Top Three Games of the Year

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un jour je serai de retour près de toi
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It's that time again. The end of 2010 is upon us, and 2011 lurks just round the corner.

Now, I know Iwaku's big into it's vidya games, so I thought it'd be interesting if we all compared notes on what our favourite games of the year are. So yeah, list your three favourite games of 2010, and tell me why exactly you loved them so damn much.

3 - Alan Wake
I'd followed the progress of Alan Wake for a long time before it's release, and almost given up on actually ever getting the chance to play it when it hit the shelves. There's a lot to love about it; the brilliantly-paced narrative, the interesting and rather disturbing Taken you encounter and the quite clever wee mechanic of using light to battle them. In an age where I find most modern 'horror' games to be just jump-scare after jump-scare, Alan Wake managed to build a creepy atmosphere without actually even marketing itself as a horror game.

And kudos for relatable characters, too. If I have to play as one more fucking soldier....

2 - Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar is officially one of those developers who just keep getting better and better. Redemption combined the free-roam gameplay of their (in)famous GTA series with a beautiful, brilliantly realised western setting that was pretty easy to get lost in. For me, though, it was the story and characters that sold it; John Marston stands as one of my favourite protagonists of the year, and the tale of revenge, family ties and finally redemption (funny that hurr hurr) that the game spun really fucking sold it for me.

Redemption also has one of the best endings to a game I've played. Seriously, try and bloody disagree; that ending will stick in your head far longer than Call of Grenades 5-million: World of Grenades' will.

1 - Mass Effect 2
Alright, let's make this official; allow me to express my undying devotion to Bioware right now. Even though it was released in January, I am still playing this game as we speak. Mass Effect 2's dark, gritty story, wonderfully realised universe and brilliant characters keep me coming back for more and more. Seriously, if you've played it, you'll know what I'm on about and if you haven't, I intend to beat you round the face with a stick until you do.

Seriously. You need to fucking play this game. It's awesome.

And Mordin gets my 'Favourite Supporting Character' award for this year. I love that little alien.
Hooo boy. I'd have to pick carefully....

1.) Call of Duty: Black Ops - I feel flames licking at my feet already, but deal with it. Call of Duty took Halo's place in my heart long ago. And even if I don't consider this incarnation to be as good as Modern Warfare 2 (Glitches aside), its still a soild addition to the series who's multiplayer suffers a little for too many close to mid range combat maps that should hopefully be remedied with the new map pack.

2.) Blazblue: Continuum Shift - Its no secret. I love Blazblue. The spiritual successor to Guilty Gear has done the incredible by being a fighting game series that I still regularly play and has me coming back for more. Maybe its having a coherent story for a fighting game. Maybe its the visual novel style storytelling. No matter how many times I send my opponent flying with Inferno Divider or snatch them out of the air with a chain before throwing them over my shoulder, Blazblue never ceases to entertain me.

3.) Red Dead Redemption - I admit. I haven't finished Red Dead Redemption, but I know I'm near the end of the game, and I do know how it ends. Many people called it Grand Theft Auto with horses. Those people can get on their knees and blow me cause they're wrong. It wasn't even the gameplay that caught me so much as the character of John Marston: A man who left his life of crime behind for a normal life, only to be blackmailed by a pair of corrupt FBI agents. John may do some less than noble things, but he does it for a family he loves very much. That prostitute over there asking him if he wants a good time? He'll be answering with "I'm sorry Ma'am, but I'm a married man." John may be what the player makes him, but when it boils down to it for me, I sympathize with John. I truly do.
Golden Sun Dark Dawn
Well this rules over almost any other RPG game that I have played this year, though the story is confusing at first it still is what I expected it to be

Super Mario Galaxy 2
I don't know maybe just because they doubled the amount of stars you can get, they brought back yoshi and I just found it to be rather fun and not very frustrating... except for that last star I still haven't gotten it yet.

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Hey what can I say they finally brought back a really Donkey Kong platformer
1) Bayonetta.

Here's some of my thoughts while playing the game:
-"Holy shit, this game plays like Devil May Cry 3, but BETTER, like DMC4 should have played!"
etc., etc.

What the fuck was Capcom thinking when they let this guy leave the company? What the fuck was Capcom thinking when they let somebody else direct DMC2?

2) Red Dead Redemption - I love watching the Euphoria engine try and keep John standing when he's drunk himself under the table. I also felt bad at the end of the "Birth of the Conservation Movement" stranger quest during Undead Nightmare. *sadfrog*



1. Lost planet 2, the thing I loved about this game is there was no good guy/bad guy drama bullshit, sure they had nevecc who was trying to suck the planet dry of thermal energy and leave your ass on a rock that was approaching negative kelvin. but the "Good" guys were rag tag as all hell and usually pirates, thieves or some other manner of scoundrel. Really the only thing anybody gave two shits about on that planet was survival.

