Torture from a Widow

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  1. Two years ago, Vincent Parker's wife died. She was eight months pregnant and died before she ever could share a child with him. Vince is a wealthy man, but the wealth couldn't help the emotional torment that followed, consuming Vince for a year after. It is present day, and Vince has returned to normalcy, for the most part. He had severe emotional trauma at times and it is only triggered every so often. The following is the tale of Vince's next love interest, and what he would due to get what he wants.

  2. Vince:

    Vince is a simple, quiet man. He keep to himself but has emotional troubles. He is 26 and the head of a small business. It is enough to keep him quite wealthy.
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    KATHERINE Ederra

    Age: 19 years old
    Personality: Being an orphan at the young age of twelve years old, one can say with certainty that Kat is an independent girl. She's rational and she's someone who is deeply rooted in realism instead of the usual idealistic views most people of her age have. She can be sarcastic and brutally blunt to others. While extremely guarded with her emotions, once a person gets past her initial barriers, they'd realize that Katherine can be naive and trusting. She would get too trusting to a fault and she can get extremely emotionally attached to someone to the point that it would cloud her judgement.
    Other: She hates being called by her full name. She prefers Kat or anything else except that blasted lady-like name. :) Oh, and she's also poor, and therefore can be easily bribed by money.

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  4. Vince sat at his desk in the headquarters of his business. It was one that regulated imports from foreign countries. He was signing off papers that finalized deals and made it possible for whatever was coming into the country, to stay. After growing weary of much writing, he decided to treat himself to a lunch break at a diner down the block. Vince loved the city of Los Angeles, it was of the few things that kept him happy. Ever since the passing of his wife, Emily, depression had consumed much of his life. He was finally starting to turn a new leaf.

    It was hard to get over the past two years. Vince had fallen to alcoholism and almost lost his company. It was the extreme efforts of friends and family that kept him entitled to his business. Emily and their soon to be child was all that he cared for in the world and now, after two years, Vince had a hard time believing they were gone. He hadn't tried dating anyone since then. She was too unique. Her purple hair was something he admired so much, and her spunky attitude was stained in his mind.

    Vince made his way to his car and started it up. A picture of Emily remained in the overhead mirrior, and for the first time, he took it down, placing it in the glove compartment. After that, he was off to the diner known as Spudz, popular for it's fries and burgers. Vince was a strong, toned man but even he indulged in fast food from time to time.
  5. Chugging down the rest of coke from the can, Kat impatiently tapped her finger into the table. She had been sitting on this stupid chair for a while now and yet she still can’t see any sign of the bastard she calls friend. She slouched back into the seat and sighed. The said boy, someone who was her classmate when she still took college, had promised to meet and pay her at this diner if she’d complete that blasted thesis he had been begging her to do.

    Scott was a no-show apparently. She carelessly placed the now empty can on the table and stared around in utter boredom. She cursed her bad luck and gritted her teeth in anger. At first she had totally decided against doing this favor. He was very desperate with making her finish the thesis but she had been firm with her decision. She won't do his grades for him, that's what she had said. Initially. While doing thesis was just a piece of cake for her, with the busy schedule she has, Kat knew that she couldn't afford to get side tracked with other things. Aside from engaging herself in money-making goals that was.

    But that was several weeks prior. Now, if only she didn't need the money to pay for this month’s rent, she wouldn't have bothered to do the thesis and come here. He was her last resort and while she was about to apply into another part-time job, she knew that it was easier to get cash with this. She stopped tapping and straightened in her seat. Few minutes later, she stared at the clock nearby and cursed under her breath once she noticed the time. It had almost been an hour and a half and he wasn't here yet.

    “Stupid-bastard-lying Scott, where are you?” She mumbled irritably. She looked around and futilely searched for him before standing up and running a hand through her purple-colored hair in annoyance. When she didn't see any shadow of Scott, she grabbed her backpack and decided to leave. It won’t do her any good to wait in vain for him in here. All those precious moments she could have spent earning money, she lamented miserably as she kept the folder of thesis inside her bag. She’d probably burn or sell the paper to the nearest junk shop she can find. She took out her phone and checked her balance. The bastard has probably bailed out and didn't have the guts to inform her about breaking the deal beforehand. Sighing and vowing to kill Scott once she gets hold of him, she opened the door. Not looking at where she was going, she almost bumped into a wealthy looking guy who was about to enter.

