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  1. I've got a few systems I'd like to try and might run play by post, and just some ideas in general. So, I'm going to toss them out there and see how it goes. Things will probably start a little vague and then get developed as a group once we decide on what we'd like to actually see/do.

    Tenra Bansho Zero:
    A "Hyper-asian" fantasy RPG from Japan, Tenra Bansho Zero has some very interesting mechanics running on pools of d6s, a very interesting setting, and a focus on fast sessions structured like a play. The world of Tenra is vast, and controlled by the fractured Northern and Southern Courts of the Shinto Priesthood, who control some of the most powerful technology around. It is very much like feudal Japan, although there are all manner of unusual character archetypes, from taoist sorcerers, ninja, and pilots of giant mechanical Yoroi Armours to annelid users who gain unusual powers from the symbiotic insects living in their bodies and Samurai, humans who have undergone surgery to become living talismans and gain superhuman prowess in battle. Also Buddhist monks, cyborgs, and various other things. Think L5R meets Exalted, or a combination of Basilisk, Nobunaga the Fool, Ninja Scroll, and other such series.

    The game mechanics focus on drama, Fate, Karma, and rewarding players for doing cool or in-character things. Seriously anyone in the game can give anyone else Aiki, which essentially becomes your pool of experience and ability to gain bonuses to rolls. It's really interesting, but...takes a while to explain. Also, it has one of the coolest damage systems I've ever scene, in which you gain bonuses, not penalties, when you take injuries (which is totally voluntary), and if you're willing to put your life on the line, not only can you negate any damage/attack when you tick off your "dead" box, but you get quite the bonus for taking that risk.

    I'm not sure what sort of thing I'd run in the setting, and it would probably depend on what sort of characters people are interested in trying, but it's pretty much Sengoku-period war everywhere, with cyborgs, giant robots, summoned spirits, and stranger superhuman or supernatural powers available.

    Double Cross:
    Another tabletop game from Japan that would lead to rolling virtual dice. Double Cross is a modern superhero sort of game, in which characters are Overed, superhumans empowered by a virus which grants a near-unkillable body and a variety of incredible powers, at the cost of one's sanity or humanity. The more you use your powers, the more active the virus becomes, and only your interpersonal connections can bring you back from the brink. Sort of Anime X-men, with a healthy dose of conspiracy and secrecy.

    I'd probably run this one with a setting that borrows heavily from A Certain Scientific Railgun/Magical Index. The actual game would be a mixture of slice of life fun and investigating various incidents.

    Pros of the system: it's pretty straightforward, although the mechanics for rerolling critical dice could be troublesome. All Experience is awarded to the player, not their character, so even if your guy dies, their replacement will be right at the same level.

    Cons: The powers are fairly involved, and I doubt I can just make the rulebooks freely available, so actually working out character creation and advancement would be difficult. The system is rather lethal by default (although Overed can recover from a lot of punishment), so expect gruesome violence and people getting one-shotted and then getting back up.

    Mutants and Masterminds:
    A versatile d20-based system for superheroes or anything else where you need a variety of customizable superhuman powers. I often consider it my go-to for anything anime-inspired. I mention it mostly as an option for general use, should there be interest in it rather than just running an idea in the normal, dice-free ways. I do love dice, especially in combat. They make things interesting and remove the need to plan in advance or go "I hit you," "nu-uh, I dodge." and so-on.

    And, dice-based system things aside, a few ideas:

    Magical girls:
    I like the genre. I like doing stuff with it. I'm not sure what sort of specifics I'd use, but it'd probably be something inspired by either Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and/or Yuki Yuna ws Yuusha de Aru.

    Something kinda Strike Witches:
    Cute mecha musume girls in the military doing cute things and fighting uncute alien monsters. Strike Witches crossed with Sky Girls and Busou Shinki, or something. Cyberounk-y scifi overall.
  2. Always up for some P&P systems, though guys-only is a thing so character would be regulated to a more support/non-combative role in either idea. Still curious though.
  3. Well, the magical girls and mecha musume ideas are system-independent and don't really require "you must be female to be important." Nothing says guys can't be cyborgs or male mages can't contribute. I mean, Yuno and Chrono are pretty damn competent in Nanoha, though...they did eventually get marginalized, sadly. If I ran a scenario with either of those themes, it could be fun with a guy around anyway.

