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  1. INTRO

    Taking place after the events of Total Drama All-Stars, featuring an all-new cast and host, we have an all new season of Total Drama comin' at you L.I.V.E!

    That's right, viewers - this season will not only star the fabulous campers, but Pokemon companions of their choice, as well! These Pokemon will be vital to certain challenges, and all campers will be required to take one. No Pokemon? No. Playing. Got it? Good!

    Now, you're probably wondering what happened to Chris, am I right, or am I right? Well, after an unfortunate chain of events, Chris wound up being sent back to the cooler. No worries, though - you've got me as his replacement host!

    With that out of the way, why don't we get down to introducing our new cast? The contestants for this season areeee...

    Character Skeleton

    Name: Self-explanatory

    Nicknames/Aliases: What are some nicknames and titles your character has?

    Age: How old is your character? This should be somewhere from 15-19. But let me know if you want something else.

    Appearance: This can be a description OR an image. Heck, both would be awesome. Although images of real people are unfavorable, those work, too.

    Personality: What is your character like?

    Relationships with other characters: Obviously, you won't fill this out at the beginning unless you discussed/planned something with someone else. It'll be more for after the RP has started, so you can keep track of relationships.

    Skills/Talents: What is your character good at? Positive traits of theirs?

    Weaknesses/Fears: What is your character bad at? What are they afraid of?

    Pokemon: Which Pokemon will be at your character's side?

    Short Bio: Not required, if you prefer to reveal their past IC.



    So as you can tell from the temporary title(I'm still trying to figure out what to call this RP and would love suggestions), this will be a Pokemon/Total Drama Crossover Roleplay! I've got plans for characters from both series to make cameos(even have some plans for Chris - he just won't be host), so there'll be a lot of familiar faces around. However, I'll go ahead and say that no prior knowledge of Total Drama is required. Or, vice versa, Pokemon(as I'll explain the mechanics of both).

    Alright. So, Total Drama. Think major mockery on reality TV. Lots of satire, explosions, exaggerated drama and hilarity. The gist is that a certain amount of contestants have been chosen to participate in this show, with each contestant being placed on a team(in this, there will be two teams). Challenges take place, with a person being eliminated(typically a member of thee losing team) after each challenge. In this game, there will be 26 contestants, with about 14 females and 14 males(though this number is subject to change). Anyways, the goal is to last as long as you possibly can - with the camper who goes the longest without elimination being given $1,000,000 for winning the competition.

    Challenges will be roleplayed out, taking place over the course of about one RL week(so that everyone hopefully has time to get some posts in before it closes). I personally would like to see discussions go on about which team is more likely to win the competition over having to predetermine it, but if called for I'll just use a die to decide. After challenges have been completed(at the campfire where someone will be eliminated), and in between them, there will be time for interactions.

    Characters. So, first things first - Two characters allowed per person, at the beginning! If it's necessary, I'll expand this limit to fit how many characters we need. Another thing, I would realllyyyy like to see some variety with characters. I love seeing different archetypes, and I feel it's pretty important in this setting, too. Lastly, relationships are very important, too. Not even romantic ones, necessarily - it's good to talk alliances, friendships, crushes, enemies, etc.

    Now, on the note of the Pokemon part of this - this is pretty flexible and simple. Each contestant will have a Pokemon at their side through the competition, though they won't get to use them for every competition. The Pokemon will be chosen by the RPer, not the character, so don't necessarily feel obliged to pick what Pokemon your character would. Another thing to keep in mind - the Pokemon aren't likely to be best buddies with their 'trainer's at first. Think like Ash and Pikachu - it'll take time for them to develop an understanding and work well together.

    Aside from legendaries, feel free to pick any Pokemon you'd like. You can either RP the Pokemon, yourself, or if you prefer you can have it GMed for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away - there's no way I didn't forget anything here, after all.​

    1. Obviously, all Iwakuroleplay rules apply.
    2. No OOC in the IC(once it's up)!
    3. No godmodding or powerplaying.
    4. Argumentation and/or ill-treatment of other RPers will not be tolerated! After all, we're all here to have fun.
    5. Have fun!
    6. More will be added shortly​

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  2. Heavy WIP

    : Raishin of the Hoshizora Clan.

