause ises every once and a while and possible be why she flunks her tests.

    Now one thing to remember Korra is a shopaholic. Going to the mall with her best friends and buying the best clothes for what they can afford.

    Like, Totally <3

    Her suit color is Red (my favorite color <3)


    Korra's Room (open)

    Fashion/ Clothes Style: Korra has two piercings in each ear and her clothes style changes regularly to what's in fashion and what the man she is into at the moment likes.

    Fave Outfit (open)


    My favorite character is: All of them XP
    Favorite Gadget: Compowder​
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  4. [​IMG]

    Alan Chen

    Causation and part Native American

    Extra Curricular:
    Soccer, Chess, French, archery/shooting club

    Alan is rather outgoing and some think at times he seems like a nerd. He's rather protective of friends. Knows when he needs to be serious and when it's okay to joke around. Is great for listing to his friends and sharing ideas. Tries to be the top of his class in most academics but struggles with English. Though he is still considered one of the smarter kids in the school.

    Alan is a only child. His parents always seemed rather busy all the time so he had quickly seemed to prefer always getting to do something. He enjoys the most being out with friends whether it's those from his soccer team, the chess team, the archery club or even just his normal friends. He seems to care much about his grades as well keeping them as high as he can. Now his best friends he met in elementary and has been with them even up to Fresheman Year. It wasn't much of a surprise when he found out that his two friends and him could work for WHOOP on freshmen year him and his friends agreed in a heartbeat.


    Spy Outfit Color

    Show Spoiler

    Alan's Favorite Outfit
    Show Spoiler

    Character's Side of their Dorm Room
    Show Spoiler

  5. Student/Potential Recruit/Potential Victim/Sidekick-ish


    Briar Rose Chardbury



    Dreadfully sorry, I'm afraid boys still have cooties. Besides, everyone at school is much too old for me.


    Extra Curricular:
    Science and Technology Club, Nature Club. Electives: Zoology, Anatomy, Art (jewelry making).

    Briar Rose is highly intelligent, though she often seems to have the attention span of a gnat. Her mind is constantly leaping from one thing to another. Her notebooks and papers are always in a complete state of disarray, yet somehow she is able to actually find things (unless someone "tidies up" for her!). She quickly loses herself in reading, writing, and tinkering with inventions and research projects in varying stages of partial completion. She is easily intimidated, since most everyone is bigger, stronger, and meaner than she is. Hahaha, like totally.

    Briar Rose was conceived by her mother in an affair, and she does not know who her real father is. Her nominal father (Undersecretary of Defense for the UK, and an heir to a seat on the House of Lords) hates her, but keeps up appearances in public to protect the family from scandal. Her parents fight constantly, so she retreats into worlds of scholarship and invention. She raced ahead of children her own age in her schoolwork (which she views as an inconvenience to be dispensed with quickly so she can move on to more interesting things). As soon as she started doing high-school level work, her "father," Theodoric Chadbury, has enrolled her into Hollowcreste, the boarding school he went to as a boy, an elitist school filled with privileged rich brats and social climbers. He was a top predator there in his day, and he knows full well that it will make Briar Rose--and by extension her mother--utterly miserable. Since she is constantly used as a reminder of her mother's infidelity, Briar Rose blames herself for her parents' fighting, and is coming to the conclusion that they'd be happier without her.

    Technical drawing, mathematics (algebra and geometry, plus a smattering of calculus and trigonometry on an approximately high school level), general biological investigation (sample collection, basic analysis using the tools she has, i.e., she can do a litmus test, a dissection, examine plant tissue under her microscope, but can't sequence a genome), a broad but not deep "general scientific knowledge." She knows more about biology and general mechanics (low-tech-ish machinery) than physics or astronomy, but she is familiar with an eclectic range of basic concepts.

    Canvas and leather hiker's backpack she uses as a book bag. Usually contains a ruggedized, Steampunk-modded laptop computer, a seemingly random collection of notebooks and papers inscribed with oddly whimsical "technical" drawings of various inventions and ideas in different stages of completion, and notes written in neat feminine handwriting. Drafting tools, measuring tape, tweezers, a set of sample boxes and small Pyrex vials, litmus paper, a Leatherman multi-tool, hand lens, compass, a textbook on ecology, and a "pocket" field guide to wildlife and plants in Montana. A girl's bike with a handlebar basket and rear pannier and saddlebags containing a bike repair multi-tool, spare chain and tire tube, foot-powered tire pump, tire patch kit, bike lock, water bottle and lunch box. She has a lens that converts her smartphone camera into a microscope.

