Torn Feelings

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  1. Drake slowly opened his eyes as he begrudgingly got himself out of bed. "I don't want to go work today," he muttered, his South African accent coming through in his voice.

    As he rubbed his eyes, he unplugged his phone and scrolled through his contacts. Finding the name "Niko Connor", he smiled and tapped on her name and pulled up the text messages.

    "Good morning, darling," he wrote in the message. "You up?"
  2. A fresh new day, a fresh new start... Yes, today seemed like it would be a relatively good day, or at least that was what Niko could tell. Already had she come back from her morning run, her thoughts running with the many errands she had to run today, though the run had calmed her down tremendously. Luckily today she didn't have work, least should something unexpected happen at the pediatrics office, but she knew that if anything happened she would get a call from one of the doctors, though she knew that those chances were nearly fleeting, though not completely doubted. She was only a mere intern at the office, but she wouldn't lie and say that she hasn't already left an impression on the place, though she had been interning there and being an apprentice for over a year now. Still, she was on her way to the top, and soon she would become her own doctor.

    But, that was besides the point. She was finally able to get a few things done around her apartment and pick up a few things that she needed to pick up, like groceries and other things that she would need for the place. Finally she would get some time for herself! She pushed her hair out of her face as she opened the fridge, taking out another bottle of water before she took a swig of it.

    When she heard her phone buzz, indicating that she had a text message, she walked over to the counter and picked it up, smiling as she saw that it was Drake. "Morning sleepy head," she typed back to him, laughing lightly to herself as a smile graced her lips. "And yes I am. I'm guessing that you just got up?"
  3. Drake sighed as he read the text that was sent to him by Niko.

    "How did you guess?" he wrote back. "I don't want to go to work today. What are you doing?"

    He planted his face back on the bed and stretched his arms out. He tried to get himself back into bed but it seemed that his brain was making him get back out. "I just want to sleep!"

    He almost wanted to cling onto the bed.
  4. Again a bit of soft laughter danced from her lips as she read the next text Drake had sent her, his voice almost audible in her mind as she read over the words. "I know this because you're not exactly a morning person." She, on the other hand, was a morning person. Maybe it was due to her odd schedule, or maybe it was because when she was in school she always opted to take the morning classes because she felt better prepared in the early morning. She wasn't sure, but it worked for her nonetheless.

    "Ahh, poor baby. You know you have to go to work though. Money needs to be made so that you don't get evicted!" She sighed and took another swig of her water. "Me? oh, nothing really. I just got done with a run, and now I'm just about to take a shower so that I can head out a run some errands." An idea came to her mind then. "How about we do lunch today? We haven't done that in a while." She hit the send button before she traveled to her room, taking her phone with her.
  5. Drake grabbed his phone as he was hastily getting dressed. "Oh, you know me too well. Yeah, money's makes the world go round, right? Sure we can do lunch, I'm getting off work by then anyway."

    He started making his way to the door, sticking his phone in his pocket.
  6. "Unfortunately so, but what can you do? We need to money to survive. Just be happy that you actually have a job. Some people don't even have that." Niko went to turn the water on for her shower, letting it heat up before she would step in there, though she made sure to keep her phone out of the way of the water. No use in letting it get messed up over this, right?

    "Oh, short shift today?" She rose her brows at her own question. "How about we meet at that new little diner downtown when you get off? I've heard their food is pretty good."
  7. "I might be looking for a different job soon. Yep, short shift today. Wherever to want, honey."

    He slipped into the driver seat of his car and turned it on before he messed with his dirty blonde hair.
  8. "Oh, really?" Turning her head to the side slightly, the news of him wanting to change jobs came as a shock to her. How come he hadn't told her about it before? Niko made a small 'hmph' noise before she continued on with the message she wanted to send to him. "Well, we can talk about that at lunch today. So, I'll let you go get ready and head there. Have fun."

    She put the phone down before heading to the bathroom, steam billowing from the steaming how water. She undressed herself then, stepping into the shower before she started cleaning herself.
  9. "Ok. See you at lunch."

    But I'm already on my way to work.

    He only shrugged and drove on his normal route to work.
  10. Sighing as she had just finished getting herself dressed, her hair already down, Niko grabbed her keys from the counter and headed out the door, checking the time on her phone so that she could see how much time she would have before meeting Drake for lunch. She still had a few hours, more than enough time, maybe, to get things done, but she never knew. With her tendency to get distracted and side tracked when she didn't have a set schedule in mind, she tended to lose track of time when it came to thing, but oh well!

    So for the next few hours Niko went grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and just overall getting things to restock in her apartment like certain feminine products that she remembering being low on, one new outfit that caught her eye, and just a few cleaning supplies despite the fact that she usually always kept her apartment clean and in order. Call her an organized person, and you'd be right.

    But she had made it back to her apartment, put things into their right place, and once she was finished with all of it she pulled her phone out and decided to text Drake again. "Are you off yet?" She sent the message then, sitting down in one of her chairs shortly after.
  11. Drake was sent home an hour early because his employer didn't really need him for the entire shift.