    Nicknames/Aliases: Shin

    Age: 15

    Appearance: This can be a description OR an image. Heck, both would be awesome. Although images of real people are unfavorable, those work, too.

    Personality: What is your character like?

    Relationships with other characters: Obviously, you won't fill this out at the beginning unless you discussed/planned something with someone else. It'll be more for after the RP has started, so you can keep track of relationships.

    Skills/Talents: What is your character good at? Positive traits of theirs?

    Weaknesses/Fears: What is your character bad at? What are they afraid of?


    Short Bio:
  3. Name:
    Edward Jacobson




    Chip is a clever, sly, foxy kind of guy. He tends to be cold and a bit harsh when it comes to talking with just about anyone. He tends not to empathize with anyone. He prefers relaxing with a decent book then actually going about and participating in anything. He isn't all that social himself, more so a passive observer.

    Don't let his nerdy appearance fool you. He doesn't harbor any kind of foolish beliefs about the niceness of the world and doesn't obsess over technology. He prefers keeping a knowledge of intersocial relations and being able to use it for his own gains.

    Relationships with other characters:
    Obviously, he holds no relationships right now.

    He is very skilled in gathering information about people.
    He is physically fit and active enough to gain muscle mass, unlike some other nerds.
    He's good at problem solving and active thinking.

    Chip can't swim, and the thought of water that he can't touch the bottom of scares the crap outta him.
    He is not a people person, so making allies and such will be incredibly difficult for him.
    He also suffers from claustrophobia.


    Short Bio:
    Other than living in a house with a bunch of lunatics... Or younger siblings... Chip's had an ordinary life. He's a mechanic, or at least he was until one of the little rats, his younger brothers, signed him up for some stupid reality tv show.
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  4. Name:
    Rune Riggit



    Riggit is 5’ 7” person. She has cyan eyes the size of marbles. Her skin is white and smooth. She's got sand-blond hair that is short and covered by a slouch hat. Her body is small, while her legs are built. On her is a blue shirt and puffy, green pants, along with some boots. Riggit also has a pine green jacket wrapped on around her waist.

    You know that person that reads the nutrition facts of foods more often than others? That's Riggit. She'll want to know what's what before she gets into it. She's reactive as Fluorine, well not really as she won't combust in the air, but she'll throw away whatever she's holding without hesitation if one tells her that it can poison her. She sees the glass as it being twice the size it needs to be. She likes to lay down the pure facts regardless how others feel. If one tells her to do something, Rune will take it easy for the early part and then do more improvised work at a faster pace, and then she'll take it easy again. Despite that, it's not easy for her to relax. It's hard to make her change her opinion.

    Relationships with other characters:
    They're all strangers to her.

    Other than some skills of being a nurse, she's a good camper. She can also improvise greatly. Her legs are great at running and kicking, thus why she's good at soccer and other leg-based sports.

    Her working process should contradict with most others, so she's not good at working with others. If the activity doesn't involve running or kicking, she has better chances of getting struck by lightning than being good at those activities. She's afraid of bears, wolves, and modern pop music.


    Short Bio:
    Yeah you're going to half to get this out of her.

    Wilhem Brant

    Der Trottel


    Wilhelm is a 1.75m tall man. He has green eyes, though they are covered by some wrap-around sunglasses. He has short, brown hair, though it is covered by a green tuque. There’s a mustache starting to grow on his face. A green bomber jacket over a white tank top goes over his body. Brown work gloves go over his hands. His pants are navy blue jeans. Blue sneakers are on his feet. A German accent always accompanies his voice. He's got a great build.

    This man isn't going to scream like his name implies. If you take a single roll of toilet paper from him, he’ll commit himself to beating you until you give it back. He’s fierce, yet if you beat him up a little, he’ll stay silent and obedient. He's devoted to competition and being superior. Wilhelm is barely reactive. He'll keep that same neutral face on himself nearly all the time.

