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  1. Even on the verge, the wild reaches of space near the galactic rim, there are places wilder than others. At the behest of the galactic council, humanity’s hand reached deeper into the region to bring peace and stability for all.

    The process of colonizing and building infrastructure is slow, and the cost great. Pirates and races outside the council’s control raid and pillage convoys, colonies, and outposts alike and on Earth the halls of power echo with the murmurs that the council can to it’s own damn dirty work.

    The Verge. Its name is often spoken in a whisper, the few human captains who have ventured to its edge return with stories and reports dismissed as fantasy. Ghost worlds. Planets there one day and gone in the trip home. Mysterious signals and ships being pulled out of hyperspace without cause or warning - some of them never making it back - end their days as drifting ghost ships.

    But one place has felt Humanity’s touch, even though there is no record of it in the navy chart. A hub of trade of all kinds and the center of the small Hearn enclave.

    A few brave human smugglers think the run between the colonies and the verge is worth the reward of exotic wares available nowhere else in known space. The name they use was pulled directly from human legend and none know its true name.

    The Tortuga Diplomatic Station, hosts a council that apes that of the larger galactic community but remains independent and arguably less successful. Wars wage almost constantly in the Verge and the station is stated more as a shared embassy than a coalition headquarters as each race refuses to give up its sovereignty.

    Silent and mysterious, though exotically beautiful, the Hearn are a race of psychics. They once ruled most of the Verge but were almost destroyed by a coalition of pirates and minor races. Their power came not from ships, but from secrets. Able to reach into the minds of almost any race and pull what they need. The process is painful for the victim but seldom fatal, though migraines, stutters and hallucinations may plague them for the rest of their life.

    Making up the bulk of the station’s staff, the Hearn are strictly forbidden from reading the minds of anyone on board unless they are suspected of a crime serious enough to risk their death to gain a "confession".

    YOU ENTER AT THE BAZAR. A three level market district, filled with shops, eateries, and stalls. The bazar is where most meet and interact when they are seeking something aboard Tortuga.

    This universe is under the jurisdiction of Vay and Diana. If you have any questions about the setting, ask one of them!

    ►► Tortuga Station is a SCI-FI IN SPACE SETTING. The station is located OUTSIDE of human space, so humans are allowed but their presence is "weird" and maybe even hassled by the aliens who run the station.

    ►► Do not play joke or troll characters, especially ones that break the setting and spirit of the setting. We LOVE a little comedy, but will kick out a player who is being disruptive.

    ►► Be respectful of ALL players, regardless of playing skill or style. Tortuga Station is meant to be friendly for newbie roleplayers and relaxed for veteran players. We now have an Out of Character Box to make giving people help easier.

    ►► Don't worry if another player is doing something similar to your idea. DO IT ANYWAY! Similarities and things in common happen in real life too. Everyone also plays differently, so two characters who are both "sweet and shy" will still end up being totally unique people. Two assassins could create a fun and interesting conflict!

    ►► Talking to other players about their character before the roleplay is a GREAT way to create connections and background for your own!

    ►► Post SHORT AND FAST. Charps are very quick pace and contain a LOT of players. Players can't wait 20 minutes for you to write a wall of text. If it takes you longer than two minutes to type your post, you are taking too long and might get lost in the action. This is an exercise in quick and concise writing!

    ►► Like in Real Life, a character may not be able to acknowledge or notice your character immediately because they are engaged in doing something else. (For example a new character walking in to the room, but the other characters arguing about muffins and do not see them.) Don't get discouraged if you go can't get someone to interact with you right away. Just keep posting and doing actions with your character, or even approach others who also seem to be idle and it WILL happen.

    ►► Do not take events in the roleplay personally or assume that bad reactions are because they think you/your character sucks. Everyone is playing a character and reacting to things as their character would!

    Tortuga Station has it's own album in the character gallery!
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