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  1. Hi everyone, I'm like totally new to everything. I have RP'd like TWICE before so be kind *please no flames*. I hope I learn how things here work quickly. Please excuse any mistakes and dumb questions. *so not nervous* ;3
  2. You will enjoy your time here.^^ people are nice so no Dragon Flames in the building I guess.xD
    Gives you a hug and a almond cookie.

    See you around (:
  3. Thank you. I feel welcome already *nom nom nom* I love coocies^^
  4. Hello welcome to iwaku!! I hope your day is well!
    Hope you have lots of fun here and make a lot of awesome friends !
    :3 if you ever want to RP hit me up *hugs*
  5. Don't fear little one! >:3 we have roleplays for everyone! Welcome to the siiiiite!
  6. And if you get scared you can hide behind a moderator! They're (un)paid to help you! Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you find great RP!
  7. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here! :3
  8. Hi again. I have some things I need help with. *i feel so stupid* but like I said Rp is new to me, if someones wouldn't mind helping me. I'm not even sure if I was right to ask here! :o
  9. I certainly wouldn't mind helping you out if you need it! I'm glad you've decided to join us here, I think you'll love it!
    If you need any help or whatnot you can shoot me a message or something!
  10. MY SAVIOR!! Than you for the offer of help. Well first I have a few ideas for a plot how do I post it; do I just click new thread. And I don't know how to PM someone. And I'm not sure how the spoilers work.
  11. No problem, it's my pleasure to help.

    To make a new post you do indeed create a New thread. Usually if you have a new plot idea you can go to Roleplay Talk and post your ideas to see if people are interested. After that you can put up the signup thread once you get enough people interested.

    To PM someone, you just go to their profile and click Start A New Conversion. I think it's somewhere around the profile picture.

    As for spoilers, I still have no idea how those work. You'll have to ask someone else for that, sorry.
  12. Thank you so much, my life just got a lot eaier. IOU. *hugs* thank you again
  13. Not a problem, friend! *hugs*
    If there's any questions Don't be afraid to ask!
  14. Welcome to Iwkau Hollow ^-^
    Hope you like roleplaying here, don't worry about not knowing. I'm sure you'll pick up how to roleplay easily
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