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  1. Someone once said...

    There are duck-billed mammals which have super spicy meat, and lay hot peppers instead of eggs. Duck-Billed Platypeppers. It has also been rumored that there are wild dogs with hair like the finest fettuccine alfredo, which can be trimmed without harming the animal. Alfredogs! The world is still in the Gourmet Age. An age in which people quest for yet unknown culinary delights.

    Two centuries ago, Toriko and the Heavenly Kings succeeded thwarting the group known as "NEO" and captured GOD... the Main Dish on Gourmet Sage Acacia's Full-Course of Life. They shared it with the world and brought an end to the second Gourmet War. This was not possible without the assistance of their former foes in the Gourmet Corp. However, after the defeat of "NEO", Midora chose to disband the Gourmet Corp and retreated into the Gourmet World alone rather than face judgment for his crimes.

    Alas, despite the fall of Midora's organization and the resurgence of the IGO, the International Gourmet Organization... numerous smaller illegal operations persist, and the malcontents that lead them often find ways to elude IGO Justice. In times like this, the IGO is known to hire skilled Gourmet Hunters and other potent figures to directly deal with the threats. Sometimes the threat is as simple as a poacher of ingredients. Other times it is a Narcotic Ingredient Smuggling Ring. In any case, the solution is usually resolved by the talented individuals under the IGO's employ.

    And now a new group of prominent IGO employees is rising. Will they be the next group to rise to the level of the Heavenly Kings or beyond? Will they be doomed to mediocrity? Will they uphold the law and respect the ingredients? Will they consume all before them and fall to the ways of the former Gourmet Corp.? Only time will tell.


    Now I know what you're thinking. “I bet I need to know a lot about Toriko to take part in this RP.”


    If you don't know a lot about Toriko, no problem. I'm more than happy to assist people in making a character for this, and will answer any questions people have in regard to the setting, powers, characters, etc.

    Plus, this RP is completely Non-Canon and separate from the Anime/Manga of Toriko. Things can be stretched a little bit for ease of play and simplicity's sake. We will be starting with the potential for some cool powers, and there will be an occasional “Level-Up” for those who remain active and do not break the rules. In time, everyone will have a very powerful character. But with powerful characters come powerful bad guys. So let's get to it!

    Rules (open)

    1. Don't be a jerk. A bit of arguing is alright, as is friendly debate. But if things start getting heated, take it to PMs.

    2. Don't argue with GMs too much. If you disagree with a ruling, say so and say why. I will re-evaluate my opinion and may reconsider my stance. If I say something is final, however... do not continue to debate it.

    3. This is not a place for short posters. The accepted minimum is two paragraphs per post, with three to five paragraphs being the expected normal. If something is particularly tough to respond to... let people know in the OOC that you need something more to reply to.

    4. Godmodding. Do it, and I swear to God your character will die. “Autokilling” or “Autohitting” of PCs defines Godmodding without prior agreement with the player, Making up attacks on the fly, nuking cities in one shot, and being Superman.

    5. Please try to remain active. Give notice if you'll be gone. Extended periods of absence will result in characters being moved along and/or killed off.

    6. Collabs are encouraged. They're fun. :3 Don't know what a collab is or how to do one? Just ask.

    7. No OOC chatting in the IC Thread. That is why THIS thread is here.

    8. Have fun. Don't spam GIFs. No Lemon Party. Thor is best Avenger.

    9. This is a Non-Canon RP. That means no one is allowed to play as characters from the show. No Toriko, No Coco, No Sunny/Sani, etc... You may have distant relations to the characters, but no children of them, siblings, etc. This RP is at least two centuries after the show, so keep that in mind if making someone related to a canon character.

    10. Put "Delicious" at the end of your CS so I know you read the rules.

    Character Sheet Template (open)

    Name: ( Your name... what is it? )
    Alias: ( Title, Nickname, etc )
    Age: ( 18-65 )
    Gender: ( Male or Female )
    Job: ( Chef, Gourmet Hunter, Merchant, Gourmet Reviver, etc. )
    Equipment: ( cooking tools, simple weaponry, etc )

    Appearance: ( Pic, please. )

    Abilities: 34pts total to spend for characters with Gourmet Cells. Those without them may have 18pts, but do not have “appetite” as a stat and are limited to a 3 in “techniques” at most.

    2 = Normal Person for everything except Appetite. Appetite Energy is an ability triggered by the Gourmet Cells, and normal people do not have it as a stat.

    Power: Raw Strength! 1 = Weak Human. 10 = Bench-Press a Family Sedan, endure gunshots.
    Speed: Raw Speed! 1 = Slow Human. 10 = Runs at around 100mph, reflexes 3x normal speed
    Intelligence: Brains! 1 = Derpy Human. 10 = 170+ IQ
    Techniques: Skill in special moves, and how easily the character makes NEW moves Character may have as many special moves as they have ranks in this stat.
    Cooking Skill: How good can you cook? 1 = Fast Food Fry-Cook 10 = 5-Star Chef
    Appetite: How much can you eat/How much energy can you store? Each point in Appetite grants 250,000 kilo-calories of energy storage. But a character must also eat more to keep their reserves up

    Personality: ( At least one paragraph, please. No generic “laid back, but gets all srs when needed' or “shy and antisocial”, etc... )

    Back-Story: ( 3-paragraph minimum, please. Must include how your character got Gourmet Cells )

    Techniques: (copy-paste technique template as needed)

    Name of Technique: What's it called? Please follow a common theme.
    Type: Offensive, Defensive, Power-Up, Healing, or Knocking
    Range: No greater than 100m for starting techniques
    Description: What does the technique do?
    Calorie Cost: How much energy does the move use up? Rapid-Fire or Spammy attacks must use 25,000 Kilo-calories minimum. Huge attacks should use 250,000 kilo-calories or more.