    “Sorry, sir”, she muttered briefly looking at him, and tucked a stray hair on her ear as she looked back down to her phone. She sidestepped out of the way and waited until he entered inside. The other door was closed for repair, and because of that she had to let him pass first in order to get out.
  6. "I, that's alright." Vince was at a lost for words. This woman, whoever she was, had his attention from the moment he laid eyes on her. It seemed impossible at the moment, but she had a striking resemblance towards his long lost wife, Emily. Her purple hair, the way it cascaded around her. Her soft, but bold eyes. He tried to shake the image but it was not leaving his mind anytime soon. "Are you in a rush? I'm sorry I yielded you." Part of him wanted to believe it was Emily, perhaps she didn't die. No, that was insane. he saw her on her deathbed in the hospital those two years ago.

    Vince slowly walked in after the woman had moved from the doorway. He kept his eyes on her, as if he never wanted her to leave. A rush of memories flew into Vince's mind and that wasn't good for anyone. "What is your name?" Vince asked nicely. It was far fetched but he needed to know everything about this woman. Starting with her name, surely it was not Emily.
  7. Brows furrowing with the reply that she read from Scott, Kat stared at her phone in muted anger. The bastard didn’t even have the nerve to offer a good reason for his absence. She clenched her free hand into fist and tucked her phone into the pocket of her jeans with the other. She’d find him and make him pay in one way or another. She’d make sure of it. She won’t let her hard work go into waste that easily.

    She had been so focused with imagining different torture methods for her so-called friend when she heard the guy speak up. "I, that's alright." He said, and she mechanically stared at him in surprise. It was rare that she meet wealthy guys who are not snobbish. More often than not, based on her experience, guys like him are hot-tempered and arrogant-- especially to people like her. Still though, she decided against replying and opted to wait impatiently for him to enter. She has a bastard to catch and she’s wasting precious time in this doorway waiting for the man taking his time to get inside.

    "Are you in a rush? I'm sorry I yielded you." She heard him continue, instantly grabbing her interest with the way he nicely asked her. She looked around in surprise, wondering if he was talking to her. When she found no one else behind her, she skeptically looked back at him. This time she properly studied the man, she ran her eyes through his handsome face, down to his branded clothing and to his shiny shoes. Everything in him screamed wealth and she wondered why he was eating in a place like this.

    “Excu-“ She started to speak, a hint of insolence in her tone but his next words cut her off. Wealthy gentleman was nice and great but the creepy pedophile was not, she thought as she noticed the man’s eyes fixated on her face, particularly in her eyes and her hair. She unconsciously tucked the loose strands of hair in her ears and bowed her head down. While he seemed nice enough, she could only care less. He was a stranger, even a rich one to boot and for that he was someone she won’t associate herself with. Why the hell is he asking for her name anyway? She raised her head and arched an eyebrow in inquiry. His stare was unnerving and if he continued doing that, she might resort to doing something both of them wouldn't like. "What is your name?" His words echoed repeatedly in her ears. It was usual for guys to ask her name, she knew that and she figured she should be used to it by now. But still though, hearing the sentence every single time never fails to give her the creeps. “None of your business, mister!” She snapped haughtily and stepped outside intent on ignoring the rich pervert.
  8. "You're right, my apologies. That sounded rather forward. Well good day to you." Vince entered the diner, making sure not to double glance. That last thing he wanted was to prove he was attached to her being already. He shook his head and sat at one of the close booths. As he waited for his order, his mind wandered aimlessly. He tried his best to wrap his head around the idea of the woman. It was the second coming of Emily, he thought. Everything about her screamed his wife's name to him. It was foolish, yes that was it. Simply foolish. Vince had no time to linger over every woman he reminded him of his deceased wife.

