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  1. Come on and audition for Total Drama: High School. There will be three teams: The Nerds, The Jocks, and The Preps. I know it is stereotypical, but deal with it. Teams will not be chosen by player, and NOT BY PERSONALITY. I am the host, and here is a little info about the host:

    Name: Sara Jones
    Age: 19

    To sign up, please use this form or the advanced/normal sign up form with the information that is not included.

    Archetype: (A 1-3 label of what their personality is; for example Heather is 'The Queen Bee' and Gwen is 'The Gothic Loner')
    Appearance/Picture: (Please use Total Drama style picture or anime)
    Single or Taken:
    Audition Tape: (Please describe the surrondings and what they say)

    1. One or two characters per person
    2. No perfect characters!
    3. Write with 1-5 paragraphs, no novels!
    4. Don't copy canon characters, and you can not make your character related to a canon character

    I am going to make a character too :3
    Please join!


    1. Rhett (The Neat Freak) - played by FangirlingSinceBirth
    2. Ryan (far left) (The Repair Boy) - played by Phantom Plaza
    3. Drake (The Comedic One) - played by justice hunt
    4. Sybil (The Shy Girl) - played by Sav The Zombitch
    5. Ash (left) (The Mischievous Duo, 1/2) - played by Kitsune
    6. Dash (right) (The Mischievous Duo, 1/2) - played by Kistune
    7. Astyr (The Gamer Geek) - played by Sav The Zombitch
    8. Brea (left) (The Closet Nerd) - played by Brea
    9. Jenna (right) (The Heartthrob) - played by Brea
    10. Choi (The Skater/Rebel Girl) - played by Kakra
    11. Lilito (The Jock) - played by Kakra
    12. Jake (The Chatty Kathy) - played by justice hunt
    13. Corbett (The Psycho Oddity) - played by Samantha
    14. Edward (The Evil Genius) - played by Quiet Musician
    15. Morgan (The Emo Girl) - played by Samantha
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  2. Can I pretty please reserve a female contestant? :D
  3. yes can i reserve a male contestant, i also find it hilarious that you used my avatar that i used in another total drama thread!
  4. I would like to reserve a male contestant
  5. Name:



    The Neat Freak

    Rhett is a huge perfectionist, and has to make everything perfect. He doesn't trust people easily. He would not call himself a social butterfly, nor a shy person. Sometimes his neatness can take control of him.

    Rhett looks like the picture, but his hair is auburn with a couple of blonde streaks. He is 6' 7".

    Single or Taken:

    Rhett's perfectionist side of him can really control him, and prevent him from actually getting something done. He also has a fear of stairs.

    Rhett has been a Cub Scout since a young age leaving him to have basic camping and survival skills. He also has major skill at the cello.

    Audition Tape:
    Rhett is sitting in a perfect looking room. It is a bedroom, and he is sitting on a bed where the edges of the blanket are folded in perfectly. All the posters on the wall are all not ripped and perfectly hung up, and straight (unlike himself!). "Hello," he says with a Tenor voice, "My name is Rhett, and I would like to be on Total Drama because... well... CUT!" The scene changes to another room. "I'm Rhett, and I... CUT!" This goes on for a long time before he is just holding signs written in cursive saying, 'Hello [new sign] My name is Rhett [new sign] I want to be on Total Drama'. Then he falls over because he is so tired.
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  6. You guys are reserved, just you must make the character by the end of this week or you loose your place.
  7. Name: Ryan​


    Gender: Male

    Archetype: The Repair Boy

    Personality: Ryan is a very chilled out and calm guy that enjoys mechanics and building. Sometimes he can be to chilled and he will zone out and will ignore his surroundings.

    Appearance/Picture: Ryan He's the one on the far left.

    Single or Taken: Single

    Flaws: Sometimes he can be to chilled and he would zone out, can be very mean if you manage piss him off and he is afraid to talk in front of a large group of people (But he isn't afraid of being on camera)

    Talents: Mechanics, Calm under pressure, Building, Repairing, Fighting and Dancing.