    Arc 1: Recover a Crab Pig!

    Crab Pigs are known for their supremely tasty meat, that combines the refined sweet flavor of crab meat with the light sweet fat of pork. A Crab Pig is capable of moving at impressive speeds and running long distances to the point where it can even match the speed of a cheetah, proving that it is quite an agile creature. This elevated physical ability ensures that the Crab Pig's body is jam-packed with muscle and has a lower fat content than any normal pig. Many restaurants covet the succulent flesh of this animal, as it isn't so much dangerous to obtain as it is simply hard to find and catch. This ensures that most Gourmet Hunters that are sent after it survive and are willing to hunt for them again.

    That said, the Crab Pig can live in most any climate that is not subject to arctic temperatures. This makes them both easy to find... and difficult to find, as their territories are large and often in remote locations. Even so, the meat is valuable. With 100-gram portions selling for as much as 8,000 Yen in restaurants. And with an average adult weight of 3 tons, one could safely assume that the edible portions could total as much as 2200kg... totaling an average of around 80,000,000 Yen sale price for each animal, at wholesale. A surefire boon for any group of hunters fortunate enough to bring one to market.

    The IGO has requested that a small group of relatively new Gourmet Hunters gather together to hunt a Crab Pig for the Hotel Gourmet's 8 Star Restaurant, Komatsu's Century Diner. Named for the Legendary Chef and partner of Toriko, the restaurant is known for incredible cuisine such as the Century Soup Mk.III and Puffer Whale fried in Mors Oil. But as such, it needs frequent resupplying. So it has turned to the IGO to find reliable Hunters.

    This will be the first test for the newest group of Gourmet Hunters under IGO's direct employ.



    Victoria Daniels, played by Beta
    Jinsei, played by Sloth
    Odis Eyrie Freyweather the Twelfth, played by Greased Smitening
    Hitomi, played by Detective Zero
    Henrietta De' Rougemont, played by Reanimator Bob



    Takeya Honshu
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  2. Here is my character, for anyone who is curious as to how the end result should look.

    Name: Victoria Daniels
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Job: Gourmet Hunter
    Equipment: Knocking Gun kept in holster on left boot, Boot Knife made from a Fang Tiger's tooth kept in sheathe on right boot

    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Power: 4
    Speed: 8
    Intelligence: 5
    Techniques: 6
    Cooking Skill: 3
    Appetite: 8 ( 2,000,000 k/cal )

    Personality: Victoria is widely regarded as a charismatic Gourmet Hunter and an attractive woman. Her past as a model has been quickly overshadowed by her career hunting ingredients. She is outgoing and social, enjoys drinking and having fun, and is very happy with the amount of money she makes in her new career. She lives fast and loud and owns two large houses, seven cars, and always buys the most expensive things the can afford if given more than one option. Still, she can't always enjoy these as she must hunt more and more dangerous ingredients in order to maintain this lifestyle. This leads to her being frequently frustrated.

    Back-Story: Victoria was one of very few individuals who was born with Gourmet Cells. Her father was a prominent Gourmet Hunter and her mother is a chef at a 4-Star Restaurant. Her family has had a connection to the IGO since before she was born and it was always assumed that she would follow in the footsteps of her father or mother. However, after finishing her initial schooling, Victoria took up a career in modeling. She was very successful in the field, and gained a fair amount of fame as a result.

    When she was twenty-one years old, Victoria's father was killed during a hunt. He had sought out the legendary Lightning Phoenix in an effort to retrieve one of the creature's eggs to sell at the World's Kitchen market. Unfortunately, the Lightning Phoenix proved too much for him to handle and his life was cut short. Upon hearing the news, Victoria made a public announcement that she was done modeling and would take up her father's career as a Gourmet Hunter.

    Initially, Victoria had great difficulty developing as a hunter. She had a very basic skill set, no experience, and a bad attitude. A turning point came when she saw a more successful hunter pull up to an IGO office in a very impressive sports car. As a model, Victoria had been used to bringing in a fair amount of money. Since quitting, she was forced to sell many things to pay bills and afford her upscale apartment. Seeing a fellow hunter driving a high-priced classic car helped her realize just how much money she could make. This reinvigorated Victoria's drive as a Gourmet Hunter, and she began work to develop new techniques.

    Reasoning that any creature capable of taking down her father clearly possessed a power worth imitating, Victoria began developing abilities that centered on the manipulation of electricity. Her first technique, the Voltage Blast, took just over a year to develop. However, her other techniques came very naturally once she got the hand of using electricity as a means of attack. In the year it took to develop her first technique, Victoria had sold nearly everything she could in order to keep her home. Immediately after the move was created, she went out and captured a trio of Red-Haired Pigs and sold them at market for a wholesale price of nine million yen.

    Instantly, Victoria had enough money to make all her payments on the home and car she still possessed... and then some. She spent the next week partying and spending money recklessly... only to realize shortly thereafter that she was once again as broke as the day she was born. And so she began hunting again and developing new techniques on the side. She was able to live very well when she had free time, but free time was no longer something she had a lot of.

    Now, two years after developing her first technique, Victoria has a fine arsenal of lightning-based attacks. She is also a fairly well-respected hunter in her own right. That said, she has a long way to go before she will be at the same level as her father. Since receiving the call from IGO and being told she was to become part of a team of elite hunters, Victoria has been incredibly anxious. She knows this is her big break. Her shot at the big time. But how would it play out? Only time would tell.

