Total Drama The Ridonculous Race: Dimension Jump

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  • The Ridonculous Race: Dimension Jump

    14 Teams, 1 Host, 18 Worlds, and 1 Billion Dollars.

    Join Ridonculous Race: Dimension Jump's Host Solaris McGuire as he takes you on a trip of a life time into 18 animated worlds (both anime and cartoon) for a race to 1. Billion. Dollars! So, are you up for the most Ridonculous Race of the year?

    Based on Teletoon's Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race, The Ridonculous Race: Dimension Jump starts exactly where the series it's based on starts, In Toronto, Canada. There, 14 (consisting of two people) teams will meet the host/Demi-God Solaris McGuire and start there race into 18 different worlds (mostly consisting of Cartoon and Anime) for a chance at 1 Billion Dollars. They will receive a task from the God Box (similar to the Don Box) where they will have to work together (All In), or one of them will have to do the challenge while the other watches (Botch or Watch), or have to do one or the other to reach the next part of the challenge (Either/or). Once they completed that, they must find the chill zone in order to stay in the game, those who don't make it are out of the race (and Solaris sends them home of course instead of forcing them to find there way home). Last team standing wins one billion dollars. Seems fairly easy right? Well we'll see about that!

    ::Full Name::
    ::Preferred Name::
    ::Age (14-50+)::
    ::Body Type::
    ::Skin Colour::
    ::Eye Colour::
    ::Friends:: OPEN
    ::Enemies:: OPEN
    ::Romantic Partner/Interest (please specify):: OPEN
    ::Other (just something you want to clarify)::
    *Please leave Friends, Enemies, and Romantic Interest Open for the RP unless if they are friends/Romantic Interest with their Teammate.

    In The Ridonculous Race: Dimension Jump, The 14 Teams will travel to 18 (19 counting Toronto, Canada in the Total Drama universe) worlds to compete. These worlds are mostly Anime/Cartoon wise and they will travel to 9 Anime worlds and 9 Cartoon Worlds. Instead of Picking the worlds myself, I decided to let you decide. At the end of this Paragraph are two different Straw Polls. One that will take you to a all Cartoon Poll (where you decide what world you want to see in the race) and the other will take you to a all Anime Poll. The Nine that get's the most votes will be part of the Race.

    Anime World Poll:
    Straw Poll

    Cartoon World Poll: Straw Poll


    Have fun submitting!

  • RULES-
    •No godmodding
    •No Mary Sues/Gary Stues
    •Be nice to fellow Members in the RP
    •You can make an entire team yourself or make one character and pair up with another Roleplayer in the game. HOWEVER, Please ask them first. If you don't you'll be kicked out of the RP.
    •This is a PG-13 RP. There will be light language, but nothing else. Anything that you say that is inappropriate will get you kicked out of the RP.
    •Please have Patience with me. If I'm on and I'm not replying to the RP please respect and wait. Anyone that is rude towards me for being away from my own RP will be kicked out.
    •Make sure to have fun and cooperate well!
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