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  1. Jack sat back in his office of Torchwood as he looked over some files; he sighed and ran his fingers through his brown hair before going to put them up, organizing them up a bit since they did need a bit of orgonizing. Once he was done with that he left the room and went to go check on everyone else; he crossed his arms and stood as he looked everyone over and spotted Nero hard at work.
  2. Nero suddenly turned his head and looked up over at the older male. "What, what are you staring Jack? Got a problem in your pants?" the blond haired boy asked as he walked up the steps. He then stood about 5'4 1/2 weighing about 125lbs, he had brown eyes the same as his father. "Jack, why are you staring at me like a hungry animal?" he asked and cocked his head to the other side. He put his hands in his jean pockets and then leaned against the railing of the stairs wondering why Jack looked so hungry for him. "You are strange man you are, look gay boy. I don't swing that way." he said but smiled as he turned and headed towards his bedroom.
  3. Jack chuckled as he watched the other leave for his bedroom. "Doesn't mean I can't stare at you, and besides it wasn't even a hungry stare, it was just a look, I was glancing." He shrugged, following after him but stopped before he went into the room. "But think whatever you want." He said before leaving the other and going to check on everyone else.
  4. He smirked and slapped Jack's ass before he suddenly shot out of his room and slammed out of the warehouse doors and gasped panting hard staring at the Blue Box, his father was here to see him. He waited outside only to see someone stumble towards him. It was a boy about his age but really he was about 600 years old and he had long blond hair and the darkest of brown eyes almost black. "Jack, we have a problem. I need you to come here, my father is here and we have another Time Lord I think." he said.
  5. Jack chuckled a little and was about to turn around to get him till he shot back into his room; he shook his head a little and smiled as he then went to get back to work till he heard the other yell for him. He turned back and went into Nero's room. "What-" He looked at the young boy and at the old Police call box the doctor used to travel around in all the time.
  6. "Jack, he's bleeding we need to get him up. Help me please." Nero said as tears streamed down his cheek and he began to cry. "Please.....The Doctor is going to come out anytime soon." Nero broke down holding the boy's bloody head in his hands. He let out a louder cry and tried to wake the boy up, he looked at Jack with a tear stained face. "He, he is a Time Lord Jack and I think father is here for him. " Nero cried then relaxed a bit when the stronger man helped him lift the boy onto the bed and Nero ran over to the police box and rapped on in. " you in there.....come on I will open this door if I have to." whispered Nero a slight smile on his face.
  7. (Am I playing the doctor? *Just asking*)

    Jack picked the boy up and set him down on the bed; he then went over to Niro and pat his shoulder as he to waited for the doctor to come out of the Tardis, it had been a while since he had seen the time lord. "You in there Doctor?" He called, knocking on the door as well
  8. yes if that is ok longer posts to please)

    Nero sighed and slumped back into a chair and held his head in his hands. "Man do I feel so drained." he muttered and yawned as he leaned back and started at Jack. Secretly he liked Jack, he was the only man he ever thought he would fall in love with but he kept those feelings deep inside his heart. "Hnn...Doctor?" the boy asked as he sat up rubbing his head. "Where is The Doctor, I am The Seeker if you were wondering." the boy said and looked around the room.
  9. (I'm trying, sorry, I'm guessing this is probably past the 11th doctor maybe? If not I could try to play the 11th but I think I'll go and make another doctor, I'll make him be another reincarnation since I doubt I could go with the 11th's personality. :))

    Jack sighed. "Just rest." He told Nero and looked toward the boy that had just spoken. "The seeker?" He asked, going over to him just as the Tardis doors started to open revealing the doctor; his short black hair was covered by a brown bowler hat with a matching jacket and slacks, his eyes were blue. "Sorry it took me so long to get out here...still getting used to the new design." He pat the door of the Tardis and smiled a little before turning his attention to Jack and Nero once more. "Jack, it's been a while! I do hope your taking good care of my son." He said and went over to them. "And I see you met The Seeker."

    "Indeed it has, I see you've changed know that hat would look good with a monocle." Jack pointed out as he took in the doctor's appearance for a moment. The doctor stared at him for a moment before realization kicked in. "Ah, that's what I'm missing...I think I left it somewhere in the Tardis unfortunately." He glanced toward the machine for a moment before turning his attention back to them. "It even came with a mustache but I shaved it off because it felt weird on my face." He chuckled.

    (:3 I think I made it a little better.)
  10. Nero laughed as his father said those words then he stood up and walked over to Jack. "You know you looked better with your tenth generation. It was sexy." giggled Nero teasing. "There you are." The Seeker ran over to The Doctor and buried his head into the man's chest. This just made Nero smile wildly knowing what this meant. "So you have a new mate, guess I have a mom now." Nero said and then moved his hand and gripped Jack's ass gently so only Jack could see or feel it. The Seeker then tilted his head to the side and looked up into The Older male's eyes and blushed again before he looked over at Nero. "Your right, he asked me the other day, found me and took me." The Seeker said. Nero nodded his head his hand moving more over Jack's ass and he gave it a squeeze a smile on his lips.
  11. Jack gritted his teeth a bit as Nero squeezed his ass, of course he would do that in front of people so he couldn't just attack him the younger male when he felt like it; he was such a tease. "Well congratulations doctor, it's great to know you have a new companion." He smiled, resting his arm around Nero's shoulder and squeezed it lightly. The doctor nodded and put his arms around the Seeker with a smile as Jack cleared his throat when Nero squeezed his ass again.
  12. Nero couldn't help but smirk some more as he moved a finger between the older male's ass cheeks then pinched gently. "I think you two should get some rest, there is some stuff I want to show you tomorrow father. Come along Jack lets leave dad with his mate." Nero purred as he grabbed the older male's hand and pulled him away up into Jack's room and he shut the door behind him. "So do you like all my teasing?" Nero asked and smiled cocking his head to the side.

