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    The footage begins with a female, walking down a dock with a camera following her. "Hello viewers! My name is Kat McLean, and I'm coming at you live, straight from camp Hackaloogi! This season I will be your host, due to the unfortunate death of my older brother!" She paused for a moment, obviously still upset about her loss, but quickly composed herself once more. "This season, thirty contestants have signed up to compete in the worlds most epic competition of television!"

    The camera switches over to a different angle, and Kat arrives at the end of the dock. "Here's the gist of the show, for our new viewers out there. Over the course of the next few weeks, these young adults will go head-to-head in the most gruesome challenges my crew and I could think up. At the end of each challenge the loosing team will vote off one teammate, who will never return to the island again." The camera get's a close-up of her face, which turns suddenly serious. As she leans forward she empathizes the word, "Ever."

    The Camera cut's to it's previous angle, and she's smiling once again. "Now, let's meet out competitors!" On que, a large yacht carrying all of the contestants is seen coming down the bay. When it arrived Kat greets them with a wide smile. "Helllooo Contestants! I'll be introducing you by team, so when you hear your name, come oon downn!" The camera shifts over to the yatch as Katherine begins to read out the names.

    "First up are the Cynical Cheetahs!" Kat's says proudly. "Sybil Allayway, Parker Thomas, Jennifer Hart, David Margaritis, Charelene Marcs, Kyle Kiorte, Xavier McIntosh, Abraham Anderson, and the twins: Stephanie and Madoline D'Angelo!"

    The blonde's blue eyes lit up when her name was called. Cynical Cheetahs? She thought as she picked up her bags, heading down the stairs of the yatch. Who the hell thought of that name? At the bottom she handed her bags off to one of the interns waiting there, without even glancing in their direction.

    "Hey Kat," she greeted, smiling widely. A perfectly manicured hand reached up and swiped her bangs out of her face. "I'm so excited to be here, can't wait to win my money. Hell, you might as well give me the prize now, save all these people the trouble." She and Kat shared a short laugh, and Jenna continued all the way down to the end of the dock, where she turned and waited for her teammates.

    Clarissa waited on the yatch, looking around at everyone. Just as she had suspected, there was a lot of different people here. She bit her lower lip roughly, feeling very out of place. Her eyes shifted downwards to avoid everyone else's gaze.

    Her fingers twirled the small braid in her hair around, as she waited to hear what team she was on. Don't sike yourself out, she told herself, because she was on edge. You'll be fine, Clary. You might even make some friends. She forced herself to stop biting her lip, but didn't look up just yet.​
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  2. Charlie heard her name called, "It's Charlie!" she yelled out making sure everyone knew to call her 'Charlie' not 'Charlene', her first name felt to formal for her own attitude. She stepped out of the yacht towards the gathering of her new team, she was fixing her face in her compact completely ignoring everyone around her, she was in no interest of meeting her fellow teammates. "Come on! Can we get this show on the road already, I'm ready to win and get out of here."

