Topics that make you uncomfortable or think "awkward!"

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  1. After some interesting Cbox conversations, it came to mind... well. Some topics just make people all uncomfortable, weirded out, or feel awkward!

    What topics do YOU find awkward?

    P.S> Not topics you find offensive. These are HARMLESS topics that just make you uncomfortable.

    I always feel awkward when a girlfriend is complaining about their man doing stupid stuff, when he's sitting RIGHT THERE. o___o
  2. LOL!

    I actually don't feel awkward in almost any type of conversation. I've created awkward moments though XD

    I have had people tell me to change the subject because it makes them uncomfortable -____-
  3. "Now hat everybody's comfortable let me talk to you about JESUS"
    I mean like seriously if that is out of the blue it's uncomfortable for everyone XD
    Though I'm pretty chill with everything.
  4. When people complain about other people i usually tell them I really really couldn't give a right arse, but thats net really awkward so *shrugs*
  5. I get awkward when someone has been talking about a friend/family/pet and then I ask a question and they're like, "Oh. He's dead now."

  6. when your best friend finds out you slept with his sister, but he can't really beat your ass because she's right there and he doesn't want her to know he knows . . . . . . . that creates a slightly awkward silence
  7. When you're on the phone with someone that is talking about something that you have no knowledge about and they ask you a question about it.
  8. When everyone's talking "dirty" apparently and I don't understand what they're saying so they try to explain to mean by "being frank" which makes me embarrassed because they starting teasing me like it's wrong not to know all that. x3

    In My English Class. Every Day. Pure Torture
  9. When you find out that the girl you've been stalking is a lessy, but actually like you but can't get past that you're a guy.
  10. Someone you know declares they're uncomfortable around gay people, and you know the guy they're sitting with is actually gay.

    I mean, fuck....
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  12. Speak in farsi and tell them you're gonna blow up the school.

    That'll show 'em, bastards.

    But seriously though, I've never really been into those conversations like "OMG DARKNESS AND MYRN ARE BEING OFFENSIVE DDDDD:" becaue its apparently the only thing either of us do is offend people and have any of the admins except Diana tell us to stop it.

    So yeah, general butthurt over the internet is like "Uhh, sorry dude." for me.
  13. Kind of gonna go with the same thing... I'm always like...
    In real life, too.
    Someone'll start talking about sex and stuff, and they'll ask me a question about it, and I'll turn red, and hide somewhere....
  14. Having your dad register on your website, where you've bee posting up your smut stories is pretty awkward. o____o;
  15. Salesman/woman: (at shopping centres, the people trying to sell makeup and shit from a tressle table/ collaspable table): excuse me sir, want to buy your girlfriend/wife a present?

    me: wish i had one.

    them: 8l

    me: *rageface as i walk away*