2. Red Dead Redemption, see Grumpy and Chaos

3. Mass Effect 2, I have to say BioWare's RPG style is one of my favorites give you a final objective a couple of points to hit on the way, and then they turn your ass loose.

Yeah, I need to play that game. I'll probably catch it in the Steam sales at some point.
1. Mass Effect 2 - Read above

2. GTA: Cowboy's(RDR) Except for the GTA trash-talk, I agree with what's mentioned above.

3. NBA 2k11 - I don't really see any point explaining why this game is so good here :P
3. Star Craft 2- I don't care what people say about it, I have been waiting fot this game for years and it is every bit as good as expected. Ya everyone says it plays the same as the first, that it is basically the same game, oinly with better graphics and a new story. The built the game on what made the first great, don't fix what isn't broke. Star Craft is still one of the most popular games today, why not rebuild it so poeple can play it another decade into the future

2. Fallout: New Vegas- Sure it's the same engine as fallout three and sure it's glitchier than hell, but what other game allows you to use the holy handgrenade? I think New Vegas brought us back to what made the first two so great.

1. Mass Effect 2- This game blew my freaking mind. Every second of this game is a seamless blend of excellent story, gameplay, and music. Every element of this game shouts epic. Mass Effect two also does something extrodinary, it throws humor into such a dark game (that's something that is hard to do believe it or not.) Mass effect is easily one of the greatest games ever made, any one who dissagrees has either not played the game, or has no taste.
1. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Fuck you, I liked it. Why can't more bosses be handsome naked men?

'What motivates a man to confront the challenges most of us would run from?'


2. Assassin's Creed II: Brotherhood.

Sexy Italians, Sexy Italians EVERYWHERE. I am in Heaven.

3. Official #3 is tied with a handful of games I'm still working on finishing.

3. Doom III.

I don't even know when this game was fucking released but GODDAMNIT I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH A GAME. It was probably due to the fact that I was co-oping with Gibs the entire time but GODDAMN I have never laughed so hard, cried so hard or screamed so hard during a game. I remember laughing so hard I almost passed out & had to grab the table so I didn't fall out of my chair...was both hilarious & scary at the same time. Also screaming at something scary & waking up the house.
1: Call of Duty : Black Ops - hands down. I hate RC Cars with a passion now. I love my ol' tomahawk even more. I run with a group of decent players, well, on average they are decent players. In order to win last night I had to go 55-12 with 7 captures and 18 defends on domination. Than after the round my whole team was talking crap to the other group we were playing against and I had to tell them to shut their mouths since I had a three thousand point lead to the next guy on my team. If you want to rage with my on Black Ops its xmelesiox - just let me know you're from Iwaku and I'll be nice. Warning - Language Issues

2: Assassins Creed : Brotherhood - I have a problem. A serious problem. I play this game and hours of my life vanish in an instant. It's freaking amazing.

3: A TIE I tell you. White Knight Chronicles - for my love of crushing monsters under my heels and a very interesting online/single player systems that combines the pleasures of crafting and material gathering from Monster Hunter with the nostalgic feel of building your own town for multiplayer and improving with by drafting players from single players. Straight stolen from BoF, but, awesome non-the-less. This is tied with Dead Rising 2, which I have only played a little bit, but I love killing zombies. Mass murdering zombies is a passion of mine.
3. Doom III.

I don't even know when this game was fucking released but GODDAMNIT I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH A GAME. It was probably due to the fact that I was co-oping with Gibs the entire time but GODDAMN I have never laughed so hard, cried so hard or screamed so hard during a game. I remember laughing so hard I almost passed out & had to grab the table so I didn't fall out of my chair...was both hilarious & scary at the same time. Also screaming at something scary & waking up the house.

If you liked Doom 3 co-op...
Oh let's see here.

1. Starcraft 2 - Although the experience is incomplete it added a depth to the story I enjoyed before. The campaign is a little boring at first but any RTS needs to go through a small tutorial first. When you get to the later battles it can be pretty epic. This version still can't escape the Korean Death Sentencing but also places you in a tier online that should be atuned to your gameplay level. I still am searching for players who want to practice against me on occasion and hell I can say I need practice too.

2. Call of Duty Black Ops - This game would be higher if my second graphics card didn't poop out on me. But still a nice game. Loving the fact I got my sniper with ACOG back and the purchasing system really helps you get what you need quick. Multiplayer is always fun and the killstreaks aren't too overpowered like some of them in Modern Warfare 2.

3. Mass Effect 2 - Never played it but I hear it is awesome.................and my friend believes so too. XD