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  1. We theorized many ways the world would end. Plague, zombies, alien invasion, super storms, nuclear war, earthquakes, even the coming of paranormal beings such as vampires and banshees. None was thought to be possible. What we thought all these things had in common was that only one could happen at a time. An earthquake here, a plague there. Until now.

    It started slow, with the grey flu. A disease that took control of the human brain and turned it into a flesh eating, decaying, monster. We had it under control. Infrastructure and organization remained. Quarantine zones were set up, and the infected were shot on sight. What happened one could have predicted. It only took 7 weeks for things to go from bad, to total fucking shitstorm. It became known as the 7 circles of hell. Each week something knew appeared to ravage Earth and it's populace.

    Week 1. The Super Cell. A hurricane the size of North America ravaged Southern Asia, Australia and Eastern Africa. The massive damage caused the Grey Flu to spread rapidly in these continents.

    Week 2. Earthquake day. Also known as San Andreas Day. Major tectonic plates shifted. The U.S West coast was decimated. The Arabian peninsula was almost entirely sunk beneath the waves And life in the Pacific went extinct from tsunamis.

    Week 3. Bloody Day. The world powers were, amazingly, still holding out. Governments still functioned (barely) and aid was distributed. But the devastation lured a mythical species out of the darkness. No longer mythical, the vampire groups were proven real. A majority were civilized, and in the destruction they were reluctantly welcomed for their talents. Not all though, there were still many that held to their traditional habits of hunting and changing humans. They were killed when spotted, but none could stop them as they found sanctuary amongst the rubble and kill relentlessly.

    Week 4. No one knows what happened in this week. Nothing as devastating as the previous three. There were reports of strange occurrences. People disappearing, people that were there for one second but when you blinked they were gone. It was written off as hallucinations caused by the traumatic events of the previous weeks. But many wondered if it was something more. Something real. Something even more dangerous. We have yet to find out.

    Week 5. Invasion Day. In the previous weeks the world had begun healing itself. Not enough to prepare it the arrival of the Jerrok' alo, though. Nicknamed "Jerks", they descended from the sky in triangular gliders. Large, white, ships with no engines. They had been gliding through space looking for a new world to make their home. They came across Earth, weakened by plague and disaster. They saw the the opportunity to seize the world, and took it. They were prepared for this when they left wherever they came from. Their gliders carried hundreds of war machines. Their first contact was in Australia. The weakest point of entry. They struck so fast that by the time a more formal contact was made by outside nations, they had crushed the what remained of the Aussie populace. From there they spread. Their technology was advanced, their machines were fast. It only took a week for them to knock on the doors of Moscow, Washington, Beijing, and others with plasma shells. Humans that weren't taken as slaves were used for study.

    Week 6. Fucking Mutants. The Grey Flu reacted much more dangerously with the Jerrok. T mutated them into grotesque beasts. They behaved like the Grey Flu zombies but were much smarter. They stay exclusively in the dark, and only come out at night to hunt. This created great chaos within the Jerrok empire. Not knowing how to handle the plague, they're leadership collapsed and the empire fell apart. Now all that is left of them are splinter factions and roving bandits

    Week 7. The Final Solution. Human government collapsed. Many abandoned their posts and hid, or took the short route to the lobby. As a final solution the remaining world leaders turned their keys. They launched nukes in an attempt to wipe out the disease, the Jerrok, and anything that plagued the Earth. They intended to start life anew from their underground bunkers. Unfortunately, very few, if any of these communities survived.

    Now comes to present day. Half a year later. The zombies still roam, the mutants hunt, the vampire suck and the bandits battle. The world is in ruin. You have found yourself in the company of a group. Eight people, just looking to survive.

    Well that was an exciting intro, yes? To sum it up, the world is in the shitter and you are a part of an eight person group just trying to survive.

    So this is what I have for this so far. Still working character skele. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. oooh, I'm liking this! I'd like to be involved if this takes off!
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