    Techniques (open)

    Name of Technique: Voltage Blast
    Type: Offensive, Knocking
    Range: 30m
    Description: A simple jolt of high-voltage electricity. Victoria thrusts one arm toward the target, and arcs of blue-white lightning erupt from her fingertips and rapidly close the distance between her and her target. Deals very little real damage, but is very painful and stuns to a moderate degree.
    Calorie Cost: 100,000 k/cal

    Name of Technique: Electrostatic Armor
    Type: Defensive, Knocking
    Range: Self
    Description: Victoria uses a charge similar to her Voltage Blast technique, but envelops her body in the high-voltage charge rather than launching it toward a foe. This causes any creature or person who attacks her in melee combat to suffer mild electrocution, significant pain, and a moderate amount of stun.
    Calorie Cost: 100,000 k/cal per post

    Name of Technique: Stunning Blow
    Type: Knocking, Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Description: Charging her hands and feet with electricity, Victoria augments her normally lacking hand to hand combat skills by allowing her blows to inflict a very light electric shock. The pain of the shock is much less than being struck by her voltage blast, more comparable to sticking one's tongue to a nine-volt battery than to a 500,000 volt taser.
    Calorie Cost: 25,000 k/cal per attempted strike

    Name of Technique: Musclar Currents
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Self
    Description: Similar to the "Electrostatic Armor" technique, this skill allows Victoria to use lightning attacks on herself. Unlike her armor, however... this technique directly affects her muscles and nerves rather than acting as a line of defense. After using this technique, Victoria's Strength and Speed each rise by fifty percent for a duration of one minute. After the duration lapses, her Strength and Speed are REDUCED for five minutes, representative of the brief yet intense cramps she must endure from electrifying her muscles and nerves.
    Calorie Cost: 200,000 k/cal

    Name of Technique: Human Dynamo
    Type: Offensive, Defensive, Knocking
    Range: 10m
    Description: Emitting an immense amount of electricity from her body out to a small radius, Victoria then spins around faster than a professional figure skater on ice. The rotation increases and amplifies the initial charge of the emitted electricity and extends the radius of the attack to the above-listed distance. This technique has power comparable to a natural lightning bolt, and is dangerous to friend and foe alike.
    Calorie Cost: 400,000 k/cal

    Name of Technique: Shock Therapy
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Melee
    Description: Shock Therapy is impossible to use in heated combat, and is more along the lines of a healing ability. Victoria touches a stationary target and administers a very light shock to the place she touches. This can be used to revitalize muscles, soothe pain, attempt to restart a stopped heart, recharge small electronics, or... if needed, torture a bound individual in order to gain information.
    Calorie Cost: 25,000 k/cal to 200,000 k/cal


    Victoria's Full Course

    Hors d'Oeuvre: Undecided
    Soup: Undecided
    Salad: Undecided
    Seafood: Garana Eel Sushi
    Meat Dish: Undecided
    Main Entree: Seared Lightning Phoenix in a Garlip and Broccotree sauce.
    Dessert: Undecided
    Drink: Numblemon Lemonade
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  3. I love toriko....I'm interested
  4. Note for anyone not in the know that I used two bonus points in his abilities section because apparently I made a really good pun.​

    (Jinsei's Employee of the Month Portrait)
    Name: Jinsei
    Nickname: Pressure Cooker Jinsei
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Assistant Chef, Gourmet Hunter
    IGO Chef Ranking: Unlisted (Yet to compete in formal competition or be officially evaluated)
    • A large hiker's backpack which contains most of the items listed using Jinsei's pressurization powers.
    • Standard Chef's set of knives and portable cookware such as pots and pans.
    • A variety of containers used to store food. Mostly Tupperware.
    • Fire Starter Kit.
    • Top notch one person tent.
    • A number of outfits acclimated to certain environments. Raincoats, Parkas, etc.


    Power: 4
    Speed: 6
    Intelligence: 6
    Techniques: 6
    Cooking Skill: 9
    Appetite: 5 (1,250,000 k/cal)

    Personality: One phrase that can describe Jinsei is that he is dedicated to his craft. Or rather, he absorbs himself in his job and has a habit of shutting himself out from his contemporaries. Truly, Jinsei seems to have had a chip on his shoulder from the day his father left Gourmet Town, and as a result he comes off as curt and irritable to the people he works with. Jinsei has a particular abhorrence of alcoholics and alcohol in general due to his past experience with both, and he has outright refused to Hunt alcoholic ingredients on the few occasions he was asked to do so.

    Jinsei claims that the main reason he got into the business of Gourmet Hunting was because of his exposure to rare ingredients by both his father and his mentor, which instilled him with an insatiable curiosity when it came to cooking. The only time one might see Jinsei in a genuinely good mood is when he finds a new ingredient to "experiment" with. To the dismay of his contemporaries at Shinjo's Surprise, Jinsei prides himself on making disgusting food almost as much as his edible delicacies. Thankfully enough, Jinsei doesn't serve such things to anyone that pays him.

    Jinsei also appears to be extremely confident in his own abilities as both a chef and a Gourmet Hunter despite his relatively short time operating as the latter and overabundance of superiors in the former, going so far as to call himself the Gourmet Age's very first "One Man Combo". This attitude has rubbed some of his peers the wrong way, as it can be very easily misconstrued as arrogance. Jinsei usually brushes this off as others not holding the competitive fire to reach for the heights of the Four Heavenly Kings or the Chef Goddess.