    Favorite Outfit:
    (pictured above)
    Tweed jacket, white dress shirt and tie, pleated wool skirt, white stockings, and black Mary Janes. If it's not too warm, she also wears a six-foot knit scarf striped in autumnal tones.

    Dorm Room:


    Story Arc Idea: Perhaps Briar Rose could suspect that "something is up" with the three "cousins" (due to suspicious comings-and-goings, or she spots one doing something spy-ish). Deciding they might somehow be involved with the kidnappings, she starts to investigate them. They catch her in the act (either blatantly, or one of the trio "spies" her spying on the others). She's too cute for them to just beat up, or hit with a tranquilizer dart, duct-tape-mummify and hide in a basement or something, so then they have to figure out what to do with her...

    Additional idea: Since the dorm rooms are for two, and there are three Spies, perhaps the third could have Briar Rose for a roommate?​
  6. (((So sorry fellow Players, I was so swamped all week- a thousand apologies! First thing's first: I changed the amount of students per room so that Korra, Devlin and Briar Rose can be in a room together and it gives Briar Rose an in with the team. Also, if @Raven would like you may create two minor sheets for your two roommates and they may become more involved in the RP- we'll see how it all works out.)))

    A copy of each of these files is given to all three spies to look over and study. They've been placed into extracurricular activities based on the victims' interests and academic lives.

    Victim #1: Isadora Rathbone

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Extracurriculars: Equestrian Club, Sewing Club, and Poetry Club

    Parental Occupation: Banking CEO

    Status: Ransom Paid Late- Body not found

    Victim #2: Caleb Paivel

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Extracurriculars: Dance Club, Archery, and Soccer

    Parental Occupation: Politician

    Status: Ransom Not Paid- Presumed Dead

    Victim #3: Tyra Porter
    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Extracurriculars: Drama Club, French, and Archery

    Parental Occupation: Movie Executive

    Status: Ransom Paid- Victim returned to family and pulled from school

    Victim #4: Yuko Kukiruo

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Extracurriculars: Student Counsel, Chess Club, and Dance Club

    Parental Occupation: Diplomats

    Status: Ransom Paid- Victim returned to family and pulled from school

    Victim #5: Duncan Bush

    Show Spoiler

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Extracurriculars: Poetry Club, Soccer, and Equestrian Club

    Parental Occupation: Government Official- Unspecified

    Status: Ransom Paid- Whereabouts still unknown
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  7. Devlin tossed her hair over her shoulder and stood a little straighter. She hadn't been to a new school since her and her two friends moved from the middle school up to the high school but at least she'd known everyone there and the only thing they had to worry about was navigating the place. Hollowcreste was going to be a whole new thing for her.

    "Korra- do you really need all those bags?" she asked her blonde friend as their WHOOP driver unloaded suitcase after suitcase onto a bellhop looking cart. "Jerry said we were supposed to be staying under the radar, right Alan? How are we supposed to that when we're walking in with a parade of luggage?" she moved aside to let her other best friend out of the black SUV they'd pulled up to the school gates in.

    Before them stood a 15 foot stone fence with wrought iron gates, a giant H that split in half when the doors opened and 'Hollowcreste' fashioned in metal over the top in an arch.

    Her heavy cross-body bag hung low next to her hip, the folders given to her by their handler, Jerry, tucked safely in the center pocket between two thick fiction books she'd been reading on the long drive from Beverly Hills to Montana. Her phone chirped with a message from her mom but she didn't bother opening it to see the gushy 'good luck'- have fun text from her parental unit who thought she had one the opportunity to study for a semester at an elite academy somewhere in Colorado.

    As amazing and intimidating as the school looked through the bars of the gate, Dev knew that they had a mission to finish and a mystery to solve. Plus the hike to the front doors was not going to be pleasant with all of Korra's bags and Jerry had failed to get a driving pass so the company SUV wasn't allowed past the gate... What luck...
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  8. Briar Rose:

    Briar Rose slipped into her dorm room, backing in and closing the door behind her. For a moment, she leaned against the door and gave a sigh of relief. As she turned around though, her eyes went wide. Movers and decorators had come, and set up not one, but two other sets of furnishings and decor.