    Relationships with other characters:
    They're all his enemies at the moment.

    Wilhelm has the muscles. He even lifts. He's great at working with a plan, and is determined enough to accomplish goals. Making him angry adds more adrenaline to his blood. He can also make up some funny stuff. He can take a beating.

    Finding someone better than him is his greatest fear, or people thinking of him being weak. He pushes himself too much sometimes to be masculine and superior. Making him feel sad takes out all of his energy. He already lost the battle if whatever challenge contains a brainteaser or celebrity quiz.


    Short Bio:
    Yeah, you're going to have to beat this out of him.
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    [BCOLOR=#080808]Full name: Adelaide Damara Dracovitch[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#080808]Nicknames: Addie[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#080808]Age: 16[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#080808]Appearance: [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#080808]Personality: Varies IMMENSELY. Though, her main personality is kind and caring, albeit sheepish and a bit dorky. She always wears a smile, though, it's usually just to mask her pain and fear. She faces MDD and anxiety, something that makes her life very difficult for her. Let alone piled atop her Arthritis that, when in her right mind, restricts her from doing many things. However, none of her other personalities seem to pay any of these chronic disorders any mind. Adelaide tends to be considered a clutzy, nerdy geek, when in her normal personality.[/BCOLOR]

    Relationships with other characters: N/A

    [BCOLOR=#080808]Skills/talents: These seem to change with her different ‘personalities’. She is very fast, and possesses quite a bit of strength and endurance. She has quite a few talents, but as previously stated, they vary. She’s a great singer, comedian, actor, runner, writer, sociologist, and is also talented in many other fields.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#080808]Weaknesses/Fears: Adelaide is afraid of her ‘DID’(though it isn't actually DID) ruining everything, losing the people she cares about, hurting people, heights, and needles.

    Her weaknesses include chronic pain that can render her immobile on occasion, being very fragile and easy to injure, her occasional panic attacks, her fear of heights making things involving climbing much more difficult, her clumsiness, and much more. Not to mention how easy it is to throw her off track by triggering a change in personality.[/BCOLOR]

    Pokémon: Vulpix

    [BCOLOR=#080808]Adelaide has had quite an adventurous life. At the age of five, her mother took her and her younger siblings to a fair that was passing through town. While her mother went to get a map for the group, Adelaide and her siblings were left in an old, rickety fortune teller stall. Which, happened to be full of highly fragile, old, sacred items. Adelaide couldn’t help her curiosity, and, since whoever ran this stall wasn’t around.. She went around and inspected every trinket she could get her hands on. Though, when she was returning an intricate glass jar to it’s shelf, it toppled down and shattered. The next thing Adelaide knew, the gypsy fortune teller the stall belonged to rushed in. Before Adelaide could react to what had happened, the woman was chanting in some foreign language. Adelaide couldn’t move or say a word, locked in a trance. Though, suddenly, Adelaide understood what the woman was saying. And it horrified her. The gypsy had placed a curse on her; a form of odd hypnosis. From that day fourth, Adelaide was never the same. Sure, she acted normal [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#080808]sometimes,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#080808] but that came and went frequently. It seemed her character was always changing; this was always triggered by a different variety of words or things. Eventually, her mother took her to the doctor about it. She was diagnosed with DID, but she held strong belief it wasn’t truly a medical condition that was her problem - and she was right. She immediately signed up for TDI after she heard about it; hoping to get away from her family’s worry for her.[/BCOLOR]