    Back-Story: Jinsei is a young man who doesn't much like to talk about his past. Whenever the subject comes up he keeps things rather short and to the point; his mother died in his youth and his father left the family, leaving Jinsei to find employment under his mentor, Shinjo. The truth of it is that Jinsei had the unfortunate luck to be born to a well renowned Gourmet Hunter named Kaiji. Kaiji made enough yen to set his wife and young child up comfortably in Gourmet Town while he continued hunting. Some of Jinsei's happiest memories come from the extraordinary tales and exotic foods his father would bring back to him whenever he returned home to sell his goods, which Jinsei would subsequently attempt to cook into meals for his parents, the early beginnings of his culinary talent.

    Jinsei's parents often fought over Kaiji's refusal to settle down despite having more than enough money to do so, and although he claimed to be doing it for his family, Ayame managed to whip Kaiji into retirement around the time Jinsei was six years old, and the following four years would be relatively pleasant for Jinsei's family.

    Ten years ago, Jinsei's mother came down with a sudden illness only days after Jinsei's tenth birthday. No doctor in Gourmet Town was able to diagnose what it was and Ayame was left bedridden in a matter of weeks. In an attempt to save his wife, Kaiji spent exorbitant sums of money importing medical ingredients from the Healing Country, Life, but even they did not improve Ayame's health. Little by little, Ayame's internal organs began to fail, and she died only a few months after first contracting her unknown condition.

    His wife's death sent Kaiji on a downward spiral of manic depressive episodes and heavy alcoholism. Over the course of two years, Kaiji nearly bankrupted himself on bottles of Emerald Wine. The experience matured Jinsei a great deal, as he had to resort to taking odd jobs around his neighborhood to support his father and make sure there was food in the house. Eventually, Jinsei was fed up with it and had a screaming match with his father about his drinking and inability to move on. The verbal sparring continued for almost twenty minutes before Jinsei eventually told his father to go move to the Liquor Sea if he loved alcohol so much. Kaiji stormed out the door and out of his son's life afterward.

    With no parents and no money, Jinsei somehow found himself working at Shinjo's Surprise, a Six Star Restaurant on the North End of Gourmet Town, as a busboy. The gimmick of the restaurant was that they employed Gourmet Hunters as full time staff in order to supply the Head Chef, the eponymous Shinjo, with a steady line of ingredients to turn into whatever meal he felt like serving to any particular customer. A literal "Chef's Surprise" that changed on every order, rather than every day, and the restaurant would close whenever Shinjo ran out of ingredients to cook with. These elements have made Shinjo's Surprise quite the popular place to eat in Gourmet Town's North End. Using his passion for the art and prodigious natural talent for cooking, Jinsei slowly rose the ladder at Shinjo's, climbing from a simple busboy to an Assistant Chef over the course of around three years.

    One day after work, Jinsei was closing up shop before he was nearly thrown to the floor by a large crash out back by the eating area. Emerging from the building, Jinsei discovered what appeared to be a glowing....pie? Emanating from a small crater where a group of tables used to be. Jinsei doesn't know what possessed him to actually approach something that came from space and take a bite out of it, but he certainly didn't regret it. After getting one taste of the harmonious blend of apples and crust, Jinsei hounded down the space pie with his bare hands before he noticed that he was positively glowing. Literally glowing, in fact. The Pie had apparently awakened his latent Gourmet Cells, something Jinsei was unaware of from the time he was born. If one thing about him was certain, it's that Jinsei didn't envy having to explain the situation to Shinjo the next day.

    After his mentor explained to him what exactly had happened to him and the importance of the revelation of his Gourmet Cells, Jinsei immediately began training to become a Gourmet Hunter, even going so far as to make the Apple Piteorite the very first item on his Full Course, something he hadn't seen to fit to do for almost eighteen years.

    Jinsei has been operating as a fully licensed Gourmet Hunter for roughly a year, and has garnered a fair amount of attention for a rookie, but that's more-so due to the absurd amounts of ingredients he's managed to sell at the World's Kitchen. Suspiciously, despite the wealth of money he's earned, he still lives in a small apartment on Shinjo's Surprise's second floor. Despite the fact that he generally prefers working alone, Jinsei has answered the call to join a group for the IGO. Not because he felt obligated to, no, not even because he thought it'd finally get the organization to send an evaluator his way so he could enter the qualifiers for the next Cooking Festival, but because he noticed the name of the restaurant on the piece of paper. Komatsu's.

    Techniques (open)

    Name of Technique: Bite Sized Banquet
    Type: Supplimentary
    Range: Personal
    Description: Using his Gourmet Cells, Jinsei is capable of pressurizing, and subsequently depressurizing, massive quantities of food into small, bite sized portions that retain their normal nutritional value and, most importantly, calories. These "banquets" are usually stored in a number of bags and containers Jinsei keeps on himself at all times, hence the name. Contrary to popular belief, the food Jinsei pressurizes does not lose any of its weight, so while he's capable of storing far more food in a container for convenience, this results in Jinsei's containers being abnormally heavy and effectively impossible to carry by non-hunters.

