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    Good, Now that I have your attention, I have something important to share. Inspired by the 'Total Drama' Series, I decided to make a RP for it. Here's how it works:

    •The location will take place on Camp Wawanakwa (Like TD) but will be the way it was before seasons 4 & 5 (of TD).

    •There will be 3 teams, (Like season 3) 1 team will win, another will be saved from elimination, and the losing team will send someone home.

    •The Elimination Ceremony will be like the campfire ceremony (there will be marshmallows), the losing person will receive something too, even if their out (like season 4 with the toxic-marshmallow of loserdom).

    •There will be a challenge and a loser going home every 2 days (like season 1 but with only 2 instead of 3 days).

    • Chris McLean will NOT be featured in this, I will be playing host with my own OC (Michael Adams) who is something like Chris. However, I do need someone to be Chef Hatchet (If interested).

    •More info will be shared as the RP goes on.
    That’s where you guys come in, if you are interested in playing, you have to have to following things:

    •An Oc (This character can be drawn, or the picture can be looked up on google doesn’t have to be yours, or you can describe what they look like, but a picture would be nice).

    •Tell us about your OC. like, dislikes, personality, Stereotype, and Fear (There will be a Fear-Facing challenge like season 1’s “Phobia Factor”). And a introduction (like a audition if you will).

    There will be 24 campers in all. We have 23 so we need 1 more. Ok? Good Luck everyone! I won't start posting Anything until all 10 contestants have been picked.
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  2. OMG JOININGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I see you followed my advice.

    I'm still interested! I want to draw my own character TDI style. (I'll opt for a Written Description until I finish the image.)
  4. I would Draw but I am very bad at it XD so I'll use my Gamer ^^

    Coline Paira Miroslava, Red

    Nickname: People Online call her C.R.Y Friends call her C
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Character: Gamer/Youtuber
    Personality: Not playing video games I am A very happy person that loves cookies and meeting people. When playing video Game I say alot of bad words not meaning any of them ^^
    Nationality: German, Russian, Canadian (Yep I am all that in real life ^^)
    DOB: August 10th
    From(born place): Canada
    Skills/Talents/Hobbies: She good at playing video games and having Fun!
    Likes: Video game, Cookies,
    Dislikes: People killing her in video games, jerks and other stuff,

    History: Family is Rich so she doesn't care about others money....

    Voices and theme songs (open)


    Voices and theme songs (open)

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  5. Great Character! Your accepted!
    -Total Characters Needed: 22-
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  6. Thanks ^^ its my character for House! And when I saw this I though she would be great for it ^^
  7. Your welcome, and thank you for making such an amazing character !
  8. Warning: My character is going to be female! (Pointing this out before the Ratio becomes out of whack.)
  9. Joining! I'm writing my CS now.
  10. Okay. We now have 3 out of 12 female :)
  11. I'm signing up as female, as well. ^_^
  12. Great! We now have 4 out of 12 girls.
  13. Can't wait for this to start even though its going to be a long time from now XD
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  14. The faster people to submit, the faster this can start (and trust me, I'm anxious as well :) )
  15. Full name: Desiree Isolde Jordan
    Nicknames: Des
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    DOB: Feb 12th
    Sexuality: Straight(Or she's in denial and she's bi. We just don't know, guys.)

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Realistic version:
    Desiree tends to wear casual clothing, with the occasional exception of a dress or skirt. However, no matter what she wears, she always makes sure to wear a jacket of some form(sometimes, if necessary, a fancier one) to cover the dozens of scars, bruises, and cuts littering her body.
    Height: 5'8
    Figure: Average, on the skinny side
    Color of hair: Blonde
    Eye color: Deep blue

    Personality: Timid, easily flustered, quiet, shy, kind, gentle, stands for what she believes, patient, loyal, trusting/trustworthy, sees the best in people, occasionally jokes around with people she's close to, modest, stubborn, extremely affectionate, protective, humble.
    Talents or skills: Desiree is well trained in marksmanship, and has IMMENSE pain tolerance. Desiree is also incredible at making deductions and crafting, and can think of plans on the fly.
    Fears: Losing the people(things) she cares about(ex her pet husky or her best friend Nate), and intimacy(though near nobody knows this, since the fact she's scared of it embarrasses her furiously). As a method of making people stop calling her 'fearless'(as they do when she says she only has two fears, which she actually does), she pretends to be afraid of snakes, sharks, tomatoes, chipmunks, Emus and bears, though nobody knows it's just her acting.
    Stereotype: The shy, quiet girl.

    Are Parents Live/Deceased?: Deceased
    Parents: Kayla Jordan and Samuel Jordan
    Siblings: Edward Jordan, her 13-year-old Autistic brother.

    Biography: Desiree started off with a pretty normal life. She was well cared for by her loving middle-class parents, had a good education, and had everything she needed within her reach. She strove to help others and to be the best person she could. At the age of six, her parents were killed in an 'accident', and she was forced to move in with her a little less than kind aunt and uncle, whom weren't exactly fond of the girl dumped on their doorstep. She was frequently abused by the couple, verbally and physically. As the years flew by, Desiree was finally thirteen. This happened to be the year everything changed. Her aunt and uncle fell incredibly ill, and, despite the horrid way they treated her, Desiree worked incredibly hard to earn money for them to be treated. Though, they only grew more sour and abusive towards the girl. Ever since then, Desiree has acted like an adult and done everything to take care of her family, no matter how terrible they are to her, even after she saved their lives. After hearing of TDI, Desiree immediately knew that would be the perfect way to earn enough money to help her aunt and uncle once and for all, as well as to finally escape them. She also plans to put quite a bit of money towards fulfilling her brother's medical needs, and plans to share the rest with her fellow competitors.

    Main Theme:

    What she sings to her little brother for inspiration(and, honestly, because it helps her, too): (This is also the lullaby her mother would sing to her every night, until her passing.)
    Honestly, this just fits:
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  16. I wish I could draw something like that V^V but no i use only bull pop. -V-
  17. Love your design <3 <3 <3!!! Consider yourself Accepted!
    -Competitors needed: 20-
  18. Lol! I wish I could draw like that, too. I just got it off google. XD
  19. To Cry and SavMarie43, I'm your character applications, it seems you forgot to add 'Fears'. in TDI, the 2nd challenge involves you facing your fears. (BTW, the challenges are not based off of the first season, most of them are made up.)
  20. Oh, derp! I'll go add that. :) Also; you guys can call me Sav, if you wish. That's what, like, everyone calls me. XD
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