    Audition Tape: Ryan is standing in a car mechanics with many tools around with a broken car behind him and he has oil on his face and a sucker in his mouth. "Uuhh hey the names Ryan and I want to join Total Drama because my brothers said it would be fun to watch me be in it and...I..." Ryan started to zone out but someone yelled at him to get out of his garage and to get away from his camera and he snapped out of it. "Ssoo ya let me join and I'm sure you wont be disappointed" He said quickly before he ran out of the frame.

    Other: Always has a sucker in his mouth and no one knows where he keeps getting them. Inside the pendant that he wears on his chest is a picture of him and his brothers (The others in the appearance pic) that he always keeps on him and if someone takes it he will get angry and take it back by force
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  8. Accepted :) And I know an Archetype- its a nick name used in Percy Jackson
  9. Cool also what?
  10. it's a archetype used in Percy Jackson
  11. Do I have to guess?
  12. Oooh I see it now Repair Boy I like it thx
  13. Alright, since I have a feeling someone is going to say I'm 'copying Mike' by having my character have DID, I'd like to get something across first; Mike is literally the worst character in TDI history. His portrayal caused a LOT of outrage from a lot of people, because it wasn't even slightly realistic to the actual disorder, which made a lot of people angry because it may as well have been mocking the real people who actually have the disorder. THAT BEING SAID, my character will actually be realistic to the disorder. But if you still don't like that she has it, I guess I can remove it.

    Name: Sybil Tamara Allaway

    Aliases: Syb

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Archetype: The Shy Girl

    Personality: Sybil is a generally quiet, shy, and timid girl. She's extremely easily flustered, and is quick to embarrassment. However, once she becomes friends with someone, her shy shell seems to vanish and she becomes talkative, witty, and happier than she normally is. Despite her shyness, she always instinctively will help someone if they need it, and is very intelligent and obedient. She has a good sense of humor, and finds it easy to make others laugh. However, she has an extremely low self esteem. She's clinically depressed, and frequently puts herself down.

    However, Sybil has a split personality, Melody, who differs extremely. She's a straight-to-the-point type, but is fairly calm and composed. She could be described as laid back, but at times, she can be completely opposite of that. Basically, she changes in every different scenario. While she isn't terribly fond of her 'host', she is fairly protective of her.


    Single or Taken: Single

    Sexuality: Straight

    Audition Tape: In the video, Sybil is seen sitting on a bed, fiddling nervously with the seam of her shirt. After a minute or so, she finally manages a small shy smile and wave toward the camera. "H-hello... I'm Sybil Allaway, and I'm hoping to be accepted for the show because... Because my brother is extremely ill, and I'm hoping to win the money to help him..." she stated, with very slight confidence. Then, she gave another small smile. "So.. Please consider me as a contestant, and.. Thank you," she finished, before the camera shuts off.

    Talents (open)
    Sybil is an extraordinary artist, songwriter, and guitarist. However, she never admits to being good at anything. While it isn't really a 'talent', per se, she has an aura about her that makes her easy to talk to. Lastly, she's great with kids and animals, despite her lacking social skills.

    Weaknesses (open)
    While Sybil is extremely clever, she's fairly easy to manipulate at first(though, the second she catches on, she slyly plans a counter-action). She has a tendency to see the good in people, even when it's not there. She's extremely protective of those she becomes close to, and often takes the blame for things she didn't even do to protect someone she cares about from punishment. She has an intense fear of losing people she

    Medical Conditions (open)
    DID, quite obviously. She also has MDD, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and paranoia. Though, she seldom lets anyone know about these things.

    Fears (open)
    She has an intense fear of losing people she cares about, as well as people turning on her. Ever since a number of incidents as a child, she has been terrified of being left alone in the dark, and has an extreme fear of clowns. She also has a fear of her split personality doing something.. inappropriate, or uncalled for.

    Biography (open)
    Sybil grew up with a tough life. Her father left her and her mother at birth without even saying goodbye, and neither of the girls has heard anything from him since. In fact, even as an infant, she hasn't gotten even a glance at him, even from a picture. Why? Because ever since he left, she was the one to blame. Her mother went crazy when she found out he left, going through her apartment and smashing every picture of her and her boyfriend she had ever owned. But she didn't stop there, either; everything of his that had been left there was either destroyed or thrown out. Soon after, Sybil's mother turned to drugs and alcohol, all of this before Sybil had even turned one. As the years went by, Sybil was her mother's last target; the last remaining thing that was left to remind her of her unofficially ex-boyfriend. This landed Sybil a fate much worse than being smashed or tossed into the trash; constant abuse, demeaning words, and lack of affection from her mother. She received beatings, was constantly reminded how worthless she was, and was basically fending for herself, save for the roof over her head. This continued for years, up until she turned nine. It was then that her mother married a man named Walter. Which, Sybil thought would make life at least a little better..