    "Oh dear."

    Until now, her room had been a shelter, an oasis away from the taunting and bullying and not-fitting-in. One roommate would have been bad enough; two would represent a social unit, especially if their simultaneous arrival indicated that they already knew each other. As such, they would naturally be "inside" and Briar Rose "outside," with a corresponding higher prior probability of meanness. She had hoped that, having the room to herself this far into the school year might mean things would remain that way.

    "Right." I just need to calm down and...what can I learn about them? she thought. Without wanting to get too far into their business, Briar Rose peered into each of their sections. Both used white Christmas lights to add a bit of sparkle to their walls. Not a bad idea, actually, even if it might be a bit inefficient, energy-wise. One seemed to prefer earth tones, and had her bed enclosed in a canopy of heavy beams, one unfinished, the others stained dark, giving the impression of a loft in a Tudor style house. This was finished off with some tasteful art photographs on her walls. The other chose bright colors and what Briar Rose supposed might represent a more conventional 'teenage girl' look. A smattering of personal photographs she did not approach closely enough to examine. An "Avengers" poster lent a bit of hope that she might be oriented at least a little toward the geeky end of the spectrum, and a selection of nature photographs offered the possibility that there might even be an area of common interest she could share with the girl.

    A rattle from the doorknob announced that a hand had seized it, making Briar Rose jump out of her skin. She scurried to her side of the room, bracing for the confrontation ahead as the door swung open.
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  9. Korra gave her friend a wide smile as she commented on all the bags she had brought with her. "oh come on Dev I under packed for this mission... And I couldn't decide what to bring" Korra admitted as she slipped her red and black leather satchel bag over her shoulder. Then picked up two off her suitcases which luckily had wheels to make transportation easier. "plus there is only one bag left" Korra said as she turned her attention to her friend.

    It was no surprise to anyone that Korra over packed but she never failed to look good every day. Plus this school had to have some hotties around for her to scoop up.

    Looking at the schools exterior Korra cringed "is this a school or a prison? Also do you think they give out maps? I can already tell I'm going to get lost" She said thinking out loud as she began to ponder the best way to get her last bag while wearing boots with high heels. Though the blonde was instantly sidetracked by the beep of her phone. Carefully placing her bags down she looked at her phone. A very faint pout crossed her face. The text was from a guy back at school. Seems this mission caused her to miss out on a date. A good one too.... Though missions for WHOOP does do that regularly. Sliding her phone back into her pocket she picked her bags back up.

    This school was nothing like the others she had been too. So this would be an educational experience in more ways than one and since Korra's family were busy with her younger brother they didn't even notice their daughter had left.
  10. Alan nodded a Deviln's question. "I do believe Jerry did." He replied thinking back to their conversation about their appearance for school and keeping the fact that they were WHOOP agents on the down low. He then placed his body bag over his shoulder along with his laptop case bag, and what would be his book bag. Alan listened to Kora answer. He sighed. "Okay" He replied being she said she packed lighter.

    Alan looked seeing how the school had a wall surrounding it and heard Kora comment on it. He shrugged. "Maybe they don't want people to enter if their not going here?" He suggested.
  11. Devlin smiled to herself and heaved her duffle bag higher up on her shoulders again. In all honesty she couldn't fault her friend's excessive luggage as she'd sent several along with the WHOOP movers to avoid a heavily packed car.

    They began their trek to the front doors which were locked. "Locked!" Devlin grumbled looking around she saw another, smaller set of doors to their right. "Maybe these are just for show?" She suggested leading the way to what was probay once a servant's entrance. The door gave way to let them pass and they were met with a small corridor that ran past a narrow staircase.

    "Is this a joke? Are we really supposed to lug our backs through here?" Devlin shook her bangs out of her eyes and gazed up the well lit stairs. "Or maybe up there? Did anyone keep their packets out? I think I left mine in the car." She silently cursed herself for being so unorganized the first day on their mission- this didn't usually happen and she was beginning to hope it wasn't an omen.