    Zayden was sitting with the rest of the members waiting for their names to be announced, he shuddered at the words "Cynical Cheetahs", what a profound way to describe such a beautiful creatures, he cringed wondering what other preposterous names are going to be mentioned. Why would they use animals as mascots anyway to describe a team of human-beings, not animals, they could of used something more bold like an indian or something of that nature.
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  3. bannerfans_14201722.jpg
    The blond male quickly got off the yacht when he heard his name meaning him on the Cynical Cheetahs. He had two suitcases in his hands and a backpack well obviously on his back. The boy wore a despicable smile on his face, like he was about to do something really bad. The boy walke off the prank and set down his brief cases. He looked at the girl. "Good luck trying to be better then Chris, hmph" He smiled and nudged her. "Relax you'll be fine" He nudged her then picked up his bags and went over to Jennifer. "What's up girl, names Parker"
    bannerfans_14201722 (1).jpg
    David only had one backpack, was he expecting to not be here a while? No, he liked to live on the edge and didn't need three bags of clothes. in his left arm is his soccer ball he had since he was younger, around four. He Walked over to the girl. "Nice to meet ya, names Davy, will be on this island for a while so it's good to be on your good side right, well thanks for letting me on the show" He then walked over to the rest of the team. He began kicking the ball in the air trying to not let it fall.
    bannerfans_14201722 (2).jpg
    Desmond waited on the boat. He was terrified because of the boat ride, Des hated the water and was scared of it, so he was on the edge of him puking. Desmond held on to the side bar fearing that he would fall into the water. He bit his bottom lip and tried not to show his fear in front of all the guys there. He began to breath in and out trying not to throw up and have everyone laugh at him. He looked over at everyone else trying to get the water out of his head. He wondered which people would be on his team and what they would be called.
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  4. Jason was sitting eagerly on the yacht whilet he waited to find out what team he was on. Glancing down at his bags he could only smile. Looking back he thinks he might have packed more music equipment then actual clothes. Since he had a guitar, a portable piano, and some drum sticks that he'd play on just about anything "Oh Jason you and your music" it was a phrase he was well familiar with but he wasn't worried. His ears perked when he heard the first team called "cynical cheetahs? That's different oh well not me though"

    Will was sitting on the opposite side of the yacht sporting one of his usual jerseys of an extremely large collection this time it was basketball. In his bag he had an array of sports gear but the essentails as well. He was keeping himself busy by practicing his dribbling with a basketball he had brought. Through the legs, back through the other side, behind the back, left hand, right hand, double crossover then jump stop. And repeat! Upon hearing the first team called he stood up straight and wiped the sweat from his brow a smile twitching at the corner if his mouth "it's finally time...alright let's get the game started!"
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  5. ~Sybil~

    Sybil, garbed in a simple white blouse and dress pants, was off to the side of the boat, shuffling her feet and staring down. She was absolutely terrified, and completely clueless on what to do. She'd never really socialized before.. Hell, she'd never talked to people, period. So, there she stayed... Leaning on the edge of the rail and trying to keep from getting sick. Aw, geez.. What was I thinking? I won't last a day here..

    Reluctantly, when they arrived at the island, Sybil pried herself from the railing, rubbing her arms nervously. Groaning inwardly as the teams were called, she shyly shuffled to stand with her team when her name was called. She stared at the ground as she walked, avoiding all eye contact and hair falling slightly in her face. ..Cynical Cheetahs? Really?


    Astyr had never been this excited before. She was selected to compete on Total Drama! Her!! It felt amazing, and she couldn't be happier.

    ...Well, she could.

    Smiling brightly, wearing a Deadpool beanie, a Doctor Strange t-shirt, a brown leather jacket and black sweats, the teen was dashing all around; getting looks at the other contestants and trying to calm herself. Which, what was better to do that with than her prized gameboy? Currently, as she looked around, she also absently battled her way through the Elite Four. Again. She couldn't tell you how many times she had beaten this game, along with every other game she'd ever stumbled upon. She had yet to find anyone who knew tech better than her, nor anyone who could beat her at.. well.. Any game. Which.. Maybe that meant she could last..? Well, Lord only knows. Can't wait to find out!

    When they arrived, she waited patiently, practically bouncing with excitement. Eagerly, she awaited to here her name called.
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  6. Xavier heard his name being called and he hurried off the boat. He had a back back, a big suitcase, and a smaller suitcase with him. Walking up to the hostess he said "h-hi I'm Xavier, thank you for the opportunity to come here." He then quickly got in line with his other teammates.
  7. Abraham

    A tall boy with broad shoulders stepped out of the yacht scratching his greasy hair. He looked on either side of him with his mouth partially opened. He had no idea where he was and he was kind of confused. His name was shouted where the crowd was, but he honestly didn't feel like going with those obnoxious people.

    Abraham walked towards the camera kind of pushing away the animator and looked at his reflection. He scrunched up his nose and looked at his teeth. For someone that brushed them only when he remembered in the morning, they were where flawless and white like a pearl. Except, for that spinach stuck in between his two front teeth. With the help of his nails, he started removing it with the help of the camera. Once it got unstuck, he swallowed it and turned around looking everywhere and finally spotted the cabins.

