Total. Drama. Island. (OC'S NEEDED!!!)

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    Good, Now that I have your attention, I have something important to share. Inspired by the 'Total Drama' Series, I decided to make a RP for it. Here's how it works:

    •The location will take place on Camp Wawanakwa (Like TD) but will be the way it was before seasons 4 & 5 (of TD).

    •There will be 3 teams, (Like season 3) 1 team will win, another will be saved from elimination, and the losing team will send someone home.

    •The Elimination Ceremony will be like the campfire ceremony (there will be marshmallows), the losing person will receive something too, even if their out (like season 4 with the toxic-marshmallow of loserdom).

    •There will be a challenge and a loser going home every 2 days (like season 1 but with only 2 instead of 3 days).

    • Chris McLean will NOT be featured in this, I will be playing host with my own OC (Michael Adams) who is something like Chris. However, I do need someone to be Chef Hatchet (If interested).

    •More info will be shared as the RP goes on.
    That’s where you guys come in, if you are interested in playing, you have to have to following things:

    •An Oc (This character can be drawn, or the picture can be looked up on google doesn’t have to be yours, or you can describe what they look like, but a picture would be nice).

    •Tell us about your OC. like, dislikes, personality, Stereotype, and Fear (There will be a Fear-Facing challenge like season 1’s “Phobia Factor”). And a introduction (like a audition if you will).

    There will be 24 campers in all. We have 2 (My OC's Michael Adams and Hallie King) so we need 22 more. Ok? Good Luck everyone! I won't start posting Anything until all 22 contestants have been picked. (NOTE: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE DISCUSSION THREAD, BUT NOW IT IS. SO GO TO THE DISCUSSION THREAD TO FIND THIS AND SUBMIT. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!!!!!) can't find it? Go here:
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  2. I'm interested! (However, I will like to point out you posted this in the IC thread, not the Discussion thread.)
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  3. Ohhhh....Okay. I just started today so I didn't really know. Thanks for telling me! I really appreciate it!! ^^
  4. Okay, it's NOW in the discussion thread. Have fun submitting :)
  5. then submit an OC! It's first come first serve :)
  6. Whatever you want to do. Although, I should let you know that this is on the discussion thread as well, so you can submit there too. We currently have 2 (Myself and another competitor) already accepted, we still need 22 competitors left ^^. Have fun submitting!
  7. No. I learned from someone this is the IC thread :P. I have the same thing Posted on the discussion thread. And...I rather prefer you to apply on the discussion thread. But...if you can't find it, then just apply here.
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