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    Sun City, Florida, Umbridge Asylum

    Dusty particles floated through the damp air, illuminated only by the turquoise light of the moon shyly making its way through the windows. Though, a sense of calm had washed over Raven, an addition to his new existence, surely. Any mere human traversing these halls of death and undeath alike would quiver in response to the eerie atmosphere. Not to mention the mad phantasm which had attacked Raven only moments before. "Can you sense it?" Layne asked, turning the corner to continue down yet another corridor, this one filled with bedrooms. Prisons looked more hospitable than what Raven came in contact with. The walls were covered not only in blood and scratches, but also less favorable liquids better left unspoken.

    "Nope." Midnight informed, talons keeping him steadily seated on the Reaper's shoulder. One couldn't say that Raven was dressed for the occasion, or that he filled the role of a 'Super Hero' on any visual level. Converse shoes, a pair of cargo pants and a hoodie didn't begin to scratch the surface of honorable, noble and heroic. Granted, Layne didn't attempt to fill either quota. Perhaps he needed to wear an outfit like those people on the news? The super powered beings fighting for what's right, and all that. He did in fact have one, an outfit passed down to him by Midnight's previous Reaper. Certain events did however prevent its usage, as neither Raven nor Midnight expected themselves within these halls only a few hours prior. They had Midnight to thank for that, sensing a massively ominous presence within the asylum walls. It begged a question, however. As Midnight was able to sense the phantasm from impressive distances, teleporting appeared to have masked its presence.

    Truthfully, Layne didn't much care for right, wrong or morally acceptable. He was a Reaper, and that's as far as his cares extended. If there was a lost soul present, it was his job to shepherd it, but was he going to extend his practices to stopping bank robberies? It sounded like a complete waste of time.

    "Oh, shit..." Raven breathed, stepping into a room before laying eyes on the horrifically decayed frame of an inmate. No one had swept this place after closing it down. They shut the asylum off, barricaded it and left it for time to wash away. Swept under the rug was an understatement. The hazards Umbridge Asylum were branded with made it illegal to trespass upon the property due to health risks but this was pushing it. There was a corpse of what appeared to be a young woman, on a dirty and rotten bed. There would be no way for the government to cover this up if someone came looking. What had occurred at Umbridge Asylum was a stain on the history of Sun City, something officials wanted no part of.

    Due to the decay it was hard to make out further information about the unfortunate victim. It's legs and forearms were bound with leathery shackles, and the night gown covering its small frame was covered in absolute filth. "Stay focused, Scrawny." Midnight snapped Layne back to reality, and continued to keep him calm as his eyes shifted towards the faint light making its way towards them from the corner of the room. "Company."

    "Yeah." Raven returned. This was not a rarity. Being this close to the body of a deceased would undoubtedly conjure its ghost, had it not passed on.

    "He's keeping us here..." The voice of a frightened woman echoed through the dark room, her frame shivering and trembling in fear as she kept to the corner. Presenting the same fear as any human who would find themselves in this abyssal nightmare, she displayed a reluctance to move from the spot. It was safe to assume her position within that room a permanent residence. Keeping close to your corpse, it contained a sense of safety.

    "Comfort her, you dope!" Midnight nudged Raven's temple with his small, feathery head.

    "I suck at this crap, Midnight." The boy sighed, gently slipping his hands into the pockets of his shirt. "Come on. I'll take you out of here." He continued, straight down to business.

    "You can't. As long as he's here, we're stuck." The woman responded, hiding her face behind her knees as she sat balled up on the floor.

    "Oh fuck, that's a powerful spirit." Midnight pitched in. "He has enough power to seal this place. It's his domain. If you're going to Relinquish the souls in this place, you're going to have to start with him."

    "They can do that?" Raven frowned, looking towards the doorway as he spoke.

    "Some phantasms have been around for centuries, millennia even. They have grown completely mindless due to the power they've gained from draining other spirits. Reapers can't Relinquish spirits they've bound, only Death can do that." Midnight finished, offering the young Reaper another lesson. "I sense him, he's coming through th-...!" Before Midnight could string together his sentence, the mad phantasm erupted through the wall behind the woman, grabbing hold of her with its massive and imposing claws. Her screams painted a wicked grin across its otherwise shapeless face, a row of razor sharp fangs greeting the pair.

    Reacting quickly, and without Midnight's instructions, Raven swiped his hand through the air and summoned forth his weapon which viciously slashed the phantasm's long, slender arm, severing it from place. Screeching out in pain, the phantasm dropped the woman who instinctively ran behind Raven. "Well done, kiddo!" Midnight exclaimed, his voice a mental projection, though his cheers would soon reach an end. A new appendage shot out from the stump Raven had created. "It regenerates!? For fuck sake, this is so unfair!"

    "This room is too small, she'll get hurt." Reaching to grab the weightless woman, Raven swept her up from the floor and dashed out of the room before continuing down the corridor. A rampaging phantasm would however not let up. It had been enraged by Raven's attack, and he had incurred its wrath. Without much consideration, Raven threw the featherweight of a spirit forward once they reached the large entry hall. Given her ghostly nature, she gently floated to her feet and Raven took the opportunity to throw himself away from the door frame which mere seconds later shattered and broke as a response to the gigantic claws cutting through it.

    "Incoming!" Midnight warned before the phantasm launched an orb of spectral energy which ate through the opposite wall as the Reaper quickly side stepped the attack.

    It earned another screech but did little in slowing the beast down. Displaying its teleportation powers, the phantasm appeared a mere foot from Layne and rammed its hand down on him. There was no time to dodge, forcing Raven to meet the claws head on. His blade connected with his enemy, the sound of clashing steel echoing throughout the entry hall in a series of aggressive impacts. Eventually, the ancient phantasm managed to overpower the Reaper once it utilized it's full potential. Phasing through the physical world in a rapid motion, delivering lightning fast strikes before vanishing each time, the phantasm eventually managed to land a hit on the graceful Reaper who until now had done well in dodging its attacks.

    With clenched teeth, Raven found himself launched to the floor with large, gaping wounds in his chest. Mere moments after their painful addition, the Reaper's frame was healed. However, such a powerful attack drastically drained him and caused fatigue. Of course, ceasing the moment, the phantasm appeared next to Layne for a final blow.

    Gracefully jolting back to his feet, Raven sidestepped the incoming strike, the death blow, and counter attacked with a fluid motion of interlocked slicing. Layne severed its arms and immediately stabbed his sword through the phantasm's shape with a lightning fast twirl, ramming the ghost to the ground. "End it!" Delivering the final attack on the now stationary target, Layne effectively decapitated his enemy.

    The spirit's body dissipated with an echoing scream, and a massive shock wave erupted from its demise, dispelling the sealing aura placed on the asylum and pushed Raven to the ground. Breathing heavily, his heart was beating at such an intense pace it felt like his ribs would shatter. "Alright..." He breathed. "Let's save the spirits here."

    "You already have. Destroying the seal released them." Midnight returned, landing on the boy's chest after reverting back to his avian form.

    "That's efficient..." Layne managed, attempting a deep breath but found it difficult due to the rapid air entering and leaving his lungs. Even in his exhausted state, he could feel a heavy weight lifted from the asylum. That phantasm's absence did not go unnoticed, and the woman was nowhere to be seen. She had been freed.

    Struggling back to his feet, Layne made his way out of the asylum but found home on a bench outside long enough to regain his energy. It had been a long night, and more than anything, he wanted sleep. Game of Thrones with Midnight could wait.
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