    Abraham had absolutely no idea what he was doing here.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Stephanie grabbed her bags and stepped forward to Kat. "Hi!" she said brightly. "I'm Stephanie -- please just call me Steph. I'm really happy to be here!"
    She then moved to stand next to Jennifer. "Hi," she whispered excitedly. "I'm Steph. My sister's here, too. That's her -- Maddie."
    Madoline followed suit, stopping in front of Kat, bags in hand. "Hey," she said, much less excitable than her sister. "I'm Madoline -- Maddie, please. I'm stoked to be here, and I hope I have some fun with my sister."
    Maddie then joined her sister and Jennifer, smiling at them both. "I'm Maddie," she said to the blonde.
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  9. Blacheflor was sitting on the boat, kind of excited for the competition that waited for her ahead. She was excited, but she was also worried in fear that she might die seeing the previous seasons of this show. Names were called... and she noticed one thing: none of them had very odd names like her. Maybe the most odd is Sybil, she thought to herself, Actually Sybil is a pretty nice name. She also noticed that she was the tallest of the competitors.

    Link stood against the wall of the boat, shuffling a deck of cards. Each card going over the other, almost in a pattern. He knew he was going to end up forcing himself to talk to people, being a solitary hard working person. He fanned out the cards, and quickly shoved them into his pocket, where a large rip in the seam was visable to others. His dark eyes flashed with the light as he did not hear his name be called. Thank God... who would want to be on a team with that name?

    Maximillion was thinking a thousand thoughts while on that yacht. What if they don't like me? What is I get pranked? What is I am voted off first!? These thoughts faced through his head as he paced back and forth, his heels hitting the metal floor created a very loud annoying sound. He walked around, and then tripping on Astyr. "Oh, sorry..." he said rubbing his arm. "I did not mean to do that at all."

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  10. ~Chasidy~

    Chasidy hadn't shied away from the crowd in the slightest. In fact, she peered around at them quietly, making a plethora of observations. Of course, technically, she didn't really 'need' to.. She'd have every milisecond of every moment memorized for the entirety of her life. Which, wasn't exactly as great as others made it out to be.

    Well.. Not when you've seen you're little sister, your only friend, burned to a corpse right in front of you.

    Either way.. That wasn't her current focus. No, no.. Right now, her thoughts were most concentrated on the people around her. There were evidently people of quite a few nationalities, opposed to her Welsh bloodline. Well, good to see some variety of heritage and bloodline. Her blue eyes flickered over all of the different contestants, as she analyzed each and every one of them closely. Hmph. Chin held high and posture stick-straight, the poor seventeen year old standing at only five-foot-two looked towards the quickly approaching island, releasing a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. This'll be quite easy, now, won't it? I've faced bigger challenges when I was only three years, four months, twenty days, six seconds, and two milliseconds.

    With this in mind, she allowed her eyes to flicker over her fellow contestants once more, almost as though searching for potential partners/allies. In reality..? She was trying to determine who to converse with, first. After a bit of observing, she had picked someone out of the bunch she had a feeling would be quite good for a friend, but decided formalities should wait until later. After all.. They'd be arriving in only three minutes, thirty-seven seconds, and forty-one milliseconds. So, she waited, patiently tapping her fingers on the railing.

    After they had arrived, the short girl turned her attention to the new host, giving her a once over. Well.. If anything, she'll be more decent than Chris.. That's for certain. Rolling her neck, she listened intently to Kat, not intimidated or scared in the slightest. She had a completely straight face on, and stared at the new host blankly, pursing her lips. Cynical Cheetahs? Oh, well.. At least it isn't as ridicules as the past seasons.. she thought to herself, amused.​
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  11. bannerfans_14201722 (1).jpg
    David continued to kick the ball until a woman came up to him. He quickly stopped and caught the mall in his left arm. He looked at the girl and then shook her hand. "Davy, pleased to meet you Ness. So were on the same team with each other, huh. Well happy to be on the same team as you" He smiled then dropped the soccer ball on the pavement. He began to shuffle it with his foot moving it around and sliding it with his foot. He then thought of a question to ask her. "So where are you from Ness? I'm from Greece looks like a lot of different place's air's Total Drama huh"