    This technique is extremely useful during particularly long gourmet hunts, as the added supplies allow Jinsei to live off of his own food for far longer in dangerous environments assuming the food does not spoil. This technique has also become extremely profitable for Shinjo's Surprise, seeing as the more ingredients Jinsei is able to bring back after a hunt, the longer the restaurant is able to stay open, this in conjunction with exotic ingredients obviously means more profit. More profit is good.
    Calorie Cost: Variable

    Name of Technique: Microwave
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Personal
    Description: Jinsei's Gourmet Cells are capable of regulating their host's internal body heat, enabling him to enter rather harsh environments with no adversely negative effects such as frostbite or hypothermia. Unlike the majority of a Gourmet Hunter's skills, Microwave happens subconsciously, and is a constant drain on Jinsei's calories whenever he enters anything but a temperate environment without wearing an appropriate outfit.
    Calorie Cost: 25,000 per half hour

    Name of Technique: Pressure Peel
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: 5m
    Description: Jinsei 'peels' away the air pressure in an area of five meters around his body, drastically reducing air resistance whenever he moves, allowing him to move noticeably faster, effectively granting him a +2 to his speed. However, the lack of air pressure also reduces the amount of oxygen there is for Jinsei to breathe in, and over time his fine motor skills will gradually begin to fail until he finally falls unconscious.
    Calorite Cost: 100,000 per post

    Name of Technique: Pressure Strike
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Variable (Max. 10 Meters at start)
    Description: Jinsei delivers what appears to be an ordinary strike to whatever person, object, or ingredient he targets while simultaneously pressurizing the air immediately in front of his fist, which causes a shockwave as the highly pressurized air suddenly decompresses toward the target. This technique can also be used to deflect slower ranged projectiles such as knives, arrows, or even quills or barbs launched by creatures of lower capture levels. Were Jinsei to be precise enough, he could potentially knock creatures with this technique, but he has yet to receive any sort of knocking training.
    Calorie Cost: 50,000

    Name of Technique: Searing Touch
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Grapple
    Description: Searing touch is an application of Jinsei's "Microwave" ability, but used offensively. He superheats a hand to upwards of 200 degrees centigrade and grasps a part of his foe's body. This delivers a painful burn, deep tissue damage in the touched area, and possible permanent damage depending on where the burn is. Depending on how long the opponent is held, the degree of the burn can range from a minimum of second degree to a severe fourth degree burn if contact is maintained for close to a minute.
    Calorie Cost: 50,000

    Name of Technique: Pressure Cook
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Grapple
    Description: He pressurizes your face while simultaneously cooking it. This usually results in death.
    Calorie Cost: 100,000


    Jinsei's Full Course
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  5. Name: Odis Eyrie Freyweather the Twelfth (XII)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Job: Small-time Chef/Gourmet Hunter
    Equipment: 1 extra-large frying pan, 1 meat cleaver (named Appetit), 1 jar of 'house' spices (For his family's specialty: Supernova wing flavor, easily their hottest to the point of self-harm. They are not to be used lightly-one pinch can be tasted under a pound or more of mild sauce.)

    Odis (open)


    Power: 7
    Speed: 7
    Intelligence: 5
    Techniques: 3
    Cooking Skill: 5
    Appetite: 7 (1,750,000 kcal)

    Personality: Odis certainly has aspirations; he has taken on the difficult goal of being a self-sufficient Chef, after all. Of course, trying to hunt down his ingredients, sell them, AND experiment with his dishes has left him a bit frustrated with his goal. Odis tends to be a rather ambitious young man, often not understanding his own limitations and biting off a bit more than he can chew. When not out hunting or cooking, you will be most likely to find Odis in the bars or on the streets, having a good time or begging for cash, depending on his current monetary status. Odis, unlike many Gourmet Hunters, seems content with less wealth, though he dislikes the borderline poverty he cycles in and out of. Odis is not used to being independent, and can be a bit immature at times as a result.

    Back-Story: Odis was born as the twelfth generation in a very long line of chefs, all under the same name. Why the name, you ask? Odis's family is a longtime owner of their largely successul 3-star family barsteraunt, Odis's Place. Since the original Odis Eyrie Freyweather founded the sports bar, it has been tradition to name the first son of their generation Odis as well, in the hopes that their long ownership would continue to prosper. This was the idea behind Odis XII, yet another in the line of tradition.

    Odis XII had other ideas growing up. Though his father trained him in all things fry cooking, wing-saucing, and beer-brewing, Odis always had a different dream. One morning at a young age, Odis had snuck into his father's office to play around, sat in his huge swivel chair (because what kid hasn't gone straight for one) and noticed a bill on his dad's otherwise neat desk. He had recently learned math, so he could generally understand what was on it...and was shocked just how expensive some of the food his father purchased really was. So much of their profits just went to making more was there that Odis made a decision; one day, he would take his cooking skills and learn to be a Gourmet Hunter as well. This way, he could cut out the middleman...and be a truly self-sufficient chef.

    Once Odis turned 18, he explained his aspirations to his father and his intent to go become a Gourmet Hunter. His father, as an eleventh-generation fryboy might be expected to, blew his top. The Odises had been running Odis's Place for centuries, and now he just wanted to throw that away?! Odis pressed his position, stating he would return to the barsteraunt with new skills that would greatly help the family, but his father ignored these points; to him, leaving the business, even for a short time, was blasphemy.

    His father, shockingly, eventually let Odis go on his quest. However, there was a gleam in Odis the older's eye as he said this, then adding that he bet Odis would be back to just 5 years. Odis XII rose to the challenge, storming out of the house in a huff...and straight into the IGO.

    As it had happened, the IGO had Odis's Place bugged, as they were listening in to find a black market smuggler that seemed to eat at Odis's Place often. They had overheard the whole fight; the most interesting tidbit to them was hearing Odis's dream to be a self-sufficient chef. To them, while this goal was lofty, it was noble...and most of all, very profitable if successful. They gave Odis an offer; being a Gourmet Hunter wasn't easy without Gourmet Cells, so how would he feel if they set him up with some? Free of charge, of course. Odis, still enraged at his father's reaction, agreed to the procedure.

