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  1. Deep in the world of child abuse, the future allows the abusers to do even worse. As secrets reveal themselves, it turns... TORTUROUS!
  2. Megan runs down the street, tears filling her eyes. On her arm is a purplish bruise, and it gets worse with every step she takes. Finally, she reaches his house. Nearly falling as she stumbles up the front steps, her eyes blinded by tears, she knocks.
  3. Jonjo opened the door and looked at her concerned ''Are you okay? What happened?''
    He carefully took her hand and helped her in doors ''Come, let's get you warm''

    As they walked into the house he turned on the fire place, went to get a blanket and sat down.
    He wrapped the blanket around her gently and played with her hair ''Talk to me Megan..''
  4. "Dad got mad at me again. I dropped his plate during dinner, and then he grabbed me and beat me." the tears were coming out faster now.
  5. He pulled her in and hugged her ''shh, it's okay.. Accidents happen, it wasn't your fault. He shouldn't hit you like that.''
    He kissed the top of her head and held her ''It's all going to be okay, I wish I could make it better..''
  6. She sniffled. "He's done it before. Ever since mom died." She holds him tighter.
  7. He nodded ''I know.. but I wish I could take you away from it.. I'm so sorry this happens to you..''
  8. She knew her father would be coming soon. He would pull her off of him and curse at her and call her a whore. She would have to go back. Back to a terrible world of torture.
  9. He looked around "let's run.."
  10. There was a knock at the door. The sound of her father, cursing and yelling for her to come out. "I can't stand this anymore. I want to leave..." before she knew it, they were out the back door. Jonjo had left a note to his parents saying he was going for a while. And soon, her dad was following them.
  11. They ran as fast as they could "keep running, don't look back Megan."
    He let go of her hand and watched her run, he turned around and laid in to her dad.
    He started hitting him until her dad didn't move anymore.
    He didn't know if he knocked him out or killed him, but he wasn't going to stay around to find out.
    He wiped his hands and started running again, trying to catch up with megan.
  12. Jonjo had beaten her dad. Maybe he was dead. She hoped so.
  13. As he caught up, he stop her "wait, wait.." He tried to catch his breathe "he wasn't moving anymore.. I think he might be dead.."

    He took a deep breathe and looked at her "I did it for you.."
  14. Now that she thought about it now, if her dad was dead, they would be wanted as killers. "I need to get to my house, to pick up some things."
  15. Jonjo looked at her "you can stay, I'm the one in trouble when they find him.."
    He sighed and shook his head "you're safe now.."
    At that moment he hear a cough and he turned, her dad was covered in blood and jonjo took a step back "run.. Megan, now!"
  16. Megan kept on running. Her dad wasn't dead, but he was bloodied up and angry. If he caught them, Jonjo would be killed and she would be taken back to that horrible place. They would probably move away to a new town, and no one would be able to protect her.
  17. As they ran, Jonjo kept looking back.
    He was thinking of a way to end her pain once and for all, he was angry, all he wanted was to make her happy.
    She had no idea that she had been his crush all along, and that was okay, he was sure she saw him as just a friend.
    As they got to a dark woods with a small cabin he grabbed her hand and dragged her inside.
    He locked all the doors and rushed to the kitchen.

    He sat her down in the corner and grabbed two knifes.
    ''I'm going out there, if anything happens, take the knife and fight..''
  18. Megan's hands shook as she was given the knife. Her dad was going to kill them. Her father never truly cared about her. He wasn't all that kind to her before her mother died either. Then she began to remember. Mom had told her that all her troubles would be over the night before she died in a car crash. Dad couldn't have killed her, though. He loved her.
  19. Jonjo kissed her cheek softly and started making his way to the roof,
    he saw her dad pass and sighed.
    It was now or never, he had to do something..

    He jumped down and ran towards her dad, grabbed him and plunged he knife into his throat.
    Jonjo watched how the blood spilled out, and how her dad stopped breathing before dragging him through the woods.
    He found a well, the bottom was nowhere to be seen, and so he threw him down, along with the knife.

    Jonjo looked around and then looked at his hands.
    He shook his head and tried not to cry at the fact that he killed someone.
    He started walking back to the cabin, slowly he knocked on the door ''Megan, it's me.. He's gone.. this time I'm sure..''
  20. Megan ran out of the cabin, into his arms, and cried.

    "I heard. I heard it."

    He had killed her father. It's not that she wasn't thankful, she was, but... Her life would never be the same. She would be put into the foster system if she went back. IF she went back. The cabin wasn't one of the modern homes, the ones with security systems that could tell if someone was living there or not. They could stay hidden, but she might not be able to see anyone again. They would have to change their names, their identities. She didn't think she was ready for that.
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