    Boy, was she wrong.

    The man happened to have a fourteen-year-old son, named Ander. While the abuse from her mother had ceased, she was now outright ignored by both the woman and her new step-father. Ander became her only friend, and he taught her in private, since her mother had never sent her to school. She self-taught on top of this, advancing beyond the intellect of most kids her age. However, it came at a price. Because Ander was frequently left to babysit Sybil, he often ended up dragging her places with him, even when she didn't want to go. However, she adjusted, and grew used to this.

    However, things got out of hand when two years later, Ander drug her to a Halloween party. And, promptly ditched her in the haunted house to go out scaring people. Normally, she couldn't care less, but this time.. It all changed. The place was crowded to the brim, so it went unnoticed when a clown brushed past her, in doing so, giving her a light shove. This pushed her to the edge of the room, where the clown promptly covered her mouth and pulled her out of the main room. While Sybil kicked and screamed to no result, she was dragged down into a cellar, where the clown promptly molested her, before raping her and leaving her nearby. After awakening, she disorientedly found her way home, where she was punished for coming home late. She never told anyone about the incident, and still hasn't to this day.

    After this, the beatings resumed, and the girl fell into deeper depression than ever before; her split personna slowly developing. She withdrew even more, frequently locking herself in her room for days on end. She recalled experiencing extreme cases of memory loss around this time, and people frequently claimed she had done things that she swore she hadn't. However, a year later, she was told she had to sleep in the living room to 'guard the house' to 'make herself useful'. She thought nothing of it and did so, assuming nothing would happen.

    Again, she was wrong.

    Once night, she was secretly watching a movie, when she saw a flashlight being shined through the glass kitchen door. She instantly panicked, falling into a panic attack much worse than any other she had experienced. However, Sybil's extreme spite of being in the situation resulted in her split personality, Melody, taking the reigns. She silently called her step-father, asking him to come down. Surprisingly, he did, a few minutes after Melody had heard the door click open and slide open. And, of course, the culprit was none other than an illegally-drunk Ander. So, Sybil was punished. But as it had been occurring ever since the clown incident... Sybil could never recall the beatings. Why? Because whenever they occurred, it triggered her personality switch.

    So, this all continued through the years, till her mother passed away in a car crash two years ago. Because her step-father didn't want her, Ander took her in and has taken care of her ever since. She was taken to the doctor due to her memory lapses, as well as a variety of odd things happening for her, and was diagnosed with a number of disorders. Ever since, Ander has been trying to find a way to get her out into the real world, to finally have fun for a change. So, he naturally insisted she join TD when he saw an ad.

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  14. Name(s):
    Ash & Dash

    16 & 16

    Female & Male

    The Mischievous Duo

    During one's first encounter with Ash, they will be able to tell that's she's very friendly and kind. She likes to meet new people, despite her shy nature. She tends to stay away from huge crowds, enjoying only small groups. You can always find her with her twin brother. It's rare that she's away from him. And because of this dependency and attachment, she has a side that many don't notice right away.

    To be frank, Ash has a Brother Complex. She's very attached to her brother and likes it that way. She supports him in everything he does and takes care of him. She likes the thought that she's the only girl that her brother needs in his life (except for their mom and other family members). When one tries to become to close to her brother, she does everything that she can to immediately put a stop to the blooming relationship and make sure said person is never seen again. It's especially bad with other girls, not so much guys. She does this secretly: always calling for Dash's attention, making sure he's always by her side, etc. It's small things that most wouldn't notice, which is why no one would be able to truly see how possessive and jealous she can become.


    During one's first encounter with Dash, they will be able to tell that the male is pretty laid-back and calm. He's kind, but in a cool kind of way. He goes with the flow of things. If there is a huge crowd, he'll go with the huge crowd. If there is a small group, he'll stay in the small group. Because of this he's pretty indecisive, not knowing what to do most of the time. Luckily, he has his sister and the rest of his family to make those decisions for him.