    The waiter came around in the midst of his deep thought and had to ask for his order several times. "Oh! Yes, my apologies. I'll have the cheese burger and a small tray of fries with a water. That'll be it." He was quick to rid himself of the waiter and now pulled out his phone, planning to numb himself of these thoughts.

    No amount of random internet browsing or picture filing could help Vince escape that woman's mental grasp. It wasn't her fault in fact she seemed rather uninterested.

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  9. The purple-haired girl was still steaming with anger--for the lack of more appropriate term, when she finally stepped out of the diner. It seemed like her day couldn't get any better. She thought in exasperation as she recalled her landlord, Scott and the strange man she met just moments ago. Being woken up at the crack of dawn by your double-chinned landlord was never an enjoyable experience. The geezer had threatened to kick her out of the boarding house if she ever failed to pay this month’s rent. He had been bugging her all week about the rent but it was only this day that he decided to disturb her peaceful morning. Armed with a rather loud and nonstop ringing alarm, he had knocked relentlessly on the dilapidated door of her small room and continued to do so until she woke up.

    She grimaced when she recalled the ridiculous amount of her debt. Getting the money to pay for it was not going to be an easy feat. She might as well pack her things tonight. Since all of her financial resources goes straight to that large debt her parents left, she had no other way to pay it. Even though she already had two or three part-time job currently, she doesn't think her salary would be enough. Smooching favors from the old man for the nth time won't work; she despaired, recalling the fat man’s face reddening in barely controlled fury this morning where she tried to lighten the situation with an offhanded joke when he had asked for the money. It looked like her charms are wearing off and it wasn't a good thing. So far she was able to postpone it until the thirtieth but that was it. The red-faced landlord had said that this would be her last chance and if she won’t be able to procure the money, she would leave. Immediately.

    She sighed and wearily ran a hand through her hair. Instantly calming down, she walked towards the nearest subway station in brisk steps. The wealthy pervert seemed nice enough, she begrudgingly concluded. She was still confused and a little guilty with her reaction towards him. He was nice, despite the creepy staring stuff, but she reacted defensively. If anything, she had been nothing but rude to him. Kat hoped that she didn't offend him, she don’t think she can afford someone like him as her enemy or anything near. She was half-tempted to go back inside and apologize for being bad-mannered. But then she thought better of it just soon after. She just shook her head dismissively. Instead she decided to forget the encounter and vowed not to come back at that diner. She wasn't fond of awkward first impressions and it'll be better this way. No matter how gentlemanly, nice and kind he seemed, she knew they were worlds apart and therefore won’t ever have the chance to talk again. When she reached the subway, she immediately stood near the corner and waited for the train. She better go hunt that no show Scott before her job interview. She didn't think she could take it if even that will mess up today.

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  10. Vince was soon back to his office. At this point the purple haired woman had left his mind, and it was for the better. He had important work to do anyway. They were in need of employees and Vince was to hold a conference for any people applying. It was a few days away but Vince had to prepare a speech and slideshow to watch. It would require much work and he spent the bulk of the day on it.

    It was late afternoon before he finished and he was exhausted. Making his way to his car, Vince was almost afraid he would crash from the lack of sleep. He made his way into the car, and pulled off towards his large house on an outer hill from Los Angeles. The drive was quiet and unfortunately that woman appeared in his head once more. "Damnit!" Vince said out loud. "Get out of my head!" He didn't want this kind of mental torment. Not anymore. Once he arrived home, he quickly popped some pills that calmed his brain activity. It allowed him to relax and not think too hard.

    Vince sat on his couch, staring at the ceiling and listened to some classic music. He needed to remove the woman and Emily from his mind, although they still appeared one in the same to him.

  11. It was already the crack of dawn and yet Kat is still wide awake. Earlier during the afternoon, she had spent two hours of her life answering the rather grueling pageant-like questionnaires her prospective part-time job requires. She could have sworn she felt one or more of her brain cells exploding with the onslaught of mental torture she experienced from the said interview. She sighed and turned in the bed, covering her face with one of the spare pillows. What made her feel more depressed was the fact that she was certain that she didn't nailed that job. More than anything, it looked like she flunked it… hard. ‘Gah!’