    It was a good five days of post-injection agony, writhing about on an operating table, not knowing if the pain would ever cease, but eventually, Odis found his body calming down, the Gourmet Cells having finally taken to and adapted to his body. His stomach rumbled forcefully...he suddenly found himself very hungry. After a detailed explanation of his new capabilities, potential, and risks, the IGO sent Odis off on his journey, revitalized and hopeful that he would be a great Gourmet Hunter.

    He soon found out just how difficult it was. With only relatively-newly developed abilities, he was unsure of his own limitations, and found himself making attempts at tasks far too difficult for him to achieve. This led to months on end without any revenue at times; Odis was forced to live on the streets of Gourmet Town, begging for money in-between missions when things were bad. The missions he DID complete often went into his own culinary experiments as well-not always a good combination, as his dishes were not perfect and did not always sell well. Regardless, Odis persevered, determined to become a great Hunter to fulfill his dreams.

    In the three years since embarking on his quest, Odis has made some strides. He better understands his strength and limitations, but has not reached mastery of his abilities yet. His skill set, while powerful, as he is yet unsure how to develop them effectively, remains relatively basic and unfinished. His cooking has improved with practice, having learned how to make do with what he is able to obtain. And yet, he was still a relative unknown in the Gourmet Hunter world, just another mediocre no-name out there trying to keep his head above water.

    Imagine his surprise when he got a call from the IGO. It shocked Odis greatly to have been called to be part of an 'elite team' of Gourmet Hunters...Odis is unsure what they see in him, even how they found out he was still in the business. Regardless, Odis looks to the events to come with apprehension and excitement: Success here means he is more than one huge step on his way to becoming a great Gourmet Hunter, and a self-sufficient chef.

    Techniques (open)

    Name of Technique: Wing Cannon
    Type: Offensive, Special (explained below)
    Range: 30m
    Description: Odis fires a large, high-speed chicken wing at his foe. This does not sound dangerous on its own, but it moves at speeds capable of piercing the average human's skin and causing good damage. Still a spammy-type attack. Odis can fire three off in one attack, or he can choose to concentrate and fire one with better speed and accuracy for the same cost.
    Calorie Cost: 50,000 kcal
    SPECIAL NOTE: Odis does not have many skills yet, but he has developed a very unique technique around them. Odis has the ability to combine one of his sauce techniques with Wing Cannon, creating a new, potentially far more powerful move. The cost of these combo attacks is equal to the cost of both techniques plus a 25,000 kcal combining penalty, as well as the penalty that he can only fire 1 wing using a sauce at a time.

    Name of Technique: 5-Alarm QuickSauce
    Type: Offensive, Defensive
    Range: 10m casting range, 5m sauce radius
    Description: Odis points at a patch of ground. A second after he does so, a pool of extremely hot sauce appears at the place he pointed, expanding out to a 5 meter radius. The sauce has a property of quicksand, pulling anyone caught in it downward. However, this sauce is 5-Alarm; so hot that a few seconds' exposure can cause serious burns. This can be used against closer ranged enemies by forming it at their feet, or Odis can use this move to prevent a foe from getting closer, lest he suffer consequences. The sauce pool lasts for up to 3 rounds before dissipating, and Odis can only create one at a time.
    Calorie Cost: 150,000 kcal
    Combo Effect: Combining 5-Alarm with Wing Cannon turns the chicken wings into dangerous frag missiles. The explosive saucy blast radius of this attack is only a few meters, but the 'frag' part, large blobs of 5-alarm sauce, can reach up to 10 to 15 meters away with heavy burning should one contact.

    Name of Technique: Buffalo Blitz
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Self
    Description: Odis channels the hot spiciness of buffalo sauce and applies it to his own body, increasing his Strength and Speed by 2 for the next 2 turns. However, until the effect wears off, Odis becomes quite hotheaded, and MUST attack the enemy each turn. In addition, he cannot combine attacks during this time, and can only use Wing Cannon.
    Calorie Cost: 100,000 kcal
    Combo Effect: Combining Buffalo with Wing Cannon gives the chicken wings sniper-like qualities; their speed and power are increased greatly, giving them deadly potential. No other changes are noted-it is just a very powerful Wing Cannon.


    Odis's Full Course
    Hors d'Oeurve: Odis's Special Hot BBQ ChickTen Wings
    Soup: Undecided
    Salad: Undecided
    Seafood: Undecided
    Meat Dish: EVERYTHING Undecided
    Main Entree: Undecided
    Dessert: Undecided
    Drink: Undecided

    Now wasn't that simply delicious?
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  6. Not finished obviously


    Name: Brock Lee
    Alias: Little Dragon
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Job: Gourmet Monk

    Corn-Chaku -

    Power: 8
    Speed: 8
    Intelligence: 5
    Techniques: 4
    Cooking Skill: 3
    Appetite: 6 (1,500,000 kcal)

    During his younger days, Brock showed himself to be the loner of the temple, often not wanting anything to do with anyone that came near him, and often dedicated himself to his training. Most cases, people just left him to himself, believing that he was cursed due to his hair which often gave Brock resentment towards his fellow students, hating them for the way they treated him. However, Brock's mentor was the only person ever to be able to see the real Brock, the guy who loved foods of all kind, and wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Grandmaster Gourmet Monk, hoping to become one that could be recognized as a great one someday himself. He eventually gain the confidence to ignore what others thought of him following his exile and decided to see the world.

    Over the time he spent traveling, Brock showed himself to be a lone-wolf type of person when he travels, often preferring to keep to himself near his home, living the ways of a hermit at times. However, this shows only to be a front as Brock often desires the need of companionship, often going into the city to be surrounded by people, showing his lonely side still around despite having gained the confidence he acquired after gaining some reputation in himself. The one thing that Brock cannot stand more than anything is when people don't fight fair, cheating or using trickery to gain the upper hand, which results when he attempts to capture ingredient, only to have someone take his prize in the end.

