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    For years now people of all ages have been disappearing. The police have long since given up on trying to find them, that is until just last month missing people have been turning up out of nowhere.
    "He says he needs new people! He told me not to say anything else." A panicked women said on the screen. She was missing for five years. She claimed to have been tortured all those years, but she refused to say anything else.

    "It's a miracle!" Jaelyn exclaimed after turning the TV off. Jaelyn was a fifteen year old girl who uses sarcasm as a sense of humor.
    "It is. You better be careful on those streets, you heard what she said." Jaelyn lived with her older brother, Jeremy, who was twenty five.
    "When am I ever not careful?" Jaelyn asked as she grabbed an apple before heading out the door.

    "You're very careful.. when you're not with those friends of yours."

    Jaelyn and her friends were once in the middle of a shooting. It was wrong place at the wrong time. "That wasn't our fault Jeremy," Jaelyn laughed before shutting the door. She was on her way to meeting her friend at a coffee shop.

    Jaelyn (open)

    Jeremy (open)
  2. Steve Taylor, a young handsome man who lived with his 22 year old sister, Carly Taylor sipped on a mocha frappichino. When him and his older sister lived with their father he abused them day in and day out...that is until the two ran away. Carly was 16 at the time and had gotten a job at the same coffee shop he was at right now. Thank the lord that Carly knew a friend's mom that owns apartment complexes, they let her and her brother stay for free.

    The apartment was very modern, big glass showers, two bedrooms and a huge livingroom with a flatscreen attached to it.
  3. Jaelyn shut the door after speaking to her brother. She shoved her hands in the pockets of her hoodie and walked down to the cafe.
    She wasn't sure what her and her friends were going to have planned for the day.
  4. "Steve!" A firmiliar voice spoke, it was Jerry, Steves friend.
    "Oh, hey Jerry, whats up?" Steve asked secretly hoping to have this time to himself.
    "Nothing much, i just needed to get away from my girlfriend...shes been so attached lately," Jerry said sitting down across his buddy.
    Steve put his coffee down and sighed in a annoyed tone.
    "Man, the shooting in middle changed everything there, did you hear? More police, curfew, all that stuff..." Jerry said picking up a menu. "Rumor is...a bunch of girls started it, you know...a gang!"
    "Gangs are everywhere man, thats why im in martial arts...blackbelt isnt all thats cracked up to be...constant classes and gets annoying," Steve pointed out taking another sip of coffee.
    "Dude! Isnt that the girl that was in the shooting?"
    "What?" Steve asked and Jerry pointed. Out the window was a girl with her hands in her pockets.
    "Dude! Dont point!" Steve said slapping Jerrys hand who quickly put it down.
  5. Jaelyn noticed a boy pointing in her direction through the window. She walked into the cafe and looked at them both from the corner of her eye. They must have noticed her from that shooting. That thing really has messed her up. How was she to know a couple guys would take out guns wanting to shoot each other? Maybe it would have been best if she didn't interfere though, even if it meant one of them dying.
    "Jaelyn! Over here!"
    Jaelyn walked over to the table with her friends. There was Elizabeth, Jason, and Ben. Their table was right next to the two boys that pointed at her.
  6. Jerry pulled Steven and started whispering in his ear, "dude those are the girls that started the shooting!"
    Steven pulled away and sipped his coffee acting like nothing has changed.
  7. Jaelyn heard the boys whispering behind them. It confused her when they thought it was them that started the shooting but payed no mind to it.
    Jaelyn looked right out the window as her friends spoke. She was deep in thought when she saw someone being shoved into a black van by someone wearing a mask.
    "Hey!" Jaelyn jumped from her seat and ran outside.
  8. Jerry took out his phone and started recording. Steven started chasing after the man as well, trying to stop him
  9. Instead of fighting Jaelyn and Steven the man shoved them in the van as well.
    "Let go of me!" Jaelyn yelled and tried to get out of his reach. She noticed the boy from earlier was getting pushed in as well
  10. The boy kicked the guy in the face hard, giving him a black eye. He saw the girl and as the man backed away holding his eye Steven jumped on the man, giving the girl an opportunity to run.
  11. Jaelyn was able to get away but she didn't go far. She turned back around to see the boy on the man. Jaelyn felt bad for not doing anything. She stayed to watch in case he would end up losing the fight against the man.

    The man violently pushed the boy off him, "I need new people." His voice sounded raspy and dry. It took Jaelyn a moment but she recognized those words. The women on the news said something about her kidnapper needing new people. This can't seriously be the same person who tortured all those people for five years.
  12. Steven grabbed the mans weapon and used the butt of it to hit the man hard after the man punched home across the face, making his mouth bleed.
    The man was passed out on the ground and Steven looked at Jaylyn with his soft, caring eyes, "are you okay?"
  13. "Uh yeah." Jeayln said as she looked at the man. "You do know who that is right?" She then asked.
  14. "No, do you?" Steven asked as he wiped blood from his lip. "Im assuming not because he just grabbed you..."
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  15. "Someone was talking about him on the news. At least I think it's the same person. Some women said he needed new people to torture, so I made the connection when he said he needed new people," Jaelyn explained.
  16. "So now what?" Steven asked rubbing his arm
  17. "I don't know," Jaelyn said as she looked at the unconscious man.
  18. Steven heard footsteps, he spun around to see his friend still recording him.
    "Man i didnt believe for a second you were a blackbelt! This man! This right here proves it!"
    Jerry chuckled.
    "Put your phone away and call the cops man! This guy has been hurting people!"
    Jerry took his phone off recording and started calling the cops, as Steven looked at the man he turned to the girl, "well, im glad he didnt take you..." He said.
    A firmiliar car pulled up, a blue mustang, it was Carly. She was beautiful, long brunette hair, perfect face and the lightest blue eyes.
    "Steven!" Carly said, "you were suppose to come home!"
    She stopped dead in her tracks and saw the masked man, "S-Steven! Who is that?"
    Steven explained the story, making Carly sick to her tummy.
    Before he could finish everything she looked at his face, "oh gosh! Your hurt!"
    Steven blushed embarassed, "ya but im okay now...Jerry called the police!"
    Carly sighed, "well your not waiting for them alone!"
    The young woman stood there next to her brother.
  19. Jaelyn felt awkward when the boy's friend then sister came. She felt even worst when her brother came on his motorcycle.
    "What's going on here?" Jeremy asked.
    "It's nothing, don't worry about it," Jaelyn quickly said. Soon after her three friends came out.
    "She almost got kidnapped by a sicko!" Jason yelled.
    "Idiot," Jaelyn muttered. She didn't want her brother to know since he already thought she got in enough trouble.
  20. "Dont worry! My brother called the police..." Carly smiled at Jason "everything will be alright!" She was blushing now and turned away from him.
    "Oh great, now my sister has a crush" he mumbled.
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