  12. Kyle was ready to get off the boat, his low v neck showing off his chest. He wore a cocky smirk as always and he had more than a few earrings inside his ears. He smiled and looked around at every single person but just at the ladies. They had a fine crop of them for everyone. He smiled, looking more at some of them with fit bodies. He spotted a girl with two different colored eyes, but was distracted when his name was called. He passed his bag to the intern and smiled at the camera. "Hello everyone, ladies." He said, flashing a smile at the camera and moving on to stand next to his teammates.
    Ayumi sat on the yacht, singing as she looked over the edge of her boat. She blinked her strange eyes out towards the water as a light breeze blew though her hair. She smiled and let off the railing, looking around. She was near the back of the yacht and she moved towards the area where everyone else was gathering. She kept humming, doing a complex clapping rhythm as she sang, looking out to the ocean as she waited for her named to be called.
  13. ~Astyr~

    Astyr blinked in surprise when a woman tripped over her, stumbling slightly. She had dropped her gameboy, but managed to catch it with a breath of relief. She glanced at the girl responsible, offering a bright and friendly smile. "No, no! Don't worry about it; you're fine," she assured Max, sincerely. "No harm done.. Oh, and I'm Astyr, by the way!" she stated, extending her hand. "Might I get yours?"​
  14. Charlie groaned while her teammates had a meet and greet, "Aw, yes so much fun, you guys are all so cute!" She mocked squealing in a sarcastic voice, getting annoyed and impatient taping her foot on the dock. She wheeled her suitcase around examining her surroundings. She was annoyed at the excitement of most everyone standing around, it wasn't that big of a deal they hadn't won anything yet.
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  16. ((Okay, here is the solution: @JusticeHunt20 You're character, David, replied to Ness. Well, the girl playing her didn't realize she got off at the wrong time, meaning she got off of the boat without her name being called, and so the post was deleted. Please just forget that David ever interacted with Vanessa.)


    Kat made a motion to one of her interns, and so they went over to Abraham to ask if he was alright, and explain where he was.

    While they tended to that, Kat decided to get on with the show. "And now," she declared with a bright smile, "Our Fighting Falcons!" Again, the camera showed the exit of the yacht, and Kat read off the list of names. "Astyr Moorington, Giovanni Brasi, Blacheflor Way, Matt Heath, Cassandra Bellerose, Justin Miles, Latifia Silva, Kevin McCee and Will Treaty! Unfortunately, they are currently one teammate short, because they missed the yacht. But, don't fret Fighting Falcons, your final teammate will arrive before we begin our first challenge!"


    Jennifer watched as her teammates got off the boat one by one, and judged each one individually. She was looking for the weak-links for who she'd vote off first, and the stronger competitors who she planned on gaining the trust off. The way she was it, if the stronger competitors worked together, the weaker ones would be out of the way quick, and then they'd have nearly every competition in the bag.

    Her blue eyes shifted over to Parker as he introduced himself. She simply rolled her eyes, and muttered, "Jenna." Who did this guy think he was? The show had just started, and already he acted like he owned the joint. He was going to get a rude awakening when he found out who was really going to be running this thing: Her.

    Then, the twins, Madoline and Stephanie introduced themselves to her. "Aren't you two a cheery bunch?" She said, her tone slightly sarcastic and slightly amused. She looked over each of them, and quickly decided to consider them as allies. So, with a smile, she added, "I'm Jenna, by the way."

    @JusticeHunt20 @Samantha

    Clarissa listened closely for her name, but again it was not called. That means the rest of these people are your teammates, she thought, looking up to see who was left. She bit her lip roughly, watching as the amount of people split in half. Please let me be on a team with kind people. Please.
  17. Latifa

    Latifa obviously was one of the first to walk down the yacht as if she was the next Paris Hilton. She was wearing black platform high heels with leopard leggings and a leather jacket. To add up, she had a black leather jacket and a leopard textured purse that hang from her shoulder. She smacked her lips together as she chewed on her gum.