    Unlike his sister, he isn't as dependent as her. But he does have the same over-protectiveness that every other brother does. He will let Ash do her own thing, but is always making sure that she's safe. Surprisingly, even though he's calm and collected, he does have a short fuse. He's one to get annoyed easily and, possibly, throw a punch before trying to talk it out. He's not the one to talk when there's anger building up in him. Afterwards, you can talk it out with him all you want.


    The both of them do like to play pranks every now and then. They find humor in other's mishaps, as long as the mishap isn't too dangerous or life-shattering. Simple things like messing with people's mind or making all their clothes pink is the things that amuse them. One of their favorite things, especially Ash's, is pretending that they're romantically involved. It confuses people to no end on what their true relationship is and they like it that way.


    Single or Taken:
    Single & Single

    -Brother Complex
    -Can't play any sports/suck at physical activities
    -Gets envious easily

    -Short attention span
    -Spaces out a lot

    -Can sing
    -Can play piano
    -Can bake

    -Good at soccer
    -Can draw and write
    -Very smart

    Audition Tape:
    The camera cuts on to show a petite girl with long, cyan colored hair, bangs slightly in her eyes. She was in a colorful room full of many posters and pictures of her and her twin. She's sitting on a bed that was slightly messy from being lazily made up earlier that day. She wasn't paying attention to the camera, instead she was yelling for her brother who was suppose to be there with her.

    "Dash! The camera is already recording! Hurry up!"

    "Stop yelling, Ash. You're so loud. Why are we doing this anyways...?"

    "Because we might get picked, that's why! Just think of how fun it'll be~"

    ".....Isn't the camera recording now?"

    "Shit!" Ash exclaims and cuts off the camera, making the screen become black.

    The camera cuts on for a second time to show two people this time. Ash and Dash were sitting side by side on Ash's bed. Their legs were Criss-Crossed Applesauce, or Indian Style. Ash was smiling softly, yet brightly while Dash adorned a bored look on his face.

    "Hi, I'm Ash! And this is my twin brother, Dash!" She gestured to her twin brother and nudged him, only getting a grunt out of him. She rolled her eyes good-naturedly. "He's not much of a talker. Anyways, we want to be on Total Drama because we heard that it was something that we'd like! Hmm...That's about it. See ya soon~!" She waved and Dash gave a two-finger salute before he was tackled by his twin sister.

    The camera cuts off and the screen goes black.

    Both are pansexual

    [ @FangirlingSinceBirth I'm done~! :3]​
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  15. Accepted
  16. Yes
  17. Name:
    Drake Weldon (goes by dre)
    Archetype: (A 1-3 label of what their personality is; for example Heather is 'The Queen Bee' and Gwen is 'The Gothic Loner') Sarcastic/comedian
    Dre can be a smart ass, hates doing work and is lazy. He makes a lot of jokes and is sarcastic, but can be nice at certain times. He is very responsible and will be a leader type if he feels he has to step in. He picks on everyone and tries to think of a joke at any mood. He sometimes takes things to far and hates, i mean Hates apologizing. He doesn't like getting humiliated and writes in a journal but hides it.
    Appearance/Picture: (Please use Total Drama style picture or anime)
    Single or Taken:
    Single (at the moment)
    Drake is a terrible artist, He is cocky, gets intimated easily. Hates sports
    He is good at parkour, Is not shy and is not afraid to say something, A trickster.
    Audition Tape: (Please describe the surrondings and what they say)
    When the video started, Drake sat on his black leather couch with his arms around his waist. "For the record my father made me do this because of a punishment" Drake sighed. "Hey, i'm Drake Weldon, I am from Canada. I want to come because i hate my school and i'm hoping to get out of this cold country" Drake was about to move when his father told him to keep going. He took out a cue card that his father wrote. "I am a sarcastic prankster that is super over dramat-" He threw the card away. "If you accept me then you must be the biggest idiot in the world, thank you" He then got up and stopped the video.
    He is heterosexual and keeps his phone by him at all times, he has a best friend named Caleb.
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  18. Accepted
  19. Accepted- please just finish before the season starts.
  20. I just finished. XD