Torn Between Two Lovers

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  1. I've had it with life! I'm don't with the drama! Everything that I known has been all a lie. My parents try to hold me back, my brothers and sisters begging me not to go; I can't stay in this god damn town anymore! I break free of their grip, running out the door, feeling the wind brush my straight long black hair out of my face. They call out my name, "Ame! Ame come back!" but I keep running. Tear streamed from my forrest green eyes from the pain of life itself. I had to get away. I have to restart everything, or end it. My bare feet sting from the cuts on my heels. The concrete roads aren't helping me at all. Cars pass by honking their horns at my stupidity and all I could do is run.

    I collapse against a brick wall in a pitch black ally way and cling to it like it's the only thing keeping me alive. I have no clue where I am. No idea what to do. I fall to my knees and bury my face into my hands. The rain begins to fall. I shout out the only words that I could think of at that moment. "RUKA!!!!!!!" Pain welled up in my throat. I scream for my only friend that has died that night. The only person I knew I could trust anything with. The only one who believed in me when I couldn't. "RUKAA!!!!!!!!!!!" I knew she couldn't answer back. There's no possib;e way for her to come back to life and shelter me with her loving arms like she used to. If only I was there to protect her. If only I didn't get late an hour because of my lazy mother, I would've been there to take the bullett for her.
  2. (can I join and what character do you want me to be?)
  3. ((I like this. Who can I take?))
  4. ((I'll join if any others will. A lovers roleplay would be nice))
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