    Brock Lee, true name Porterhouse, was born to a young monk of of the Order of T-Bone, meat monks that existed to embrace the power of meat and show the world just how marvelous meat could be. From a young age, they trained Brock Lee in the Art of Protein and taught him their history. Gourmet were injected into his body and he proved that he was destined for amazing things. He was inspired to reach the rank of Grandmaster, becoming skilled beyond those of his age. Unfortunately his life would come crashing all around him when it was discovered that the Order of T-Bone had been feasting on the meat of man, being behind the kidnappings of close-by villages.

    Brock Lee had been safe from eating such meat due to his father's constant protection and secretly feeding him vege-meat to strengthen his cells. Both men were attacked, leaving Brock's father dead and the young man exiled to a far away forest where he managed to survive. Hate filled his heart for the ones that took his life from him. Revenge would rain upon them one day but for now Brock would have to become stronger. He changed his name and began training to create a new style known as Beet Kune Do. Fruit and Vegetables became his main source of food, abstaining from meat. Brock Lee would one day show the world the true nature of the Order of T-Bone.


    Name of Technique: Beatdown Root
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Description: This technique is done by vibrating his arm a lot, and at the same time suppressing them from going out of control. The more vibrations that go into his arm, and the more he suppresses them, the stronger they get. When he finally releases the vibrations, they cause his arm to jerk back and forth many times very quickly, the amount depends on the amount of vibrations he put into his arm. By controlling the way his arm jerks, he creates a powerful and extremely fast chain of punches. These punches are scattered normally, but he can concentrate them into one point with effort.
    Calorie Cost: 100,000

    Name of Technique: Lizard's Tail
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee - 10 m
    Description: By causing muscular vibrations in his arm, Sterling can cause powerful shock waves by punching something. These shock waves are powerful enough to damage someone without landing a direct hit. This also works in his legs.
    Calorie Cost: 35,000

    Name of Technique: Potato Protection
    Type: Defensive
    Range: Self
    Description: This is a defensive technique that allows Brock to redirect damage he receives. Brock can move the energy transferred to his body when hit by an attack by vibrating his muscles in a conveyor belt type manner until it exits his body through his feet, and into the ground. This allows him to reduce, and sometimes completely eliminate, the damage he takes from attacks that he is able to react to. However, no matter how much damage he filters out of his body, he still feels the all of the pain from the attack
    Calorie Cost: 75,000

    Name of Technique: Hidden Lettuce
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Melee
    Description: Brock first strikes his opponent high into the air anyway that he can. With his opponent stunned or otherwise, Brock jumps behind them like a shadow attached to the opponent's body. Gripping and locking his arms around his enemy's waist, he'll pull them backwards till their head are aligned with earth below. Generating heavy vibrations to rattle and even break bones of those caught in his lock, the technique is ended by the opponent slamming headfirst into the Earth while Brock kicks off their body at the last moment to save himself from being hurt.
    Calorie Cost: 200,000
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  7. All currently submitted finished characters are accepted.
  8. @Kal-El

    So..this question came up on Potato does it work for stabbing/cleaving damage? I don't think vibrating his body would work for puncturing his skin, right? Or am I missing something?
  9. You aren't missing a thing. He'd have a blade in his chest. Not much he can do about stabbing and cleaving attacks. They are a weakness against such a technique.
  10. Name: Ginsu

    Alias: None

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Job: Apprentice knifemaker

    Equipment: Ginsu has a full set of culinary knives ranging from a butterknife up through cleavers and tuna slicers.


    Power: 4


    Intelligence: 9

    Techniques: 5

    Cooking Skill: 1

    Appetite: 5: 1,250,000 K/Cal

    Personality: Ginsu is a prodigy of sorts when it comes to all things related to knives and the things they cut and his intellect borders on genius levels at times even in fields outside of his future profession. As someone handpicked and groomed by his master and the IGO as someone capable of eventually producing ‘The Ultimate Cooking Knife’ the primary focus of his ambition is knives, as is his main source of pride. He’s fond of stating that someday, there will be nothing his knives can’t cut. However, since his master and the IGO raised him in limited contact with others, he can be more than a little naïve when it comes to the nature of other people and the normal world. On the other hand, while he has trouble interacting with ordinary people, he gets along oddly well with criminals and has surprising knowledge of the criminal underworld and similar business because of his master the former top Gourmet Underworld Knife-Maker Aritsugu. Both in and out of battle he is something of an uptight and serious young man when not engaged in his passion for knives and blades or mimicking his master while dealing with criminal types. His style reflects both his skills and his personality, as he prefers to evade, outmaneuver and out-plan his opponents while analyzing and waiting for the perfect moment and cut to take them down.

