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  1. The camera showed what looked like the dock of shame from the seemingly gone Camp Wawanakwa before a handsome blonde male appeared before the screen with a smile.
    "Hello there! We're coming at you live from the New Camp Wawanakwa! Somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario! I'm your new host, Micheal. Dropping season six of the hottest reality show on television; Right here! Right now!" He said with enthusiasm. "Now before you start asking questions such as: "Huh?!" Or, "Who?!" Or, "Where the hell is Chris?!", allow me to answer them." Michael said as he started walking on the right side of the dock.

    "Back in season five, The original Camp Wawanakwa sank into the water. And as for Chris, well, let's just say he's no longer in charge of running things around here." He said with a chuckle.

    "But thanks to you guys and myself, we re-created Camp Wawanakwa, and yours truly got to become host!" He gloated and laughed proudly as he started walking onto the left side of the dock.

    "Here's how it works for those of you who are new to Total drama.." He started in explanation, "24; not 22, but 24 campers have signed up to be part of this competition at 1 million dollars! They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgement of their fellow campers. Every two days, will either win a reward, or watch one of their own walk down the dock of shame and ride the boat of losers, and never come back." He explained as the screen switched to the
    Campfire ceremony.

    "Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremony where all but one will receive, a marshmallow." He explains as he popped a marshmallow into his mouth.

    "In the end, only one will be left standing to be awarded..the one. Million. Dollars!" He said smiling, "To survive, they'll have to face: disgusting bugs, Wildlife, Disgusting camp food, and each other." He explained as screen showed various shots of Where the cameras were. "Every moment will be captured on the hundreds of cameras situated all over the camp. Who will crack under the pressure? Who will be the first sent home? Find out right here, right now on Total. Drama. Redux!" Michael said with enthusiasm as the screen Zoomed out to show the Island once again.
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  2. After a short commercial break, the screen returned to the dock of shame where Michael was again. "Welcome back to Total Drama Redux!" He said with enthusiasm. "Much like the first season, one or two campers will get off of a boat." He said as the the first boat came by and let the first camper off.
  3. Right on cue, Broderick popped out of the boat, walking onto the dock and to Michael enthusiastically. "Michael, right? Pleasure ta meet ya!" he greeted with a grin, eyes twinkling with excitement. He couldn't believe he was actually here!!
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  4. [(note: Micheal's Color is white because he's not a camper >:3)]

    "Broderick! Great to see you man!" Micheal said, greeting him with enthusiasm. "Go wait on the other side of the dock for the rest of the campers." He said, pointing to the other side of the dock of shame.
  5. Broderick nodded, and went to wait on the other side of the dock, excitedly. He was the first one here! He was teeming with happiness, and couldn't wait for the other campers to arrive.
  6. Archie bounced around on the deck of the boat, her hands balled up with excitement. As the boat neared shore, she waved to Michael and the camera. "Howdy y'all!" She greeted as she got off. She surveyed the island, looking in every direction while walking up to Michael. "Ey, Michael, nice to see ya!" She was tempted to hold her hand out for him to shake, but decided not to. "So, where do I go stand?"
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  7. "Archie..Nice to see you." Micheal said, "You can go stand next to Broderick and Wait and meet the others okay?" He said pointing to where Broderick was.
  8. "Alrighty then!" she said as she bounded over to where Broderick was.
  9. Henry loved the boat ride. The wind was blowing in his face, the sea smelled delicious. But then, there was a sudden lurch as the boat stopped, almost sending Henry over the side of the boat, into the ocean.

    He regained his balance, and composure, and walked towards the docks, towards Micheal. His smile was bright, and he was waving.

    "Hey Micheal!!" He shouted, he was really excited about being here. He looked over at the other two contestants.
    He saw two guys.
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  10. "Hello Street Rat Henry!" Michael said with a small chuckle. "Glad to see you here. Why don't you go and stand next to the other contestants okay?" He asked with a smile.
  11. Henry's face darkened for the slightest moment, then returned to his bright smile.
    "Alright, Micheal." He said in a happy voice. He was already building a slight hatred for the host.

    He walked over to the others and stood next to them. Not saying anything, but smiling.
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  12. She really hated boats now, after almost puking into the ocean she was ready to get off. However, before she got off she froze a bit, she had to admit, she had no idea what she was doing at the moment. Instead of slimbing off the boat, she just stood there for a moment. Blushing, then regaining her composure she briskly walked off the boat almost militantly, and reached into a pocket and started shaking a hand warmer, trying to distract herself from her own awkward moment. ...Why did I sign up for this again? Sheepishly, she walked up to Michael, as if unsure of what to do, but instead of speaking, she just remained silent, and stared at the T.V host.
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  13. "Hannah..." Michael said, his enthusiasm slowing down as the girl stared at her. "Nice to see you..wanna say something or are you gonna go Stand with the rest of the competitors?" He asked, pointing to the 3 competitors already there.
  14. Shaking her head, she concealed her embarrassment as she walked over to the other competitors as she hung near a post, trying to fade away. It wasn't enough that she had to pause, but now she acted like a complete fool on a T.V. show. This was already turning out to be a horrible, horrible choice.
  15. Tyson sat on the boat with his two suitcases in his hand. A big smile on his face. "I can't wait to make this documentary" In his other hand was a huge video camera, Laying on his shoulder. The smell of the disgusting polluted water had a big smile on his face. When he finally got to the dock, He stepped off the boat and approached the new host with the camera at his face "Hello i'm tyson, Good luck beating the greedy, terrifying old host Chris"
  16. Michael made a small shudder after Hannah left to join the others, before turning his attention to a competitor with a camera. "Hello Tyson.." Michael said, rather annoyed. "You do realize there's camera's all over the island right?" He asked, crossing his arms. "Just go stand by the rest of the competitors. And don't do anything weird. Got it?" He said, almost irritated by the competitor with the camera.
  17. "Yeah but i'm making my own documentary about the island, It will be the best documentary ever!" He smiled and breathed the air in, he then walked to the line of competitors
  18. Michael rolled his eyes as the next competitor got off the boat. A girl with pink hair got off the boat next, taking off her sunglasses and shoved them into her plaid skirt's pocket. She then brought her attention to Michael and smiled, although on the inside she really didn't want to smile.

    "Hello Michael. Nice to see you again. Is this where were staying?" The girl asked as she looked around. "Yep it is Meg. This Is a recreation of Camp Wawanakwa after all." He Said, smiling. "Okay than." She said, simply shrugging it off and smiling as she walked over to the other competitors.
  19. Richard strode off the boat, with a backpack slung upon his back, and a long, silver case which is used to contain something very personal to him, he twirled around the dock and took a breath of fresh air, and took in the Island, it surely looks more beautiful than any or the prior seasons, or so he's heard. It contains beautifully tall trees, some homely buildings, and nice people, nice people who don't care about him after a while...but nice people nonetheless!
    He went over toward one of the people, apparently someone very important and proceeded to ask this person a question;
    "Hello, call me Richard, and I am as peachy as ever to be here!!!"
  20. Michael laughed lightly at the male's Enthusiasm. "Glad to hear it." He said, walking over to the guy. "Why don't you go stand over by the other campers okay?" He asked, smiling.
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