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  1. hey there all you Iwaku lovers, and to those of you who are looking for artwork, I happen to have waaaay too much spare time and I don't have any inspiration. So hit me up with any requests, I take free and for those of you willing to pay, shoot me a PM about it and we can work out the details.
  2. Do you have any art samples so that people can see your work? You also may want to consider adding some information so that people know what you are and are not willing to draw, and a form you'd like people to fill out, if you have one.
  3. can you draw
    Roman Reigns (open)

    with skull face paint?
    Skull face paint (open)

  4. I don't have any samples right now, but I can tell you I've been in TAPS since fourth grade, they got me early, and I've won a few awards at art break for visual and written art. but that really isn't enough to say that I'm a decent artist, I still think I'm pretty bad when compared to some other people. But it's up to you to determine what you think of my work.
    I don't have any preferences really, but I will NOT draw anything if you tell me to model my art style after someone else, I use my own style or general styles, so you cant tell me to use the art style of a specific anime or cartoon or something like that, I will NOT comply.
    As for any information forms, I don't really have any on hand that I would like to use, so I'm kinda pulling a blank on that one.
    I appreciate you coming here to give some advice for this, thank you, and I will keep this all in mind if I decide to update this any time in the near future.
  5. This might take me a while to do, but I'll send you a heads up when I finish it. And when I say a while, I mean a few weeks at least, at most a few months. It shouldn't take more than three weeks unless something comes up, but I'll do my best!
  6. I thought you had too much free time XD, if it's a bummer, since you mention it may take long, then don't bother with it :)
    But if you do have free time and will have fun doing it then go for it :)

  7. Some things I see most people use if you want a good place to start:
    - Name
    - Gender
    - Race (if nonhuman)
    - General appearance (some forms break this down to things like complexion, eye color, nose shape, jaw shape, etc.)
    - Pose/expression
    - Clothing
    - Accessories/weapons
    - Personality
    - Brief backstory

    It also might help to draw a line between what you'll do for free and what you'll ask payment for, like bust vs full body or a number of characters!
  8. Thank you for the consideration.
  9. I don't ask for payment for artwork, but if someone really thinks they need to pay for something, then by all means. I won't ask for direct payment unless it's a drawing that could take an extended period of time to draw. I generally shy away from those kinds of works because I have finals coming up, but it isn't really a problem. I need something to do with all the other time I've got. I study and I eat dinner, and then I pretty much just lay around, so I've come here to take requests.
  10. Oh, and just an FYI,
    Just because I have a bunch of free time, doesn't mean I can finish up a drawing in a few days, I put a lot of effort into my works and it takes time for me to complete some. But again, I appreciate your consideration.
  11. This is my Nism character, Deen:


    Only pic I have showing his forehead "badge".

    This is Deen showing off his shroudruff:


    Feathers need more layers. Gotta keep the Little One warm!

    And for the details, this Physical Description should help. Any questions, ask. And if possible, I would like a full-body image, pose is your choice. Don't know if you do things "anatomically correct", but I'd also like Deen un-neutered. Not a good thing to "cut" a guy off. :bsmile:
  12. If you're still open, I'd love to have a portrait or two done. Do you by any chance draw couples? (Non sexual, just fluff.)
  13. Yes I do, I draw everything so long as it isn't terribly explicit. But everything else, I am willing to attempt. So fire away, I'll sure as Hell try and draw whatever you can sling my way! And dear I'm always open to requests, however if I'm a bit busy, I'll stick up a notice that I've got my hands full and start putting requests on hold, until then, I'm open!
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  14. I love drawing animals, real and mystical, and everything in between. I'll take my time with this one and put as much effort into it as I can, I want it to look great. I'll post it when I finish it! Oh, and just an FYI, whatever pose I draw him in, likely won't be displaying anything unnecessary, but rest assured, I don't "cut guys off" that's cruel. XD
  15. Heh... If you were to ask Deen, that part of his anatomy wouldn't be "unnecessary". :bsmile: But then, that's Deen. His mate, Thoee? Trust me, she'd back him up on that.......

    Though she does have to reign him in, sometimes:

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  16. Awesome! I'll send you a PM shortly!
  17. Love the artwork, I'm in love with these creatures of yours, I might have to make one of my own!
  18. Heh... funny you should say that. On an RP site that no longer exists, I had a lady who asked me if she could, so she could make a girlfriend for my character, Peet... Thoee and Deen's son. Who presently is just an infant, but I've played him as a teenager. In fact, I'm playing him as a teenager here. If you're interested, drop me a PM so we can discuss the details. If I've let one person create a Nism character, I can't see the harm in allowing another, so long as they are recognized as my Creation.

    And thanks... I just wish I knew where the lady who drew those pictures was right now. Not only a great artist, but a great writer/RPer. Still miss our friendship.
  19. Will do, been sketching all day, ha. I've got two drawings done already, and I'm in love with them! All credit for creation goes to you, I don't like to steal credit for things I don't deserve. So no worries.