    But, those aside, If I ran Tenra Bansho Zero, it'd probably not be something that expects or assumes a specific gender, though if you wanted to play a more supportive or non-combat role,that would work well. There are some interesting options for doing things which aren't punching people in the face, both in terms of supernatural power and in terms of just being a courtier or similar role who is good in other situations.

    And if I ran Double Cross, it'd be pretty much an assortment of people with superhuman powers doing things. Guy, girl, doesn't matter in the end. As long as you're a type to investigate strange incidents (at least if ordered to by an organization of which you're a member) and fight, you'll do fine. There are some very impressive support role options in Double Cross, though. A few of the Syndromes have very heavy focus on debuffing enemies, buffing/healing allies, and messing with the battlefield, rather than direct attacks and dealing a lot of damage.
  4. Did you know a kind anon from /tg/ hard-translated Grancrest RPG? It's almost the same system as Double Cross (same author), but the scenario author is the guy who, among other things, created Record of Lodoss War. You can check it here and give me a view.
    I'm interested in trying a Grancrest one-shot...

    And to just point a nitpick of mine: I think Yuno and Chrono got less screentime because the other works who dealt with "mecha otoko" ended like Infinite Stratus and the like.
  5. You may well be right on the reasons for less screen time. It makes as much sense as anything else. Whatever the reasons for it, they do stand out as a few examples of guys not being forbidden in the magical girl genre. Though they do usually have different roles from the primary protagonists.

    I'll definitely go give Grancrest a look. I think I'd seen it on /tg/ but didn't actually grab the PDF, so I might as well go look it over, since I certainly do enjoy new systems and the Japanese games usually have some fresh perspectives.
  6. Eh...I thought Chrono and Yuuno (best barrier mage 5evar) got deleted from the script because Nanoha's target audience lies more in teenagers/otakus than in elementary school gurls that believe in friendship and magic. There's that whole culture of 'series is trash if waifu canonically gets a husbando', so that might just be while there's a billion moar gurls than gaiz in Nanoha. It's for the sales.

    Though I do wish Yuuno would become more relevant in the future. Filius Zect gave me some hope of having a manly dude amongst the main cast, and Vice was a pretty cool dude as well...but they all got shafted and erased. So yeah. Sad days.

    Pretty much why I enjoy Symphogear MUCH more than all the other things. Dat Commander. So beast.
  7. Symphogear's got fun musical themes and some neat power armor-ish aesthetics, too. Genjuuro is definitely up there for the reasons the show is fun though. His attitude toward most things is just great. Don't forget Tsubasa's producer is also a ninja. Who has had a few moments of being ridiculously competent in his own right. Nothing nearly as insane as stopping lord knows what with his fists or a training montage straight out of old action movies, though.

    Glad to run into a fellow fan.
  8. Mm, Genjuuro x Chris is pretty much muh OTP for Symphogear. Hope there's more development for that in the third season, because dammit, I want a proper, vanilla, hetero canonical relationship in a magical girl show. XD

    I was surprised about the producer though. Loved the backstage spotlight he got, as well as that one wtf moment where he was literally running on water.
  9. There's little chances of such relationships in most modern magical girl shows, sadly. The running on water was completely bonkers, but Symphogear gets nuts sometimes. It really is a fun show, and I've borrowed heavily from it on occasion. I sadly cannot stop myself from absorbing influences from things I enjoy.
  10. Anyone interested in any of that rambling above?
  11. I'd be interested in any of the above.
  12. Cool. Any in particular (either singly or in combination) that catch your eye? Everything's very loose up there, so I'd be happy to discuss options or elaborate on things to develop something further.
  13. It took me a while to decide on this one. If I were to pick one in particular, I would choose the Mutants and Masterminds system. Other than that, I haven't really got any ideas. I'm sorry if I seem unhelpful.
  14. Oh, that's fine. I don't know what I'd do with M&M, other than "generic" superheroes or something similar. It's probably the easiest system to work with, as d20 is most likely to be familiar. It can be a little involved when it comes to actually putting a character together, but after that ti does pretty well. And it's probably the easiest way I can name for keeping superheroes or similar games balanced over things. I think the board might be a little saturated on "generic" superheroes/superhuman games for the moment, though.
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