    '' Hey Ya'll! How are ya all doing lovelies? Yeah anyway. So my name is Maria Latifa Ximena Luisa De Silva and I'm looking for my soulmate here. I heard you guys could hook up lots of people here and last season guys were so hot... Especially DJ. So yeah, when are we starting? I'm kinda hungry... Got Chicken? Chicken sounds good.. Oh and I'm allergic to peanuts by the way. Like really bad. Forgot to say that in my medical paper, '' she mentioned randomly looking at Kat for answers as she leaned her weight more to one side.

    Abraham did not expect to be followed and had pretty much left a trail of stink behind him. It was a wonder why there was no flies flying on his ass. Chilli Beans before coming here was a wrong decision. Or maybe not since the food here was supposedly terrible.

    So, Abraham walked down and stopped at the cabins not knowing which was his. He turned around and faced the camera man. He scratched the tip of his nose before muttering the first words ever heard in the show and actually caught in camera. With his very evil and demonic deep voice that could give chills to anyone that heard it, he muttered three simple words.
    ''Where's the washroom? ''

    ( @Brea )
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  18. Will let's out a loud Whoop of excitement as he grabs his bags and ran off the boat first thing he did was grab Kat's hand and shake it enthusiastically "Hi Kat! It's great to be here and nice to meet you! I'm Will Treaty and I'm so glad to be here! Woohoo!!" He then ran down to the end of the docks to wait for the rest of his team

    Jason chuckles at the guy named Will he liked him already and thought he might be a good competitor but in the end he was still his team mate as well as his enemy. Jason was slower to walk down to the docks he was casually spinning a basketball on his fingers as he walked by Kat towards the end of the docks he gave her hand a quick shake
    "hello Kat Jason Miles it's nice to meet you and it's great to be here. Really sorry about your brother he seemed like a good guy." He then proceeds to the end of the dock to stand by Will. He did all of this without once stopping the spinning ball on his finger
  19. ((@Andy I didn't realize this before, but you're using Will Treaty's name! Slick, man, slick.))

    Annabelle felt vaguely ready to throw up as she waited in the boat for her name to be called. It didn't have anything to do with the boat, she'd never had an issue with motion sickness, she was just... nervous. Camera-shy, Karen had said jokingly, but a million thoughts were running around her head. Ever since then, she'd kept a low-profile, never stepped out of the background, never wanted anything but to do the best she could to blend in. Every cell in her body was screaming for her to get off the boat. She couldn't believe it. Total Drama must have had hundreds of applicants, but of all people they'd chosen her. And if someone recognized her... her family was in witness protection for a reason. Wait a minute, forget her past, what if they made her do something embarrassing? No, they were definitely going to make her do something embarrassing. If someone from her class saw her... she'd never live that down.

    She twisted on strand of her orange hair around her finger, green eyes trained on the island rather as if she were watching a train coming straight at her. "Karen..." She thought, in a groan of complaint. She knew that bet had been a bad idea, but she'd just gotten so caught up, and Naomi had gone along with it. Despite that woman's angel face, it was scary how easily she could rationalize doing something as stupid as gambling. Taking another long gulp of air, she very carefully kept her eyes AWAY from her other competitors. She didn't want any trouble. Closing her eyes, she sent a brief prayer up to God to help her remain calm, and hopefully not do anything too stupid. It was odd though, she got the distinct impression that God was actually laughing at the predicament she was in. She sighed.
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  20. [​IMG] and [​IMG]
    Steph and Maddie smiled warmly at Jennifer, then watched as the next team disembarked the yacht.
    "We should introduce ourselves to the rest of the team," Steph murmured to her sister.
    "Yeah!" Maddie agreed brightly. "We might make some friends. And meet some boys."
    They giggled hysterically, linked arms, and moved to a girl on their team, Sybil.
    "Hi!" said Maddie lightly. "I'm Maddie, and this is Steph. What's your name?"

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