    She burrowed her face under the pillow and let out a muffled scream. She didn’t know what to feel. 'I surely failed it', the purple-haired girl despairingly recalled. The interviewer had such a blank slate for an expression and in her nervousness, Kat wasn't able to gauge what he thought. She don't think that praying to thousand deities or offering numerous sacrifices would ever help her get that job. It was a shame since the rate was too good to be true! She growled underneath the covers and shifted uncomfortably. Making sure not to make unnecessary noise lest she wake her unconventional roommate, she hugged the lumpy pillow tighter as if drawing some form of strength from it.

    Scott was soundly sleeping on the blanket down the floor just few steps away from her and she doesn't want to risk disturbing his sleep. His much deserved sleep-- and that is coming from someone who made sure to extract retribution from him. He had been so helpful to her that Kat decided to forgive him for his nonattendance. After wasting almost half a day searching for her friend, she finally found him hiding cowardly under the skirts of his mom—well that was what Kat thought anyway when she found him making an unusual visit to the elderly woman. His mother lived in a moderately sized house on the outskirts of the busy Los Angeles and she exhausted a sizable amount of her remaining budget into getting to this subdivision.

    After a few minutes of shuffling, she finally had enough. It was no use trying to get some sleep. She’ll most probably need to wake up soon. Scott’s mom was such a morning person that the old woman, more often than not, drags both of them to eat breakfast earlier than normal people do. She sat, crossing her legs on the bed, and studied the entirety of the room. It was a good thing that she found Scott. She didn’t know where she will be right now if she didn’t. Considering that she recently lost her room, she might as well be as homeless as a beggar. Even though the old fat geezer promised her to give time until the thirtieth for her to settle payments, he never did complete his part of the deal. Instead, after attending the job interview and hunting her friend for the payment, Kat was shocked to stillness when she found her things thrown out of her small room. Former dingy room to be exact. The fat bastard had haughtily said that since he couldn't trust her to pay on time, he changed his mind and opted to force her to leaving sooner than what was agreed. Dazed, she couldn’t do anything but stare at her possessions tossed outside the street as if they were nothing but trash.

    The next few days after that were blurry. She didn’t how she survived, but she was thankful when Scott had offered her his own room for a temporary place to stay. From then on, she spent majority of her days desperately trying to look for more part-time jobs during her free times. She promised Scott that she will be out of his hair before the end of the month and because of that, have doubled her efforts with the job hunting.
    She recently heard a job conference for a small yet successful company. She was greatly hoping to be included on the shortlist for screening. If everything goes well, she will be able to find a new place to stay in few days time.

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  12. It was finally the day when Vince's company was holding a conference for eligible new employees. It was held in a convocation center just off of the company's land. Vince was surprised when a vast amount of people showed up. At least 70 were there and it made Vince happy, yet dreading the elimination process that would follow.

    Once enough people had arrived they closed the doors and it began. Vince made his way to the podium. "Hello everyone, my name is Vince Parker and I run the company, The Guilded Gate. Our job is to ensure that anything coming into the country is varied and checked out according to both state and federal laws. Los Angeles is large city, and finding a job is a large task. I'm here today to end that search for seven of you. Do not be discouraged, for if you think you can make it, then keep believing. Now, I will be running through a powerpoint of what this companies strides on and how you can fit right in. There are select positions each on requiring a certain degree of education. The lowest being a mailroom associate. Now, lets get on with the slideshow."

    Vince spent the next hour going over what was entailed. Everyone there was given an application to fill out and if they had resumes, those too would be collected. At the end of the event, Vince stayed to answer any questions.
  13. Hair pinned up?

    Kat looked at her white-collared blouse and knee-length black pencil skirt and nodded in satisfaction to no one in particular.

    Light make up?

    She then stared at the mirror just in front and made faces on it. She smiled sheepishly when she noticed how idiotic she looked and tucked stray strands of hair into her ears.

    Resume and other requirements?