    Split Personalities (open)
    [BCOLOR=#080808]Main trigger words;[/BCOLOR]
    Competition, - Eleanor
    Sweet, love, hug, cuddle, adorable, cute- Lilah Lewis(Personality: Very lovey-dovey. 'Lilah' can get on the annoying side, due to her constant droning about how adorable things are, how she loves and admires life, and how she'll often cuddle you with a soft but strong grip. This personality tends to be a childish, cheerful and overly-loving optimist.)
    Perform, music, dance, act, art, sing- Astyr Blake(Personality: Astyr tends to be very... Dramatic, for lack of better words. She loves being on stage and the center of attention. She can be fairly sassy, though, this is rare.)
    Australian, adventure, danger, hunt, exploration, daring, strong, flexibility - Abigail Doug(Personality: Abigail is.. unique. She has a constant craving for adventure and danger. She can definitely be considered a bit crazy for how daring she is, and how much she enjoys the danger.)
    Mischief, pranks, deceive, havoc, stealthy, trick, trouble, chaos, mayhem, danger- Miss Mayhem(Personality: Mayhem, as she likes to be called, is one of Adelaide's least favorite personalities. This feisty and ornery personality is always begging for trouble. She's very mischievous, and if you don't keep an eye on her, you could have quite a bit of danger and trouble on your hands. Frequently, the 'pranks' she likes to perform can do quite a bit of physical(and occasionally mental) damage, though, she has yet to kill anyone.)
    Athletics, sport, race, run, ball, game- Darby Drake(Personality: Darby never seems to sit still. This personality always has to be moving. Frequently, she can be found working out, lifting weights, exercising, stretching, or playing just about any sport. This personality is the best as far as physical challenges go, for the fact she's willing to push herself to do the best she is physically possible to do.)
    Elegant, beautiful, lovely, England, English, mannerful - Elizabeth the seventh(Personality: Elizabeth is a very mannerful, classical and polite young woman. She is very proper, and frequently will refuse to get dirty for the fact it's 'unsanitary and improper'. She has great manners, is very kind and loyal, and always has her head held high.)
    Hot, attractive, bad girl, punk, rock, badass, party, hardcore, metal- Roxie(Personality: Roxie is the most flirtatious and kick-ass out of all of Adelaide's personality. This personality tends to be very suggestive, and doesn't tend to care who she's acting that way towards. She won't hesitate to make a move on anyone, and tends to enjoy playing hard-to-get after getting someone hooked on her. She tends to enjoy parties, fights, drinking, being a 'bad-girl', and many other things.)
    Nerd, geek, dork, books, video games, read, comics, movies, etc- Will bring back Adelaide from her other personalities.. Or just give her a nice slap across the face. Maybe that'll work.
  6. Name: Zachary Dackerson

    Nicknames/Aliases: Zach,

    Age: 17

    Appearance: I'm working on a sketch for him so, WIP

    Personality: Extreme Introvert. He's terrible at communicating with other people, but pokemon seem to understand him. He's constantly with his partner pokemon, Gallade, and refuses to use poke-balls to contain them. (He only uses them once, and only with the permission of the pokemon, in order to capture them.) He hates having to talk with people and, whenever confronted with an actual conversation, becomes flustered and spits out whatever he was currently thinking. He's quite intellectual and athletic, seeing as how he likes to run around with his pokemon friends.

    Relationships with other characters: None as of right now.

    Skills/Talents: Highly intellectual, Athletic, Can climb trees far more quickly than the average human, seems to understand pokemon most of the time, Pokémon seem to be attracted to him, as he is constantly surrounded by curious wild pokemon.

    Weaknesses/Fears: Terrible at communication, afraid of social events/people. Hates people to use pokemon against their will.

    Pokemon: Gallade (Working on a sketch of him and Gallade)