    So he went home and took a shower before dressing in a polo shirt and keeping the dress pants he had on for work.

    He looked at his phone and quickly messaged Niko back. "I got sent home early. I just finished getting ready."
  12. When her phone buzzed again she read the text before standing up, grabbing her purse, and then heading out the door again. "Okay. I'll meet you at the diner." She headed out to the car then and started it up, heading to the littler diner shortly after.

    It had only taken her fifteen minutes to get there, but she figured that Drake would be there soon, so instead up going inside and getting a table for them, she decided to stand outside and wait for him. No use in sitting alone for a few minutes, right?
  13. Drake cursed and screamed as he was stuck in traffic when he was halfway to meeting Niko.

    "Come on!" he shouted before continuing to curse in Afrikaans. When he saw a detour, he swerved hard and drove like a bat out of hell to the diner.

    Once he parked, he climbed out of the car and walked to a woman waiting outside. "Hey," he said softly.
  14. Heaving a sigh of irritation, Niko checked her watch again, watching as the time ticked on and still there was no sign of Drake. What the hell? Where was he, and why was he making her wait like this? She rolled her eyes, a slight groan escaping her throat as she crossed her arms over her chest. Typical, always having to make her wait for something or other. Why couldn't he be more organized, or at least let her know when he wouldn't be on time. Not that they actually had a set time per say for this little lunch date, but still. His place wasn't far from here either, and neither was his work.

    She huffed, but when she heard a voice appear from beside her, she turned her head to look, only to narrow her eyes at the sight of the male. "You're late," she spoke, impatience evident in her tone.
  15. "I'm sorry, I got stuck in traffic," he said, hesitantly pulling her into an embrace. "You're not mad, are you?"

    He was hoping that they wouldn't have another episode where they argued and screamed at each other that possibly ended with them breaking up. He usually started it back when they were dating in college but at least he was trying to make it work.
  16. She rolled her eyes at his weak attempt of trying to apologize. As if just hugging her was going to do the trick, but what ever. She didn't feel like fighting right now anyway, though it would be a lie to say that her nerves weren't irked by him being late.

    Niko did nothing to embrace him back, and instead stepped away after he held her for a good minute, the feeling definitely well in her book, but she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that. "Right, traffic." She rolled her eyes. "And no, I'm not mad. Just irritated that I've been standing here like an idiot waiting for you." She huffed before turning towards the doors of the diner, walking over to them before she opened the doors, turning to look back at Drake with an expectant look. "Now come on, since I waited, lunch is on you."
  17. Drake grew worried. He always knew when Niko was pissed at him. He tried not to show how he felt and followed close behind.

    "Ok, I guess paying for lunch would make up for being late," he said softly.
  18. "Of course it will," Niko spoke as she walked into the diner, taking in the appearance. Like she had suspected, the general layout reminded her of what she had seen in the movies before a quaint little dinner with a checkerboard tiled floor, red booth and bare stools with white tables and what not. Just the typical old time diner, but she thought it to be cute, and fairly nice. Hopefully the food was well, but she had hard good reviews of this place from a couple of her friends and just general people who came into the doctors office.

    There weren't too many people in the diner at this time, so the waiter at the front of the establishment was able to seat them right that moment, and after he left a waitress had come over, asking them what they wanted to drink ."I'll just have an ice water with lemon," she said, looking at Drake to give his drink order before she turned to look down at the menu.
  19. Drake looked at Niko and tried to reach for her hand. "Baby, I'm sorry about earlier," he said, giving her a warm smile. He quickly glanced at the menu and then put it down.

    "Umm... about looking for another job... I decided that it would better for me if I go for a higher paying position since my employer's stubborn and doesn't really want to change anything." He sighed. "Look, there's been something else on my mind."
  20. The waitress had left, saying that she would be back with their drinks and orders in minute or two, giving the two at the table a little alone time with each other, save for the few mumbling that could be heard here and there between the few other people that occupied the space within the diner. She looked up from the menu, a bout of concentration written on her expression before she looked at Drake, almost giving into the smile that he gave her. Almost.

    Nevertheless, she gave him a small smile and reached her hand out, placing it on top of his before giving it a gentle squeeze. "It's all right, I forgive you." A short laugh came from her lips. "You'll just have to figure out a way to make it up to me then, other than this lunch." She gave him a wink before looking up at the waitress as she came back, giving them their drinks and asking if they were ready to order. Niko told the woman that they needed more time, and when she again left Niko pulled her had from Drake's and took a sip of her water, her eyes trailing back over to him as he began to speak again.

    Her brows furrowed, a bit of concern coming to her now as she sat up straighter in her seat. "Have you thought about where you could go to them? There aren't many job out here to begin with, so are you sure you want to leave?" But his last statement made her worry more, especially that sigh that came before it. "What is it?"
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