    Noting the small pile of the said resume on top of Scott’s bed, she then gathered the papers and slid it into a clear empty envelop.


    She took a breath and exhaled soon after as she mentally prepped herself for the convocation that will be held later. She had been up since this morning, preparing everything she can in panicked frenzy. She made sure that there would be no room for mess and because of that had thoroughly checked everything she needed.


    Kat silently despaired as she stared at the large number of group inside the hall. She didn’t expect this. When she had heard about the job vacancy, she had been hoping that the company would be less-profiled and illustrious unlike the recent ones that she had already applied to. Now, sitting far blocks away from the podium, she couldn’t help but feel depressed. Because she was near-sighted, she was having difficulty trying to see the speaker in front. He was just a blurry person standing on the podium, and she squinted hard as she looked at him.

    "…I'm here today to end that search for seven of you. Do not be discouraged, for if you think you can make it, then keep believing.” She heard him say and she felt the hope that slowly blossomed. This might be her chance. She just has to give her best. She fisted her hands in a determined gesture, her whole being firing up with resolution. She knew she can do this!

    But then he continued speaking, and when she heard the rest of his statement, she immediately felt dread.

    “each on requiring a certain degree of education”

    “each on requiring a certain degree of education”

    “each on requiring a certain degree of education”

    The words continued to echo in her ears. Her mouth slightly opened in shock, she
    gazed into air as if caught in a daze. She didn’t finish college. That in itself cuts of her chance for a good paying position in the company. She quietly groaned and placed a palm over her forehead. She considered walking out and taking herself off the embarrassment row as early as possible but once she recalled the hardships she went through just to be included in this convocation, she settled her resolve. She’d take any job they would offer. Even being a lowly janitorial position would do. She knew that she didn’t stand a chance against the competition but it was worth trying than not doing anything at all.


    Once the mass screening was done, she stayed slumped in her seat, feeling the heavy weight of the world in her shoulders. It seemed like she needed to smooch another favor from Scott. She definitely failed this exam. She better prepare herself for the disappointed expressions that would welcome her, once she gets 'home'.

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  14. Vince had taken many questions for various people before finally exiting the stage. As he made his way from the podium, he couldn't help but notice a young woman with purple hair a few rows back. His mind was surely playing games with him. Emily. No, that wasn't her. Why, all of the sudden, was she so predominate in his mind. Vince decided to walk the long way, through the back entrance, to pass by her. He made a nonchalant glance at the woman and then realized it was the person he met at the diner a few days back. Not that it was really meeting of the two, regardless it knew it was her. Vince could not believe she was here. She didn't seem like someone interested in his business. He still did not know her name, so he would never know if he were to read her resume or not.

    It was quite sad, for Vince wanted to know her very much, perhaps a little too much. He had to restrain himself completely from approaching her, it was very unprofessional. He rushed out the back entrance and made his way to his car. Once he was in he slammed the door and took a deep breathe. That woman is beautiful, it can't be a coincidence that she appeared in my life once more. I should go back! I can't risk appearing desperate. I wish I knew her name! These thoughts ran through his head and he sat in his car for awhile, he couldn't decide what to do.
  15. Kat raised her head just in time to see the retreating back of the speaker going outside of the hall. She stared at him, confused. He looked familiar. He was someone she knew, probably, but she couldn't put a finger on it. Placing her hand on her temple in attempt to sooth the mild headache, she recalled the people that she last met. While she certainly do not have a photographic memory, the purple-haired girl had the knack of remembering the faces of the people that she recently met. She can familiarize them even with the simplest detail; whether it was the back of their head or the way they walk, it was somewhat easy for her.

    It took her awhile and only when she thought about Scott’s thesis did she remembered who he was. ‘Oh! He’s the rich pervert!’ She thought in shock. She didn't know he worked in this company! She never, in a million years could fathom meeting him ever again. Quickly gathering her things, she decided to follow him. She was well-aware that he noticed her… or something like that, she hoped. She had seen him passing by near her seat just moments ago. It was his nonchalant glance that snapped her out of her depressed state, actually.