    Short Bio: Zach had always hated being near people, but he found peace in the presence of pokemon. He would abandon his fellow humans to play with the wild pokemon of the surrounding area of his village. This went on for years, until one day, one of the other children of the village followed him, as she was very curious where he went every single day. When Zach realized he had a visitor, he was terrified. She tried to speak to him, but he didn't know what to do. He got flustered and ran away. Through his running, and not looking where he as going, and ran into a tree. Falling over, he realized his landing wasn't all that painful. In fact, it was soft. He got up and realized he had landed on top of one of the wild pokemon. It was a ralts, and it had fainted from the impact of him falling on it. Not knowing what to do in this situation, he picked up the ralts and ran to the nearest village, to make use of the pokemon center. After a very awkward encounter with the Nurse, and the Ralts had been healed, he apologized and began to lead the ralts back to where he had found it. When he tried to leave it, however, it followed him, and wouldn't stop no matter what he tried. Zach finally gave in and offered the Ralts his one and only poke ball, which had been given to him by his mother. The ralts accepted it, and Zach had caught his first pokemon. (He let it out of the ball right afterwards.) He decided that he and his new companion should explore the land, in order to find new friends and adventure. The ralts seemed to like this plan. And so, after a couple years of adventuring, their efforts had awarded them with 2 evolutions in the Ralts, transforming it into a Gallade, and new confidence in Zachary. Yes, he still had trouble talking to people, but he could at least form a sentence or two in front one. He still had trouble with crowds though. Zachary had heard of an event called TDI, and believed that this could be one of his, and Gallade's, greatest adventures yet.
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  7. Name: Clement Lyndon Wester

    Nicknames/Aliases: Someone once gave him the nickname Clem. He hates it, but everyone seems to use it anyways.

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Clement can usually be found in an entirely monochrome outfit. He always wears a dark grey hoodie, no matter how hot or cold it may be outside. He has medium-short scruffy black hair (it reaches to a little past his ears on the sides) with a rather large fringe covering part of the right half of his face. He has stormy grey-blue eyes and pretty pasty skin.

    Personality: Clement is reserved and tends to keep to himself. He usually shares on a need-to-know basis, even if he likes you. He's concise and doesn't say much. Most people see him as icy and standoffish, but if you really get underneath all his tough outer layers he can be a nice companion. He's extremely loyal, willing to sacrifice himself for his closest friends in a heartbeat.

    Relationships with other characters: None at the moment.

    Skills/Talents: Clement can read people very well, and picks up much better on unconscious cues from other people. Due to his reserved nature, he doesn't tend to speak and therefore has some decent skill at being stealthy.

    Weaknesses/Fears: Clement hates anything that requires him to perform, even when he's alone. He's very conscious of personal space (which he requires a lot of), but lacks the motivation or confidence to tell people to buzz off if they get too close. He's terrified of being left alone in the wilderness.

    Pokemon: Absol

    Short Bio: Nobody really knows, since he never talks about it. The only thing that's clear is that he was not the one to sign himself up for this show.

    Name: Rey Bracker

    Nicknames/Aliases: Flare, Mirage

    Age: 19


    Image Credit

    Rey has choppy, medium-length fiery red hair. Her eyes are a vibrant hazel that stand out against her not-quite-tan complexion. She has very angular features that give her face a certain sharpness that makes her seem, well, prickly. (The image posted is free to use and linked to the original site)

    Personality: Rey is extremely headstrong, and does not take kindly to anyone challenging her. Her stubbornness has led her into trouble more than once. Her nickname Flare is a reference to her fierce temper, which she often doesn't try to hold back. She's quick to snap, but she'll leave you alone if you stay out of her way.

    Relationships with other characters: None right now.

    Skills/Talents: Rey is strong both physically and mentally, and generally pretty intelligent. She's ruthless in getting what she wants, and knows how to force people into accepting her methods.

    Weaknesses/Fears: She usually ends up offending people some way or another, and doesn't at all get along with people when trying to accomplish a task as a team. She acts as though she has no fears, but show her anything related to the supernatural and she'll flip.

    Pokemon: Charizard

    Short Bio: Rey's been somewhat of a troublemaker her whole life. She's not necessarily a bad person, but she's often willing to take more risks than most people. Her parents tried sending her to a school that required uniforms, but every day she was sent home for a dress code violation. Usually she would show up in skinny jeans and a leather vest with a white t-shirt underneath, or on a tame day in a drastically modified school uniform. Her parents eventually gave up and let her do what she wanted, and she dropped out of school at around 17. She was on the road for a while, but got bored and thought that perhaps a dangerous reality show might give her the adrenaline she was craving.​
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