    Back-Story: By the time he was just five years old Ginsu had already been selected as an apprentice by Aritsugu, a knife maker of global renown. Aritsugu believed that with the proper training, Ginsu could make knives that surpassed even his own and one day craft the ‘Ultimate Cullinary Knife’, the perfect knife with 100% versatility and the ability to cut the impossible. Aritsugu was a somewhat unusual man to be raised by, since he had formerly made his living as a member of the notorious Gourmet Underworld where he made and sold his knives as traceless, near-perfectly cutting assassination weapons and undertook a few jobs of that nature himself.
    However, after a certain chef’s meals taught him the true beauty of life, Aritsugu dedicated himself to make knives only for cooking and even began working with the top Chefs and Hunters of the IGO to produce high-quality culinary knives. Regardless of his former criminal life, he did his best to raise Ginsu both as a person and as a maker of knives, but both because of the intensity of his work and his past as a criminal the IGO always watched them very closely and they remained isolated from others. The two even acquired Gourmet Cells and in order to prepare him for the difficult world they were in, Aritsugu taught Ginsu a particular brand of assassination technique complimentary to his skills as a person and a knifemaker. However, Aritsugu felt that his protégé while aware of the majority of the technical aspects of their craft, remained ignorant of the nature of their customers and the ingredients that their knives would be cutting.
    Therefore, he sent Ginsu off on a pilgrimage of sorts to form and complete his own Full Course, with the emphasis on getting to know the chefs, hunters and ingredients his knives would be working with during his future career.


    Name of Technique: Fillet

    Type: Offensive

    Range: melee

    Description: Ginsu unleashes a single extremely high-speed cut intended to cut through an opponent in one perfect blow. The basic special technique of his style, Ginsu unsheathes his knife and strikes in the same movement.

    Calorie Cost: 50,000

    Name of Technique: Distance Filet

    Type: Offensive

    Range: 20M

    Description: Similar in principle and the initial movement to the Fillet, the Distance Fillet is a variant that utilizes intense enough speed and air pressure in the unsheathing movement of the cut to slice opponents at a range of up to twenty meters as a silent, hi-speed distance-assassination technique.

    Calorie Cost: 100,000

    Name of Technique: Julienne

    Type: Offensive

    Range: Melee

    Description: An even faster and more destructive technique than the Filet, the Julienne involves unleashes multiple verticalcuts at high-speed such that a target it cut to pieces or struck in multiple vitals seemingly instantaneously. It requires twice the calories as Filet due to its' much more intensive nature.

    Calorie Cost: 200,000

    Name of Technique: Brunoise

    Type: Offensive

    Range: Melee

    Description: A technique that requires even more intense speed and cutting power than the Julienne, the Brunoise follows up similar high-speed vertical cuts with a matching flurry of horizontal cuts, attempting to cube the opponent with twice the amount of slashes in two different directions to obliterate them.

    Calorie Cost: 400,000

    Name of Technique: Mental Sharpening

    Type: Buff

    Range: Personal

    Description: The signature and most dangerous skill of Ginsu’s assassination style, Mental Sharpening is a meditative technique of sorts, one that Ginsu has yet to fully perfect. Much like a dull blade is thinned and sharpened down with persistent grinding against a whetstone, through intense focus the mental energies of a user of Mental Sharpening are refined and focused solely on the task at hand such that ones targets and the blade in one’s hand become the extent of their entire world. In this heightened state Ginsu’s sense of timing, ability to judge distances and focus on his strategies and opponents improves dramatically. While he doesn’t actually become faster or smarter, he is able to use his available speed and reflexes to their fullest current potential and his knack for fighting strategy and analysis unifies with this into a sort of reflexive ‘battle instinct’ that makes him much more dangerous. On the downside using Mental Sharpening in its’ imperfect state takes an extreme amount of energy to maintain and can be rough on Ginsu’s body. For example each of his special techniques costs twice the amount of calories, and at the moment even if he doesn’t burn himself out, after Ginsu awakens from a state of Mental Sharpening he becomes fuzzy-minded and fatigued for an amount of time equal to the period he used Mental Sharpening.
    Calorie Cost: Varies
  11. I'm interested and I wish to make character but I know very little about Toriko. I only read a small snippet in a Shonen Jump book and I have been meaning to watch the show. Can someone please help me make a character?
  12. Is there any incentive to making a non-Gourmet Cell character? Because from what it seems there's no point doing so, since we get lesser stat points and capped Techniques.
  13. I'd be happy to help. Send me a PM.

    There isn't, really. I included it as an option for people that were interested in challenging themselves. I've seen many times that some folks make underpowered characters simply to see what they can do with a 'lesser' character than the rest of the players. As such, I included it for that reason.

    @.D. Approved, but you need to fix the formatting when you can.


    I'll get the IC up and running within a few days.
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  14. Hrm, I'm likely interested enough to join this. I just recently started watching Toriko and am currently on.... Episode 18 I think? Somewhere around there..

    I have a couple ideas for a character but it'll be some time for me to put it up possibly. I've skimmed over the current Character Sheets and so far I like the variety that has been presented. Though, I hope what I bring will be acceptable, when I get it up.
  15. @Detective Zero - I'd be happy to review any character you put forward.


    @Cybermoon - While I applaud you efforts given the fact you know next to nothing about the series other than what I have told you, I think you need to do a bit more research into the series. While there are certainly cases of people being injected with gourmet cells, they are few and far between. I am aware another player's character was injected with gourmet cells, but they were injected by employees of the International Gourmet Organization ( IGO ). The IGO is basically the Government of the Toriko universe, and they strictly control things like Gourmet Cells due to fact they are so potent and can give people powerful techniques that could be used to harm many innocent people. As such, using them to just randomly experimenting on children is not really cool with me.

    On top of that, your personality and backstory are not quite long enough to pass.

    Your technique also is a bit overpowered. 5 Fireballs per Second, yet only a cost of 25,000 k/cal? Maybe 25,000 per fireball. But even then, I'd need more description than what you currently have for the power.
  16. Okay. I may just back out so that I have time to do my research. If you guys are still open by the time I am done, then I may join. Thank you for your time.
  17. @Cybermoon

    No worries. As I said, it was a great try for how little you knew. I'll be sure to keep space open should you decide to return.
  18. I doubt I will have time to join. Thank you though.
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