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  1. IC:

    storylineIn the city of Trephis, something has caused a city wide blackout.
    It is said that it was due to natural causes, or because of the amount of electricity being used.
    But one teen knew better, it was hard to explain how s/he knew, but s/he knew what caused this wasn't natural.
    Nobody would believe them, in fact, it even took time to even convince friends.
    Something has to be done about this, to bring light back to Trephis city.
    It started off as trying to figure out what caused people are vanishing, only the few teens that are looking for answers are left.

    rules and what you need to know if you want to be the main person who first knows this blackout isn't natural, please message me.
    You are allowed up to two people, no more than that. I don't want there to be more than ten-fifteen people who are still around in the blackout.
    If you have a problem with someone...say so politely, don't make others feel bad.
    Your character isn't a know-it-all, you shouldn't know what's going on exactly.
    I will allow romance, but no sex scenes, take it to PM.
    Please have fun...otherwise you can't be in this ;P


    -Kelly Richardson, played by KayLove
    -Kyle Richardson, played by KayLove
    -Jack Capulet, played by KeatonWorshipper
    -Vance Ryder, played by Jack Ethan Doyle

    Any questions, ask me or @Yonsisac

    CS Name(first and last):
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  2. Could I reserve a spot, please? I'll make my CS when I get home in a bit.
  3. Thanks, I'm trying to think of a Jack to make for this. Maybe just edit the Fortville one to fit the CS.
  4. Name: Kelly Richardson
    Gender: female
    Personality: Kelly is a sarcastic girl with a temper. She doesn't say much, but tries to talk more. When she gets comfortable with someone she will seem more open and fun.
    Likes: drawing, music, guitar, candy
    Dislikes: being alone, feeling weak, large crowds
    Bio: Kelly has a twin brother, they do argue sometimes, but they really can't live without each other. Kelly always seems more confident when around her brother.

    Name: Kyle Richardson
    Gender: male
    Personality: Kyle is more serious than Kelly. He could be described as a walking statue in public.
    When it's needed, he could be more described as a leader and strict, even at his young age, he seems more like a 17 year old. There are rare times when people are able to make him smile, and he secretly likes it when people are able to.
    Likes: being leader, gum, animals
    Dislikes: being weak, crying, clowns.
    Bio: basically same as Kelly.
  5. A character approaches!

    Name Jack Capulet

    Age 15


    PersonalityFunny, kind, disorganized, intelligent

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Spicy foods

    People who are just too dumb for him to handle

    BioHe grew up in a middle class family with his mother and stepfather. He never really got into sports, and usually stayed inside. With no people or electricity, he's really out of his element.

    OtherHe always has his backpack with him, which contains a lighter, a camping stove, a small frying pan, a sleeping bag, his headphones, and his solar-powered CD player.


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  6. You're accepted.
  7. Yay! Bonus points if you know what the last name is from.
  8. Romeo and Juliet
  9. Ding ding ding! You win!
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  10. Name: Vance Ryder, often addressed as “Ryder” or “Rider”.
    Age: 18.

    Gender: Male.

    Quiet and cold. Cunning and calculated. Not willing to take risks for himself, preferring instead to calculate and predetermine the outcome to as great a degree as possible. Vance can be easily angered particularly when facing challenge that is unable to overcome. For the most part he knowledgeable and intelligent.

    Likes: Food. Music of all varieties. Learning.

    Dislikes: People, particularly stupid or ignorant ones.

    Bio: Ryder was never at ease around friends, family or people in general. After the blackout he has thrived as a great strategist and tactician with good survival skills/knowledge. Since the disappearances he's grown suspicious and wants to discover what happened to the missing people. After all, he doesn't want to become one of those missing people.
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  11. It's stated in the bio that since the blackout he's found it some mystery, they aren't supposed to know of the disappearances yet. But are you trying to state that he is the one that figures out something was wrong with the blackout and warned his friends before the disappearances?
    Becaaause it was stated to ask me about it first.
    But if not, and if he just finds it mysterious AFTER the disappearances then okay.
  12. He's simply noticed that people have been disappearing and finds that mysterious and undoubtedly concerning .. Plus the blackout is a big clue that some thing is definitely wrong
  13. Everyone thinks the blackout is because of too much electricity or whatever(Is stated in the story line) . You're accepted though.
  14. Thank you for accepting me .. But an electricity overload to last for a prolonged period? Tell me that ain't suspicious .. Come on .. Though I would like to know how long the blackout has lasted thus far?
  15. It JUST starts when we start RPing.
    And keep in mind, people these days, try to think up reasonable explanations and not stuff like "omg it was a monster."
  16. It it's just started then fair enough .. And people do try to apply reason and explain as much as possible .. Want me to tweak the CS so it's just the disappearances that are a cause for concern?
  17. Yeah, that'd be helpful.
  18. Done .. I've tweaked my original post .. I think that you'll like it much better now
  19. I assume that we'll start RPing when all of the character slots are filled?
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