Total Drama/Pokemon crossover, anyone?

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  1. Yup. Had another dumb idea, as per usual - a pokemon/TD crossover. It's a really vague idea, and is probably lame and stupid, but I wanted to see if anyone would be interested just in case, anyways!

    So this would be a new season of TD(set just after All-Stars, though), with a new cast(of OCs) and host(because for the sake of things let's say Chris finally got arrested for all of the many illegal things he was doing). But, alongside each camper will be a Pokemon, as some challenges will require the Pokemon to chip in.

    At the moment, if there ends up being interest in this, the title is up for debate and I'd love opinions on it.

    Finally, here's kind of the character skeleton I have in mind, but it might be edited a bit.

    Name: Self-explanatory

    Nicknames/Aliases: What are some nicknames and titles your character has?

    Age: How old is your character?

    Appearance: This can be a description OR an image. Heck, both would be awesome.

    Personality: What is your character like?

    Relationships with other characters: Obviously, you won't fill this out at the beginning unless you discussed/planned something with someone else. It'll be more for after the RP has started, so you can keep track of relationships.

    Skills/Talents: What is your character good at? Positive traits of theirs?

    Weaknesses/Fears: What is your character bad at? What are they afraid of?

    Short Bio: Not required, if you prefer to reveal their past IC.

    I'm also really out of it so I may have forgotten some things
  2. While I've may not have really watched any season of Total Drama completely (though I have watched a few episodes every now and then when they came on CN), I liked the show and I like Pokemon. I'm interested enough to join in. I'm a little sad that Chris won't be hosting it though, but will Chef Hatchet not be in this as well? I just want to know, it won't affect my interest.

    Also, what would be a name for this, other than the obvious Total Drama Pokemon?
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  3. Don't worry - I've still got some plans for Chris, so he won't be completellyyyy excluded.

    As for Chef, eyup! I've also considered having Brock work with Chef so he can badger him in the kitchen(and make food for the Pokemon).
  4. Oh yeah, Brock and Chef Hatchet working together would be an interesting combination.
  5. Glad to hear you think so!
  6. This is literally one of the weirdest crossover ideas I've ever heard of, and I love it. I would love to be part of the chaos that would undoubtably occur.
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  7. Yayyyy! :D
  8. 1. Will Pokemon and Camper be played by seperate characters?

    2. Are legendaries allowed (I'm mostly thinking about the smaller ones like Core Zygarde, a Baby Rayquaza and such).
  9. If you mean separate players, then nope. People get to play their own Pokémon unless they decide they want them gmed for them.

    As for legendaries, 'fraid not. Any Pokémon aside from Legendaries are a-okay, though.
  10. Mark me down as, "Super Interested!!"
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  11. I'm not very familiar with Total Drama, but I hope I can qualify. I just need another Pokemon RP after all the others perished into RP hell.

    So I guess we get to choose our Pokemon and their movesets?
  12. YAYYY ENT <3

    Fair enough. I didn't mention it, but knowledge of TD won't really be required, anyways. The mechanics I'll be explained in the OP, so no worries.

    And yup!