    Their packets held all of the school's info like their room numbers (which Dev had memorized her and Korra's- E312) their class schedules, when all of their extracurricular activities were held etc... Dev sent a quick text to Jerry to make sure the driver check the car for her stuff so Jerry could either mail her the packet of message it to her.
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  12. @Raven
    @Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty

    Briar Rose:

    Briar Rose was surprised, and somewhat relieved, that the girl who stepped in was familiar. The girl in question--Karli, who lived next door--looked surprised, but not relieved, to see her. "D'oh! Wrong room!" she said, then withdrew, closing the door behind her like a jack-in-the-box. Briar Rose sighed, and took a couple deep breaths to come down from the jolt of adrenalin. Still nervous, she started to pace. A couple times, she heard footsteps in the hall outside and tensed, but...they continued past, and she continued to pace.

    This is bloody ridiculous! They'll come when they come. She sat down on her bed and tried to relax, tried to pick out a book to read, but her mind couldn't fixate on one as preferable to the others. Plus, her attention kept flitting back to the door whenever she heard footsteps or talking. "Gah! Right, why don't I just go out and explore a little, ride my bike or something, give them a chance to settle in before I come back?" she muttered to herself. "Let them look at my things before they see me, too. Turnabout, fair play and all that." With that, she grabbed her expedition pack and slung a strap over a shoulder, then listened at the door--this time for silence. Waiting until the coast was clear, she slipped out. She pulled a much-abused piece of paper out of a blazer pocket--a map she'd drawn of routes to various places around the school through little-used corridors, color-coded for days and times when they were least likely to be in use. A check of her pocket watch, and she was off.

    She made it to the stairs to the side entrance, only a couple brief encounters with sneering fellow students. Home free! Once outside, she could scurry into the forested grounds that surrounded the school, and escape into the wilderness. So long as she stayed away from club facilities and the main hiking trails, it wasn't too hard to avoid spoiled rich kids who preferred social climbing to the sort that involved steep hills or the bark and branches of trees.

    Briar Rose fished through a side pocket of her backpack, producing a compact drawing pad. Maps of some of the forest areas that she'd surveyed herself, with areas of interest marked. Perhaps she should have waited until she reached the forest, but she was close to the old servants' entrance now, and the route to freedom it offered. Feeling a thrill of triumph, she trotted down the stairs, riffling through the pages to pick an area of terra incognita to visit--and came face to face with not one, but three other students the moment she reached the ground floor corridor.

    "Wha?! Uh..." she stammered, taking an involuntary step backward, tripping on a stair, and only managing to avoid a pratfall by means of some rather ungraceful pinwheeling of arms and a grab at the handrail. Eyes wide, Briar Rose took in the scene before her, her mind automatically cataloging precise details. Something about the girls lent the impression that they probably never frantically pinwheeled their arms in their whole lives. A certain balance, a certain grace in their movements. Like dancers, or perhaps gymnasts. The blonde was stunningly gorgeous. She wouldn't just have to fight the boys off with a stick; she'd need Shaolin staff technique. The brown-haired girl had a kind of casual, got-it-all-together attractiveness that didn't really need to show off. If Briar rose had to define her in two words, she would have chosen "respectability, confidence." Someone who could talk to adults about important subjects without being dismissed out of hand as an immature teenager. Only the boy--skinny, deliberately sloppy Boho aesthetic, nerd glasses--seemed to possess the requisite eccentricity level to be someone who might permit himself to be seen with Briar Rose in a non-hostile context.

    Her head twitched from girl to girl to boy--all carrying luggage--and back again in birdlike movements. Matched sets, in colors that went well with their bearers' choice of clothing. A hint of sleek, Mod-era aesthetic. They looked to be of very high-quality make, engineered like Italian sports cars. A mind well-accustomed to Bayesian reasoning swiftly assigned a rather high prior probability that she already knew (in a sense) exactly who the girls were, even drawing connections between their choices of clothing and colors, and decor.

    "Tudor?" she blurted out to the brown-haired girl, then flicked to the blonde. "Chris Hemsworth? Echo three-twelve?" The words had already escaped before it occurred to Briar Rose that they couldn't possibly make a good impression, especially if (on an estimated 20% prior probability for ~h) they were not her new roommates.
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