    "Come on, lets go fix that mess you made of the console in the TARDIS then we should get some sleep. Nero said he has some stuff he wants to show you tomorrow so we should wait." The Seeker said and pulled him back into the TARDIS and up to the Doctors room. "Good night Doctor." Seeker said as he turned and headed for the door so he could go sleep in his own room.
  13. Jack groaned as the other continued to tease him and nodded. "Yeah, best get some rest for the night." He said to the doctor and his new companions they went back into the Tardis. He turned to the other grabbed his ass once they were out in the hall, away from the Tardis. "You have no idea how much I wanted to attack you then and there." He whispered as they entered his room; he kissed him deeply.

    The doctor nodded and entered the Tardis again with a small sigh as he looked around the Tardis, the design was almost similar to that of his 11th regeneration's only a little different, it was a very comfy looking room. "Good night." He said as he ventured over to the console to begin trying to fix it up.
  14. Nero was a bit surprised by the kiss but he smiled when the older male gave it to him. He leaned back against the bedroom door locking it, he smiled into the kiss. "I know you had been wanting to shag me since you first pulled me out of the rubble of my burning TARDIS." he whispered into the older male's mouth then groaned as he kissed Jack harder pleasure running up his spine.

    Seeker sighed and looked down at The Doctor then headed back over to him. "Come on we can fix her in the morning." he said and grabbed the man's hand and dragged then up to The Doctor's room where he gently pushed the older male down on his bed. He then moved over to a couch where he lay down on it watching the older male.
  15. "That obvious huh?" Jack whispered, kissing him back roughly as his hands ran down Nero's sides and rested on his hips; he pushed him against the wall, no space between them as he broke the kiss and began kissing and nipping at his neck a bit. He began rubbing Nero's hips a little. "Guess I'm not good at hiding my feelings..." He whispered against his neck.

    The doctor nodded. "Alright, I'll fix her later." He said before following him into his bedroom; he got up off the bed when the other pushed him onto it and fixed it up before he sat down. "Are you sure your comfortable on the couch?" He asked as he set his bowler hat on the night stand which was right next to his bed; the Doctor reached for the lamp to turn if off before he laid down.
  16. "Yah, it was that obvious, Jack your the only man who has ever aroused my attentions before. Your the one who makes me dream about you at night, I never made love with anyone before, not even a woman. I am a virgin so thus saying, take it easy with me." Nero moaned as he moved his head to the side feeling the other's warm lips moving against his flesh. He wondered how far they would get, how far the older male would push him until Nero was Jack's little lover.

    Seeker looked over at The Doctor and frowned slightly, he was scared to lay with this man. He had gotten urges before, always having to deal with a bulge in his pants. "Yah....uh I am fine.....shouldn't bother you I shouldn't...." he croaked and looked away already seeing a huge bulge forming in his pants. He rolled over to keep it hidden from The Doctor, he hoped the other wouldn't smell his arousal.
  17. Jack continued to kiss and nip softly up and down Nero's neck as he listened to him speak. "In that case I'll take you when you feel your ready.." He whispered, his hot breath on the other's neck; he wasn't going to force the other to have sex with him if he didn't feel ready to have it just yet. "And I'll be as gentle as possible..." he whispered before going back to kissing him on the lips deeply.

    "Are you sure?" The doctor asked as he looked over to the other who had turned over; he ran his fingers through his hair and sat up; he wondered why the other was so shy, practically all his companions had in some way or another started growing an attraction toward him. This was probably why the other was a little shy, it would explain the reason but then again he could be wrong.
  18. Nero smiled and looked up at Jack then kissed him back as he grabbed the older male's hand and put it on his crotch. He shivered and Jack could feel a hard on under his pants. "I think I want you already." he whispered and gently touched the older male's chest feeling his warm skin through the fabric and he wondered what it would taste like.

    He then looked back over at The Doctor and stood up as he shyly made his way over to the bed keeping his hands folded over his front just enough to keep his cock covered. Seeker had such a bad erection it was sort of hurting him, he pushed the thoughts away and wondered what else the male would like to do to him.
  19. Jack smirked as he felt the other male's arousal and squeezed Nero's crotch a little as he took the other's lips in his again and whispered against his lips. "Good...because I don't think I can resist taking you any longer..." He deepened the kiss a bit before pulling away and leading him to the bed.

    The Doctor pat a spot on the bed beside him and moved the covers so the other could lay in bed with him; he noticed the other was covering his crotch but he wasn't about to bring it up in case it would embarrass the other. "Good night Seeker."
  20. "Your such a naughty man Jack, I can't believe I even took your last name when you adopted me. Nero Harkness, makes me sound like your wife." he said and then slumped down on the bed. "You going to keep doing this to me even after I give you my virginity tonight?" he asked and then lay back a bit more so he lay out flat staring up at the older male.

    Seeker walked over to the Doctor then slipped into the bed beside him then buried his head into the older male's chest. "I know you know about my little problem. I'm sorry Doctor, I can't seem to get rid of make me feel like this..." Seeker said and looked away feeling nothing but ashamed of himself, tears came to his eyes even.
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