    Once she finished packing up, she slung her bag in the shoulder and went out. She can't figure out know why she opted to follow him, but she dared to do so anyway. The thought that he won’t talk to her crossed her mind, but the urge to see him was louder and more prominent that she did not think about the consequences of her actions. Hurriedly, she tried to fix the creases of her skirt as she walked after him, and found the guy about to enter a car once he was outside. She paused, hesitating in her steps. When he finally entered the automobile, she then suddenly stopped walking, as if greatly snapped out of her trance. Eyes widening in horror, she immediately hid on the nearest corner she can find.

    ‘What the hell was she about to do?’ She didn’t run out of the convocation hall just to follow someone she doesn't even know! 'And in high heels to be exact!' She wearily ran a hand through her hair, more than tempted to slump down into the dirty ground. It was desperation. She concluded, trying to find reason for her… foolish actions.
  16. Vince noticed the purple haired woman before she fled to a corner. Was she following him? He wouldn't let this opportunity escape. It was then he pulled out a business card from his briefcase. It had his number, where his office was, and the hours he was available. If by some "accident" Vince tossed it out of the window and it landed on the concrete walkway. After this, Vince started his car and pulled out, heading back to his office. If she happened upon the card, she would call, or even come to see him personally. Vince wanted this very much so. He couldn't get her mind off of her now, it was set. It should have ended at the diner, but it did not. No, it has persisted on, he thought. Fate wanted them to meet. Was God giving him a second chance with Emily. Vince always believed she was taken too early from him. With his child? It never made sense. Perhaps God himself made a mistake. Vince was convinced of this. The drive back consumed his mind with thoughts of this woman who's name would forever be a mystery unless she contacted him. It was up to her to continue this, Vince believed.

    Once he arrived back at his office, he quickly made his way to his office and sat, expecting a call already. It was soon he realized this might take time. With a sigh of impatience, Vince began to tend to his work, he would not let her control his life, completely.
  17. ‘Should I go… or not?’ Kat turned over the small piece of paper currently in her hand. She had hurried after the car, watching as it left once she had dared to come out of her hiding place on the corner just outside the convocation hall. She had actually been hesitating of whether she should approach the man or not and before she knew it, he had already left. She recalled how rude and immature she had been when they first met. She grimaced at the memory. That was a quite stupid move. While it was her usual response, she now regret doing that to the rich pervert--no, to Vincent Parker. Who knew he could be her only chance for a good paying job? More than quite disappointed with herself, she dazedly hailed for a cab. She figured out what she should do next. Once a cab stopped in front of her, she went in and distractedly told the driver the address.

    She could not go home just yet. While it may take days for the result to come out, she don’t think she can bear any comments may hear from Scott and his mother. They weren't bad people. But to someone like Katherine, who never got used to depending on others, what was happening now, is… weird. She felt helpless and ashamed every time she would enter their house. She was nothing but a stranger in their abode and even paying for food and other basic necessities did nothing to assuage the guilt she felt.

    So absorbed in her thoughts, she almost bumped her head on the window when she noticed the unfamiliar building in front of her as she turned to get out of the cab. “Where are we?” She asked to no one in particular, confused. The driver looked strangely at her and lightly chuckled. “To your destination, ma’am”. He answered and held out his palm expectantly. Kat blinked and shook her head. She took out her wallet and paid the fare, leaving the taxi soon after.

    What was she thinking? She stared at the card that she had been firmly gripping and looked at the intimidating building in front of her and sighed. It seemed that she unconsciously wanted to go to this place despite her all reluctance. Shaking her head dismissively, she squared her shoulders in determination. It was better that she get this thing over with now. She only hoped that she was doing the right thing. She knew she was at fault, and therefore she wanted to apologize; though she can't help but become wary of the consequences of her actions. As she entered the lobby and asked the receptionist for details, one thought repeatedly resounds in her mind:

    After what she did, would Vincent Parker ever waste his precious time to talk to her?
  18. Vince was focused on paperwork before a buzz from the comm broke his focus. "Sir, there is a woman here requesting to see you. She doesn't have an appointment." Vince stared at the comm for a moment, then answered. "Send her up." It was all he said. His heart began to race. Vince was getting incredibly nervous. Why did he? He was the CEO of his company, but he knew who it was. It was Emily's rencarnation coming to haunt him through a living body. No, that sounds unbelievable. It was that woman, no doubt, but she wasn't Emily. He clung to the pencil he held tightly, trying to calm his nerves. Quickly he rampaged through his desk's drawer for his pills. He threw two into his mouth and washed them down with the water he had on his desk. "God damnit! Pull yourself together." he said aloud. Why was he letting this person do this to him. Vince had met her once, and she wasn't even kind to him. Any other person would have rejected the sight of them. Vince was attached, he didn't want to be but he surely was. To him, she was beautiful like his wife. His hands shook until finally there was a knock on his door. He froze up, staring at the wooden door. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. "It's just a potential employee." He whispered to himself. "Come in." He said louder, his eyes widening at the sight of the door knob revolving.
  19. The purple-haired girl felt her heart pounding really fast. And hard. While she was talking to the receptionist on the first floor, moments ago, she had been greatly hoping that Vincent Parker would send her away. She had no appointment with the man and she had no viable reason to be here after all. But then that was not what happened. To her great surprise, the thirty-something woman dressed in an outfit far more fancy than she looked had prettily smiled at her and said that Mr. Parker was expecting her on the highest floor of the tower. Kat was flabbergasted to say the least. She did not think he would actually talk to her. After what she did, she had been expecting to be escorted out of the building the moment she had shown her face. Which is why, she was almost hyperventilating in where she stood when the receptionist had shown her where to go.

    Breathing in and out in an attempt to calm her nerves, she stepped out of the elevator once it stopped in front of Vincent Parker’s office. There was another receptionist stationed just outside a beautifully embellished locked door and she supposed that the woman was Mr. Parker’s secretary. Said woman looked at her and smiled, greeting her warmly as she approached. “Good day, Ma’am. Mr. Parker is waiting for you.” Kat awkwardly smiled back, surprised by the welcoming gesture. She didn't think she’d get a nice reception here. She is quite used to people looking strangely at her and her hair, expecting her to be some kind of rebellious punk with its unusual dye. The secretary stood up before Kat can even utter a reply and promptly knocked on the door.

    All hopes of escape left Kat’s mind and she can do nothing else but blink in surprise. Her heart now uncontrollably pounding in an unceremonious beat, she waited for the man’s response.
    "Come in." Both of them clearly heard and she felt breathless. Her mind was in chaos and she greatly hoped that her nervousness did not show. She wrung her hands in the air, only pausing when she noticed how cowardly it looked. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck’, she repeatedly chanted in her mind waiting in horror as the secretary turned the knob and opened the door.

    “Mr. Parker, Ms. Ederra is here to see you”, her voice, which should have sounded sweet, had instead sounded awful to the purple-haired girl. She then entered and Kat had no choice but to follow. And Kat found herself staring at a pair of vibrant blue colored eyes. Stunning blue eyes. “G-good day, sir”. She cursed when she heard herself stutter. She can only hope that he won’t take notice of it. Kat did not want to appear intimidated by the man but she actually did. He was beyond handsome and she absently wondered why she took him as a pervert when they first met. She was sure he had numerous women fainting under his feet. She bowed her head down and tucked stray strands of hairs behind her ears. “I’ll take my leave now, Mr. Parker”, the woman spoke and she instinctively looked up. They both waited for the confirmation from the boss with the secretary smiling encouragingly at her.
  20. "That'll be all Mrs. Benson." He said to his secretary and he made her leave. "Please, sit." Victor was trying his best to appear professional. He had been doing interviews for many years, so it wasn't hard to, but he couldn't help but have his heart beat very fast. "Did you miss the convocation, is that why you are here?" It was a bullshit lie, and he was pretty sure both of them knew it. However, he was also sure she wouldn't call it out. From her demeanor, she looked incredibly nervous. Normally Victor would find this unprofessional and have her exit then a there, this wasn't so normal, though.

    (Short, sorry :( )